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  1. They're putting it onto the back burner. That's not the end, they're simply biding their time until later this year/early 2022 when they begin more and more to play the vaccinated off against the unvaccinated. Eventually, they probably won't even need to suggest it, the compliant slaves will demand it. That's true manipulation; true Hegelian dialectic in action. I'm not a bookie but I'd say the odds on them playing the two groups off against each other to a damaging extent are probably about 3/1.
  2. If someone is still asking that question by this point in time, I reckon they're still consuming mainstream media. Karma is collective, not just individual. Switch it off. NOW.
  3. They don't serve the people. At best they are completely lost, and the thought processes which lead a person to join the police are either completely delusional or highly vindictive. I am not in favor of the existence of their job. I find it interesting that the arguments people use against an Anarchist society are actually highly applicable to this society. So, for example, someone might say something like "People are not highly evolved enough to live in a society which has no leaders and no law enforcement", and then I would respond to that by saying something like: "If that's the case, then people also aren't highly evolved enough to be trusted with the task of choosing the right leaders, far less being a leader, and certainly not serving in the police force". Essentially, when people try and 'argue' against an Anarchist society, they defeat their own arguments. There is no way in hell that the people who join the police are 'conscious' enough to be in such a job. Not only are they not conscious enough to be in such a job, I would estimate their level of awareness, intellect, empathy, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence to be vastly below that of even the average person. Ergo, they are in absolutely no position to tell anyone what to do, and regularly break the very 'law' they have sworn an oath to uphold by kidnapping people, assaulting people, and occasionally killing people. All of which is a violation of natural law, as is the entire premise of their job. They are not 'above' anyone, period. Nobody will even win that argument. Man's law is bunk. Natural law is the only law worth a damn.
  4. I (briefly) studied psychology and the course I studied told us that there is no such thing as a male or female brain. There apparently is one small difference, but it isn't a significant one. The idea of people being born into the wrong body is a perception, not a fact. It is a perception created by experience IMO. Probably negative ones. I am unsure why nobody advocates for the idea of giving someone who feels this way prolonged counselling. We are essentially living in a society now in which life altering surgeries are offered as a solution to someone hating their own body, and I personally find this really sad.
  5. I meet so few non-compliant individuals in real life that I have almost come to believe they are mythical. And no, I wasn't including people who wear those stupid fucking lanyards.
  6. How is this not scaremongering? You do realize that there are many in this world, like myself, who will not allow another human being to physically take them? Self defense is a moral responsibility - we are aspects of infinite consciousness, therefore it is a responsibility to defend ourselves.
  7. Lol, sounds good. I have never taken them my my myself, I have taken LSD though and the experience was nothing but positive.
  8. This is a copout. What are you clinging to? Here's the cold hard truth: a sense of belonging achieved through inauthentic behavior is not genuine belonging. I have been an outsider my whole life, standing on the outside, observing the absurdity of human social behavior and I have NEVER seen someone achieve a sense of belonging within a tribe by telling the unfettered truth about the world in which we live. Ever.
  9. Today I had an encounter with a member of staff in a shop which I have not had for quite a while. I have decided to take the matter further, but if anyone knows off the top of their head whether shops can enforce the use of hand sanitizer, please let me know, because it will save me the bother of contacting HSE. Here is an email below detailing what happened: Hello, I am writing this email regarding a visit to an Oxfam bookshop in 'X' today, 18th May 2021. Upon walking into this shop I was asked by a lady standing near the counter why I was not wearing a mask and I responded "exempt". I began heading towards the books to browse, when the lady called over to me again, this time to order me to wear hand sanitizer. I responded "no" and explained that I do not use it because it contains many toxic chemicals, including ethanol, and she began lecturing me regarding trying to protect people's health, at which point I pointed out the obvious contradiction of trying to "protect" people by mandating the use of carcinogenic chemicals. I was asked to leave, and then left. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am not happy about this incident and decided, out of common decency, to email this email address first to try and resolve this issue before I take the matter further. I am fairly sure that the use of hand sanitizer is optional, and if it isn't, I would like you to respond to me outlining details of the risk assessment you have undertaken in order to mandate the use of toxic chemicals by customers on your premises. A similar risk assessment will also have to have been undertaken regarding the mandating of face masks, although the lady in question did not challenge me on that issue, so I am prepared to let that one go. I intimated to this lady that living in fear is not a good lifestyle choice and I stand by that statement. Manipulating narratives to make it look as though fear-based choices make someone a hero and a humanitarian is misleading and dishonest. I would appreciate a response to this, but if my email is ignored, I will be more than happy to then approach the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and 'X' Council in order to establish whether retail establishments are legally allowed to mandate the use of hand sanitizer, and also whether it is a good idea for Oxfam staff to treat a customer who technically has three medical conditions in such an obviously hostile manner. Yours faithfully Ethel
  10. Ethel


    I already knew that there was fluoride in some water supplies, but only recently discovered it's also in tea and coffee, plus a whole bunch of foods. Even non organic fruit and veg has pesticides used on it which contain large amounts of fluoride. Oats are high in it, very high. I feel so depressed and defeated. I have tried really hard to get on top of the optimizing diet thing, only to now discover that I am probably going to end up having to live off entirely organic fruit, veg, seeds and nuts. My diet is going to become vastly more limited if I want to even aim in the direction of a fluoride free diet. I can barely even get angry, I just feel disgusted and defeated. For those like myself who didn't know this, here is some useful further information: https://truthaboutfluoride.com/foods-that-contain-fluoride/
  11. It is my belief that this perspective going around that the non vaccinated should stay away from those who have been vaccinated is a viewpoint designed to further divide society. It is my opinion that if you trace it back to it's origins, you will find that the person who originated it wants to divide society. It is obvious. 


    Our society is divided enough. Apartheid is a terrible idea.


    I am saying nothing more about this. 

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    2. Ouroboros


      I agree with you, I honestly believe if there is something happening to the vaccinated there is equally an option for a solution and healing. There are benevolent applications of healing, both in traditional and alternative medicine and I think we all should begin there in undoing the damage that has been done to these people.

    3. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I agree, and I have said as much myself elsewhere here.


      We need to be wary and cautious of disinformation being sown amongst us 'alternative thinkers', for the very purpose of further dividing us.

    4. elongated1


      It is already divided anyway. I think is obsurd to think we can all be united. Normies who have no clue cannot catch up with others. Just like when you tell them that 911 was a psy-op or govt is trying to control you.... they cannot comprehend.

  12. I definitely agree with the "not making sense" part, although many of the vaccinated individuals I know made very little sense prior to the events of the past year. They just aren't that smart - and I'm not saying that to be mean, either. They tread a well-worn path and learn very little as a result of doing so.
  13. That's actually frightening. The first thirty seconds are like something out of a David Lynch film. And they're hugging through a piece of plastic too. PLEASE FUCKING KILL ME
  14. This is the kind of sly, devious, controlling behaviour you can expect from multi billion dollar, psychopathic organizations. Nothing new under the sun. To buy the latest iphone outright you can expect to pay anywhere up to a grand. This, to allow apple to buttfuck you by giving you an addiction, controlling what apps you use and spying on your every move. Wow. Seriously, wow.
  15. I have seen the comparison and am seeing it less and less. It's a matter of perspective. This narrative of "the powers that be are doing 'x' to us" is a flawed narrative. People are doing it to themselves because the lure of being seen as 'virtuous', gaining social approval from fellow slaves and the fear of being seen as 'bad' all contribute towards their obsequious behavior. I agree that the sunflower lanyards were probably an attempt to go down the star of David route, which is why I sent a letter to the head office of my local supermarket informing them that they were breaching both disability discrimination and privacy laws by trying to enforce lanyard wearing. Job done, problem solved. Being proactive is a wonderful thing. The lanyard was relegated to my pocket, then my bag. I'll probably stop carrying it altogether. I rarely get asked why I'm not wearing a mask, and when I do, I respond by stating the word "exempt". Note I am not placing the words "I am" in front of it, lest I buy into their nonsense pantomime. The mask wearers fall into a few categories; there's the people who know it's bullshit, but do it anyway, the people who are trying to convince themselves it has value, and the people who genuinely believe the media's cesspool of shite. God help them. If people are so desperate for acceptance and approval that they will grovel around wearing silly little pictures of sunflowers, advertising their personal business, then they can expect a miserable future. It's about attitude. I rarely get challenged because I have conviction, i.e. I am willing to stand up for myself and take whatever comes as a result of doing so. Next time you're asked why you're not wearing a mask, try: "because I won't be dragged into your pit of insanity".
  16. No idea what it means, but they're extremely good lyrics. I have seen this band live - they sounded amazing, more or less as good as they do on record.
  17. Then anyone who hadn't had the vaccine would die, and return to the infinite consciousness from whence they came. Their decision to choose faith in their body (a miracle of nature) over a smelly, poison infested injection, would no doubt garner rich rewards. I see no problem with this picture so far. They understand natural law perfectly, as all satanists do. They know exactly what they are doing and evidence of their attempt to dodge Karmic retribution is everywhere. They won't succeed. Infinite consciousness knows intention. They are digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. It's terrible advice. A person needs a ridiculously strong soul to live through intense isolation. Division isn't what this species needs. It needs to come together, not fragment further. I don't believe that the vaccine is an antidote. It will damage people not just or only because it is full of disgusting poison, but because people are taking it motivated purely by fear. Any action taken entirely out of fear cannot possibly benefit anyone. The PTB are going to try their hardest to turn the covid believers against those of us who see through the scam and the only viable solution to that will be for us to go in the way, and increase our meditations and prayer. We need faith. Faith that we are 100% right in not taking their putrid, filthy injection which is full of murdered baby cells. I need that shit like I need a fucking hole in the head. My body is a miracle of nature - I have EVERYTHING I need!
  18. I'm a little hazy on how it's possible for someone to be sectioned against their will, unless there is solid, incontrovertible evidence that they are a danger either to themselves or others. I have had concerns about this myself, of being sectioned against my will. I am glad to have left these concerns behind me; silence is the best way to deal with these kind of people. Our mental health system is utterly useless. It's worse than useless. Their number one objective is to medicate, which is actually the worst thing you can do for a person with depression and/or anxiety, unless it's very temporary, to give them brief relief. I would trust a psychiatrist with my mental health like I'd trust Colonel Sanders to babysit my pet chickens. These motherfuckers are cancer to the sprit, some of the worst human beings I have ever met in my life were psychiatrists. What people with so-called 'mental health problems' need is to be given compassion and empathy. They need to be listened to without judgement and to be given another human being's time and energy, which is often something they have not had. As an aside, if they had you committed against your will, you could consider legal action.
  19. Me neither, and I will not have it. I do not need it - 'I' am infinite awareness.
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