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  1. Took Icke's advice and reported the assault he mentioned in one of his recent videos. There was a video of it on youtube; you could clearly see one of the coppers kicking a guy. I made a complaint, provided them the details. Of course it's going nowhere - I knew they'd find a copout (pun intended) but wanted to try anyway. Here's the response: Thank you for your complaint in relation to the video you have seen on YouTube. We are sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction and of any frustration that this may have caused you. Unfortunately your complaint will not be subject to further investigation. Police complaints are governed by the Police Reform Act 2002. Section 12 of the Act defines those persons who can make a complaint. In order to be eligible you must be either, a person directly affected by police conduct, a person who was adversely affected by police conduct or a person who witnessed the conduct at first hand. Any person who is aware of police conduct through a third party or, through a medium such as television, will neither be a witness, nor can they be adversely effected. For further information, please see the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) Statutory Guidance at www.policeconduct.gov.uk or consult the Police Reform Act 2002 (amended 2020) at www.legislation.gov.uk Whilst your complaint does not meet the requirement for an individual investigation, we will be will be reviewing your concerns to see if there are any lessons that can be learnt. The Metropolitan Police takes professionalism very seriously and is committed to learning from experience. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. Kind regards, Sergeant Kirsty Payne - Directorate of Professional Standards Address 22nd Floor, Empress State Building, Lillie Road, London SW6 1TR
  2. The berkey removes 99.9% of pharmaceuticals, including estrogen. You might need to search around for a bit to find that info. I found it on an offical black berkey q and a. I'm assuming they're telling the truth, since it would be easy for someone with a background in chemistry to find out if they were lying.
  3. Everyone who is told they cannot travel abroad because they haven't had a vaccination should request a refund on their passport, since it has essentially been rendered null and void. We should all do this simultaneously once vaccine rollout is finished.
  4. They produce highly pure water, but I'm sure you have to add something to it, possibly iodine.
  5. I will never forget the scene in which Adrien Brody plays Chopin's 'Ballad No. 1 In G Minor'. It's my favorite piece of music ever. God was working directly through Chopin when he composed that. I could spend eternity describing how I feel about the magnificence of that piece of music:
  6. There is a direct correlation between how much I do in my life to help myself, and how optimistic I am as regards to my own capacity to survive this situation. I am not optimistic about the future of this species. As I see it, the majority of people are suffering from a retardation of the ability to think critically. They aren't aware of this, and they have a pathological inability to see it, as well as a pathological inability to see abuse of authority, or draw any kind of line where authority is concerned. This is a problem. The Milgram 'Obedience To Authority' experiment demonstrated why. Even when faced with the reality that they were potentially torturing someone to death by electrocution, they continued, because as they saw it, the big, important Scientist was telling them to do it, so they were "just following orders". These people literally believe that "just following orders" makes them virtuous. It was a belief which was stamped into their addled, defective brains from infancy onwards, and nobody ever taught them to question that belief. They literally don't understand the concept that doing something awful just because an 'authority figure' told them to doesn't make it right. I saw this toxic poison all the way along. I knew that this nasty little streak was always there - because I was always the fucking opposite. The 'bad' kid, the 'troublemaker'. I pray regularly for God to help me see the sheep in a better light. My prayers aren't answered. I resent them. They are destroying their own lives, the lives of their children, and they are dragging everybody down with them. I pray also for 'answers' as regards to how to 'solve' the problems we are all now facing, again; no answers. I don't give a shit about pubs, sports events, concerts and holidays. These things aren't necessary to survive or thrive. What I care about is being able to go into a shop and buy food. That is all. I need that in order to survive, I will take care of the rest. I am responsible for my own quality of life, and I don't need their silly little distractions in order to have quality of life. As far as I am concerned, if they punish people for not having this vaccination by banning us from supermarkets, all bets are off, and we have a duty to riot. That is all.
  7. A Handy Step by Step guide to solving the 'problem' of having to pay the licence fee 1.) Stop watching television
  8. FYI - For anyone who is interested in this topic, Vernon Coleman did a video recently in which he spoke about pharmaceuticals in our water supply. I looked into it and the 'Black Berkey' water filter manages to filter out 99.9% of pharmaceuticals. Also, it filters out 99.9% of BPA content too, so what I do is buy spring water which is stored in plastic bottles, but then put it into my water filter to filter out the BPA. I'm not a shill. I just really, really care about clean drinking water.
  9. It would depend on which kind of Reptilian she was. David Icke said at the start of his career, and others have said, that not all Reptilians are vicious psychopaths. Some of them, apparently, are fairly innocuous, in comparison to most of them.
  10. The fact that we are born into an identity based society tethers people to false self, then, most people become enslaved by it. The blueprint of our society is the problem. It's a piece of shit and it was designed by psychopaths for the benefit of psychopaths. People need to reimagine and then build a different kind of society, one which is more nature based, organic, spiritual. This industrial, ego based society is the natural result of people refusing to stand in their own personal power, allowing opportunists like Bill Gates, the Rothschilds etc to shape the overall paradigm. In short, the people who are controlling our lives are the very last kind of people who should be controlling anything if our spiritual evolution was actually a priority to most people.
  11. Re: Elon Musk. Look at the comments section under the video of him being interviewed by Joe Rogan on youtube. The levels of sycophancy and idealization are breathtaking. If these flunkies were any guiltier of idealization they'd be offering to blow him. Truly, truly nauseating.
  12. Just another transparent manipulation of the population into one of dozens of 'divide and conquer' scenarios. Yawn. I think we should give the police force a 6pm curfew. Actually, no. Make it law that they can never be in groups of more than 2. Job done.
  13. I am bumping this. I'll check out the couple of suggestions made here, but I'm sure there are books David Icke has recommended on this topic in his videos and I cannot remember what they are. Anyone?
  14. I do understand emotions, I understand that if you suppress an emotion, it buries into your unconscious mind. You shamed the emotion and belittled it, believing that there is never any justification for it. That is a lie. Tell someone who has had a child abducted and killed that they have no right to feel hatred. Tell someone like myself who was severely abused as a child that they have no right to feel hatred. You think you know more than you do. My way is better: When you feel hatred, acknowledge it, acknowledge it's limitation, realize it masks hurt, and don't shame it. Take the feeling as a part of yourself. This integrates it. I know I am right, I have no further need to argue with you.
  15. This is patronizing. D'you know what's worse than feeling hatred? Suppressing hatred and then shaming yourself for feeling it in the first place.
  16. I was feeling this exact same way when I saw your post. That probably isn't an accident. I strongly relate. I feel furious rage just now, and it's mixed in with hopelessness. There are many aspects to it, although the bleakness of what could be in front of us plays a large part. Like yourself I resent the people who just go whatever way the wind blows, because we're actually being held to ransom by their acquiescence. Either way, try not to feel ashamed of the rage, resentment, bitterness and despair. As difficult as those feelings are to get through, it's important to remember that you're not the only one feeling them. It's easy to feel ashamed when you resent your fellow human beings, but we are in an absolutely insane situation right now. That makes everything you are experiencing emotionally completely understandable.
  17. She hasn't had any vaccine and neither will any of the rest of her family. She is stirring the pot, inciting prejudice against the 'anti-vaxxers'. You know 'they' mean business when even our "head of state" is having a pop at us. Brace yourself, folks.
  18. Hi. I am not sure if you read responses to these posts, or if you will even see this at all, but is there any chance you could mention to your Father that there is a sound issue with the volume on your Father's videos? This is not a criticism, it's just that sometimes on the bitchute videos it can be a real strain to here what he is saying, particularly when he leans away from his computer. Hope this isn't too cheeky. Cheers.
  19. Ignore it. You don't have to explain, justify or defend yourself, neither does anyone else. This is a problem I am seeing a lot of; I am seeing folks lamenting over how to 'explain' themselves, and even people who are drafting complicated letters in which they are using legalese and quoting legislature to 'defend' their actions. None of that is necessary. Even the most jaded of system slaves has to have a basic understanding that to allow a human being to inject a collection of chemical into your body, 'consent' is needed, otherwise a form of rape has taken place. There are no letters, documents, excuses, reasons, justifications or explanations needed. Your body is your body, and anyone suggesting that you should not be allowed to decide what goes inside it is an out of control fascist. There is only one word required, and it should be stated with the utmost conviction: "NO." Nothing further need be added. If we do get to a point where people are having it physically forced upon them, that is assault and people will have the right to physically defend themselves. I for one will go down fighting. But - it won't come to that. 'They' are just going to make life as unpleasant as possible for us instead, like the slimy individuals they are.
  20. Hi everyone. I would like to share an email which I sent to the 'First Bus' transport company today. I should point out that not all drivers are behaving this way, some are being reasonable. My approach to dealing with belligerence, aggression or intimidation from drivers on public transport is as follows: remain calm, keep a level tone of voice or they will adopt the 'bait and switch' manipulation tactic whereby they behave aggressively then turn things round and act the victim if you raise your voice even slightly, which would be understandable. State your case calmly but firmly, mention the equality act or basic privacy if necessary, but don't back down to intimidation. Here is the email I sent today after witnessing two individuals being harassed by driver(s) whose behavior seemed to border on the psychotic: "I travelled to **** and back on this day. I got on the bus just before midday. I travelled through to **** and then got the 13:35 bus back. I am not sure if it was the same driver on both journeys because masks were worn. The first issue was that on the way to ****, an elderly man who got on in ***** was loudly questioned by the driver in an aggressive and shaming manner. The elderly man was asked why he was travelling. The driver took issue with the fact that he was carrying a fishing rod. Things were made personal; the driver said "we're burying our drivers at the moment", and was generally shaming the gentleman, who looked shell-shocked. On the way back, a person who I am assuming was the same driver did a similar thing to a woman who was mask exempt, and who became tearful. The driver was aggressive and belligerent but cares so much about his health that he took a couple of minutes to smoke a cigarette before departing. I am not interested in hearing about government guidelines in your response, I am delivering to whomever carries the can for First Bus: keep your drivers under control, or people may be inclined to find lawyers who can."
  21. I would look the Queen directly in the eye and tell her that I don't give a shit about her opinion on what people do or don't inject into their body, or the opinions of her family. Lets focus instead on the fact that they are descended from Germans and have notorious, well-known ties to the Nazis. Lets also focus on Prince Andrew's involvement with renowned paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and lets all cast our minds back to the entire royal family's sickening ties to King Paedophile Jimmy Saville. This person, and her entire family, are not credible in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, they are a sickening reminder of just what an insane, damaged world our species has created. Go to hell, your majesty.

    1. DarianF


      I would suggest, don't even call her 'The Queen'. Just by saying that you're legitimising the whole load of royalty bullshit. I would just call her Elizabeth, and talk to her just like I would any other person. Fuck this royalty bullshit. Where's that Richard Feynman clip? Oh yeah. This one. - 

      - all this bowing and scraping shit. It makes me sick. I would never lower myself to this.

  22. The MSM and the government will lie about the vaccine uptake percentages in order to manipulate Tribalism i.e. "everyone else is doing it, so I better do it too". Even if the uptake was as low as 60%, they would lie and say it was 90%. One quote from that mail article ^^ was particularly interesting: "It could turn out to be a hugely inflammatory approach - those who have had the vaccine may feel resentment towards refuseniks blamed for perpetuating the lockdown" Uh... yeah. That's the whole fucking point. They want a division, they want everyone who takes the vaccine hating and resenting anyone who doesn't. This resentment will then fuel further punishments; small businesses turning away the unvaccinated, people being refused basic services, travel bans. The anti-vaxxers are going to need balls of steel to weather this storm. There is no way 'they' are just going to let this slide. I have been waiting for the past year now for the moment to come when all of this just magically turns around and I finally "see the light" and my crazy, conspiracy theorizing ways are shown to be unfounded and fanciful. It hasn't happened yet, and I don't think it's going to. I want to be wrong. I'd love to go back to the days when I used to walk around shops without getting a second glance, or when I could actually sit in a coffee shop reading, or when I could, at a minute's notice, spontaneously go and watch a film at the local cinema. But this isn't looking likely really, is it?
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