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  1. Unfortunately I'm not able to make this the default search engine on the 'Brave' web browser; it's trying to get me to add it to Chrome, which I don't use. Any ideas?
  2. I changed from Google to duck duck go in the hope that when I do an Internet search it would come up with a halfway decent variety of search results. I did a search for the side effects of a dangerous pharmaceutical and the usual bullshit, pro big pharma crap came up, i.e. the same shite you get on Google. I am bored of this. Doing research is so much more fun when you are able to access information which is off the beaten track, outside the box, and written by people who don't make a living out of being mega shills for big pharma. I am sick of getting search results which are tailored towards an NWO, business-driven agenda. Can anyone recommend a way around this? Is there any search engine which offers more variety in it's results?
  3. Yeah, it's called fear. Substitute 'covid 19' for 'illness' in the title of this video. Or try this guy, he talks a lot of sense, most of the time:
  4. They can't force us. What are they going to do, strap us to a chair and stab us with the needle? They'll have to get a hold of us first. I for one won't go down without a fight...
  5. Ralph Smart hasn't yet told me anything I don't know, Teal Swan does have some useful teachings, but only because she has plagiarized a variety of individuals far and wide.
  6. Generally speaking I agree with you on this. It's called spiritual bypassing and the new age community is rife with it. There are some exceptions, for example Ralph Smart whose youtube channel 'Infinite Waters' is acknowledging the global fascism on a daily basis. That said, he's had a fair bit of negative press which may or may not be untrue. They are trying to avoid the very obvious elephant in the living room. The so-called 'guru' Teal Swan (who is actually an acquaintance of Ralph Smart) has actually launched a range of face masks with some colourful 'frequency designs' on them which she designed - after saying that she would be one of the first ones to point out the global tyranny which is increasingly bearing down upon us. I have no choice but to believe she is a phony. A spiritual teacher who does not understand the important of maximizing oxygenation of the body is NOT a spiritual teacher.
  7. Out of likes for today but this is excellent advice, thanks very much.
  8. I was thinking about that term. Those of us that see through all of this, I think we should all make a concerted effort to remind as many people as possible what things were like before all of this. Especially kids. It will be disturbing how quickly some people will forget, or try to forget. Kids in particular will forget the old ways super fast. It is crucial that those of us who are awakened don't let people forget the way things were before 2020.
  9. I suffered from psychotic depression before this. It has been going on for quite a few years, although my sense of time is not like most people's anyway. This is known as 'Tachypsychia'. I can honestly say that over the past five years my life has felt unbearable at least 70% of the time. If it were not for a very high survival instinct I would have ended my life years ago. Since Plandemic, I mainly feel surreal. I often questioned my belief in conspiracies and wondered if I was that way because of several obviously psychotic features I possessed. Alas, no. I live in survival mode most of the time now. Prepping, waiting for the day when I end up entirely alone and isolated, which is something I seem to have been waiting for my entire life. Also, over the past few months, I have begun to experience wicked migraines, which was hitherto unheard of for me. All in all, I am struggling to keep my head above the water.
  10. Interesting. I had no idea this was the case. So are they still expected to follow the exact shielding guidelines like not having visitors and all that shit?
  11. Do you remember that anecdote David Icke used to tell fairly regularly about the guy who had been hypnotized to the point that he couldn't even see his own daughter standing in front of him? The same applies to the sheeple. The majority of them are in a state of hypnosis, combined with Stockholm Syndrome. You could show them all of the above, and even if the information was 100% legit and sacrosanct, they still wouldn't fucking see it because they are victims of mind control. They would probably have to be 'deprogrammed' before they would even be able to see anything which contradicts their worldview that 'authority' 'looks after' them.
  12. If this was real, the implications would be enormous - basically we would have 'them' bang to rights. Which is why I am struggling to believe that this is what it appears to be. Would they leave this for people to find, if it was evidence against them? Perhaps, if they really wanted to throw it in the faces of truthers. They know we're on to them. However, something about it just seems to good to be true. I would like more info. Has this been formally debunked, and if so, what excuse was given?
  13. This is a subject close to my heart. I have a massive beef with the medical profession, for reasons I won't be going into here. With the exception of Vernon Coleman, Ben Goldacre and a handful of others, I distrust all of them. In my experience I have never met one who doesn't try and hand out pharmaceuticals like sweets. Many have clear God complexes - especially surgeons. My Doctors surgery is still closed. During lockdown, I visited the surgery to collect a copy of my medical file, and the entire waiting area had been cleared of chairs, magazines, and a box of toys for the kids. It looked as though they have no intention of ever having a waiting area ever again. It is part of the overall Agenda 21/30, in this example killing people off through medical negligence. This approach has also been taken with psychology services. In my part of the country, the only people they are planning to give face to face appointments to are people who cannot get the privacy (a space to be alone) to have a phone/video appointment, i.e. virtually nobody. This too, I believe, is designed to kill off those with the most serious mental health problems, especially those with Schizophrenia or Autism, as they are generally viewed by people like Henry Kissinger as 'Feeders'. (They want them to commit suicide). This decision will have been made by someone far higher up the ladder than just a GP or psychologist. They are zombies, but not evil, unless ignorance is an evil - perhaps it is. I have long suspected this world hates people with so-called mental health conditions with a passion anyway, and this has proved it for me. No outcry. People can go and play a game of bingo, but not sit and enjoy the much needed connection of having another human being listen to them in a semi-empathetic way. God, no. Bingo is way more important. My phone appointments are continued mainly because of my reticence to plunge into the abyss. I want to tell her that I am appalled by the decision to abandon those in need, but she is in many respect a system slave to the bone, even if she is kind in other ways. The overall medical profession is just a disgusting disgrace in my eyes. Any shred of credibility they had left has vanished, for me. The sense of entitlement they are going to develop as a result of all this 'protect the NHS' crap will be terrifying, in some cases. But like I said, I am massively biased. The medical profession is capable of doing very severe damage - take my word for it.
  14. I actually have a book on Fasting. How often do you do it?
  15. It's only natural for people to want to defend themselves. The problem is, the police tend to operate in groups, and with weaponry. They can target two old ladies on a park bench who have absolutely no chance of defending themselves, and the Corona Karens stand by watching and applauding like the deranged fascists they are.
  16. Presumably, even if non vaccinated people were banned from shops, this would not affect them being able to have their food delivered. There would be no reason for it to.
  17. One of my immediate family has had a gradual awakening over the past few years, and is aware of the Plandemic. The other two are hopeless system slave retards who respond with aggression, ridicule and shaming tactics when I try to challenge their world view. I don't really try very hard. I will probably eventually just not bother with them any more. It's bothersome, draining. I hate having to pander, and if you're around those kinda folks, you end up having to pander, or else just avoid talking about the Plandemic altogether. That's the thing about dumb sheeple, they try to drag you down to their level, such is their arrogance and ignorance.
  18. It was the first thing which occurred to me. Firstly, the council area I come from is one of only a few which don't offer this service. There was, however, an allotment society which I was able to apply to. It only charges a very small fee, but we'll see how that pans out. I think I already read somewhere that waiting lists across the UK are on average 18 months long and that those waiting lists got longer during lockdown. Can't find the link to the article unfortunately.
  19. I want to say "surely it can't happen", but I probably would have said that a year ago about the majority of people walking around wearing silly masks. And here we are.
  20. As I am sure most of you will know, there have been predictions in the global truth community that there are food shortages ahead. David Icke, Vernon Coleman and Max Igan have all spoken about this. However, I have just been watching one of Max Igan's old videos, from July, and he reckons that entrance to supermarkets will eventually be conditional as regards to whether someone has been vaccinated or not. Needless to say, this wasn't a very appealing thought. I have been prepping, but with the best will in the world, only live in a small property and only have so much room. It would run out eventually. I have nowhere to build a greenhouse or plant my own food. Anyone have any insights to share on this? I am adamant I don't want vaccinated. My reasons are numerous. But obviously I don't want to starve. Is this an overzealous prediction?
  21. David Icke is only one proponent of the 'Reptilian' conspiracy theory. The theory that our world is under the control of hidden ET forces is actually far more widespread than just David Icke. 'The Gods Of Eden' by William Bramley is one such source, plus there is also the fact that virtually all of the ancient civilizations alluded to it. He has mentioned it in recent years and indirectly alludes to it regularly. The terms 'Reptilian', 'Archon' and 'Demiurge' are used interchangeably. These beings are believed in not only by many truthers, but many New Agers as well. When truthers or New agers attempt to distance themselves from these theories in a reflexive way they are operating out of ego, and the dreaded scenario that most people's egos fear of being seen as 'stupid' or 'crazy'. Not all human beings are invested in that kind of nonsense. Some of us don't actually give that much of a shit whether people think we are 'crazy'. I think most people are in a massive state of denial about the true nature of the world around them. The Reptilians might exist, they might not. I choose to keep an open mind. The only reason I can think of that David might not directly mention the 'Reptilians' regularly any more is that it acts as a barrier to accessibility for the masses, and he wants his message to reach as many people as possible, the primary message being that the actual humans who have the most power and influence in our world do not have any of our best interests at heart.
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