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  1. There's nothing on earth quite like the first time you hear the disco version of 'Anarchy In The UK'...
  2. They are. There is a big difference between someone being aligned with their higher self and someone being identified with the suffering of this world. A being who is in a vibration of love does not understand the suffering associated with being in a state of fear, anger or hatred.
  3. When the supermarkets ask you if you want a receipt, they aren't striking a blow for the environment or the reversal of "climate change". Paper is one of the easiest things to recycle, is highly biodegradable and does minimal damage to the environment.
    Plastic, on the other hand, takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and the supermarkets have not reduced the use of it for packaging to any significant extent. Something about this does not add up. Thirty years ago glass and paper packaging were far more prevalent, both are far easier to recycle, whilst the use of plastic continues to proliferate and the supermarkets continue to lecture consumers on their choices. Multi billion pound companies should not be lecturing individuals on their choices whilst resolutely continuing to prioritize profit over everything else. In short, the multi billion pound companies of the world, and the governments who enable them, do not care about the environment. They care about virtue signaling, patronizing their customers and above all, profits.
    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      Spot on Ethel, short and to the point, thank you!👍

  4. It's enculturation. It's a social norm which people, in most cases, unconsciously attune to without ever truly questioning whether it is right for them, or has value. Like acquiring property, working and procreating. People unconsciously attune to widespread social norms because in an evolutionary sense they guarantee greater security and provision of resources than going against the grain.
  5. I do Qi Gong every morning as soon as I get up. It is a great way to start the day. It energizes me, and my body feels alive and open. It lets the energy get flowing through the body, which is it's entire purpose
  6. You are right, there is beauty to be found here. I don't conceptualize our overall God as something separate from us, our soul is an aspect of God.
  7. Not bad actually. I doubt Eminem would be a fan though - he's said many times how he loathes this Vanilla Ice song!
  8. It's possible I suppose but I am not sure. I believe in free will personally but who knows?
  9. It stands to reason there is a creative force which is the generative force of all that is. Christians call this 'God' whilst those in the sciences would call it a unified field. I see it as an essence; a creative force, the lifeblood of all that is.
  10. When you are praying, if you are clear in your intent that the prayer is addressed to the source of all that is, the creator of all that it is, then this intention will direct the prayer to that source. I strongly doubt a demon created the entire universe.
  11. I'm glad someone has highlighted this. I was a smoker for a long time and gave up, interestingly enough, over the course of 2020-21. I briefly tried vaping in it's early days, but that was back when it was marketed as a way to come off cigarettes, rather than as a permanent feature in one's life. I stopped after a week or so because, believe it or not, I ended up with severe chest pains - even though after a decade of smoking cigarettes I'd rarely experienced chest pains, although I'd had plenty of sore throats. I'm not saying one is definitively worse than the other, although I have long suspected that many people who vape have convinced themselves it is harmless because a) they enjoy it, b) they want it to be harmless and c) they want to believe there is such a thing as a harmless addiction. It's possible vaping is harmless. Then again, it's possible it isn't. One thing I would say is that it's kind of early days to know. It's less than 20 years since vaping became popular. At one time, cigarettes too were marketed as 'healthy' and doctors even prescribed them. I see the amount of vapor these things produce and I have my doubts. Are we as a species meant to inhale anything other than oxygen into the body? No, I don't think so. I think it is designed to suppress anxiety in much the same way that fags do. When I was a teenager and started smoking I loved that I'd found a way to regulate anxiety; vaping is exactly the same dynamic.
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