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  1. This ^^ There's this guy I see sometimes in my hometown. He wears clothes which he has customized with patches and the names of 'punk' bands scrawled on his clothing. Along with plenty of "a for anarchy" signs. He also wears a face mask. These people don't know what they are doing. They think they know something they don't. They have no clue what real anarchy is and would not support it even if they did. What they are is unconsciously tribal. Once someone has identified as the member of a tribe, they then (mostly unconsciously) suppress aspects of their self which don't align with the prevalent values of that group. Tribes also don't understand the bigger picture, because their philosophy basically promotes industrial scale narcissism, i.e. "We, us, ours" instead of "I, me, mine". This is not what the world actually needs. Punks, and I know this for a fact because I have known and spent time with them, are completely fake. Most of these identikit tribes are. They know nothing about anarchy as an ideology, understand nothing of the true political system, how the world actually works, or how to discern anything remotely resembling truth. In actuality, they are every bit as fatuous as the normies they purport to be superior to. Ask the average 'punk' what their understand of anarchy, the powers that be, or the new world order is, and watch the look in their eyes. It will be, dare I say it "Pretty Vacant".
  2. It's just another way of controlling the overall narrative; getting people to use their language, i.e. "I am exempt". Exempt from what? Since when are medical procedures the business of anyone other than the individual? I genuinely don't understand why people are paying attention to this stuff. Why do you care what it says on the government website? Participation in all of this is bunk, sheer bunk. The biggest threat to our health is not a 'virus'; it's the mass psychosis which has now been normalized.

    Hi folks. If any of you have any useful info you could give me on 'Monoatomic Gold' it would be greatly appreciated. Personal experiences and/or general (well-researched) and articulate information about it is also desirable. I used to ingest it years ago, but I don't really have that much of a view on it one way or another. I remain unsure whether it's a legitimate thing or an 'illuminati' ruse.

  4. It was an elaborately constructed and planned movement purporting to be counter culture. It was contrived. A large part of it was masterminded by Malcolm Mclaren and his then partner, Vivienne Westwood, who was responsible for designing much of the Sex Pistols early aesthetic. Vivienne Westwood is now DAME Vivienne Westwood. From that one band, a hundred other bands spawned. Literally. The Sex Pistols Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall gig was attended by only a small number of individuals, but everyone there went on to form their own bands. Morrissey was there, a few members of what would become Joy Division, Buzzcocks, Magazine, you get the general idea. As a concept, the Sex Pistols were great, but there was no substance. There was nothing behind the rhetoric, they were just a showpiece, designed to give the youth something to distract themselves with. If you want something genuinely challenging, you could do no better than to listen to John Lydon's second band, Public Image Limited. Now that is a great band. As for punk music itself, my personal preference is a handful of Clash and Ramones songs, a plentiful supply of Buzzcocks, Magazine with some Slits and X Ray Spex for good measure. The best quality punk bands and music died out, as people often say, after the first 18 months or so. I rarely listen to the Pistols any more. I heard 'God Save The Queen' played the other day on some shitty, mainstream advert. Changed days.
  5. That's blackmail, plain and simple. Challenge them. Threaten legal action. When people force those swabs up their nose and to the back of their mouth it is metaphorical rape. People owe it to the kids to at least try and challenge this insanity.
  6. I generally don't support this group but I can't argue with the wonderful metaphor of associating a heap of horseshit with the daily mail.
  7. Me too. I have played the remake. It's a good game in it's own right, worth playing, but it doesn't improve on the original. This may seem like an odd statement, because the graphics are a million times better, but there's more to a game than graphics. I think the appeal of the original over the remake is that the graphics in the original don't distract from the emotional investment in the plot and characters, whereas the graphics in the remake are so dazzling that they do supersede character and plot development. That's just my personal experience though.
  8. Couldn't agree more, the various pieces of music fit the various plot threads perfectly, and I listen to Uematsu regularly, in fact, Aerith's theme is my phone ringtone, and I wake up to it every morning as my alarm. The final fantasy games were a major part of my childhood
  9. Hmm, interesting. Which indicates that distrust of authority may possibly be higher in Black or Indian people... Not sure
  10. I was mistaken about why; it's because the Convid vaccine contains blood plasma and the JWs are against transfusions. They disapprove of abortion, but don't protest it.
  11. Morrissey has spoken before about his love for 'Double Barrel' by Dave and Ansell Collins. Which, last time I checked, was a ska-reggae song:
  12. Islam, Judaism, and Jehovah's Witnesses should technically all be opposing this Convid vaccine. The first two, because it contains pork, and the third because it contains aborted fetal cells. Actually most Christian denominations should decline the Convid jab on those grounds.
  13. I love Morrissey, he's my favourite singer of all time, but he is definitely a paradox. As an open bisexual, he is a liberal when it comes to sexuality, a conservative when it comes to race and immigration. It's probably best just to focus on his lyrics, which are often arguably some of the best in the history of music.
  14. Haven't some people in this forum correctly pointed out that the media's current Afghanistan narrative exists only to distract people from certain other things? Isn't it that case that successful dark magicians excel at getting people to look in one particular direction as something else is happening outside their field of vision? Be careful people. You're being played.
  15. I don't 'do' politics any more. I have been on both sides of the political spectrum; liberal and conservative. At one time I was involved with the Communist league and was a BLM supporter, at other times, I have condemned immigration and had an unkind "send them home" attitude. All of this is fatuous. It is an illusion. It is all there to be transcended. Just don't expect life to be easier when you can see both the validity and limitation of both sides of an argument, because it isn't. People expect you to pick a 'side'.
  16. The Reptilian theory is not Icke's alone. It has been widely references and alluded to both directly and indirectly. Believing his own theory is dependent on four pillars: 1.) That aliens exist 2.) That some of them have Reptilian origin 3.) That some of those beings can shift between dimensions 4.) That some of those beings 'possess' many high profile figures on planet earth Number one is not a stretch. The second is not implausible, why would it be? Multi-dimensional reality has been hypothesized by strong theorists and many others in 'science'. It isn't far-fetched, it just sounds it to the kind of people who think that the BBC is the cutting edge of accurate, reliable information. It's the last one most people have difficult with. So what? There are few things that can be regarded as 'impossible'. Most people's perception of reality is tiny, so they laugh and ridicule. Let them.
  17. Up until the last fortnight or so, I was convinced another lockdown was coming, if not by the end of this year, then early next year. I was sure this would be blamed on those who haven't has the Convid 'jab'.


    Maybe this is silly, but I am now starting to wonder whether another lockdown will happen. Just a feeling...

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    2. Ethel


      Also, it wasn't intentional that this was posted at 11:11. 


      I only just noticed.

    3. Fluke


      That's what they all say Ethel 😉. On a serious note I'm having lots of synchronistic  stuff happening lately. 

    4. Ethel


      That's usually a sign that you're in tune with the universe. Synchronicity is a fascinating subject. If you have never read it, I highly recommend the book:


      "Synchronicity: The Marriage Of Matter And Psyche" by F. David Peat

  18. He was an interesting guy actually. Somewhat of a maverick and a fairly authentic thinker, especially by mainstream standards. If you manage to locate on the Internet any of the longer interviews he did they are well worth listening to. Because he was a maverick, I am sure he would have spoken out about Convid. This leads me to believe that they either waited until his death to orchestrate this entire ruse, or 'disposed' of him.
  19. One of the oldest books on mass manipulation is 'The Prince' by Niccolo Machiavelli. It was aimed at royalty, but much of his rhetoric is still highly prescient today.
  20. We're talking about a demographic of people who will believe more or less anything if it's people in authority who are telling them. Their critical thinking is either absent or frozen when assessing authority figures. It doesn't matter what you say to them. You could sit irrefutable evidence in front of them that this fucking 'pandemic' is a scam and they still wouldn't get it, as per neuroplasticity. It just doesn't matter. Their brain will have to rewire itself back to it's original state, probably through suffering. In the meantime, those of us who see it are probably meant to be focusing on other things, like mentally and emotionally preparing for our inevitable scapegoating.
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