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  1. I knew someone who had TV but didn't pay the licence for decades. Some tv licensing employee turned up at her door and the TV would be playing in the background, yet she'd deny having one. She still hasn't paid it. They work on intimidation tactics, they are sorcerers, of bullshit. I don't watch terrestrial TV. I have one, for the odd DVD or video game. Fuck TV.
  2. By this point, I remain convinced that anyone still paying the licence fee ranges anywhere from moderately to seriously retarded.
  3. She's a nazi, she's a mass murderer, a despot, a tyrant. She knows something, she knows who her masters are and she is demonstrably grovelling to them now, even more than Boris Johnson. There will be a special kind of hell for the likes of her, she is as dead as dead can be.
  4. Okay. I kind of guessed it was something like that. Cheers.
  5. I just decided to delete my account. The lack of communication, combined with a poorly designed, unsafe website riddled with spelling mistakes is not something I am particularly interested in. Brand New Tube has failed it's users by not securing their login details. It's Vernon Coleman I feel bad for. He simply won't get the same number of subscribers now, and a lot of people will quite rightly leave this amateur operation as a result of what has happened.
  6. I am having difficulty editing OLD posts, in this case, one I made only a couple of hours previously. The option to do so is not appearing in the drop down menu accessed by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner. Please can a moderator explain why this has happened to me.
  7. I uploaded quite a few videos on that website, and now they have taken that ability away. I emailed them to ask them why they did this and got no response. If that continues I will just delete my account and stop using the website. I am growing weary of it's cheap, tacky user interface anyway. It doesn't surprise me that they got hacked. It was probably some six year old.
  8. Things which have helped me include: Saying prayers of gratitude for the things which I am grateful for Writing in a feelings journal about my emotional state Keeping a general diary in which I describe the events of my day. This is useful because you are actively showing an interest in yourself. No compromise self care habits Eating a variety of fruit and veg every day Drinking approx 8 glasses of water a day Getting regular exercise Aiming for approx 8 hours sleep a night Listening to classical music Coloring 'Mandalas' Being honest with myself as much as possible
  9. There comes a point when someone chooses denial. I have seen people do it. You can actually see the wheels turning in their mind, and then, the cowardice fires up and they choose to shut down. The implications of this have far reaching effects. As for why this makes a lot of truthers angry, well, I can't speak for others, but on a personal level, the reason this evokes anger within me is because I live in a society in which my sovereignty was stripped away from me from birth onwards, and in a society, the actions of a very large majority affect everyone. This means that if a large percentage of people choose denial and cowardice, it also affects folks like myself, who actually care about truth and integrity. And anger is a completely appropriate and understandable reponse to that. Honestly, the levels of anger in this forum are nothing compared to what's out there. Listen to Mark Passio's most recent 'what on earth is happening' podcast on youtube and you'll see what I mean. I'm not going to say that extreme anger is necessarily going to change hearts and minds, but if that's how someone feels, that's how they feel. It is what it is. I stand by my belief that there are people who are choosing denial, and the way I feel right now is that I'd like to slap those people with a wet kipper.
  10. I just feel scorn and annoyance. Most people think they know more than they do, but the entirety of their knowledge base comes from sources which want nothing but the worst for them, i.e. the 'education' system, MSM, big pharma, mainstream medical profession. What can you do with such overwhelming naivety/stupidity? Nothing. They can only drag themselves out of their perceptual bubbles, and they won't. They are brain damaged victims of mind control who have Stockholm syndrome and need deprogrammed. Their 'opinions' aren't even opinions, just soundbites they heard which their egos identified with. They are mostly dead on the inside. I resent having to share my planet with a bunch of fucking two dimensional cardboard cutouts. This view doesn't make me feel particularly good of course, and it makes me feel small, unkind and spiteful, but it is what it is. I don't claim to be a saint. Like I have said many times before, and I'll say it again: the idea of 'society' does not work at this point in history because we are NOT all on the same page. A person with a high level of consciousness has to obey the same wanky government as some knuckle dragger who has never read a book and believes every last word that 'authority' says to them. How's that fair?
  11. I find your explanation comforting. The book has been widely read enough to have amassed a fair number of good reviews here and there, although the book itself does point out that a large percentage of the American general public don't even know the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis. Incidentally, I am only two chapters in, and am already shocked to my core. Their arguments in favour of this torture are so utterly ludicrous a circus clown could pick them apart.
  12. One of my main areas of interest relates to the medical profession. Stuff like mental health, so-called psychiatry, big pharma, and also medical abuse. I recently purchased a book called 'Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma' by a guy called Ronald Goldman. The premise of the book is that circumcision is harmful in the sense that it harms babies and traumatizes them. Some writers, such as Jeanice Barcelo, believe that this is a deliberate thing on the part of the NWO. You can imagine my surprise when scanning the acknowledgments section of the book and the name Laurance Rockefeller came up. I quickly searched his name, and sure enough, he is a member of the Rockefeller family. So I'm kind of curious now. The author states he is 'thankful' to this guy, but doesn't state why. Why would one of the Rockefellers be involved with a guy who speaks out against the traumatisation of babies? I know about their 'philanthropy' and the smokescreen that it is. I am in the loop. So what's the deal? Has his involvement been perfunctory? Can that family sometimes involve themselves in stuff which actually has value? Or has his involvement been minimal? Thoughts, anyone?
  13. Which is why the whole idea of 'society' is unworkable. We are not all on the same page. I consented to none of this. I did not choose to be a part of this system. I am not okay with my life being affected by the stupidity of people who understand nothing about how the world works.
  14. There is too much suffering in the world to use 'karma' as a legitimate explanation for it. People in concentration camps are the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Consider also: Those dying of starvation Those living in poverty Homeless people People with mental health problems Child abuse victims (physical) Child abuse victims (sexual) Child abuse victims (psychological/emotional) Those dying of diseases Those with physical health problems People with disabilities People with 'birth defects' People who are in accidents People caught up in natural disasters People who have been raped People who have been violently murdered People who have been lied to, conned, deceived, manipulated Honestly, there is more I could add to this list. All of this suffering, with the exception of natural disasters, is avoidable.
  15. Yeah, I agree that a large percentage of the population want the police to harass those who don't conform to impositions, but my issue is with the line of reasoning that makes a person think they have the right to do that; to forcibly put their hands on another person and restrain them. It is fucking hubris! As for educating them, how does a person even begin to 'educate' someone with that level of consciousness? I am not sure I am the right person to do that. I am not sure I have the patience or diplomacy necessary, because it's almost like pandering. There is no legitimacy to their position - how dare they put their hands on peaceful protesters or non mask wearers? What point does a person have to get to, thinking that's okay? They are not 'above' us, putting on a silly uniform doesn't grant them powers, and interestingly, their oath actually states that they are meant to 'serve' the general population. 'Serve' and 'intimidate' are not the same thing. Just answer me this: what quality specifically is it that they possess, which gives them the right to physically abuse their fellow human beings, for infractions like breathing in oxygen or speaking their truth in a public place, with others?
  16. I was listening to a Mark Passio podcast and apparently, the satanic 'elite' of this world refer to the police as their 'dogs'. They view them as pets. Also, the black and white check pattern on their hats is a nod to freemasonry and represents base consciousness. I'll be honest, by the this point in my life, I really don't like the police. That is putting it mildly. It is their delusional arrogance of actually thinking and believing that they consider themselves in any way fit to force their fake power and authority over the general population. Their brutality is getting out of hand, and I am disinclined by this point to share David Icke's view that there are still "a few good ones". Hmm, maybe - but even those 'good' ones still possess the laughably fatuous and childlike view that they somehow have some right to tell other people what they can or cannot do. This is not about crime, essentially. That is a cover. It is about intimidating the ENTIRE population into acquiescence and obedience to state. The function of police is to help control the population, and never has this been more evident than in the present year. Turning up at protests, throwing their weight around, playing their shitty little intimidation games. Who the hell do these people think they are? They are nothing but Fascist bootlickers and lap dogs to a bunch of Satanic scum. Their behaviour is sickening and deplorable, from arresting Piers Corbyn 568 times, to arresting protesters, non-mask wearers, or just generally anyone that they can suss isn't a moronic sheep. They are hypocrites too, ignoring BLM protests because they have been told to, whilst harassing peaceful protesters who are standing up and making their voice heard on behalf of every man, woman and child on the planet. These despicable people have plummeted so low in the depths of human consciousness that they barely resemble anything human any more. They have no power. They are weak, small, belligerent and arrogant little people who have to bully and intimidate their own kind just to get a small, cheap thrill. How could they sink any lower? They disgust me.
  17. Rabbit meat is best avoided. There is a thing known as rabbit starvation. Essentially that meat can take more nutrients out of the body than it puts in. https://knowledgenuts.com/2015/01/21/how-to-starve-to-death-while-stuffing-yourself-with-rabbit-meat/
  18. Yeah, I understand, and have had similar experiences. Just today I went into a petrol station to use the toilet, and the guy behind the counter told me to "stay away from the customers because you're not wearing a mask". And I definitely relate to not feeling like myself anymore. The whole thing is taking a heavy toll.
  19. Absolutely completely on board with what you say in this post. I had fairly serious problems prior to this Plandemic, but it has intensified severely this year. The things which sustain me are my thirst for knowledge and researching, listening to people like David Icke, Max Igan and Vernon Coleman so that I can receive the mirroring that I don't get from most of my fallow human beings, and immersing myself in nature and music. But sometimes the grief and rage are unbearable. The frustration of watching the majority of my fellow human beings blindly giving their freedoms and power away is overpowering. Sometimes I want to roar and scream. I am now at the point of trying to minimize exposure to stimuli which exacerbate this frustration, i.e. telling family not to talk about the MSM's narrative on the plandemic to me, avoiding going into shops and other places which are trying to impose mask wearing and hand sanitizer on people. These are tough, gritty times. I see, hear and feel your post. Thank you for sharing how you are feeling, it made me feel a little bit less alone, if only briefly.
  20. Just despair in general right now, at the overall situation. Police fascism is just the sprinkles on the icing of the cake.
  21. Took a glance. Narcissistic attention whoring, mindless drivel, slutty behavior, retardation. Never has the future of our species looked more bleak.
  22. I agree with everything you said. I relate strongly to it. I have one person in my life who is more or less on the same page, the rest are deeply asleep. I go through the motions, have made a few weak, half-hearted attempts to try and present them with a different point of view, but it's like I'm speaking backwards Latin. I recognize your frustration.
  23. I agree; my perspective is that God is a force which moves through everything that exists. That is part of how I conceptualize God.
  24. I was just watching this video from Mark Passio, a truth seeker/conspiracy researcher. If you skip to just after 2:47, Mark discusses the symbolism of the Inverted pentagram, then, lo and behold, mentions the police logo of the Australian state of Victoria, which has been a centre for the Fascist tyrrany being imposed upon the human race at the moment. And it's logo... just so happens to be an inverted pentagram, which, as Mark explains in the video, has sinister implications. Coincidence?
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