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  1. I find the idea of an Internet blackout unlikely for a few reasons. A large percentage of the population are now addicted to both their smart phones and social media, so in the event of an Internet blackout would enter withdrawal and become aggressive, therefore more likely to engage in civil unrest. This is similar to how people would react to starvation. Also, the 1% themselves will be as reliant upon the Internet as the rest of us, it is woven into the fabric of our society as a backdrop. It is also a major part of how they intend to enslave us, by getting the masses as addicted to as many Internet connected devices as possible... like the laptop I'm currently typing on.
  2. Again, I mostly agree with this. The spiritual community is full of dead ends and toxic spiritual bypassing. And the ETs you're referring to, I guess, are Archons and Reptilians. Surely once we are aware of this paradigm we can do something about it? I refuse to give in to those parasites.
  3. I have never heard of this person. The British Brainwashing Corporation are openly throwing their agenda in our face. It goes like this: 1.) Ignore the fact that two enormous protests are taking place that very same day in Europe, in which ordinary everyday people stand up for freedom, and at which there is an ex BBC employee in attendance, giving a speech, as well as the brother of the leader of one of the main political parties in the UK whilst 2.) Making the death of some semi-known, 'actor' celebrity the leading news story in order to score 'woke' brownie points from BLM. I for one have never heard of the guy, but am becoming more and more nauseated by the concept of 'celebrity'. It is people giving their power away and putting other people on a pedestal. In the case of Hollywood, this invariably means Satanists and Paedophiles. And what, I'm supposed to look up to these people? No thanks.
  4. I agree we should prepare. I have been buying small amounts of extra food, essentials etc. But, even though I do believe in 'God' or 'Source' or Infinite Consciousness, I don't need to pray for an intervention because I know we are the intervention. We are infinite consciousness, we can do or be anything. We are the intervention. We don't need wankers in suits and ties to tell us what is right and wrong, we know in our hearts the difference between right and wrong. The number one aim for everyone everywhere is to reclaim their personal power, and fast. We never needed these fiends to tell us our business; our governments and lawmakers are more crooked than the rest of us put together. All we need to do is look them straight in the eye and say 'no' to their fucking bullshit, then quietly walk away. No violence, no destruction, just: "NO."
  5. Is it the case that there are people who simply don't wish to comply with mask wearing whom have been directly harassed or threatened with fines for not wearing one? I'd be interested to know if that kind of thing is happening. In my own instance, It's on my medical file that I am asthmatic, so I would use that as my 'excuse', even though, in reality, I still wouldn't actually want to wear a mask even if I wasn't. In my experience, I only ever get asked why I'm not wearing one, at which point I say "I'm exempt", and then the conversation ends. I haven't had one member of the public challenge me, so I'd be genuinely amazed that there are people whom are being abused by their fellow human beings for not wearing a mask. Is this a thing?
  6. I love that you think 'free thinkers' comprise a quarter of the population.
  7. Wtf did I just watch? He appears to openly admit that it will 'sterilize' some people. When he uses the word sterilize does he mean something else? Is it a parapraxis? Either way, the newsreader did hear it too. And yet... didn't mention it. So weird!
  8. The bitter irony here is that David is opposed to companies like Amazon gaining an increasing monopoly over world business, and this directly affects Waterstones. They probably think this little bit of virtue-signalling will in some way save them. It won't. I'd be amazed if they last another year. I'm surprised they haven't gone bust already - another example of competition for Amazon in the bookseller stakes falling by the wayside. And after this, I have no sympathy. They are virtue-signalling morons who think they know more than they do, like so many nowadays. Fuck them. When they go bust within the next year or so, which they will, good riddance - that'll teach them for trying to pile on their pathetic attempts to destroy a man's career.
  9. Since freedom = choice, it would make sense to have traditional books and their electronic counterparts. Like people have said, there are advantages and disadvantages to both paper books and their electronic counterparts, ergo, the logical and intelligent thing to do is to preserve both so that the message contained within survives indefinitely.
  10. I have read around five of Icke's book's including the chapters mentioning Cathy O'Brien and her experiences, and thought nothing could shock me anymore, but this... This is just saddening. This species of ours really plumbs some sick depths. I want to scrub myself from head to toe after watching that.
  11. For what reason? I'd Google it to get the answer, but won't, for obvious reasons.
  12. Still though, Trafalgar Square. It's getting quite exciting.
  13. So a Rothschild is openly asking twitter to remove Icke. Christ these people are getting desperate! They're openly acknowledging him now. Filthy Reptilian scum!
  14. If that manages to go ahead I will be shocked.
  15. Why is every single American politician ever insufferably creepy?
  16. I had not thought of that, but its actually a possibility. I have been using my laptop a lot.
  17. It mostly centers around the tender parts on the back of your neck, right at the top of your neck and the bottom of your skull, but it can also be on either side of the head too. It is wicked painful. The pain was so bad earlier today that I felt physically sick. This is incredibly anomalous, because as I said, I almost never get headaches
  18. No, I don't wear a mask. I am in two separate exempt categories, and am opposed to them anyway because it is crucially important to get enough oxygen in the body. I also have been drinking lots of water. I generally aim for 8 glasses a day
  19. Definitely not dehydration, I get 8 glasses of water a day. Diet is more or less the same, but the chemical plant/oil refinery is a possibility, although it would have to be something different, because I've lived in the town next to it for over 20 years. I suppose, realistically, it could be the stress of believing that we are in the midst of a descent into complete global fascism. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I witness what we are now living in.
  20. Actually I was offered that too, but declined. I'm an old fashioned kinda person, and prefer that if I'm discussing feelings or something important, I prefer, where possible, to be in the same physical space. She accepted my decision and told me post other people had said the same thing.
  21. yes, but as I said to her, it isnt quite the same. its better than nothing i guess, but nothing creates a connection quite like face to face talking and eye contact, i think.
  22. It's outrageous. During the 'lockdown', I visited my local practice to hand something in to the surgery, and they had moved all of the chairs out of the waiting area, almost as if they have no intention of re-opening. Psychology services in this area were cancelled in the last week of March and have not resumed. I spoke to my psychologist today and she informed me that they have no intention of resuming at any point in the near future.
  23. They're discouraging face to face appointments at my local surgery. I could try, but I'm fairly sure they'd discourage a face to face appointment for a headache.
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