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  1. WOW. I was thinking about this very topic today. I love researching and I especially love obscurity. I can get lost in a topic for hours, it brings me enormous pleasure and enjoyment. I can remember twenty odd years ago getting really great and esoteric search results even via Google. Nowadays not a fucking chance. It is absolutely heartbreaking. They are deliberately manipulating and streamlining the search results so that you are being actively prevented from finding obscurity. Fuck Google. Seriously, Fuck them.
  2. Season one of this was one of the best TV shows I have ever seen, but if I live to be 100 I will never understand the second season
  3. This is hilarious. As if the Convid scaremongering hadn't already been amped up to maximum, we have this as well. Back in the 70's we were told we would all be under twenty feet of water by now (or something) and yet... here we are. I'm not saying we aren't causing damage in this world, but the media are looking in the wrong direction, as per.
  4. It is the centre of it. Babylon = Baby Lon(don) David has spoken about this. Also, the financial district of London is known as "The city of London" and it is a sovereign state, even though the PTB will say otherwise. Go back far enough and this area has enormous importance to the PTB and their plans for a new world order.
  5. I would have given anything to see The Smiths live. But I wasn't even alive when they started out. Have you seen many of Morrissey's tours in recent years?
  6. If ever you encounter a book online which is absurdly priced and it isn't an antique, there is an excellent chance that the book contains information that the PTB in this world don't want you reading. I have encountered this phenomena many times in my life, mainly regarding books about the Tavistock institute, which on Amazon can range in price anywhere from hundreds of pounds right the way through to thousands. Why? Well, to put it simply, the Tavistock institute are at the centre of global mass manipulation and social engineering. They actually shape paradigms of human behavior. Another example is the book "Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness" by Jim Keith. I heard this book mentioned by SRA survivor Jay Parker in one of his talks at the 'Free Your Mind' conference in America and he recommended the book on the grounds that it contains a lot of extremely rare and valuable information, particularly about the Tavistock institute. Here is a price/availability list from a few online booksellers. Fucking tell me that the manipulative fucks who control this world don't have a hand in this: Amazon UK: £175 Amazon US: 'Currently Unavailable' Abe Books: £565 Alibris: Not on website Barnes and Noble: Not on website Better World Books: 'Out Of Stock' Blackwells: 'Not Available' Bookshop.org: Not on website Books a million: Not on website Ebay.com: £300 Google Books: Multiple pages redacted/No ebook available Peachpit: Not on website Powells: 'Out Of Stock' Scribd: Not available for purchase or download Thrift Books: 'Temporarily Unavailable' Valore Books: 'Out Of Stock' Waterstones: 'Not Available' I even tried looking it up on a whole bunch of those free PDF websites, which are normally excellent sources for books about esoteric subject matter, and mysteriously, all PDFs and Torrents had been reduced down to nothing more than a couple of pages, although the book can be read partially on Google books, and, it would seem, entirely on Sribd. Either way, it appears there is a drive to stop people owning a physical copy or a PDF of this. That being said, it seems that it's publisher (very small) is selling it on the website for $16 but I have sent a preliminary email to double check this.
  7. I am sorry for the predicament you find yourself in. I am certainly no stranger to 'horrible family issues' and I know that those types of situations can sometimes call for extremely difficult choices. I hope you find a resolution.
  8. If this is directed at me, DON'T. I never said there was no hope for the future, so don't even go there.
  9. Hi again, I am guessing you believe that Covid 19 is real. I'm not sure how open-minded you are, but perhaps you might want to explore other possibilities. There is a thread in this forum (now locked for further replies) in which people explore other possibilities. Obviously the Ethylene Oxide is going to concern people. The government acknowledge that EO is carcinogenic yet claim that because almost all traces of the gaseous form of EO are removed from the swab, this makes the process safe. This could be true or it could be bunk, either way, EO is not the only potential downside of using these "tests". I have advocated for the idea many times on these forums that the insertion of these swabs far up the nasal passage, and to the back of the throat, is analogous to a form of self-generated violation. In the case of the nose, it evokes extreme discomfort, irrespective of whether the blood brain barrier is breached, as some claim it is. In the case of the mouth, I believe it hits the gag reflex, which also evokes great discomfort and, in my view, violates a person's bodily integrity. Again, these are just ideas I am conveying, I am not necessarily saying you should attach to anything I am saying, just explore the possibilities. In China, they have actually gone one step further and inserted the swab into the rectum, a level of degradation which speaks for itself. The psychological impact of this bodily breach will vary from one person to the next depending upon their views. For example, if the person believes there is no virus, as I don't, and still consents to the test, they will experience a drop in personal integrity, and therefore self-esteem. If the person does believe there is a virus, but is doing the test because they are fixated on 'survival' the same thing may potentially happen because they are undertaking the action from a place of extreme resistance and negative emotion, like fear. Any action taken out of fear is unlikely to yield a positive result unless the person is in a life or death scenario, which this actually isn't, no matter what anyone says. If the person is inserting the swab into their body for incredibly stupid reasons, like going to a football match or on holiday, this will also result in a massive drop in integrity and inevitably, their self-esteem will take a hit. You may also want to consider that the actual specific use of the swab has no parallel, to the best of my knowledge. When someone is providing a DNA sample, a simple cheek swab from the inside of their cheek suffices, whereas, to the best of my knowledge, both the Lateral flow and PCR require a person to both nasally and orally penetrate themselves. I believe this has no parallel anywhere, although I may be wrong. The psychological problems arise from the fact that despite people knowing that this virus, even if it exists, has an enormous survival rate, they are choosing to do something to themselves which otherwise would be considered quite degrading and unpleasant. It is my belief that the people who have orchestrated the Covid 'scam' intended for this lateral flow and PCR test to degrade people, in the sense that the insertion of the swab into the body is meant to constitute bodily rape. If you are willing to entertain the notion that human society as we know it may very well be controlled by Satanists, this notion may become a lot easier to accept. If you still believe that the world is run by 'governments' rather than deeply Machiavellian puppet masters who are not known by name and who aren't even elected, continue to read books by people like David Icke, Cathy O'Brien, or Fritz Springmeier and you may start to form an entirely different world view. Hope this has given you something to think about. Best of luck.
  10. Just out of curiosity, did you find out it was carcinogenic before or after you nose-raped yourself with it?
  11. Lol, surely the rats and cockroaches in the sewers deserve better than that?
  12. Not necessarily. The suffering isn't really the key feature for me, the key feature for me is Freedom. You say 'guidance', I say imposition. You may be right in asserting that I cannot prove that a leaderless, unstructured society would be better for humanity, but I am equally right in asserting that you cannot prove that Direct Democracy would not result in yet another, as you put it "shitshow". Your massive mistake is believing that there is anyone fit to occupy any position of any leadership role, authority figure etc. As I said, if you found a person with enough awareness, compassion and empathy to make a success of that role, they wouldn't want it, because they would know deep down that every human is meant to be sovereign over their own life. It seems to me that you believe the kind of society I am describing would lead to greater abuses of "power". It is possible, but the scenario I describe is an unknown quantity. I do not accept the examples you provided, because they don't fit the description of what I am talking about. Direct Democracy, on the other hand, would have some resemblance, albeit only slightly, to what we currently have. We have a phoney, watered down democracy, albeit in a two party state in which both parties are reading from the same hymn sheet on virtually everything, and there are still referendums, occasionally. And what has this insistence on democracy wrought, exactly? You tell me. You tell me who is fit to "lead" us, and tell us what's right for us? Whilst you're at it, tell me how you could possibly have any faith in the masses ability to discern "good leaders", after the events of the past two years. There is only one way I can think of that Direct Democracy would work, and it would be if the media ceased to exist, so that they were no longer able to poison people's consciousness any longer. Consider the likelihood of such a scenario.
  13. Okay, well firstly there may be an infinite number of possibilities as regards to how we create human societies, but I don't pretend to have access to all of them. Voluntaryism is one such possibility, but even then there is form, structure and labels, which strengthen the ego, which slow down spiritual development. To go back to what I was saying before, I am in favor of completely dismantling the system we have and seeing what happens when we replace it with nothing. This would be a 'sink or swim' kind of scenario. Would there be suffering? Yes - but the 'society' we have is full of suffering, and I see no evidence to suggest that there is less suffering in the world we currently have than there would be in a society which has no structure whatsoever. I would say the society we do have perpetuates suffering, and is designed to. In Western society, for example, we have embraced the worst aspects of individualism, i.e. "survival of the fittest", social Darwinism, "dog eat dog", as well as the worst aspects of collectivism, i.e. the hive mind, groupthink, mass manipulation and tribalism. I don't have the ultimate "A-ha" solution, for sure. Nor would I ever claim to. But on a personal level, I would be more than willing to take my chances in a leaderless, non-governmental world. There has to come a point at which freedom is valued more than appeasing people's fears. At the moment, our government are viewed by most, unconsciously, as ersatz Mummy and Daddy figures. That's very sad.
  14. Hmm, how about no? You're the one making the argument, so you can provide me with examples, yes? 'Deprogramming' is a double edged sword. You'll realize, of course, that many with the 'woke' mentality, and many who support Covid restrictions are arguing for folks like us, who listen to people like David Icke, to be 'deprogrammed'. So this won't work. The person would have to, on some level, want to be deprogrammed, like Cathy O'Brien was, after her years as an MK Ultra slave. She possessed enough awareness to consent to being deprogrammed, presumably. What do you do if someone is adamant that Woke, climate change fearmongering, Convid fearmongering etc are all 'good' and 'true'? Surely you don't want to force deprogramming on people? There isn't necessarily only one way out of this shit show; there may be many options. Anything which resembles our current system is dubious at best... Ah yes, the 'nature is brutal' argument. Sorry, no. Nothing in nature has malice, nothing in nature has ego. All animals are pre-self, so their 'brutality' is nothing more than survival, and therefore has no malice. And no, I can't just do it. D'you know why? Lets say I go out to a forest and decide to live a back to basics life, eating plants and tree bark, sitting watching the squirrels. As soon as I attempt to build any kind of shelter, or set up home on any land whatsoever, someone from this system can come along and start interfering into what I'm doing. Start issuing threats, start getting the plods to come along and stick their big noses in. You know it's true, I know it's true. I've seen the way the police and others treat homeless people. They are resented, if not hated - because they are the closest thing we have to people that are beyond "the system". People have never represented my best interests, not even my own parents. I have never thrived as part of this system. It has knocked the stuffing out of me. I have no reason to believe that DD would give me any better a life than this system.
  15. I'm not an Osho supporter, I just like that quote. I can embrace teachings of a spiritual teacher without developing an attachment to them, that is a double edged sword. As for what we should do, I am in favour of just dismantling the system we have and seeing what happens. I can see no other way any more. This system doesn't represent humanity's best interests, it needs to end. People will evolve because evolution is unavoidable. I know the scenario I describe sounds unappealing, but as long as we maintain a system which bears even the slightest resemblance to what we currently have, it will just provide an open door for yet more opportunists who place their own personal gain before the best interests of humanity as a whole. Most of humanity are engaged in falsehood - how could they make direct democracy work? EDIT: My idea of paradise would look something like 'Avatar'. Nature based, simple, at one with nature. That is what I would have, if I could.
  16. Thanks, I will. There is absolutely no way democracy can work until all human beings have reached vastly higher levels of consciousness. Nobody who wants to 'lead' a country is fit to do so. The only people whom would be fit to occupy positions of power wouldn't want them. The only thing which can or will work for our benefit and create absolute peace both individually and collectively will be to bring every human being up to a level of consciousness whereby the only leadership they have any interest in would be their own, over their own life. People who are standing in their own personal power have no need of crime, war or conflict. Based on where we are now, this could be thousands of years away. Putting a vote in the hands of the collective as they currently are is like giving a chainsaw to a toddler. I cannot believe after the events of the past two years that there is anyone left in this forum who thinks that giving democracy to the average person is in any way a good idea. What the actual fuck? Our current political system in the Western world is an absolute joke. It does for freedom what McDonald's does for health. Nobody has any clue what absolute freedom of mind, body and spirit is. Those are my thoughts on democracy. But this man put it better:
  17. No it doesn't. There's always a choice. The simple fact is, and I have believed this for a while now, is that 'they' aren't doing anything to people. People are doing it to themselves. If you can be persuaded or manipulated into it, there's a weakness. If you succumb to peer pressure, there's a weakness. If you can be swayed by having 'privileges' taken away, like some little toddler, there's a weakness. They aren't fucking doing anything to us. They have no power. They are weak individuals who know that most of humanity refuse to own their personal power in every way they can. They are opportunists, but they aren't 'forcing' the people to do anything. Even the people who are in jobs who are being threatened with dismissal have choices. There are always choices. There are other jobs, or welfare benefits, or taking their employer to court. There is no 'mandatory' anything. No means no. If you still think anything is 'mandatory' you are still buying into the illusion. Fuck these people, fuck their so-called governments and fuck their fucking scam. I am not being dragged into their pit of insanity.
  18. I absolutely 100% agree with you. Your viewpoint is the one I want to have. I wish I could let go of the part of me that wants to judge these people but they have made me feel more alone and I bitterly resent them for it
  19. Academic prowess doesn't prove overall intelligence. It proves one form of intelligence, i.e. memory. I am educated to University level so I have known academics. They have lots of knowledge but zero capacity for critical thought, especially where questioning authority is concerned. Not really. It proves something, but definitely not a capacity for analysis, lol Glorified drug dealers, plus willing prostitutes to the Big Pharma cartel. Anyone left in that profession is either utilizing massive amounts of the defense mechanism of denial, or lacks conscience. Complicit in the Convid scam. People who the term 'God complex' was designed for. Refusing people medical treatment unless they take the bogus PCR test to be tested for a virus which doesn't exist. Breaching the Hippocratic oath by doing so. Complicit in the Convid scam. Have massively failed to defend the unvaccinated and their human rights. Complicit in the Convid scam. Have stood by and watched this nation's youth being brainwashed, scaremongered, terrified, indoctrinated and medically, bodily raped by the bogus PCR test. System slaves to the nth degree, massively complicit in the Convid scam. Exceptions to the above generalizations are apparently rare. I could absolutely believe it. They have none. Their 'intelligence' begins and ends with rote repetition, which they use to repeat the pack of lies which seventeen plus years of education pounded into their brains. They are fully paid up slaves who are in the grip of Stockholm Syndrome where their relationship with the PTB is concerned. Pray for their soul. I want to feel compassion for them, desperately, but mostly they just fucking annoy me.
  20. I noticed that 'Final Exit' by Derek Humphreys was suggested in this thread. That book contains a disclaimer stating that the advice is directed at people whom have physical terminal illnesses. I have also seen the disclaimer elsewhere. This makes me feel so fucking angry. Whilst I fully realize that people dying of cancer are suffering terribly, and I have personally known someone, I dislike hearing someone assert that living with intermittent physical pain is always worse than living in intermittent mental/emotional pain. If anyone knows someone whom has experienced both, and they want to confirm for me that the extreme physical pain is always worse, I am willing to listen. Otherwise, I'm not. I could run off a list of dozens of things I have done to help myself, including therapy, meditation. But I will tell you that most people do not understand the breadth and depth of suffering which exists in this world. I came from an abjectly dysfunctional family and also experienced prolonged sexual abuse. I have felt alone most of my life. I seem to struggle to make myself heard. Sometimes I get so angry I hurt myself. I have begged God before to end my life because I just can't do it. I am not interested in hearing stupid idiots tell me that they know for a fucking fact physical pain is worse. If they've experienced both, fine. Otherwise they need to do one. Unless someone has regularly felt like they are trapped in some surreal nightmare, consider that you may not know what the fuck you're talking about. As for the OP, I cannot tell you a method which is quick, easy, clean and painless. I had a friend years ago who did it and I was desperate to know how he did it, but his family were Muslim and they didn't want anyone knowing. I wanted to know for myself. But I cannot do it. My survival instinct fires up at exactly the right moment. I cannot tell you that you have everything to live for, because I don't even know you. I can only tell you that you DO have a choice and it is your choice to make. Like everyone else, I would always prefer that someone chooses to live rather than die, not because I necessarily believe that their suffering can or will end, but out of some baseline level of care, or because I wonder if suicide might lead to the person being sent back to earth and into the exact same circumstances. I find it difficult to connect with people but if I could, I would say something helpful and comforting to you. Even though I cannot imagine doing it myself, I care about suicidal people.
  21. Maybe "warning" people about the dangers of the Convid 'vaccines' is not such a great idea. What if they're placebos? Imagine you tell someone the vaccine will harm or even kill them, and they believe you, but are then foolish enough to go and have it, then, through the power of their own negative beliefs (the nocebo effect), the vaccine ends up killing them. It's entirely possible this is what's happening. Imagine that. Imagine if the 'anti-vaxxers' were indirectly responsible for the deaths of people who have been vaccinated. 


    I won't be having this jab - ever. But at the end of the day, every adult in the Western world knows there are risks to any medical procedure. Nobody has to point this out. They are responsible for their own lives - why run the risk of them believing you, then having the jab and dying as a result of it because of beliefs which you instilled in them? Think about it.


    BTW - I am not trying to 'persuade' anyone. I could be entirely wrong. They could legitimately be full of stuff which is killing people. I am just bouncing ideas around; that's what people who think critically do.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      There is also the opposite to this - warning people about how dangerous the vaccines are, then when these people go ahead and have their jabs anyway, and then are fine afterwards with no ill-effects, it is YOU that ends up looking 'silly'.

      I'm with you, I won't be having any jab. It should be the choice of the individual, and their decision should be respected, whether that is to have the jab or to not have it.

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