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  1. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is one of Mark Passio's most recent videos, about psy-ops. Vital info for anyone new to the forum, useful even to some who aren't...
  2. I have heard the term before; in my readings what I understand of that term is that it describes an alleged war between spirits who created the earth realm and intended for it to be a 'school' of sorts and other, apparently wiser spirits who advised against the creation of the earth realm believing that it would create a pattern of suffering which we would all find it difficult to transcend. I encountered this information courtesy of a channeler called Michael Reccia who wrote a series of books in which he claimed to be channeling a spirit called Joseph. It was Joseph who claimed there was a so-called war in heaven between the two opposing factions, but that it wasn't really a war in the true sense of the word. It often occurred to me that this Michael Reccia guy was channeling a Reptilian. At one point in the book, the Jospeh spirit is highly judgmental towards particular types of human being and this does not correlate with what I know of spirit. I would take everything you read by channelers with a pinch of salt. Some of them are bound to be mischievous ETs who are trying to mess with our minds and beliefs. Try your best to neutralize your beliefs before you leave this world and also try and neutralize any negative beliefs about God because it has been suggested by many that it's your beliefs which determine what you experience in the Astral after you leave here. As far as that book is concerned, there is a copy of it on Amazon for £380. This usually only happens when it's a book that the PTB in this world don't want you to read for some reason but there may be exceptions.
  3. Listening to 'Dead Can Dance' is a cleansing journey for the soul.

  4. I simply don't believe that someone was arrested for antisocial behavior because they were praying. It's staged. Sends a message to both Christians (which I am assuming she is) and pro-lifers, in one fell swoop. No way did this copper believe it when he said that praying is antisocial behaviour. These are method actors acting out some silly little play.
  5. The problem with these types of folks is that they very rarely end up sat in front of a therapist because inevitably at some point in therapy a person has to be able to see that they themselves have some negative traits, things to work on and are entirely responsible for their own life. Narcissists have a retardation of responsibility and accountability; they will deflect or deny even in instances of very overt abuse like violence. I would not be opposed to the DSM reclassifying Narcissism as a developmental disorder since their sense of responsibility, empathy and emotional intelligence are all retarded but obviously I know that would be considered by many quite a controversial opinion.
  6. I have listened to a lot of these types of videos, and this guy is pretty insightful and useful.
  7. Nietzsche had some interesting ideas on this topic
  8. I heard the piece of music below in a film recently, Frank Darabont's "The Mist", and I thought it was a very beautiful piece of music, but that it also conveys sadness and suffering. Either way I think it's an outstanding piece of music.
  9. I am assuming an acer chromebook is somehow better than an "asus" chromebook, which is what I have. Either way it has disappointed me.
  10. I have to get something off my chest. I really despise chromebooks. I bought one last year in Lidl's boxing day sale because it was approximately half price, thinking to myself: "great, I am getting a laptop/tablet for half it's rrp! What a bargain!" Then I felt all smug and lucky when I managed to get one. Fast forward one year. It is the cuntiest of cunty technologies. I have never used such shit tech. They should rename it "page unresponsive book" instead of chromebook. It has almost constant lag, whenever I try to load any page on this forum it can take sometimes 30 seconds or more to load, and the entire laptop regularly freezes when I lift the lid after it hasn't been used for a while. It has no fucking caps lock, for God's sake. The black screen of death regularly appears at random for seemingly no fucking reason. Honestly, NEVER buy this motherfucker. It's the Frank Spencer of the tech world.
  11. Probably the first time I have commented on a song shared here but... this is awesome
  12. I am Ethel again mostly. Hector has mostly unblended. Once again there are regretful feelings coming from the aspect of me which wants to keep people happy. I can only ask for understanding. It is a legit condition and it is kind of like a hostile takeover. I have this in addition to PTSD, it's a tough old existence. There was little to no "me" there. Compare it to what I said earlier in the thread and you will see the difference. Dunno what more to say.. I hope I don't end up in trouble, I like coming here.
  13. I wasn't referring to you, there were other indirect references. Read the comments.
  14. Yes, that's correct. He protects a variety of "exiles". That's how it works. Also when I say an alter, I mean a literal alter... as in MPD. He "blended" with me when I read someone making an indirect reference to my modding. He is protective of me which is why I keep him under wraps most of the time. Also, most people have an inner Hector. But yes, I don't want anyone to think I am being flippant about this; it's like a literal takeover... my voice changes, I begin laughing hysterically, etc, my heart rate increases. Scary stuff, but he's one entertaining motherfucker
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