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  1. I have mentioned Wim many times on this forum. I recommend his method to anyone. I do his breathing and cold shower method every morning, and I do the breathing method in the evening too. I look forward to them. They make the body feel intensely alive. The cold shower is epic, I am now up to four minutes and the only problem I have is that the water even at it's coldest is not cold enough! I want it to be icy. I love it. The cold showers will improve your circulation to an enormous degree. You will actually feel the blood pumping in your body.
  2. This is a misunderstanding. You don't state whether it's suppressed or expressed anger which weakens the immune system nor do you convey how a person is meant to address it's presence, other than presumably pretending it doesn't exist. I can tell you categorically that you are incorrect in your assertion about it weakening the immune system. If you were correct, I'd be dead by now, since I've had an ongoing problem with anger management my entire life. Why? Because I was raised by two people who made an enemy out of anger. Again, I can tell you that this is either entirely incorrect or not universally applicable. My stress levels, due to isolation, have been high for years. I never get physically ill, and haven't done since I ceased working years ago. How do you explain someone like myself living with high levels of 'negative' emotions for years, and never getting physically ill? Please explain. Again, these are oversimplifications. Most people's realities are largely driven by the unconscious, not the conscious mind. A person can only reduce their unconscious through endeavoring to do so, in order to ameliorate having been badly raised, in all likelihood. Also, taking control of your mind entirely is not possible until a person raises their consciousness, because thoughts and emotions exist in a symbiotic relationship. Most people don't know this. Although this is the part of your post I agree with the most, it still doesn't have a panoramic view of reality. I, for example, have an outstanding diet and still live with high levels of negative emotion because I had a severely abusive childhood and am trying to undo the damage which was done to me with absolutely no help whatsoever. The fucking retards in the psychology profession offer me face to face appointments in which both of us wear face nappies, which, for anyone not spiritually dead is as good as worthless. Again, you have misunderstood. Severe childhood abuse severely lowers a person's vibration, and the only way a person raises it back up is through either the conscious allowance of pain, or through prolonged suffering. That is reality. Do you know what it feels like to feel completely and totally alone, unable to deal with extreme depression and rage? If not, say a prayer of gratitude. Next time you feel inclined to judge as 'negative' the people who convey emotions like anger or depression, try exercising some compassion and empathy and realize they probably have a good reason for feeling the way they feel.
  3. Behold: in this absolutely mind blowing musical performance you can hear one woman playing a piece of music on a harp which is normally played by a forty piece orchestra. This is Smetana's 'Die Moldau' and this harp adaptation is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard.
  4. This is actually fairly simple. Just avoid eating anything except organic fruit and veg, ideally raw, complimented by organic nuts and seeds.
  5. Why was the camera there in the first place? This looks compelling, which is actually why I am inclined to doubt it's authenticity. The child's cries are certainly real. So - why the camera?
  6. Yeah, he obviously has no idea what the word, 'integrity' means
  7. Out of likes, but yeah, completely agree. The fact that Clapton has had this vaccination whilst claiming to be championing the rights of the unvaccinated either indicates severe cognitive dissonance, multiple personalities, or insincerity. I'm not his shrink, so I couldn't pinpoint which.
  8. This might actually mean something if a) Clapton hadn't received the ridiculous poison injection b) He was still touring on a regular basis c) He wasn't a millionaire many times over who could afford to never tour again and d) The average person considered Eric Clapton as worthy of being listened to as our government and media When a highly famous person of reasonable intelligence speaks out and still declines the trash vaccine then I might consider that their viewpoint has the potential to change fuck all in this country.
  9. Great song - also sampled to great effect in The Prodigy's early hit 'Out Of Space'.
  10. This is not going to happen. This is not what 'they' are aiming for. Their tactics are more sly, manipulative, Machiavellian. It will simply involve playing those who have been vaccinated off against those who have not. If you can live with being unpopular with the vast majority of human beings, you can survive, though not necessarily thrive. Even if it did come to them forcing a vaccine upon you, (which it won't), you have a right, a duty and a responsibility to defend your 'self' from external harm inflicted by another being. If this includes force, so be it. If the force is deadly, they brought that upon themselves. But like I said, it will not come to that. No, it doesn't, unless in self-defence, in which case it is not only acceptable but a responsibility. 'Too far' would be inflicting harm on people simply because they believe the government's shit. This make them idiots, not evil. They don't 'deserve' to suffer, nobody does. Lord knows they're creating enough suffering for themselves with their cognitive dissonance. I would rather walk away, personally. Or swim. I hear Pitcairn Island's quite nice, although I'm also considering asking the locals on North Sentinel Island if I can join them. I got mad skills.
  11. I am not saying you are wrong, but if you're right, why is fluoride stored in containers with a skull and crossbones on the outside of it, and why is it used in rat poison and pesticides? Or are these just a part of the 'ruse'?
  12. We all know that a large percentage of the population will continue wearing their petri dish face coverings. By this point it doesn't really matter why any more, only that we have a collective reality and the people that keep doing this are creating a reality which is going to affect all of us - not least that many of the humans who were babies and toddlers at the start of all this will be severely retarded in their understanding of facial expressions. That's where we're headed. Congratulations to the sheeple. So smart, so wise.
  13. Okay, so you don't use any labels on yourself? You don't call yourself a man or a woman? A Christian? An atheist? White? Black? It's interesting how many people nowadays seem so keen to prevent others from using labels, yet reserve the right to do so themselves. It's almost as though those kind of folks are unconsciously trying to deny others individuation whilst continuing to claim their own natural right to be a fully individuated being, yes?
  14. I gave up trying to inform most of my family. They possess the deadly duo of arrogance and ignorance, which go together in perfect harmony like ebony and ivory. You cannot tell them anything. It's quite common for these kind of people to reflexively attack new information, invalidate it, and then resort to insulting and abusing you for even trying. This is the problem with ego in general. Unless you are pre or post ego, your identifications act as an obstacle to processing new information which contradicts your world view. It's actually really galling, but if there comes a time when they realize how wrong they've been, I am going to say I told you so. Even though it's an obnoxious thing to say, their arrogance in the face of new information has been so extreme that it'll actually do them good to hear it.
  15. Yes, this is a good point. It has been on my mind a lot too. If this MRNA shit is what I think it is, then it's almost a certainty that blood from a vaccinated person might pass on certain elements of the vaccine, although how much I don't know. I don't know of any template letters but I do know that Jehovah's Witnesses are (in principal) against blood transfusions because they believe the blood is sacred. However, I also know that there have been many cases of the medical profession going against the wishes of Jehovah's Witnesses and carrying out transfusions on people who opposes them on religious grounds anyway. Their reason is that withholding the transfusion violates part of the Hippocratic Oath, although history has shown they have no problem in entirely disregarding their oath when it suits them to do so. The only things I can think of at this point are that you write out your own letter and have your GP add it to your medical file, stating your preference, but they will in all likelihood ignore it anyway. Another option, and the one I will be taking, is to avoid going in to hospital again, ever. This approach is not for the faint of heart. Basically if I feel I need medical attention, I will not be going into a hospital, if I can help it. I simply do not trust the medical profession. This is long-standing for me, though the events of the last 18 months have cemented my views.
  16. I really like the idea of this. I very much wish I will experience a sense of community and belonging in this lifetime.
  17. This is absolutely epic:
  18. How many Autistic people have you met and spent time with in the space of your lifetime?
  19. Even if the death figures have gone up, it isn't meaningful. I have mentioned the 'Nocebo' effect many times on this forum. It is the power of (negative) belief. Placebo effect = you believe a particular thing will 'help' you, so it does. Nocebo effect = you believe a particular thing will harm you, so it does. The medical profession knows about the placebo/nocebo effect fine and well. Picture the following scenario: a person has a large exposure to mainstream media. They begin to binge watch trash TV like the BBC news from April 2020 onwards. They begin to form terrible negative beliefs about 'Covid' and it's related 'symptoms'. They believe that 'Covid' is some deadly killer disease which is likely to kill them if they get it. The following month they end up with flu like symptoms. They believe it is Covid. Their negative beliefs regarding Covid create a confirmation bias effect. They die. End of story. I am right, I know I'm right. I am 100% convinced that there will be many people over the past 18 months who have died because of the Nocebo effect. Conclusions? Stop consuming mainstream media and stop relying upon them, and government, for your perceptions.
  20. If there's electricity, a water distiller, approx cost £300 to £400. If, in this future scenario there is no electricity, then a black berkey is your best best. The black filters can last anywhere up to a decade.
  21. Have a listen to this. This man sounded better live than some artists do on record. This performance, this song, the album it was taken from, make me 'swoon'. I love this.
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