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  1. It was the first thing which occurred to me. Firstly, the council area I come from is one of only a few which don't offer this service. There was, however, an allotment society which I was able to apply to. It only charges a very small fee, but we'll see how that pans out. I think I already read somewhere that waiting lists across the UK are on average 18 months long and that those waiting lists got longer during lockdown. Can't find the link to the article unfortunately.
  2. I want to say "surely it can't happen", but I probably would have said that a year ago about the majority of people walking around wearing silly masks. And here we are.
  3. As I am sure most of you will know, there have been predictions in the global truth community that there are food shortages ahead. David Icke, Vernon Coleman and Max Igan have all spoken about this. However, I have just been watching one of Max Igan's old videos, from July, and he reckons that entrance to supermarkets will eventually be conditional as regards to whether someone has been vaccinated or not. Needless to say, this wasn't a very appealing thought. I have been prepping, but with the best will in the world, only live in a small property and only have so much room. It would run out eventually. I have nowhere to build a greenhouse or plant my own food. Anyone have any insights to share on this? I am adamant I don't want vaccinated. My reasons are numerous. But obviously I don't want to starve. Is this an overzealous prediction?
  4. David Icke is only one proponent of the 'Reptilian' conspiracy theory. The theory that our world is under the control of hidden ET forces is actually far more widespread than just David Icke. 'The Gods Of Eden' by William Bramley is one such source, plus there is also the fact that virtually all of the ancient civilizations alluded to it. He has mentioned it in recent years and indirectly alludes to it regularly. The terms 'Reptilian', 'Archon' and 'Demiurge' are used interchangeably. These beings are believed in not only by many truthers, but many New Agers as well. When truthers or New agers attempt to distance themselves from these theories in a reflexive way they are operating out of ego, and the dreaded scenario that most people's egos fear of being seen as 'stupid' or 'crazy'. Not all human beings are invested in that kind of nonsense. Some of us don't actually give that much of a shit whether people think we are 'crazy'. I think most people are in a massive state of denial about the true nature of the world around them. The Reptilians might exist, they might not. I choose to keep an open mind. The only reason I can think of that David might not directly mention the 'Reptilians' regularly any more is that it acts as a barrier to accessibility for the masses, and he wants his message to reach as many people as possible, the primary message being that the actual humans who have the most power and influence in our world do not have any of our best interests at heart.
  5. Yeah, I get it. Does this also apply to the video earlier in this thread showing an English guy being roughly manhandled off a train by a police officer? Because I've got to say, that video looks pretty authentic to me.
  6. I'm mystified. I understand the concept of 'controlled opposition', but what are you saying here? Are you suggesting that both of these events are staged, and if so, with what modus operandi?
  7. It'll be another lie. All these types have left anymore to cover up their demonstrably disgusting behaviour is lies. The media are lying left right and centre, downplaying the number of people at protests, calling people fascists, nazis etc. This police will have lied about this because they know, by this point, they can get away with doing so.
  8. Yeah I was intending to. And others. And I'll mirror them on youtube too - for what its worth.
  9. Yeah, I saw it. I watched him right from the beginning, used to write on banknotes, recommending his channel. That's why I find this so sad. I hope he goes elsewhere too. You tube really is the absolute pits.
  10. I'm not sure why he would do this. If he sticks to it, that will be sad, he has over 100k subscribers and will be getting new ones all the time, his message is needed now more than ever. Why end it before he was even pushed?
  11. He was never known for his intelligence. He has tried to do a u-turn on a lot of the comedy he used to do, buckling under the societal pressure to be seen as 'woke'. This is common nowadays. He's just another 'everyman' type of character who thinks he knows the way things are, but doesn't. I suppose that could be all of us, but there are degrees. This guy was never really funny, just retarded and annoying. These types parade their retardation for all to see and wear it like a badge of honour. He knows he can't do 'racist' humour anymore or he'll get buttfucked by BLM, so he's trying to pick a more 'acceptable' target, i.e. 'conspiracy theorists'. Seriously pathetic.
  12. On a certain level, denial is a choice. Denial is a defence mechanism which is designed to protect a person from unwanted feelings regarding an uncomfortable truth. The average person couldn't really handle the truth about the world, if they knew it. They'd sink into a deep depression, if not become suicidal, so unfortunately the rest of us, who are able to live with the truth, are forced to pander to majority, because they are basically still children in their outlook. Quite where this leaves us in terms of where the world is headed, I have no idea, but I do know that the world is heading down a very scary road. Police on horseback in British cities, BLM using intimidation and threats to force people to identify with their views; it's truly concerning.
  13. "It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."



  14. An interesting video from a psychic medium who reckons humanity is almost at the point of no return.
  15. I believe there is such a thing as 'predisposition' but that something has to either occur (or not occur) in life to 'activate' that predisposition into destructive actions. However, when it comes to what activates the predisposition, I believe this is a far more subtle, nuanced and complicated process that most people imagine it to be. For example, a lot of people still mistakenly believe that if someone comes from a wealthy background and has had everything provided for them materially they could ever possibly need, this means they 'should' be well-adjusted. It doesn't work like that. Many of those families are deeply cold and loveless. The 1%, for example, deliberately evoke psychopathy in their children. IMO those people would be entirely different humans had they been raised by loving, affectionate, emotionally intelligent people.
  16. I can confirm this is definitely true. I was one. Not a very 'good' one, but I could definitely see the way they were just accepting everything they were told. I didn't.
  17. I have tried figuring out what separates the two. Why is it that some people go through 11+ years of the 'education' system and come out a system slave zombie, whilst others go through it and retain critical thinking, lateral thinking etc? This is an interesting topic for conversation. Is it genetic predisposition or are there other factors? What is your opinion? Parentage may not be an issue. My Sister and I had the same parents, but she is a system slave, whereas I have always been questioning the system. Your thoughts on what separates these two groups ???
  18. I find the idea of an Internet blackout unlikely for a few reasons. A large percentage of the population are now addicted to both their smart phones and social media, so in the event of an Internet blackout would enter withdrawal and become aggressive, therefore more likely to engage in civil unrest. This is similar to how people would react to starvation. Also, the 1% themselves will be as reliant upon the Internet as the rest of us, it is woven into the fabric of our society as a backdrop. It is also a major part of how they intend to enslave us, by getting the masses as addicted to as many Internet connected devices as possible... like the laptop I'm currently typing on.
  19. Again, I mostly agree with this. The spiritual community is full of dead ends and toxic spiritual bypassing. And the ETs you're referring to, I guess, are Archons and Reptilians. Surely once we are aware of this paradigm we can do something about it? I refuse to give in to those parasites.
  20. I have never heard of this person. The British Brainwashing Corporation are openly throwing their agenda in our face. It goes like this: 1.) Ignore the fact that two enormous protests are taking place that very same day in Europe, in which ordinary everyday people stand up for freedom, and at which there is an ex BBC employee in attendance, giving a speech, as well as the brother of the leader of one of the main political parties in the UK whilst 2.) Making the death of some semi-known, 'actor' celebrity the leading news story in order to score 'woke' brownie points from BLM. I for one have never heard of the guy, but am becoming more and more nauseated by the concept of 'celebrity'. It is people giving their power away and putting other people on a pedestal. In the case of Hollywood, this invariably means Satanists and Paedophiles. And what, I'm supposed to look up to these people? No thanks.
  21. I agree we should prepare. I have been buying small amounts of extra food, essentials etc. But, even though I do believe in 'God' or 'Source' or Infinite Consciousness, I don't need to pray for an intervention because I know we are the intervention. We are infinite consciousness, we can do or be anything. We are the intervention. We don't need wankers in suits and ties to tell us what is right and wrong, we know in our hearts the difference between right and wrong. The number one aim for everyone everywhere is to reclaim their personal power, and fast. We never needed these fiends to tell us our business; our governments and lawmakers are more crooked than the rest of us put together. All we need to do is look them straight in the eye and say 'no' to their fucking bullshit, then quietly walk away. No violence, no destruction, just: "NO."
  22. Is it the case that there are people who simply don't wish to comply with mask wearing whom have been directly harassed or threatened with fines for not wearing one? I'd be interested to know if that kind of thing is happening. In my own instance, It's on my medical file that I am asthmatic, so I would use that as my 'excuse', even though, in reality, I still wouldn't actually want to wear a mask even if I wasn't. In my experience, I only ever get asked why I'm not wearing one, at which point I say "I'm exempt", and then the conversation ends. I haven't had one member of the public challenge me, so I'd be genuinely amazed that there are people whom are being abused by their fellow human beings for not wearing a mask. Is this a thing?
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