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  1. I have read around five of Icke's book's including the chapters mentioning Cathy O'Brien and her experiences, and thought nothing could shock me anymore, but this... This is just saddening. This species of ours really plumbs some sick depths. I want to scrub myself from head to toe after watching that.
  2. For what reason? I'd Google it to get the answer, but won't, for obvious reasons.
  3. Still though, Trafalgar Square. It's getting quite exciting.
  4. So a Rothschild is openly asking twitter to remove Icke. Christ these people are getting desperate! They're openly acknowledging him now. Filthy Reptilian scum!
  5. If that manages to go ahead I will be shocked.
  6. Why is every single American politician ever insufferably creepy?
  7. "And yes it's come to this, It's come to this, And wasn't it a long way down, Wasn't it a strange way down?" Leonard Cohen - Dress Rehearsal Rag
  8. I am on board with the idea of a video sharing site which promotes free speech, but I am fairly sure that at some point Bit chute will go the same way as youtube and start shitting on free speech. It is well within the realm of possibility for one of the large corporations, such as google to buy bit chute and then systematically start the same process all over again of shutting down free speech and views which challenge the mainstream narrative although this probably won't happen until Bit chute has gained enough traction to become more 'mainstream'. As far as the site itself is concerned, I the overall design somewhat annoying, it regularly signs me out, forces me to provide login details just to leave a comment under a video, and I think generally, it's design is marginally less user friendly than youtube. What is your opinion on bit chute?
  9. I feel strongly about music. I view it in the same way as nature, I see it as one of the more obvious examples in life of a potential source of joy. So this nonsense is just vile, in my eyes. Luckily, I never frequent pubs any more and am teetotal. So I listen to music in my home.
  10. If I had to pick something I wanted to be true about the Universe, it would be this.
  11. Virtue-signalling = the new 'normal'.
  12. What do you mean, "you can't listen to music in pubs"? I didn't know about this because I don't frequent pubs. Sources please.
  13. The so-called second wave will probably occur before the New Year. Another possible full lockdown, this is ideal as it will create even greater economic damage, which is what 'they' want. When the vaccine is introduced, probably early/mid next year, anti-vaxxers will be played off against the rest of the population. Blackmail, basically. It will go something like, "until EVERYONE is vaccinated, certain restrictions will remain in place for EVERYONE", thereby turning the sheeple against the anti-vaxxers. I'm not certain, but this could result in anti-vaxxers being forced to carry some kind of identification on them in order to indicate that they have not been vaccinated., but either way, measures will be put in place to make life as unpleasant as possible for anti-vaxxers. Belligerence towards these people will be even greater than that shown to non-mask wearers and will increase and intensify. Expect more surveillance, to an even creepier degree than right now. Upon second lockdown, majority of small businesses and large number of medium sized businesses will go under. Full economic armageddon. Unemployment in UK over 5 million. Companies like Amazon will engage in a massive grab for monopoly.
  14. The odds are not in 'our' favour, 'our' meaning those with a keen interest in researching truth, global conspiracy etc. I hear people claiming that there are 'more and more people waking up' and I believe that is true up to a point, but I don't see the numbers as high enough to put the brakes on what is essentially a descent into fascism and tyranny. Look at the number of impositions in the past six months alone: face masks, hand sanitizer everywhere, track and trace, social distancing, stupid little arrows on the floor, lockdown itself, closing businesses. The problem is the MSM's grip on most people's minds. What hope is there when the average person believes the fucking garbage churned out by the British Brainwashing Corporation? How does one reason with someone who puts a mask on a little five year old, restricting their breathing? I struggle with my feelings of dislike of these people. I was one of millions in this country cut loose by the NHS mental health services so that the psychologists could be on call for people who had caught a virus which doesn't even exist. I am angry! My psychologist actually told me over the phone they'd had no work to do, and that the local hospitals had no Covid cases! Meanwhile there are Autistic and schizophrenic, Bi-polar and depressed people who were completely isolated. Does the average person know what happens to psychosis when the person experiencing it is isolated for a long period of time? People need to wake the fuck up and fast. I am close to believing that if at least half the population isn't saying no to these impositions within the next year, our human race, and society is going to change forever into something which would make Orwell weep.
  15. They're referring to Intersex people, or as they would once have been known, hermaphrodites.
  16. That's exactly what I was thinking. Especially where the vaccine is concerned. Anti vaxxers are going to be played off against the rest of the population. The government may try and use us as leverage; say that certain restrictions will remain in place for EVERYONE until everyone has the vaccine... The possibilities are endless, really. I really wished I was wrong about all the conspiracy stuff. I wanted to be wrong, just so that there could be some hope for freedom, free thinking and self-expression.
  17. A picture of him, beneath the word 'opportunist'. How appropo. Staggeringly prophetic.
  18. The 1980's American TV show 'V' is a brilliant series which I recommend. David has mentioned it before. It is particularly interesting because the ETs in it look exactly like the artists impressions of reptilians, to a degree which is uncanny. Overall a great show, although I must admit season one is my favourite. Also: 1) Children Of Men 2) 1984 3) They Live 4) Hunger Games Quadrilogy 5) The Purge series 6) Aeon Flux 7) Gattaca 8 A Clockwork Orange 9) Oblivion 10) The Book Of Eli 11) I Robot Plus literally dozens more.
  19. Is this a prepper/survivalist thread? If not, is there one, and is there a demand for one?
  20. I was lucky, I found a barbers which also cut women's hair and got a haircut before track and trace even launched, weeks ago.
  21. Mine are as follows: Two refusals, near the beginning which I got away with Some refusals which resulted in me being asked to leave Being asked to scan a QR code, didn't do it Leaving a fake name and number I have tried telling various people that the government themselves admitted that track and trace is illegal/unlawful. I was lectured by some cafe owner who made it out to be harmless. I left bad reviews on trip advisor, and surprisingly they were published. But seriously, the zeal with which the sheeple are lapping this up is astonishing. Watching them with their smart phones, scanning QR codes and questioning nothing is so disappointing and deflating. I used to get angry about it but now it's more of a quiet, tired disgust.
  22. Still waiting for mine, I live in the UK
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