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  1. Interesting. Alan Carr was the guy who wrote one of the best selling books on stopping smoking, and you have a gif of someone smoking a cigarette. What's the message?
  2. People get illnesses because they don't look after themselves properly. I literally have to be in the depths of the most extreme despair or powerlessness before I get even so much as a sniffle. This says a lot to me about how unconscious the masses are that they regularly get things like flu and other garbage illnesses. People talk about illness like it's just a normal part of life, with no causes. Change your terrible beliefs about human health. Eat organic, healthy food. Stop identifying with garbage beliefs the MSM drum into your brain; this shit isn't rocket science.
  3. White flour stores the longest. There is something in wholemeal flour, or wholemeal anything, that makes it rot quicker. I'm not sure if you know or not, but the white flour's shelf life is improved by storing it firstly in an airtight glass jar, but also by placing a silica gel packet in the jar with it. This absorbs moisture, so reduced the growth of bacteria.
  4. How does a man being disappointed at not getting sex justify killing babies? This still doesn't make sense. Lets suppose the man doesn't find out in this lifetime that he has created a child, which is the likely scenario, since he is a rapist. There IS NO REWARD. Are you suggesting that he would feel rewarded from a spiritual perspective? Because if you are, I think you're a bit off the mark there. I think his main focus as a soul will be the fact that he's a rapist, not that he's created a child he should not and will in all likelihood never see. You're still ignoring the fact that in all likelihood, he will never know, from his human perspective. You appear to be alluding to the fact that the average person appears preoccupied with "immortality" through reproduction. I acknowledge that is a reality. I don't acknowledge that someone can be rewarded by something they in all likelihood will know nothing about. You cannot win a debate by arguing something as silly as this. I don't have a "narrow definition" of rape - don't straw man me. It's you that has a ridiculously broad definition of rape which you appear to have extended so widely that you are now including scenarios in which a woman puts out because the man in her life will be disappointed if she doesn't. What next? The idea that a woman will be unable to look at the child without being reminded of the rape is provably untrue; there are real life examples which disprove it. Also, the child is not just a product of rape, it's so much more than that. Also, I can't even fathom the cretin-like mentality which would cause someone to find it difficult to love a child because they are the product of rape. If anything they are in desperate need of love because of what they are - instead you prefer the route of them ending up mutilated and dead in a dumpster. Nice. I acknowledge that some emotional responses are conditioned. This isn't one of them. There are mountains of evolutionary psychology to support the notion that we have evolved to protect children, including babies. These are babies, not "fetuses" or "embryos"; they are babies. It is our instinct to protect babies. Take a look at the difference between how you view an unborn baby which is wanted and one which is unwanted. The irony is, you've pointed out that people's emotions can be affected by social and cultural conditions but have spectacularly failed to spot that even entertaining the notion that baby killing is acceptable in any circumstance is a socially and culturally created perception. "Society says" it is acceptable, so you and others defend it. I wonder how liberal you would be if I started defending school shooters, on the ground that they're just "letting off steam"? You wouldn't defend that particular behaviour because "society says" that is completely unacceptable under any circumstances. Your morality isn't innate; you have it tube fed to you via the mainstream media. For the most part, no they wouldn't and secondly in many cases, yes they do. Also, I've personally known two people who had them. One was led to that decision by her Mother - who made her do it. The other was irresponsible. I turned against neither because of what they did. In wider society it's people like myself who are witch-hunted for their views so this argument has no weight. It's considered far more fashionable nowadays to defend baby killing than it is to condemn it. In other words, you didn't watch it. This isn't what often leads to it. The woman getting pregnant as a result of rape is an uncommon scenario. The more common scenario is that the woman forgot to take a pill or didn't ask the man to wear a condom, and decides (selfishly) that a crying baby doesn't fit in with her lifestyle. The main one of which is irresponsibility/entitlement. It isn't for you because you haven't watched it. Prove me wrong and describe the exact contents of it. Then we can further explore your somatic reactions to what you have seen. Of all the dishonest things you have said, this is the worst. In no way, shape or form is "intelligence" a part of defending the decision to kill a baby. It's pure moral relativism and nothing else. If you listen to some of Mark Passio's podcasts in which he mentions moral relativism, and then meditate on it a bit, you will begin to understand that the average person doesn't form their so-called morality autonomously or organically. It is prescribed to them, via mainstream media, peer groups, or Hollywood movies. That isn't true morality. Someone like myself who had an abortion would suffer for years afterwards, if not forever. Abortion isn't a necessity because of domineering men, because there are other options. The financial assistance aspect is fixable, and our society could fix such an issue relatively easily but chooses not to because killing babies is a multi billion pound industry globally. I don't see how a judgmental public make abortion necessary? Explain please. With all of that being said, you have dishonestly portrayed the circumstances which lead to abortion occurring. You argue very dishonestly. You paint some sad picture in which wearied, downtrodden women who are otherwise responsible citizens are impregnated against their will by men or are destitute and unable to access options, like some scullery maid living in Tudor times. Bunk. The primary reality is that we live in a society centered around convenience, and we have created a population so utterly jaded and disconnected from their true self that they would rather pay another human being to kill their child than find other options.
  5. They're the purest honeys and syrups I could get, mostly. Those two last pretty much forever so it's all good. Tinned goods: mackerel, various types of bean, a few tinned veg, a few tinned fruit. Spam; even though I don't eat meat, it last 15 years or more in the tin so if the world falls to pieces I'd eat it.
  6. My preparation is not just geared towards a generalized food shortage scenario, but any 'SHTF' scenario. I have a large amount of long-lasting tinned goods, coconut oil, honey, maple syrup, rice, flour, bottled water (in glass bottles), Himalayan salt, soy sauce, ghee, dried milk, beans, oats. I also have a good supply of non food items which will be useful, such as candles, matches, lantern fluid, soap, toilet rolls. I am working on some barter items, probably booze. Also, I fast regularly, so that helps.
  7. From a spiritual perspective it is incontrovertible; adding being aborted on top of being the product of rape will massively slow that soul's spiritual evolution. I can personally confirm that experiencing multiple traumas within a short time frame whilst unable to process traumas efficiently absolutely causes lasting damage. If you were to ask me to financially support a charity which was set up to support women who experience unwanted pregnancy, particularly women who have been raped, I would do so. I would volunteer for such a charity. IMO our government should prioritize this and make the organization publicly funded, but instead they would rather allow people to kill and/or butcher children on the NHS with the horrors of abortion and circumcision. The money is clearly there, so why not just channel it in a different direction? I shall tell you why, I will tell you all why: Because it's just another part of the Satanic agenda which is controlling our planet. Abortion, circumcision, War... it's the creation and harnessing of terrible energy by the vampires who run this world. So very sad. I can empathize with women who were raped. I don't want to keep harping on this, but I have survived abuse. They need and deserve help, but at the end of the day, when it comes to bringing a life into the world, a woman is actually just a conduit. I don't mean that disrespectfully. Childbirth is an amazing miracle. But two human beings have God aspects they aren't the whole creation. There is a separate individuated soul within their baby, and the parents have a moral and spiritual responsibility to try and safeguard that soul's journey into the world - no matter what. Let us create a society which is more compassionate towards helping these women in every way we can.
  8. Funnily enough this exact scenario applied to one of the only two women I've personally know who had them. And for that, a baby dies. 60 million babies in America alone since Roe vs Wade. This is a literal holocaust. Because people "forget" to be responsible adults.
  9. Abusive relationships aren't rare. Actually given the prevalence of co-dependency and Narcissism in Western society I think abusive relationships are fairly commonplace. Relationships in which men rape their wives aren't. Are you seriously trying to convince me, and others on this forum that lots of men in this world regularly rape their wives? Wow. This makes literally no sense at all. It feels like you're clutching at straws. How can someone be 'rewarded' by something they have absolutely no knowledge of? It's like someone opening a bank account with my name and details, filling it with millions of pounds, but never telling me the account exists. How is that 'rewarding' to me? I wouldn't feel anything about it because I refute the insane notion that a repeated rapist would feel "rewarded" by the fact that he's helped create a baby. They are, by definition, sexual psychopaths. They hate women and want women to suffer; do you believe that kind of person feels 'rewarded' by anything, let alone creating a being which requires 24/7 love and nurturing? Again, wow. None of this matters since you cannot defend abortion as a whole off the back of a relatively rare scenario. At the moment, your argument appears to be: some women who have been raped get pregnant, therefore abortion is justified. Not so. Also the idea that it is appropriate to punish rapists by killing a baby is absolutely repugnant beyond belief, but also not a thing. That isn't actually the main justification people try to use for aborting babies conceived through rape; the main argument tends to be that the child's life will not be worth living once they know who and what they really are. This loosely sounds like an appeal to popularity, i.e. "most people" care more about adult victims of rape than unborn babies, therefore, "most people" are right. Not so. Here's a radical idea: how about caring for both? How about sympathy for both? On these points I find myself agreeing with you - up to a point. I can accept that if nobody knows, it may be easier to seek abortion than to stand up to someone who is abusing you within a relationship. However, at the moment, your defense of abortion appears to rest upon "some women who are raped get pregnant", which is not, as you claim, a common scenario. Pro-abortion people always try and use this argument and it simply doesn't represent abortion as a whole. Unless you've actually been in this scenario you can't authoritatively make this assertion. Most women feel guilt and shame after having abortions, and mistakenly believe that the guilt and shame they feel is socially conditioned, created by people like myself, despite the fact that a) nobody makes you feel anything, b) people like me are probably a minority and c) guilt and shame are natural responses to acting out of accordance with one's own values. It is interesting to me that you talk of reality. I shall conclude this post with a video. I will show you reality; the reality you defend. There will of course be more, if you wish to keep debating me. Skip forward to 35:13 in the video and we can then have further discussion of the finer points of abortion such as: "Is a fetus alive?", "How can it grow if it's not alive?" and various others. Watch the video or else just don't respond.
  10. Whilst I agree that on a planet of over seven billion people (allegedly), this scenario probably does occur, I am interested to hear how common you think this actually is. Ball park figure. Bringing a child into the world who was a product of rape is not a 'reward' to the Rapist. Because he wouldn't need to know. You are employing the use of a particular type of argument I often hear "pro-choice" people using, whereby they engage in hypothetical flights of fancy in an attempt to find some sort of justification for abortion, and I'm not buying it. If a woman possesses enough agency to seek out an abortion, she also possesses enough agency to leave an abusive partner. Which is harder to do? Kill an unborn child or leave someone who is abusing you? As many have said before me, a child doesn't deserve to be punished for the sins of the Father. Also, I don't support the notion that it's impossible for someone who is the product of rape to have quality of life, either. They'll undoubtedly have something extreme to overcome, but it isn't the job of Leftists to guarantee that everyone has a life which is free of challenges. There is no situation I can think of in which I would support abortion. I am infertile, FYI. I wouldn't normally drop that into an abortion debate but on this occasion I will. Reproduction is the one of the greatest gifts that human beings are given; people with fertility are literally able to create life. That is amazing. Even though if I had my fertility this time next week I wouldn't use it, I love babies and it still brings me to tears occasionally when I think that I will never hold a child I created in my arms. Perhaps this is an appeal to emotion but I can't say I care, particularly. The perspectives of infertile people have a place in the abortion debate. I don't even kill houseflies so the 'bundle of cells' argument does absolutely nothing for me.
  11. I am not sure. I could say what helps me, but it might not help you. My beliefs aren't great. I wasn't raised by people who instilled within me positive beliefs about life, the world or people. Powerlessness, shame, rage; self injury, isolation. You get the general idea. So every day I used various methods to change beliefs. There are numerous methods for doing this. It is an ongoing development. I am strong, so I am lucky in that sense. I get exercise, try to eat healthy food. I keep going. I try to treat myself with kindness as much as possible. Every person represents an aspect of you, so when I think that people are dumb fucks, I try and find the aspect of me which is a dumb fuck. In fairness, there's a lot I don't get. I am socially retarded in many respects. I've been there many times. Growth is pain. I don't know if things are going to get better in this world, I can't prove to you they will. They might not. Humanity is in a state of denial because when the denial lifts there will be hurt and pain. There are times when I felt so alone I started to feel like I wasn't real any more. I felt like I was losing myself, disappearing. It passed. Everything passes. Everything changes, because it has to. Eventually.
  12. Deep down they are afraid to see the truth. Which isn't very helpful.
  13. Also, allow me to address the very obvious elephant in the living room by asking the question: how is it possible for a couple living in 21st century society, whilst surrounded by over a dozen forms of contraception, to "accidentally" conceive a child?
  14. Thank you for letting us know. I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I've had, wondering if this would ever happen.
  15. There will be a day of reckoning for the amount of censorship which now exists in our society. I can hardly stomach it in any more. Insanity is the norm now.
  16. I am in favour of a Soros thread. I want to know more about him. I am starting to form a picture: I don't think he is necessarily just supporting and funding organizations which create and enhance social division. I think he is also supporting and funding organizations in order to derail and hijack genuine their legitimate good intentions or plans for the future.
  17. The money is just insane. Fifty grand here, a million there; like someone casually tossing loose change at homeless people. I'd love to find a common thread...
  18. I wish to learn more about this man. Based on several quotes of his, I definitely think he's dirty, but I would love to know more about why he funds what he funds, right across the board. If you go to the open society foundation website you can find a list of literally thousands of organizations he funds. One of them, 'The European centre for the rights of children with disabilities' says in their 'about' section: " to the civil society’s response towards the need to promote, protect and enhance the rights of disabled children, so that they could benefit of a real and effective social inclusion into the Romanian society." Like I said, I don't trust the guy, but I'm struggling to see an angle where giving to charities which help disabled children are concerned. There are a glut of disabled charities right across the Western world he funds, and it isn't always easy to see the agenda behind his doing so. I wonder if it is possible he ever throws money at anything relatively innocuous?
  19. If someone appears out of nowhere and is all of a sudden thrust into the media spotlight, is lauded as counter-culture or 'alternative', speaks for a large number of people or even a generation, or is otherwise pushed forward as an example of someone who "should" be listened to, my mathematical calculations tell me there is a 97.4% chance they are an illuminati puppet. That is all.
  20. This forum needs a reaction for 'absolutely raging'. These kids boundaries are being violated, plain and simple.
  21. Yeah I've seen it. Although these kind of people don't 'get it', and aren't fully aware that what they're doing is damaging, that doesn't make it any less sad, frustrating and depressing.
  22. I was in a cafe earlier today. There were two mature ladies sitting at a table with a baby, presumably one of their grandchildren. The child was happy and smiling and laughing until the two adults decided it was time to leave. Firstly, they strapped the child into a buggy which I absolutely fucking hate. Children don't understand that it's "for their own good", they literally just think they are being tied up. Imagine how you would feel if someone disabled you then tied you to a fucking chair. The child was howling. But secondly, the two women then put face masks on. As one of them leaned over the child with her stupid mask on, the child's cries intensified. I imagined the confusion/fear of the poor little blighter as the insane individual leaned over the child, her two eyes peering over the top of her mask. Then I remembered what I posted about here on this forum, just the other day; that a growing number of children are ending up with multiple developmental delays because they aren't seeing human expressions and lip movements enough. Imagine you are a child who is really unlucky and happens to be born into a really neurotic family who wear masks a large amount of the time. Imagine how damaging this will be. This baby will think a 'normal' representation of humans, at least a percentage of the time, is just a pair of eyes peering over a stupid bit of fabric. Think how far down the foodchain you have to go before you get to something which has no visible nose or mouth. An octopus has no visible nose or mouth. Snails and many other arthropods. The ways in which these children are being primed is beyond sickening. The situation is frustrating and saddening. I feel helpless. I wanted to say something so badly. I wanted to tell them about the Ofsted report on child development over the last two years. But needless to say, I fucking didn't. What do you think would have happened if I had? I would have been told to mind my own business, that's what.
  23. You're welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read it.
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