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  1. they view us as idiots for questioning authority, the masses. I have heard them say it. They think we're the idiots. I watch people put on a mask to walk ten feet from the door of a cafe to the table, and they think we are the stupid ones.
  2. I am losing it. I don't know how long I can endure having to live this way. The interference into just normal life is becoming unbearable. The rage is overpowering. I ache to walk away from it all and find a dense forest to live in. These zombies are everywhere, their retardation is making me want to roar. They are enough to break a person's spirit; my hands ache to wallop their thick, bovine faces. I don't know for how many years I can handle this. I am trying to stick around for the couple of people in the world I give a shit about, but if they weren't here I'd find some remote wildnerness and stay there. This probably won't be relatable to anyone but I am now at the point that I view 'society' as we know it as a piece of shit which is not worth saving. Everything about it is lowest common denominator and down at the level of lowlife pond scum. Nothing about it works properly, usefully, effectively. Everywhere I go, I want to take every single reference to their stinking fake virus and set it on fire. I want to tear down notices, smash TV's, start mask bonfires and launch every last drop of hand sanitizer into the nearest active volcano. I have been ready to walk away from society my whole life, this has cemented it. If you think there's anything about this cesspit society worth holding onto, you're crazy. Let it burn.
  3. One thing I find somewhat concerning now is that guys like David Icke and Max Igan are now effectively preaching to the converted. The likelihood of them reaching new people was so much higher on a platform like you tube. Most of the masses don't really use the smaller sites like bit chute. So... I'm struggling to see a way around that. Perhaps it's a case of, if someone isn't 'awake' and seeing the awfulness of what the government are rolling out now, they're not going to...
  4. Yes, it is put into cosmetics which are bought by very wealthy women, including 'celebrity' females, who are literally applying the energy of suffering to their skin. Again; Satan worshipping.
  5. It does. I have just finished reading both 'Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma' by Ronald Goldman and 'Birth Trauma And The Dark Side Of Modern Medicine' by Jeanice Barcelo. The second one in particular is the most difficult book to read I have ever encountered. At one point, when I was reading a description of the actual circumcision of babies, how they do it and the reaction of the babies, I felt close to vomiting/fainting. That was from reading about it. There are fully grown adult medical students who have fainted or been sick before when witnessing the procedure. Jeanice Barcelo explains the spiritual implications thusly: The foreskin contains pores/receptors which detect pheromones and enhance bonding in a relationship, and play a role in enhancing genuine spiritual love within the context of a sexual relationship. This capacity, therefore, is reduced as the result of circumcision, along with the after effects of the extreme trauma, which will come and go, and vary from person to person. Many of the devils working in the medical profession continue to claim that newborn babies do not feel pain, which is obviously an insane lie. If anything, those who possess an ounce of emotion, empathy or intuition will know that they probably feel more of it. Eyewitness accounts of babies reactions to the procedure are enough to sicken a person beyond belief; descriptions of babies emitting cries which were "unlike anything ever heard" whilst in some cases also fainting, vomiting or going deathly silent after initially shrieking. The fiends who carry out these procedures are either the knowingly evil type, who are the worst kind of Satanists in existence, or those who are so totally and utterly spiritually dead that their emotional compass allows them to brutalize the genitalia of a baby whilst feeling nothing. Either way, I must confess that the urge to corner one of these individuals and punch their face until it pleases me to stop is extremely strong.
  6. Yeah, you could add it as an option. I'm pretty sure he is. He's one of these 'smooth operator' types who tends to get on quite well in Western Society. He talks a big game but appears, unfortunately, to be mainly full of hot air.
  7. Now that I think about it, it's almost as though he was using David Icke, although that may be an unpopular opinion. Think about it: he gets millions of hits to his website off the back of "I defend free speech", whilst simultaneously remaining on okay terms with the establishment by claiming that he "doesn't agree with all of David's views". It's rather cunning actually. He has interviewed a variety of guests so wide as to appeal to many different demographics, not just the conspiracy researchers. I rather think he is a game player, which I can't really be bothered with. That being said, I could be wrong.
  8. Okay, let me just point out firstly that I have not, nor do I intend to, dispute that vaccines are harmful. I have looked at the list of ingredients. Mercury, which is only one example, is one of the most toxic substances on planet earth, aluminium is also harmful to humans. It is a testament to just what a true miracle of nature the human body is that there are plenty of human beings who go on living for seventy or eighty years after being vaccinated. Who knows what age human beings might live to without the barrage of abuse human health is exposed to? However, correlation does not equal causation. I have looked at masses of evidence regarding the claim that vaccines cause Autism, and it is all centered around the idea that correlation does equal causation. The general thinking is that if a child is vaccinated, and then, a week, or a month later begin displaying classic Autistic behaviors, this means that they are Autistic by merit of the fact that they were vaccinated. There are a few problems with this line of thinking. The first is that there are many children diagnosed Autistic, and who demonstrably are Autistic, who were never vaccinated. Another is the assumption that the Autistic behaviors are the direct result of the having the chemicals themselves injected into the body, rather than a trauma based reaction to being forcibly restrained and then stabbed with a needle as a small child. This I find plausible. Jeanice Barcelo, who wrote 'Birth Trauma And The Dark Side Of Modern Medicine' believes that traumas associated with Caesarean or Circumcision can lead to Autism. The idea that Autism can be caused by trauma is not a new one, there have been numerous variations on it, from Bruno Bettelheim's 'Refirgerator Mother' theory to some of the theories of the Irish psychologist Tony Humphreys. It tends to be the case that anyone who suggests that Autism could be caused by trauma is usually silenced and 'cancelled' quite quickly. This is usually a gigantic red flag that someone is onto something. Understand; I am not disputing the common truther claim that Vaccines are harmful. I concur with this, and will not receive the Covid 19 vaccine when it arrives. I am simply disagreeing with the common truther claim that Autism is caused by vaccines for the simple reason that the human body is a miracle, and it can withstand so much more than I think most people can realize. I am approx 99% certain that Autism is not caused by vaccines, although I may be willing to admit that it's possible that some of the more 'severe' cases may be reactions to the vaccination. Those instances are actually, IMO closer to something known as Rhett's syndrome than Autism, a distinction which most people are unaware of. As regards to the Autism being caused by trauma theory, I will clarify further. I am not suggesting purposefully cruel, negligent or abusive parenting on the part of those who raise Autistic people, far from it, in fact, it is very clear to me, based on extensive experiences, that a great many of the parents of Autistic people have a glut of Autistic traits themselves and would, if they were considered to be on the spectrum, fall into the 'mild' end of it. I am suggesting that the emotionally cold parenting Bruno Bettelheim mentioned may be one potential cause, there could be a large supply of others. Traumas are many in childhood. Our society has accepted that PTSD and some personality disorders are the result of trauma, I am unsure why it is that Autism was taken 'off the table' in terms of being attributable to trauma, other than the fact that every time someone suggests this, the parents of Autistic people, usually the Mothers, create holy hell and have the person cancelled. Also, I believe in some cases, that there is such a thing as genetic predisposition to be Autistic, though the extent to which this predisposition takes shape varies enormously. Some aspects of Autism, such as special interests, are fairly benign. It is difficult to imagine how someone can attribute collecting antique baseball cards to being vaccinated. Savants, of course, are capable of incredible things. I have read books which claim many non verbal autistic people have deeply clairvoyant abilities. I can cite references if you're interested. Are you aware that Applied Behavioral Analysis (behavior modification) is still routinely used to try and 'change' the behavior of Autistic kids? There are still pockets of society in which electric shocks are administered to modify the behavior of these small children, some of whom can be as young as 4 or 5. That is torture and abuse. What I find interesting about the truth movement is that it condemns those kind of torture methods for victims of MK ultra, but seems to be okay with them if carried out on Autistic children. Eugenics was largely fixated on Autistic people and still is; read 'Neurotribes' by Steve Silberman for an extensive history of the torture, abuse, and going back in time, even murder, of Autistic children throughout history. Now we are back at the issue of cause. I concur that a large percentage of Autistic people have difficulties relating to forming relationships and some components of basic survival. The causes of these issues are nurture rather than nature related. Most human beings have no idea whatsoever what goes on in our society where Autism is concerned. It is a conspiracy in and of itself, I assure you. The levels of infantilization on the Autism spectrum are beyond anything I have ever seen, even in comparison to something like Down's Syndrome. Most of the public perception on Autism is attributable to sleight of hand. Genuine intellectual retardation is actually pretty rare on the spectrum. The average Autistic level of intelligence isn't actually that different to the average, and in a substantial number of cases is actually vastly higher. Rates of emotional retardation also vary enormously, just like in the rest of the population. There are people on the spectrum who can actually present as almost psychopathic in their affect and emotional literacy, whilst there are also people on the spectrum who possess above average levels of both cognitive and/or affective empathy. The spectrum really is that varied. I note that you mention reproduction. Yes, natural selection is an issue for any distinct group of humans. However, I dispute entirely that difficulties in finding and keeping a relationship are inevitable for Autistic people. Most people understand why incels cannot find and keep partners, it relates to learned helplessness and profound lack of self belief, all of which can be fixed. Autistic males are disproportionately represented in the Incel community. These people are not 'lost causes' they are just lost; they can find their way. I also believe know that Autistic people can improve upon certain difficulties in the space of one lifetime. I notice you mention 'natural order'; in reference to 'society'. The idea of society does not actually work on a mass level at this point in our evolution. It is not possible to have a society in which billions of people are all on the same page, which means, in the current situation, that those of us who see Covid as a quantifiable scam are still going to suffer in the face of Fascist impositions even though we are 'awake'. Enforced society is slavery; a collection of smaller communities without 'governments' (mind control) to abuse us would be better. I agree we are a social species but that kind of falls by the wayside when an intelligent human being with critical thinking is expected to bathe in hand sanitizer every time they go into a shop, just like some dumb fuck who reads the Sun Newspaper every day and believes every last word. Natural order or not, I do not acquiesce to these people having a say in how I live my life, sorry bud, no can do. It is at this point I should probably tell you, I have a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, which has now been merged into Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was diagnosed in adulthood. Despite being only partially verbal up until age four, at which point I was given speech therapy in the family home, and despite displaying many behaviors which are actually associated with serious Autism, my family chose to ignore the signs and I had to go through 13 years of utter torture in mainstream education, being told continuously by virtually everyone how broken I am. I have met literally hundreds of Autistic people in real life and have also spent literally hundreds of hours researching the subject, which is why I know so much about it. I know the way most people view Autism, but I promise you, however many difficulties Autistic people face, their thoughts are lucid. They think, they feel. They have a point of awareness, they are human. I am not necessarily saying Autism is 'a good thing', but I don't necessarily view it as a disease either.
  9. Autism is a spectrum. There are many different types of people on that spectrum. It is entirely possible that Autism has more than one cause, or that it has a cause which is non-environmental. Those in the truth community who say that all Autism, everywhere, is caused by vaccines are reading from the 'truther script'. You simply can't put someone like Daniel Tammet in the same category as someone who is entirely non verbal, which is why the idea of multiple causes is plausible.
  10. Reality


    1. Ethel


      Are you retarded? If you believe in the concepts of 'state', 'government' or 'authority', you very well might be.

  11. I was already in despair, seeing those photos of the babies wearing masks has made me realise that rock bottom has a basement.
  12. I concur with all of what you've said. To be honest, I was so depressed and angry yesterday I could have died, and buffering on bit chute videos gave me a convenient outlet for my rage and despair today. That was assholish of me. They are doing their best.
  13. This seems oddly off topic, but I appreciate the sentiment, however sarcastic it appears to be.
  14. Agreed. I don't watch pewdie pie. I access youtube for music and light hearted entertainment, for example a video of a monkey cuddling a cat. I would rather have a huge audio library of truth which doesn't have steam-powered buffering rates.
  15. Bit of a rant here, if you don't want a rant, best avoid this post. I am sick to the back teeth of websites like Bitchute and 'Brand New Tube'. If these are the only free speech promoting platforms competing with the tyranny of youtube then the world is in a very sorry state. I try to tune into both David Icke and Max Igan on bit chute and am constantly being faced with buffering issues and, worse still Proxy server errors or being signed out of the website against my fucking will. I gave up bothering with Brand New Tube after they irresponsibly failed their users by compromising their login details. For that alone, they deserve to go under. Bit chute is a piece of shit, I'll state it plainly. It's not user friendly, it looks cheap and tacky, the buffering issues are reflective of 1995 levels of Internet connection and their content, with the exception of maybe David Icke and Max Igan is cheap and amateurish. Say what you like about youtube, their design and functionality is highly user friendly. Rarely do I experience buffering issues on youtube, so the problem is not my Internet connection. I have fast broadband and the laptop sits right next to the router. Yet - every time now that I use bitchute, it fails to go through an entire video without stopping altogether because of buffering issues. I decided to leave it once, half an hour passed and the video did not start up again. On another occasion, the video was stopping every ten seconds or so, and buffering for about twenty seconds, it did this for around half an hour of the video I was watching. These websites are not going to play a role in 'awakening' the masses or raising the overall global level of consciousness if this is the kind of thing people can expect. It isn't good enough. I am not going to be inclined to keep listening to what David Icke has to say if the platform through which he speaks is a piece of fucking shit which doesn't work properly. Rant over.
  16. I know what you mean about the not feeling normal. When coming off them I felt weird, disconnected, and would also get these little tremor things. But I made my mind up I was never going back, ever. I would rather experience the extreme depression I have often experienced than go back on those things again.
  17. Congratulations. You have done the right thing for your body, mind and spirit. I had experience of several of these medications, and was on one of them in particular for a long time. I successfully came off it around ten years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did. There is so much destruction in what big pharma and psychiatry do. They have done so much damage to the world, with their relentless pathologization of every facet of human existence. It must be great for you to know that you are now not contributing towards that. Again, congratulations.
  18. She was Intersex. It was known about. She had, so it is believed, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, the complete version. The individuals with that variation are completely immune to androgen so it is highly unlikely Wallis Simpson had an adam's apple. Any perceived masculinity within her physicality would be literally in the eye of the beholder, a perception no doubt shaped by the fact that there have been rumors about Wallis Simpson for a long time. But, like I said, it really would not be possible for someone with Complete AIS to look masculine - despite having male chromosomes, their bodies are literally immune to Testosterone.
  19. I knew someone who had TV but didn't pay the licence for decades. Some tv licensing employee turned up at her door and the TV would be playing in the background, yet she'd deny having one. She still hasn't paid it. They work on intimidation tactics, they are sorcerers, of bullshit. I don't watch terrestrial TV. I have one, for the odd DVD or video game. Fuck TV.
  20. By this point, I remain convinced that anyone still paying the licence fee ranges anywhere from moderately to seriously retarded.
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