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  1. Unless someone has something to hide, i.e. genuinely criminal behaviour, I am unsure why anyone would care whether the authorities spy on this forum. Who cares? We're a hair's breadth away from being social lepers, I think we're a bit past the point of trying to hide our belief in Reptilian shapeshifters or that Convid doesn't exist. Besides, the PTB in this world view every last one of us on this forum as a joke, not a threat.
  2. Does anyone know of a courtroom big enough to fit nearly 8 billion people in it?
  3. I have a few people in my life, including immediate family, who have taken all of the injections. I don't respect their decision. I accept it, but I have zero respect for their decision, or for them. How do you respect people who trust the trash created by Big Pharma over their own bodies natural immunity? I tried too, but not very hard actually. That's on them. They attack with ego and with aggression. So be it. I tried, albeit briefly.
  4. Ah, yes. Let us return once more to the familiar territory of "no means no". Such a novel concept.
  5. I'll head away from it too. The dynamic of it is abusive. The physical realm blocks a certain amount of spiritual connection, and if you are born with the so-called 'karma' of a person who is abused within the family unit, (and outside of it too), as I was, it is made incredibly difficult to strengthen your spiritual connection and receive guidance. That is abusive. Not just abuse, but sickening abuse. People go towards that light because we are all told to by people whom have had NDEs. People come back because of grief/remorse and also because, I think, these motherfuckers called the "Lords of Karma" shame, manipulate and coerce them into it. I would take a million lifetimes of learning soul lessons at a slow, retarded level over coming back to this place for one lifetime. I have suffered to a degree I literally would not wish on anyone, ever. It's the powerlessness that's the worse. The knowing that every time you have any kind of relationship, it's going to be someone who violates your boundaries and/or doesn't give a crap, purely because of repetition compulsion and that's what you experienced as your norm in childhood. And then, over and above, knowing that healing is made more difficult by having been raised in a family in which you were literally threatened with violence for even having feelings. No, seriously, I am not coming back to this fucking place. I swear. Sorry for the long rant, but not really. I just can't be fucking bothered with anything any more.
  6. I am not sure if you have tried it or not, but salt water might help. Dissolve some Himalayan salt in hot water, wait for it to cool a bit, then try that. Because it is Himalayan Salt, it will probably be really good for the ears. Just a thought, worth a try.
  7. So? They want you to see this. They want everyone else to see it too. They want everyone to know the level of contempt they have for the British general public. They want people to know that they don't follow the very same restrictions they impose on the general public. Why? Because they know that there are millions of dumb fucks who will continue to follow their dumb fucking rules anyway, thereby lowering their own self-respect, thereby making them easier to control. Get it? They don't give a monkey's toss whether you see this photo, because they know that the British people will do fuck all in response to it anyway. Understand, they have nothing but the most profound and extreme contempt for the average Joe. That's where we're at. They think the average person is weak, foolish and lacking in self-respect. Right now I am struggling to disagree.
  8. Uh-huh, but by this point we have to entertain the notion that the people who are still believing what they read and hear in the media have a form of extreme and profound retardation. It's sad, but there we go. They seem determined to learn the hard way.
  9. I love the BBC. In their most recent foray into hard-hitting journalism, they showed a big picture of the Omricon variant depicting several of the Virus particles floating around, except all of them were different colours. Red, green and yellow! It looked like Christmas baubles! It was so pretty. I feel so safe with my government and media looking after me. EDIT: Oh wait, I've just realized 'Omricon' is an anagram of moronic.
  10. There's no fucking mandatory vaccine. If someone has difficulty understanding the word 'no', and they approach you to forcibly inject something into your body, you have an inalienable right to defend yourself...
  11. You don't have to show a badge. You could show them a picture of a trumpet and it would have no more or less meaning than some silly little picture of a flower. It's pandering to the insanity. As you say, your medical status is your business. Nobody has the 'right' to ask you to show a badge, so don't. The point of asking is that some people like to engage in power plays. It makes some people feel powerful to have that silly little bit of power over another person; the ability to decide whether they can or can't get on a bus. Ego, basically. Firmness and conviction deal with this situation most effectively.
  12. My take: It is a holographic reality, created by the mind. In this sense there are only two things which actually 'exist': mind and awareness. Awareness = God = Infinite love This earth has no 'shape' because it is a hologram. I am moderately well read on these subjects. As far as I can gather, Earth was intended to be a kind of training school designed to facilitate expansion of consciousness. However, the Angels whom designed it ostensibly did not consider the possibility that a small, select group of individuals sought to hijack the rest of humanity and divert them from the path of expansion of consciousness. Thus, human evolution has slowed down to a mere trickle, when it was intended to be swift and perpetual. Earth and third dimensional energy is the densest, heaviest energy there is. This was a side-effect of creating this physical hologram. Also, the angels who designed it (whom we are all descended from) did not forsee that we would be the furthest away from source consciousness that a soul can get, which is why all of us suffer loneliness, to varying degrees. This feeling of separation is referred to colloquially as "The Fall". The phenomenon of reincarnation almost certainly has to be some kind of trap. If you listen to virtually every perspective on the subject ever, they all have the tone of souls being sternly persuaded/manipulated/bullied into coming back thousands, if not millions of times, which just happens to produce huge amounts of suffering on an endless basis. I hardly think that's "just a coincidence". Either way, unless you have a strongly masochistic streak, it's probably best to make the decision that you are never coming back, and that you will continue your soul's evolution in a place which isn't run by psychopaths, for morons.
  13. I have been really concerned about the latest developments in Austria, particularly the threat to fine or imprison anyone who doesn't have the 'vaccine'. I want to believe this is just a threat designed to scare large numbers of people getting into it, but I'm not sure. Obviously if that was brought to UK I'm still not budging, but it wouldn't surprise me if people in prison were having the 'vaccine' forced upon them. I am also concerned about the future possibility of being banned from public transport for not taking the 'vaccine'. I do not drive so am obviously reliant upon it for any travel from my hometown. Again, it's not possible to make me back down, but the likely scenario of being asked for one of these so-called passports to get on a bus would likely result in me refusing to get back off the bus, and the driver phoning the police. I want to believe this scenario isn't possible but I just don't know any more. I would rather minimize any involvement with the police because frankly, I can't stand them. In other words, I am concerned about the future. If I am prevented from getting buses I will be unable to leave my hometown and will be very, very angry.
  14. This is a stunning piece of music, one of my favourite by Hans Zimmer. I encountered this guy Kyle Landry on youtube a few years back, here is his piano adaptation of 'Time'. I think it's spellbinding.
  15. Awesome song. This came out when I was a child. I used to walk around the house doing that "Oh aye aye, oh aye aye aye" thing at the top of my voice. It was hilarious
  16. The chestnuts, Manganese, amongst other things. The Dates are high in antioxidants, amongst other things. Having said that I just eat those because I like the taste. Those are my indulgences.
  17. I am not taking the Convid vaccine. I am not in favour of vaccination full stop. I have my reasons. I don't advocate for the idea of "saving people" because that would suggest powerlessness on their part and a messiah complex on mine. I am not attacking you or trying to cause offense. If I have caused it, I am very sorry. I want to stop this horror show in it's tracks too, I just have a difference of opinion to you as regards to methods.
  18. If you're so good at research, then research the Placebo and Nocebo effects. What is it David Icke once said about "condemnation without investigation"?
  19. Put these two statements side by side. What do you see? Did the information sheet you gave them suggest that the vaccines would harm them, by any chance? I think you have to entertain the very real possibility that in actual fact they did read the information you gave them. You understand what I'm getting at? Be willing to entertain the very real possibility that identification with the belief that this fake vaccine can harm you is enough to harm you in and of itself. This is not conjecture on my part, it is not pedantry, it is not criticism. it is simple, basic, scientific truth. The 'Nocebo' effect is real, it is the opposite of the 'placebo' effect. Read "You are the Placebo" by Joe Dispenza. I briefly tried what you did. I tried to warn a relative about the dangers of SM-102, and warned about various risks. They more or less ignored me, and I am glad. Imagine how you would feel, if ten years from now you discovered that the so-called "anti-vaxxers" had inadvertently caused the deaths of thousands/millions purely due to a lack of understanding regarding how the power of belief can affect human health. Think about it.
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