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  1. I don't know if there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. There will be for some people, I think. There are people of a very high level of consciousness who will manage to retain at least some quality of life even as the current situation worsens.


    But for myself, I don't know how I can get through what is to come. My life was already hard, in a certain way. But now, I am in an almost constant state of discomfort. 


    Some people are lucky enough to go about their lives and see other people like them. Non mask wearers, the non compliant. This will reassure them, and make them feel less alone.


    I have one person in my entire life who I see regularly who is non compliant. One.


    The rest are all system slaves of the worst kind. They have been distancing themselves, which suits me in a way, because it is a strain to be around them. The only way it is managed is by avoiding the subject of 'it' altogether.


    Day after day, week after week, I walk around looking at these masked idiots, feeling more and more and more alone, and I really just want it all to be over.


    Day after day I cry bitter tears of total grief, for the sense of belonging and connection I wanted to have in this life and that I am reminded I don't have and never have had, every single day.


    I just long for my constant mental suffering to be over. It is like living with a constant internal itch which never goes away. I can no longer remember the last time I felt happiness but I'm sure it was years ago. I resent being alive now.


    I deliberately formed a belief that I would never reincarnate and that if the archontic soul trap is real, I will say no to it. I couldn't stand any more.


    I know there must surely be even more tough times ahead and I don't know for the life of me how I'm going to get through them. 



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    2. Steph


      Every cloud has a silver lining. Laughing at the absurdity of it all is one line of pleasure they cant cut off.

    3. Fluke


      I can relate to a lot of that Ethel. I do feel a lot of despair to what could come and that is without all the coronavirus but it really is agitating. I take solace from the cool people on here. And a few other sections on the internet that have staved off being censored in these trying times. 


      I have always liked my own company but the feeling of having the general beliefs and propaganda constantly imposed on me/us it is bound to take its toll on us.


      It is important if we can not to get too quantum entangled although its hard not to get angry and we have a right to!


      I see you are a fellow Morrissey fan :) his music always makes me feel better. Have you tried writing at all? It would be good to be able to write prose as beautifully as Moz. I wrote a few paragraphs out today not because i wanted to but to keep my sanity. 



    4. Ethel


      Yes, writing definitely helps, it is something I should probably do more of. I used to like my own company too but that gradually changed over the years, I am working on it though.


      There are lots of singers and bands that have fallen in and out of favour with me over the years, but Morrissey/Smiths has never went down in my estimation.


      I Still love them as much as I always did.

  2. I assume you mean Vivi. I like a bit of variety, so he's on holiday. Morrissey is taking his place for a while.
  3. Fun fact: I noticed this thread and it's title at exactly 10:02am, 21/12/20
  4. Is this before or after millions have either lost their livelihoods, their health, or committed suicide, or a variation of all of these? This fucking shithole is becoming unbearable to be in. Here is my prayer to God: Let me leave. Let me be a part of a world better than this one, in which unconditional love is the teacher, rather than suffering with no end in sight.
  5. This will be my policy, if/when I have any encounter with police. Ignore them outright. I may also work entirely with cash and find ways to not carry anything identifying on me. They can only issue an arrest, warning or fine if they know the 'name' associated with your legal fiction, so in short, if they don't have access to your name, they can't do anything. Also, there is a video somewhere on this forum taken by a guy who was filming outside some building, when the police show up and start threatening and intimidating him, as they do. He ignored them and refuses to engage with them, except to say "I do not consent". It's hilarious. You can see the three or four police officers getting angrier and angrier at being ignored. It's actually a better, and more satisfying approach than aggression, because it causes them to notice their ego more.
  6. I find the word 'no' to be quite effective. There isn't any explanation required, anyone who thinks otherwise is still investing in illusion.
  7. YOU are the one using defence mechanisms. You are in denial. There are others like you; ex 'truthers' who just couldn't handle the feelings of disaffection and/or isolation that following this path can lead to. There are others like you. You are employing the use of denial to protect you from the extreme feelings associated with realizing that a large amount of what conspiracy "theorists" believed is now coming to fruition. You are just making things harder for yourself. You mentioned family and friends. Presumably they are on the level of believing there is a global pandemic. You risk losing the sense of belonging they represent if you realize that there is no pandemic, unless it's a pandemic of retardation you're talking about, so your denial kicks in. And you get to retain the sense of belonging which all human beings desperately need. Fine. But don't try and convince US on this forum, please. I get it, really. I have almost no sense of belonging and my life has been close to unbearable for years. But for you to accuse us of having defence mechanisms, when it's obvious you've talked yourself out of a rabbit hole is pretty egregious. Just don't. At least the maskhole retards don't know any better - you do, or you wouldn't have been into this stuff to begin with.
  8. Yeah, my question is: how can you be channeled when you don't exist?
  9. They wouldn't care anyway. It is a psychopathic mindset which they borrow from their masters. It's best not to react around these types. They take any show of emotion and use it against you. The better solution is to never use them again, if at all possible, and also tell them in writing you will be doing this. It's not that one person, or a hundred, or even a thousand can affect a company like Sports Direct; it's more of symbolic thing, speaking your truth and standing up for it even in the face of overwhelming odds.
  10. I am reliably informed that people who value mainstream science see 'The Lancet' as a reputable "peer-reviewed medical journal", so it might interest you to learn that they recommend keeping all restrictions in place "indefinitely". Here are the quotes: "All the vaccine scenarios will require that the mitigation measures employed worldwide continue for a few years at least... Often it is difficult to offer solutions, but it is straightforward in this case: interventions that have been in use since early in the pandemic, most crucially physical distancing and hand hygiene, must continue indefinitely. It is time to forcefully impress on people that basic measures to limit the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 are here to stay. This is the new normal. " And here is the source: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanmic/article/PIIS2666-5247(20)30151-8/fulltext There was also a nice little picture of a bus seat with tape across it, though I'll let you have the pleasure of discovering that for yourself on the website. If the speed with which the vaccine was put together doesn't concern you, if the adverse reactions which have already been reported don't concern you and if the dubious, ambiguous contents don't concern you I don't think we have anything left to say to each other. I am not debating you, because in these kind of debates, the 'appeal to popularity' logical fallacy comes up eventually, usually around the time that you can sense you are losing the debate. It forms the foundation of folks like yours arguments, whether you know it or not. Acknowledged: at present there are more people in society who will agree with you than me. Congratulations. This doesn't make you right. When things fail to go back to how they were, you will either reframe this by finding a way to justify it through the use of cognitive dissonance, OR you will begin to "get it", and a hefty depression may follow when you realize your mistake. Based on your post, I'd say it could go either way.
  11. In Max Igan's most recent video, he mentioned United Airlines asking a family to leave the aircraft because a two year old child refused to wear a mask. The usual applies. Write to them, boycott. I am British, so I probably never would use them anyway, but I'll email them just the same to let them know that I think their behaviour is sickening.
  12. I feel disgust when I look at people wearing these masks on their face. The masks are dirty and I am convinced most people are not mindful of this. They are undoubtedly rife with stinking bacteria. I feel barely any affinity with these people. I wonder if I am a separate species - I certainly feel like it.


    There are some people who combine the mask with a hat which is low on the brow bone, so that you can barely see their piggy eyes glaring out at you. I look at them with contempt, my feelings of misanthropy swirling inside. I pray to discover the qualities necessary to deal with what's ahead.


    1. Fluke


      I feel that disgust. Seeing an elderly relative of mine wear his face mask and I see fear in the eyes. I see their body language. They don't realise they are supporting tyranny. It's stomach churningly angering to me. You are not alone. But other than that it's been a stomach inducing year for me with a mixture of cowards, conformists and stupidity. There really are not many words I can muster. 

  13. I want you to be right. I want to be wrong in my beliefs about the direction we are headed in. It's one of the few times in my life I can think of when I genuinely wanted to be wrong. If I am, and things go back to how they were, I will revise a lot of my views regarding conspiracy. I will be a way more grateful person. Before 2020, I used to think our society was a piece of shit, but I should have been more grateful for the freedoms I did have. This is something I will take forward. But honestly, I would be astonished if things went back to exactly how they were, because there are a few nagging little facts which get in the way of this expectation, namely: 1.) We've already been told that masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer are here to stay, by various politicians and their advisers 2.) They've already altered roads in several parts of the country to accommodate antisocial distancing. In the town next to mine, large amounts of money were spent on widening pavements on a busy high street. Cost? Large. Why bother if this is temporary? 3.) We've already been told that their trash vaccine isn't effective and won't prevent people from passing the 'virus' on. It's difficult to pass on something which doesn't exist, but even if it did exist, they are making it out to be unbeatable. This means restrictions are here to stay. 4.) The sheeple have taken a lot of these restrictions to heart. There is a certain type of person who is loving having an opportunity to spy on others, tattletale, pass judgment and generally behave like a Nazi pig. This is what Jung called their 'shadow' coming to the surface, i.e. they have repressed feelings of vengeance, spite, powerlessness and fear. Those people will stamp those feelings back down again. Their future will be an endless succession of restrictions, smelly, bacteria infested face masks, retarded addiction to mainstream media, a constantly dropping IQ and immune system, all offset by the atrocious stink of hand sanitizer, which I predict people will start taking baths in by 2021. Unless more people awaken, and start to develop some serious spine, our species is fucked. But like I said, I want to be wrong.
  14. The idea that masks are being enforced, or worn, to protect human health is ludicrous to anyone with an IQ in 3 figures. Even surgeons don't wear masks to 'protect' anyone, they do it to stop food, or fillings or saliva falling out of their mouth when they are carrying out surgery. There isn't even any debate. It's a visual symbol of compliance, designed to create a divide between those who possess self-respect/critical thinking, and those who don't. Because humans identify as social beings, the resultant social isolation of those who do not comply is designed to destroy their mental and emotional wellbeing, so that the only people left in the world are retarded slaves. There's actually a reasonable chance this will happen.
  15. The latest is Sainsbury's in Hereford. Man arrested for not wearing a mask: https://www.facebook.com/crimewatch.co.uk/videos/301007284601235
  16. There is a certain vibe to this guy which I have seen before. He appeals to quite a lot of individuals who are easily manipulated and not particularly good at seeing through falsehood. He is appealing to a certain type of pretentious wannabe hipster: The famous singer wife, the 'cool' technologies, the smoking a joint with Joe Rogan. How cool! I'm so impressed, I wish I could be just like these cool people. Um... FUCK off. He is a Machiavellian reptile who is playing people. He wants to integrate humans with AI when what we should really be integrating with is nature and the inner self. Fuck these manipulators. I will go my own way, make up my own mind, and sure as shit won't involve having microchips rammed up my butthole by this fucking reptile.
  17. Rather than waste precious valuable energy which would be much better spent on something else, I'll summarise: at least 50% of what you've said is objectively untrue.
  18. An even stronger argument still would be something along the lines of "everyone is outraged by FGM, a smaller number of people are outraged by circumcision, and barely anyone protests IGM (Intersex genital mutilation)". The thinking here, of course, is that Intersex people 'deserve' it, because they are "freaks" of nature. The common logic in the truth seeking community is that allowing children to have surgery to "transition" from something to something is an abomination UNLESS the child happens to be Intersex, in which case, not only is it acceptable, it should be forced upon them as early as possible, even if it does destroy their life and leave them a bare empty shell of a human being. Either that or people just don't talk about the mutilation of Intersex children's genitals altogether because they are either don't know about it or it makes them uncomfortable - probably the latter.
  19. I don't suppose you happen to have a spare drone I could borrow, do you?
  20. The media were always going to make a big thing out of the first person being vaccinated with this 'vaccine'. Like you said, she will be a paid actor who will have been injected with a saline solution. She probably isn't 90 either, she certainly doesn't look it. The propaganda on the front pages of the newspapers today was beyond belief.
  21. I heard this, on Max Igan's most recent video. I only heard it, didn't see it. It was awful; I could hear the panic and hysteria in the woman's voice as she realized she wasn't going to be 'allowed' to take her Mother out of the care home. Extremely upsetting. Here is Max Igan's video. Sorry but I can't tell you what point this woman comes on at. https://www.bitchute.com/video/XBGcy3NPPawu/
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