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  1. I was mistaken about why; it's because the Convid vaccine contains blood plasma and the JWs are against transfusions. They disapprove of abortion, but don't protest it.
  2. Morrissey has spoken before about his love for 'Double Barrel' by Dave and Ansell Collins. Which, last time I checked, was a ska-reggae song:
  3. Islam, Judaism, and Jehovah's Witnesses should technically all be opposing this Convid vaccine. The first two, because it contains pork, and the third because it contains aborted fetal cells. Actually most Christian denominations should decline the Convid jab on those grounds.
  4. I love Morrissey, he's my favourite singer of all time, but he is definitely a paradox. As an open bisexual, he is a liberal when it comes to sexuality, a conservative when it comes to race and immigration. It's probably best just to focus on his lyrics, which are often arguably some of the best in the history of music.
  5. Haven't some people in this forum correctly pointed out that the media's current Afghanistan narrative exists only to distract people from certain other things? Isn't it that case that successful dark magicians excel at getting people to look in one particular direction as something else is happening outside their field of vision? Be careful people. You're being played.
  6. I don't 'do' politics any more. I have been on both sides of the political spectrum; liberal and conservative. At one time I was involved with the Communist league and was a BLM supporter, at other times, I have condemned immigration and had an unkind "send them home" attitude. All of this is fatuous. It is an illusion. It is all there to be transcended. Just don't expect life to be easier when you can see both the validity and limitation of both sides of an argument, because it isn't. People expect you to pick a 'side'.
  7. The Reptilian theory is not Icke's alone. It has been widely references and alluded to both directly and indirectly. Believing his own theory is dependent on four pillars: 1.) That aliens exist 2.) That some of them have Reptilian origin 3.) That some of those beings can shift between dimensions 4.) That some of those beings 'possess' many high profile figures on planet earth Number one is not a stretch. The second is not implausible, why would it be? Multi-dimensional reality has been hypothesized by strong theorists and many others in 'science'. It isn't far-fetched, it just sounds it to the kind of people who think that the BBC is the cutting edge of accurate, reliable information. It's the last one most people have difficult with. So what? There are few things that can be regarded as 'impossible'. Most people's perception of reality is tiny, so they laugh and ridicule. Let them.
  8. Up until the last fortnight or so, I was convinced another lockdown was coming, if not by the end of this year, then early next year. I was sure this would be blamed on those who haven't has the Convid 'jab'.


    Maybe this is silly, but I am now starting to wonder whether another lockdown will happen. Just a feeling...

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    2. Ethel


      Also, it wasn't intentional that this was posted at 11:11. 


      I only just noticed.

    3. Fluke


      That's what they all say Ethel 😉. On a serious note I'm having lots of synchronistic  stuff happening lately. 

    4. Ethel


      That's usually a sign that you're in tune with the universe. Synchronicity is a fascinating subject. If you have never read it, I highly recommend the book:


      "Synchronicity: The Marriage Of Matter And Psyche" by F. David Peat

  9. He was an interesting guy actually. Somewhat of a maverick and a fairly authentic thinker, especially by mainstream standards. If you manage to locate on the Internet any of the longer interviews he did they are well worth listening to. Because he was a maverick, I am sure he would have spoken out about Convid. This leads me to believe that they either waited until his death to orchestrate this entire ruse, or 'disposed' of him.
  10. One of the oldest books on mass manipulation is 'The Prince' by Niccolo Machiavelli. It was aimed at royalty, but much of his rhetoric is still highly prescient today.
  11. We're talking about a demographic of people who will believe more or less anything if it's people in authority who are telling them. Their critical thinking is either absent or frozen when assessing authority figures. It doesn't matter what you say to them. You could sit irrefutable evidence in front of them that this fucking 'pandemic' is a scam and they still wouldn't get it, as per neuroplasticity. It just doesn't matter. Their brain will have to rewire itself back to it's original state, probably through suffering. In the meantime, those of us who see it are probably meant to be focusing on other things, like mentally and emotionally preparing for our inevitable scapegoating.
  12. This is more than adequate as an explanation, and entirely likely in a large number of cases. However, I strongly suspect that the average person doesn't even understand what 'psychosomatic illness' is. They outsource all responsibility for their health to a 'doctor'.
  13. I made the decision today that I will no longer be carrying the sunflower lanyard on me when I am out and about. I will not explain, justify our defend my right to breath properly. Any place which asks me to provide evidence of anything will be reported and/ or dealt with through official channels or being named and shamed.


    I am not your bitch.

    I am not your slave.

    I am not your house negro.

    I am not your Jew, living in Nazi Germany.

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    2. Anti Facts Sir

      Anti Facts Sir

      I salute you.


      Last month I lost my exemption card (it must have slipped out of the lanyard thing when I was awkwardly getting in or out of the car - I am disabled), and for a few days I thought about just not wearing anything at all. It had been over a year, everyone knows the score, even the "official guidance" no longer requires it by law. Yet the majority of people still wear their masks, and the shops are still banging on about it, only now it's a "personal choice" (subtext: you're an evil bastard if you don't wear it). So I just keep the sunflower ribbon part visible and ignore any looks I may get (if people are twisted enough to confront a geezer in a wheelchair, then that's their problem). But I am getting to the stage where I may just toss it...especially if someone ever dared to question me or demand "proof".


    3. Ethel


      It made me feel small. 

    4. plutes


      I never wore one, in any store if they asked would you like a mask sir I simple said exempt, it was always enough for me too avoid any arguments. 


      I also choose to shop in ldle as they had a no requirement to even wear one, I was probably one of the few that still never wore one but gained much respect for lidl 

  14. I relate strongly. I won't say "you're not alone" because I know that if you feel alone, it hurts to have someone say that, but I understand and can relate strongly to what you are expressing. I often view myself as something in need of 'fixing' and it causes me to behave in dysfunctional ways. Sorry for what you are going through. I wish you well, for what it's worth.
  15. I've played 1-3, 7-9 and 15. FF7 remains my all time favourite game. Many now laugh at it's graphics but this is like laughing at a sunflower because it is only 3 feet high instead of 6. A three feet high sunflower is still a thing of beauty, final fantasy 7 is still an epic ride, even with clunky graphics. Number 8 is a masterpiece also, and number 9 is spectacular. I would say 8 and 9 are my joint second favourite. I have heard 10 was also outstanding, and couldn't really warm to 15 because it abandoned the traditional battle style. The FF7 remake is also excellent, but very different to the original in many respects.
  16. The music is my favourite video game music. If you take Aerith's Theme, from Final Fantasy 7, for example, it stands as a beautiful piece of music in it's own right, let alone as one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever to appear in a video game.
  17. Irrespective of how 'good' or 'not good' video games are for people, irrespective of whether they are often addictions, the artistry of them cannot be denied. The creativity and artistry of the Final Fantasy games are not up for dispute. Leaving aside issues of addictiveness, they are art. The soundtracks of the Final Fantasy games are also art.
  18. I happened to see this video on youtube and did not know if it had been shared to the forum or not. This guy is deeply pro-system, pro-establishment and pro-PTB. In this video he admonishes those not taking the vaccine and chucks a variety of other cheap insults, even mentioning 'Lizard people' at one point.
  19. Great topic, I have speculated on this myself and have some ideas on the matter. I think most sensible people agree that 80-ish is too low for the most advanced species our world has seen. It is highly anomalous to believe that the most 'advanced' species on earth can be outlived by a tortoise. I believe our lifespan is a miniscule percentage of what it could or should be. In assessing how long our species could or should potentially live, it is first necessary to count all of the things which have a detrimental impact on humans, including, but not limited to: Trauma; emotional Trauma; physical Processed food, containing chemicals The secondhand consumption of chemicals in plastic The secondhand consumption of pesticides The use of pharmaceuticals The secondhand consumption of antibiotics given to livestock Electromagnetic pollution Transport pollution from vehicles and planes Chemtrails Absorption of chemicals in water into the body via pores Direct consumption of chemicals in drinking water Vaccination Consumption of formula, rather than breast milk Consumption of artificial sweeteners Addictions Destructive thoughts Destructive beliefs Suppressed emotion The last one, IMO, is the number one factor contributing to a shortening of the human life span, because it damages the persons energy field, aura, connection to Qi, and has a corrosive effect on the bodily vehicle. My theory is that without all of the interference, which is the direct result of Satanic (Reptilian) influence, the human body would last for many thousands of years, possibly indefinitely, although nobody would particularly want to whilst living in the trash society we have created. In a utopia, immortality would be desirable. I also believe that the Breatharians are visionary in the sense that humans can and should evolve, (eventually) to be sustained on Prana alone. Understand, I am not saying that anyone alive today could survive without food, because their negative perceptions of this would cause them to starve, but I strongly believe that theoretically, our species could transcend needing to take false energy into the body, because it's high quality energy field alone would be enough to sustain it. This all sounds lofty, I know. Instead, we have a planet mainly populated by people who cover 2/3 of their face with cotton masks, rub poison periodically into their hands, have poison/placebo injections to protect them from viruses which don't exist, and who subsist on an intake of addictions and the decaying corpses of animals who have been violently tortured to death. Welcome to planet Satan.
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