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  1. I heard this, on Max Igan's most recent video. I only heard it, didn't see it. It was awful; I could hear the panic and hysteria in the woman's voice as she realized she wasn't going to be 'allowed' to take her Mother out of the care home. Extremely upsetting. Here is Max Igan's video. Sorry but I can't tell you what point this woman comes on at. https://www.bitchute.com/video/XBGcy3NPPawu/
  2. I am sure the connection has probably been made before on this forum, but it just occurred to me that the word 'Corona' refers to a crown, and crowns are worn by 'Sovereigns'.

    We are sovereign beings being told that we potentially carry a fake virus named after a crown.


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    2. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      I know right. I just cant understand why people are not taking action.

      Its common knowledge that they injecting us with tissue from aborted babies. Beam me up Scotty.

    3. Aye joe nada

      Aye joe nada

      People have be lead into an artificially induced state of consciousness who do not question authority or think for themselves the dumbing down of society over the years is clear to see the brotherhood of the snake have done a real good job but some of us are awake we  gotta keep nudging the sheep walkers try get them thinking with simple questions each day pull them from the perception deception .

    4. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      Agreed! Let the battle continue.

  3. You don't need pharmaceuticals, nobody does. Pharmaceuticals are rarely the answer to anything. Big Pharma does not need more victims.
  4. I've had the exact same experience. Because youtube, and google, work on algorithms, I would guess that the game title you mentioned was one of the 'tags' for the Interview with the game developer. There is a way of checking the 'tags' on any youtube video: 1. Go to the video page using Chrome or Firefox. 2. Right-click the page, and select View Source. 3. Hit Ctrl + F and search for 'keywords' in the source code. 4. This should take you to a list of the tags the Creator Studio used on that video.
  5. There were just issues with the forum itself. I got the '502 error' screen. It happened a number of times.
  6. The Mandela effect is fascinating whether you believe in it or not; because it refers to an actual real phenomena, which is people remembering things entirely differently to how they happened. So on one level, it's a 'conspiracy' in which CERN caused ripples in the fabric of space time reality with their Hadron collider, and this causes some people to remember C3P0 as entirely gold, BUT On another level it is like a combination of false memory and mass hallucination. It's fascinating. It was the very first conspiracy theory I became aware of. I can still remember spending like a whole weekend just watching video after video about it, absorbing all of the information. Such fond memories. I love it when I first become aware of a new theory and spend literally dozens of hours thinking deeply about it.
  7. because they are all moral relativists; they believe morality is subjective.
  8. They won't be forcing anything on anyone. Their modus operandi is to make life as unpleasant as possible for the unvaccinated. Bring it on. This will separate the wheat from the chaff, strength wise. Anyone who enters into a war of attrition with me will lose. Supposing they tortured me I still wouldn't co-operate.
  9. This is great. This is the step that everyone needs to be taking; moving to the next stage and becoming a content creator, putting their message out into the world. Positive action.
  10. Our primitive ancestors were able to create flames by rubbing two rocks together. I think we'll be fine where cooking is concerned.
  11. This is the fundamental arrogance of these people, they actually genuinely believe they have some sort of 'right' to tell people where they can or cannot go, and when. But then, they would, because they are enabled to by the retarded general public who are too fucking stupid to know they are slaves. I feel extremely bitter and angry, because those of us like myself who can see this, and don't wish to just blindly obey these bullies are either directly or indirectly suffering as a result of sheeple's acquiescence. That isn't fair, or even humane.
  12. What do you recommend and what are the costs involved in that?
  13. Yeah well, it's like I'm saying more and more, if you have to put on some smelly little uniform to feel powerful, you ain't got any power. They have stepped up presence where I live; a small hick town. Prior to 2020 I think I saw the police patrolling the town around three times in the past 25 years. Now they're everywhere; driving around, putting their sirens on, clearly for no reason. Sitting parked in one place spying on people. It's truly pathetic. There's sirens at least once an hour where I am, it's clearly being done to manipulate people psychologically and emotionally.
  14. I listened to an audiobook of it once and got about halfway through. There was the odd insight here and there which really resonated with me, but overall I felt that it fell into the category of extreme passivity, which a lot of modern spirituality does.
  15. The latest in a long line of despicable, Fascist, Nazi pigs is 'Qantas', an airline who may very soon have to change their name to 'Cuntas'. Here is a handy link for providing them with feedback. It goes without saying that telling people who are trying to destroy freedom that their behaviour is deplorable is the morally correct thing to do. https://www.qantas.com/gb/en/support/contact-us/customer-care-feedback-form.html?int_cam=contact-us-feedback
  16. Could you possibly elaborate ?
  17. He wrote a book called 'the answer'. He also regularly states in his bitchute videos that non compliance and saying 'no' is the answer.
  18. Absolutely FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE. If you go to 1 hR 23 minutes then listen for a couple of minutes, then you can listen to someone explaining, (whilst Kary Mullis is sat a couple of feet away) how the PCR test can be abused. QUOTE: "How to make a little bit of virus look like a whole lot of virus".
  19. Apologies if someone has posted this video before. At 36:40, a woman who had/has Aids describes the limited efficacy of the PCR test. She also describes the false positive dynamic.
  20. A video in which several individuals critique the mainstream medical profession's (and therefore big Pharma's) 'treatment' of people with AIDS. One of the individuals mentions Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, at 36: 10
  21. This was quite an interesting little video I encountered. From the youtube description: "Gnostic background on muzzling the human races, not to protect them, but to propagate the Archontic Infection"
  22. The issue of just how many people are failing to see through the Covid deception continues to baffle and sadden me.


    Whilst I concur that more people are seeing through the mainstream narrative than before, the reality of this does not always filter through to every facet of day to day life, so realistically, large amounts of time can be spent feeling totally and utterly alone. Whilst I am not a stranger to that particular feeling, I am growing wearier as it intensifies.


    Sometimes there are people I would expect to "get it" who don't, to an alarming degree. The spiritual community, for example, seems split to a degree which surprises me. I already knew that there were lots of spiritual bypassers, and people who approach their spiritual practice with a large helping of denial, but I was astonished today upon witnessing an Internet community crawling with Covidiots defending the use of face masks and using 0.0% critical thinking in the forming of their perspective on face masks.


    They seemed unaware of the slave connotations, far less the Oxygen deprivation issue. The idea of wearing a filthy, disgusting, bacteria infested rag over their faces did not seem to perturb them, presumably because their fears regarding this issue were masked (pun intended) by the enjoyment associated with virtue-signaling and lying about "saving lives".


    I learned today that certain airlines have already decided to prohibit travel for the unvaccinated. This didn't surprise me, but fit it into the bigger picture: there are dozens of vaccinations, before age 21, and at no point in history has there ever been social consequences for not vaccinating, other than being subjected to disapproval from system slaves and science worshippers. But now, we are being told by a major airline that people who haven't been vaccinated against a 'virus' with a 99% survival rate cannot travel on their planes? Wow. The levels of Totalitarian aggression are getting really intense now, and we're still only at the beginning.


    I become more convinced with every day that passes that the idea of 'society' is absolutely unworkable. To throw millions of people, of millions of different levels of consciousness together, have them living and working on top of each other, and then cobble together some arbitrary set of rules and guidelines for all of those people to follow is beyond insane. And it is now all coming home to roost. Because ownership of land is tied in with 'state' (tyranny), it is impossible to get around any of this. If I find somewhere to set up shelter, and forage around for food, the cretins from this system come along, poke their nose in and start throwing their weight around. Do you think you're getting away from masks, hand sanitizer and antisocial distancing? No of course you're not, because you live in a society, and non-participation in this society is not an option, so you will comply, or die. essentially. On some level, compliance is forced, whether through the use of fiat currency, your strawman, your false self, or some other Satanic creation, they have you cornered, and the only way you're gonna avoid the sterile whiff of ethanol whilst looking at masked slaves is either through ascension, non-compliance, changing the paradigm, or all three.


  23. He's now an 'un-person', for saying the unthinkable; that covid fucking 19 is the biggest scam in the history of everything. As for 'free speech platform', there's really no such thing left any more. That's the price we all have to pay for allowing 'state' to decide how we get to live. Now 'the media' a.k.a. the government's propaganda arm, is telling us what we can or cannot believe, think, say or listen to. Ah, freedom!
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