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  1. I listened to an audiobook of it once and got about halfway through. There was the odd insight here and there which really resonated with me, but overall I felt that it fell into the category of extreme passivity, which a lot of modern spirituality does.
  2. The latest in a long line of despicable, Fascist, Nazi pigs is 'Qantas', an airline who may very soon have to change their name to 'Cuntas'. Here is a handy link for providing them with feedback. It goes without saying that telling people who are trying to destroy freedom that their behaviour is deplorable is the morally correct thing to do. https://www.qantas.com/gb/en/support/contact-us/customer-care-feedback-form.html?int_cam=contact-us-feedback
  3. Could you possibly elaborate ?
  4. He wrote a book called 'the answer'. He also regularly states in his bitchute videos that non compliance and saying 'no' is the answer.
  5. Absolutely FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE. If you go to 1 hR 23 minutes then listen for a couple of minutes, then you can listen to someone explaining, (whilst Kary Mullis is sat a couple of feet away) how the PCR test can be abused. QUOTE: "How to make a little bit of virus look like a whole lot of virus".
  6. Apologies if someone has posted this video before. At 36:40, a woman who had/has Aids describes the limited efficacy of the PCR test. She also describes the false positive dynamic.
  7. A video in which several individuals critique the mainstream medical profession's (and therefore big Pharma's) 'treatment' of people with AIDS. One of the individuals mentions Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, at 36: 10
  8. This was quite an interesting little video I encountered. From the youtube description: "Gnostic background on muzzling the human races, not to protect them, but to propagate the Archontic Infection"
  9. The issue of just how many people are failing to see through the Covid deception continues to baffle and sadden me.


    Whilst I concur that more people are seeing through the mainstream narrative than before, the reality of this does not always filter through to every facet of day to day life, so realistically, large amounts of time can be spent feeling totally and utterly alone. Whilst I am not a stranger to that particular feeling, I am growing wearier as it intensifies.


    Sometimes there are people I would expect to "get it" who don't, to an alarming degree. The spiritual community, for example, seems split to a degree which surprises me. I already knew that there were lots of spiritual bypassers, and people who approach their spiritual practice with a large helping of denial, but I was astonished today upon witnessing an Internet community crawling with Covidiots defending the use of face masks and using 0.0% critical thinking in the forming of their perspective on face masks.


    They seemed unaware of the slave connotations, far less the Oxygen deprivation issue. The idea of wearing a filthy, disgusting, bacteria infested rag over their faces did not seem to perturb them, presumably because their fears regarding this issue were masked (pun intended) by the enjoyment associated with virtue-signaling and lying about "saving lives".


    I learned today that certain airlines have already decided to prohibit travel for the unvaccinated. This didn't surprise me, but fit it into the bigger picture: there are dozens of vaccinations, before age 21, and at no point in history has there ever been social consequences for not vaccinating, other than being subjected to disapproval from system slaves and science worshippers. But now, we are being told by a major airline that people who haven't been vaccinated against a 'virus' with a 99% survival rate cannot travel on their planes? Wow. The levels of Totalitarian aggression are getting really intense now, and we're still only at the beginning.


    I become more convinced with every day that passes that the idea of 'society' is absolutely unworkable. To throw millions of people, of millions of different levels of consciousness together, have them living and working on top of each other, and then cobble together some arbitrary set of rules and guidelines for all of those people to follow is beyond insane. And it is now all coming home to roost. Because ownership of land is tied in with 'state' (tyranny), it is impossible to get around any of this. If I find somewhere to set up shelter, and forage around for food, the cretins from this system come along, poke their nose in and start throwing their weight around. Do you think you're getting away from masks, hand sanitizer and antisocial distancing? No of course you're not, because you live in a society, and non-participation in this society is not an option, so you will comply, or die. essentially. On some level, compliance is forced, whether through the use of fiat currency, your strawman, your false self, or some other Satanic creation, they have you cornered, and the only way you're gonna avoid the sterile whiff of ethanol whilst looking at masked slaves is either through ascension, non-compliance, changing the paradigm, or all three.


  10. He's now an 'un-person', for saying the unthinkable; that covid fucking 19 is the biggest scam in the history of everything. As for 'free speech platform', there's really no such thing left any more. That's the price we all have to pay for allowing 'state' to decide how we get to live. Now 'the media' a.k.a. the government's propaganda arm, is telling us what we can or cannot believe, think, say or listen to. Ah, freedom!
  11. Maintaining and preserving the current political system, or any aspect of the system at all is not the way out of the mess we find ourselves in. I'm not sure whether the people who are suggesting this are new to David Icke's work or not, but if you never believe anything anyone says ever again, believe this: the only aspect of our current system worth holding onto is common law, and if you are at the level of consciousness that you need someone else to tell you not to murder, assault or steal, you're part of the problem, not the solution. Politics will not save us. 'Q anon' will not save us. we have to save ourselves, and stop expecting 'other people' to do it for us.
  12. Also, because of the design of bit chute it can sometimes be a bit difficult to get immediately access some of David's older, (still extremely valuable) videos, so I can recommend 'alt censored' as a resource for accessing the entire contents of his old youtube channel. https://altcensored.com/search?q=david+icke I highly recommend doing this, as some of his older videos are fascinating, and lay the groundwork for a lot of what he is saying now.
  13. On the off-chance that this thread is referring to myself, I shall clarify my position. In the above post, reference is made to 'sabotage'. In another thread, I was quoted as saying: "If I were in your shoes, working in a pharmacy I'd sabotage the hell out of as many things as possible, especially relating to vaccines, before moving on. Just saying." If anyone has a problem with this, they are clinging to a certain fear-based level of consciousness which needs to be transcended before the human race can move on to something better. Sometimes rules need to be broken. Sometimes 'the rules' are not inherently good. Sometimes obedience to authority is not a virtue. Some people talk a big game, but aren't quite as good as taking action. I haven't broken any laws or created any destruction in the entirety of 2020, but that doesn't mean that I don't see value in breaking rules in the name of the greater good. I don't want things in our society to descend into violence either, but what about self-defence? Even though I have made posts on this forum about how much I dislike police, I saw a video this evening of a protest in Bristol and watched as a group of people surrounded the police in a circle whilst screaming "shame on you". I did not feel happy or elated by this, I felt the fear of the police, I felt sorry for them. We call this empathy. I have no wish to see the police being harmed, but their job is becoming more and more of a problem, and soon they are going to have to make important decisions about the future, because if they stay in their current vocation, they are either going to end up hurting people, or getting hurt. Violence isn't 'the answer', but people need to understand that if they don't start taking some serious action in their life, and developing their sacred masculine elements, they may eventually be forced into a position of acting in self-defense. It is now that scary. If you think petitions or engaging with the fucking clowns in parliament has any value by this point you are dreaming. I got on a bus today and an announcement came over the tannoy about facemasks being mandatory. I was the only one on the bus not wearing one. I was on the bus for 20 minutes and the announcement didn't come on again, because no other person got on the bus who wasn't wearing a mask. THAT is where we are at people: that a person can be targeted by tannoy announcements on a bus in an effort to shame them into complicance. I hear sirens roughly every 60 minutes throughout the day in a hick town in nowheresville. To try and psychologically manipulate people. That's where we're at. I am currently in need of serious health care and run a very real risk of being told that I can't get it because of a refusal to comply with ramming a cotton swab up my nose, or toxic shite into my body. THAT is where we are at. So please, forgive me if I happen to encourage a pharmacist to sabotage vaccine distribution. TAKE ACTION.
  14. ASDA: https://www.facebook.com/DMFEnglish/videos/10158143713484209 This time the culprit is Asda Dundee, refusing entry to non mask wearers. Boycott the cunts if you can, email them, let them know, use another supermarket if you can. We need to voice our perspective if we think it is worth having. We need to speak our truth, stand up for our truth.
  15. I have a special admiration for people who are trying to raise children to be critical thinkers at a time like this. The level of difficulty associated with being a parent at this time, whilst also seeing through everything that's going on, must be heavy duty. I couldn't do it, I am struggling just to get by just looking after me. If I were in your shoes, working in a pharmacy I'd sabotage the hell out of as many things as possible, especially relating to vaccines, before moving on. Just saying ;-)
  16. This is pandering. Remember: conditional acceptance from others is exactly that. I'm pretty sure it's better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you're not.
  17. As with all things in life, there are options available to you, it depends on your outlook which ones you explore. If you fall into the "any job is better than no job" camp of people in our society, OPTION A is to continue working for the pharmacy and continue to play a part in peddling poison to people in order to make billionaires richer. This choice will also involve allowing your employers to inject poison, including mercury, into your body, again, so that billionaires can become richer. Or, OPTION B: you could ponder the reality that prostitution, crack-dealing, and being an assassin are all jobs, thereby proving that not all paid work necessarily makes the world a better place, and that, in the grand scheme of things, neither does your job. At all. However, when you live in a corrupt cesspit, integrity comes at a price. Those who promote 'survival of the fittest ideals' will particularly enjoy option A. The added benefit of this option is that pharmacies will be one of the industries set to thrive in our brave new world, profiting off the gargantuan amounts of physical and psychological sickness which will soon overwhelm society in response to lockdowns and other restrictions, and the naivete of people who think anything sold in a pharmacy could possibly benefit them in any way, shape or form.
  18. I am opposed to abortion. I cannot possibly imagine any circumstances in which I could possibly be persuaded around to the idea that it is defensible in any circumstances, although I am more than happy for our divine creator to attempt to do so, if that is the creator's will. I have known two women in my life who had abortions. I would not treat them any differently, and continued to care, and act the same, even after I knew. This wasn't good enough for one of these women though. Knowing that I was vocally pro-life, she then began to psychologically project the guilt and shame she was feeling onto me in the aftermath of having an abortion. It was crystal clear that this was what she was doing, and she knew it herself. I allowed this person to intimidate and threaten me into abandoning my opinions, because that's the kind of weak doormat I was back in those days. This will never happen ever again. I have seen the videos and the photographs. I have read the descriptions, about limbs being torn off. It is obscene. I do not support this under any circumstances. There is a law of cause and effect; there are universal laws which take care of everything, and they have more value than any man made law ever created. There are few interventions into the natural course of events I support, if any, but that's another matter. I don't support abortion under any circumstances. I could happily explain this viewpoint if pressed. There are so many aspects of it which sicken me, but one of the main ones is that idea that a lot of women have nowadays that they "shouldn't have to" feel shame afterwards. These foolish individuals have no idea how emotions even work, or what their purpose is. People's emotions are a feedback mechanism. The shame indicates that the person has violated some part of their own principles. These women then reframe this and project their shame onto the pro-life movement, rather than acknowledge that the shame is very real evidence that they themselves have a problem with what they have done. They are their own biggest critics, and the presence of shame proves it. They should be ashamed. The only way that they can continue to see themselves as 'good' is to reframe what they have done, and this is done through the use of euphemistic language i.e. 'abortion', 'termination', 'bundle of cells'. Horseshit. I can understand why many people feel inclined to empathize with women who have had abortions, because nobody enjoys experiencing guilt and/or shame, but the morality of it is actually fairly simple. They have, at the very least, killed a part of themselves, but also, a separate organism, which absolutely does have consciousness. Again, endlessly euphemistic language is wheeled out so that entitled, irresponsible people can continue to see themselves as good guys. I will not change my perspective on this. I have seen the photos and videos, they should be shocking to anyone who is not mentally, emotionally and spiritually damaged. I had a highly authoritarian Father, and was also a black sheep within my family, and have been held to ridiculously high standards by my family my whole life. Others too have judged me for the most minor of infractions, and yet these women have their own offspring sucked out of them and then expect to be coddled by society? No, no, NO. I find the unfair distribution of moral culpability a BIG fucking problem, i.e. some of us are held to very high standards whilst others are allowed to behave in immoral ways and are enabled, being told that they've "done nothing wrong". Their emotions will tell another story, of course, but in a society which doesn't value the heart space, far less listen to it, that won't mean much.
  19. I'm guessing David probably isn't going to answer so... I could answer this in about a million different ways. First, lets assess the basic facts, your facts. 1.) You work in one of the most densely populated cities on planet earth 2.) You work in a hospital 3.) You have witnessed lots of people dying Do you mean to tell me that as someone who works in a hospital, in one of the busiest cities on earth that you have witnessed lots of people dying? I'm astonished. That's unthinkable. ;-) There are a few possibilities I would convey to you in terms of why you witnessed an apparent upsurge in deaths during this 'pandemic'. 1.) Sleight of hand. How many people do you think die every single day in New York City, and how many of those deaths do you think have a respiratory component? Count up firstly how many illnesses are either directly related to the respiratory system, or at the very least have a respiratory component to them, then count up how many people would, under normal circumstances every single day die of these illnesses in one hospital in one of the busiest and most polluted cities on the planet. People die of pneumonia every day. People die of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome every day. People die of Flu every day. You are living in a metropolitan city. Where do the dead bodies normally go? Into a morgue truck, I'd imagine. Now imagine (it's a stretch, I know) that the people who are running the world are not entirely honest, and that they had some agenda for making people think that there is a new and deadly 'pandemic'. (Problem, reaction solution/Hegelian Dialectic/Order from Chaos). How could they do this? By using a test so generalized in it's efficacy that you could probably use it on rocks found on planet Mars and it would get a positive result, then use this test on every person who goes into hospital with a respiratory illness, or who dies of a respiratory illness. Et voila; there is your 'pandemic'. Of course, suspiciously, death figures from all respiratory illnesses mysteriously go down or disappear at the same time, but the general public won't be looking at that, because it's a sleight of hand and even if you did confront the average person with that info, they would use denial and deflection to avoid confronting it. Besides, government figures can, and regularly are manipulated. 2.) A variant of the 'nocebo' effect. The nocebo effect, the opposite of the placebo effect is used to describe the phenomena of a person's beliefs working against them, i.e. if somebody believes that something will harm them, it will. The medical profession is aware of this and acknowledges it's existence. Put simply, negative thinking effects people's physical health. Imagine if thousands of mind-controlled slaves who are all addicted to and in thrall to mainstream media all suddenly formed a belief that there was a ridiculously contagious virus lurking around every corner? Do you think maybe just a few of those people might manage to conjure up some form of illness within themselves, just through the power of their mind alone? Alas, the answer you are looking for is YES. We call this 'psychosomatic illness'. 3.) Fear. The effects of fear on the human body are well documented, but if a person exists in a state of fear for prolonged periods of time, they begin to experience severe adrenal fatigue, and a host of other symptoms will follow. Stress is inevitable, and the number of ways that stress can impact a person's physical health negatively are too numerous to list here. It is almost certain that fear and stress weaken the immune system. In this scenario it is entirely unsurprising that a large number of people would all rapidly become ill with flu like symptoms. It is my assertion that the large number of deaths you witnessed are the result of a combination of all three factors listed above.
  20. This is very relatable. Being in the situation of being surrounded by people who don't understand the reality of the way things are right now can feel heartbreaking. I have one person in my life who 'gets it', up to a point. If/when that 'ceases to be the case' I don't know how I will continue living, to be honest. I don't think there are many human beings who could live through that level of aloneness. Also what you said about nature makes perfect sense. I spent 3 hours in a forest today, walking around, and it was the happiest I've been in a long time.
  21. Can you expand upon this please?
  22. It's nothing personal. My parents pay it too and I've told them it is an idiotic decision. Cancel the direct debit. They aid and abet paedophiles. Jimmy Saville was a child raping necrophiliac and the BBC harboured him for years. Just cancel it; it's a civic duty.
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