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  1. Social contact really is the only viable reason someone would place their offspring in a state school. Truthfully they are something akin to factories which produce mentally enslaved citizens, so the logical task you have in front of you is to discern, along with your offspring, whether they are socially adept enough to make friends without being a part of the schooling system. If you know for a fact they can make friends anywhere there isn't an issue. I mean really, I'm not sure why you would even baulk at it from the other point of view. You must know that the mainstream education system is garbage. It's actual literal purpose was to create obedient citizens. It was designed that way by various individuals from the Rockefeller and Rothschild cabals. With all that being said, your child is a human being and human beings require social interaction and connection. If you can guarantee that they can receive those things elsewhere then this is a non-issue. There is nothing the mainstream education system could teach your child that any adult with an IQ in three figures couldn't.
  2. Exactly, and that's the key issue. That's what I advocate for too. I don't think that labelling is useful either. I am not perfect in my conduct. I don't even call myself a Vegan, although I do eat a diet which is close to completely plant-based. I also have leather boots etc. I am not one of these people who advocates for perfection in choices. I have been a perfectionist and it is a miserable life choice. My issue, mainly, is with intellectual dishonesty and there's rather a lot of that in many people's criticism of Veganism, i.e. comparing the sentience of an animal to the consciousness of a carrot, which cropped up earlier in this thread. That is what's known as a 'slippery slope' argument, i.e. it's logical fallacy. It's like saying that unless we as a species can stop eating altogether, we're all in the same boat. We're not. There is a difference between a carrot and a cow - a big difference. Technically, everything has consciousness, because everything IS consciousness. This does not mean that a carrot, or your kitchen table, have equal value or awareness to a cow, pig, sheep, chicken or lamb. I have said it before and I'll say it again. The carnivores who admit that they eat meat purely for enjoyment get at least some respect from me for the fact that they are at least being honest. My issue is with people trying to make specious arguments in favor of eating meat by trying to argue that it is ethical or healthy. It's neither.
  3. Perhaps you could start a charity which protects the welfare and rights of carrots?
  4. Sorry for shitposting, but this is on-topic, I promise. Speaking of the Titanic, take a look at this absolutely bonkers work of art which was made a few years back. Skip to 10:20 for a rare treat and you can thank me later.
  5. I used to have a problem with this. Then around ten years ago I drank to excess one time too many and the next day experienced something similar to alcohol poisoning. It just so happens that it created something like an aversion, so now it is difficult for me to even be around people who are drinking, let alone intoxicated. The last time I was under the influence was a wedding in 2017. I can't stand the stuff nowadays and don't miss it. Although I used to enjoy fags and booze I can scarcely believe now that we are living in a world in which people pay money to poison their bodies. Doesn't that just speak volumes about where we are as a species and the grip that the PTB have over over mindset? Paying to poison yourself? That's self-hate, surely?
  6. Having search terms autocomplete in google etc just after putting in the first letter and it being something fairly unusual or out of the ordinary. I have also had an experience of buying something in Boots the chemist, using an advantage card to collect points and then a few hours later having an advert for that exact product I purchased crop up next to my emails. It's an increasingly creepy society we live in, surveillance wise.
  7. I've had this exact experience.
  8. It does, but as a woman I have on occasion found myself attracted to men who I would not consider conventionally attractive. I am not sure if it works that way for men, possibly not.
  9. The answer is fairly obvious to me. The powers that be throughout history maintain their power through the age old tried and tested mass manipulation tactic of divide and conquer. The primary 'division' in humanity is between men and women, so the PTB have always had a vested interest in playing men and women off against each other. They can actually accentuate this even further by creating and then sustaining a society which weakens the female sex by encouraging both men and women to focus on female attractiveness as the greatest asset a woman has. That way these crafty beggars have not just played men and women off against each other, but women off against other women too, because then most women under a certain age are either consciously or unconsciously in constant competition with each other. Either way this creates and enhances division, which is what the PTB in our world require to maintain their 'power'.
  10. The new age is an alternative way of exploring spirituality, with arguably less dogma and doctrine than organized religion. The term 'new age' is characterized by an interest in the metaphysical nature of reality, centered around the idea that people have spirits/souls. It has many positive aspects and some more problematic ones, such as perfectionism, asceticism, spiritual bypassing etc.
  11. I have had problems with asceticism before and it can cause just as many problems for a person as hedonism. Ascetcism, particularly amongst new agers, is very often a mask for self-hate.
  12. The woke agenda as you put it is just another mass manipulation psy-op. Unfortunately for you, so is it's counter part. As I said before most dichotomies in our society are a "two cheeks on the same arse" kind of scenario. You can't see this because you're too invested in your viewpoint. This is why I mentioned enculturation because it's very often the driving force between two apparently polar opposite forces. Enculturation drives both woke and anti-woke, eating meat and veganism, etc etc. On the contrary, I explained how I'm not invested in this either way because I'm not an easy person to enculturate. It appears to be you who is seeing reality as you want because you are only seeing one side of the woke agenda and failing to spot that the anti-woke counterpart is just as reactionary and quite often just as silly. I agree with you but it isn't me who is doing that; it's you. The two wealthiest people on planet earth are white males; this doesn't quite correlate with the narrative you're trying to create. It's a play, Macnamara. A pantomime. More so than even most people on this forum realize. There is a societal push towards Veganism, which means there is probably something in it for the Cabal. Sometimes they push for things which have a positive aspect. Veganism has some very clear and demonstrable positives. You're literally admitting at the end of your comment that the current "anti-white" agenda is arbitrary and a temporary state of affairs; a stepping stone to a point further down the line at which the Cabal wants everyone mentally enslaved irrespective of skin color. They work on logistics; not prejudice. This cabal are not irrational, on the contrary they are highly efficient at what they do.
  13. The Map Of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander For anyone new to the subject of near death experiences (NDEs) this book, and others by the same author, are an excellent place to start. Dr. Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon who had a near death experience himself in 2008, and was in a medically induced coma whilst being treated for meningitis. This book describes a variety of details regarding his experiences whilst in a coma, travelling various areas of the Astral realm, including into some of the highest dimensions there are, writing of his experience of what people call 'God'. His stories are also interspersed with stories of readers of his first book who wrote to him with details of their own spiritual experiences. This book is important in the sense that it comes from someone working within the sciences; this is significant in the sense that the vast majority of individuals working in that area tend to be highly skeptical almost by default; Alexander is a rare exception and has of course taken his fair share of criticism because of that. The book is very eloquent, well-written and in places, quite moving. It endeavors to give the readers a glimpse 'beyond the veil' and does so well; the details are fascinating, often beautiful and poignant: "From time to time I have again experienced these wonderful ecstasies, always at completely unexpected times, sometimes whilst washing up and doing daily chores about the house. There is always this same feeling, leaving me weeping with a great joy and deep reverence and worship and love. I think it's best described as a sort of homesickness, a 'nostalgia for some other where', almost as if I had known an existence of such beauty and indescribable happiness and am yearning and homesick for it again...
  14. Classic British horror, and Willow's song is incredibly beautiful!
  15. I see it as consequences; cause and effect. I have no issue with that over one lifetime, it's the idea of it being carried over multiple lifetimes that I find distressing because then you could possibly have a scenario in which hardly anyone ever leaves this world permanently. I have racked my brains trying to think of why it might be that souls choose only to reincarnate in one place over and over but I'm none the wiser.
  16. AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS (2018) I have seen this film once before, in 2018, but watched it again for a second time, yesterday (Christmas Day). It was interesting watching it again after having watched it for the first time pre-covid. It is absolutely crammed with predictive programming regarding Covid and the events of 2020-21. The first quarter of the film is the most intense in terms of references to the upcoming "pandemic"; to the point that I became convinced that it's director, Johnny Kevorkian, must be a person with insider knowledge of what occurred during the course of 2020-21. The plot of the film centers around a dysfunctional family (The Milgram family) who get together to spend Christmas together only to have their usual Christmas plans interrupted by a series of increasingly unusual and disturbing events. The name is not an accident; the entire film is one gigantic nod to psychologist Stanley Milgram's legendary 'Obedience To Authority' experiment. References to Covid begin in a very blatant way, come thick and fast, and then either taper off or become so convoluted and metaphorical that I could no longer see them, but at the very least, the film is predictive programming par excellence, including references to: Families being quarantined at home Families being told not to leave their home, and obey instructions issued by 'x' source Families being issues with untrialled, ambiguous 'vaccines' which they are instructed to take People in families applying peer pressure to take the vaccine Elderly people taking a negative reaction to the vaccine, up to and including death People being issued with a series of increasingly bizarre and outrageous instructions People in families turning against each other in the face of non-compliance People being punished for non-compliance People even being quarantined within the family home Vaccines being given even to pregnant women, and doubts being voiced about this This is a selection; there are others too. The film itself is not outstanding, I found the families dysfunction repellent and jarring, whilst the Father of the family is a despot who worships authority and is obedient to the point of being deranged. There is a fair amount of violence. What makes the film worth watching, at least for the first half, however, are a few things: it's plentiful amount of seemingly very blatant predictive programming is so compelling that it would be nigh on impossible to not draw the comparison between the events in this film and the events of 2020. And if that doesn't convince you, consider this: the director of the film, Johnny Kevorkian, died in 2020. Despite being only 48 years of age, he died of a heart attack. Watch the film then draw your own conclusions...
  17. No, not really, because the 'authority' figures in question maintain power through Machiavellian tactics, i.e. playing different groups off against each other and the groups themselves aren't the relevant part; divide and conquer is the relevant part. It could be white men, Chinese children, or Mongolian goat farmers, the demographics aren't the important part, the important part, for 'them' is "how do we maintain our power and wealth"? Yes, this is a fair point, however it is somewhat galling to be dismissed and ridiculed for telling people things which, approximately three years on, most people accept as fact. Even your average citizen can now entertain that many aspects of the Covid hoax were ridiculously overdone. It wouldn't. I cannot agree with the statement because it directly contradicts my lived experience. I have been for long periods of eating no animal products with absolutely no impact on physical health whatsoever. This is conclusive; not speculation. Many carnivores make this argument in lieu of feeling able to simply say the words out loud: "I enjoy eating meat, therefore I am going to continue doing it", which is the actual truth.
  18. Certainly. I got into the conspiracy stuff in 2015. I naively assumed that meant I had 'awakened' and that seeing beyond the veil of our society meant I had it all figured out, that I was one of the awakened ones and understood exactly how the world worked, and that I was no longer one of the naive plebs who believe governments exist for the people, etc etc. I joined this forum in 2020 because, like a lot of people, the 'Covid' debacle deepened my understanding of global conspiracy. I resisted multiple aspects of the scamdemic, including face masks, 'vaccinations', and other components of it; because I understood that these things were not what they seemed and were either mostly or entirely illusory in nature. However, as the entire thing dragged on I began to view the average conspiracy theorists understanding of the world as somewhat reactionary. This deepened because I have never been very good at 'fitting into' groups, in fact, I mostly have sucked at it. Unfortunately, when you 'fit into' a group, you then develop blind spots relative to the ideology of that group, and for me this simply didn't apply because I never fitted in here, or with any other conspiracy type group, or amongst the new agers either. In this forum I mostly see a collection of individuals who belong to various increasingly disenfranchised or demonized groups, i.e. white males, Christians, Conservatives etc, and none of that applied to me either. I am apoltical, non religious and fairly egalatarian in my view of gender, so I am able to see everyone's blind spots quite well. Conspiracy theory has multiple blind spots, and in fact is almost entirely redundant. It's only worthwhile premise is that the PTB in the world are not operating in the best interests of the majority of humanity. That's it. The rest of it is either mostly unnecessary detail, speculative, reactionary, or delusional. I can run through some examples. Icke and many others like to talk about what was "done to" humanity during 2020, whereas I would talk about what humanity did to itself. That's the fundamental difference between me and the average conspiracy theorist. The average person is a child in terms of how they view authority and that is what directly led to the disgusting spectacle of 2020-21. Complete abdication of personal responsibility. Also, there are aspects to society which even the average conspiracy theorist does not understand. The best example is enculturation. Here is the definition: "Enculturation is the process by which people learn the dynamics of their surrounding culture and acquire values and norms appropriate or necessary to that culture and its worldviews." Enculturation exists on both a macro and micro level. There exists a certain amount of enculturation on this forum. An example of this would be a leaning towards so-called "alt-right" news sources amongst those in the conspiracy movement. This has almost no value because even those news sources are an extension of state; and pay lip service to the idea that we need a certain amount of authority to sudue our alleged base instincts, which doesn't really work because we have governments and crime exists anyway. When you enculturate to a group and achieve any semblance of belonging within it that limits further opportunity for awakening. There is a direct correlation between how well you fit into a group and how oblivious you are to it's blind spots, because tribalism is an innate drive. There is a truther 'script', and it belies the fact that much of conspiracy theory is redundant. Perhaps the biggest red flag that conspiracy theory is not as 'awakened' as it purports to be are it's association with reverse false flags, it's high preponderance of 'herders' i.e. people who herd popular opinion in the conspiracy movement, as well as a scripted distrust of things which, in their raw form can actually benefit humanity. I'll give a couple of examples. The first example is anarchy. Some truthers support this but many don't. Those who don't exercise the defence mechanism of denial to defend things like republicanism. In my opinion a person cannot abdicate personal responsibility whilst simultaneously claiming to be "fully" awakened. False power corrupts. How can you hand over your divine personal power to a bunch of opportunistic sociopaths and expect them to give one single fuck about your best interests? You aren't commanding their respect - so why would anyone think governments should respect them? It's insanity. Second, Veganism. I am not Vegan; I consume cow's milk here and there but the misrepresentation of Veganism on this forum is fairly consistent. It alludes to the trendy, millennial version of Veganism; the "fake meat" Veganism which has almost nothing to do with original Veganism of the 70's and 80's, which was essentially a bunch of hippies eating a diet rich in fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc. It is straw man fallacy to misrepresent Veganism in that way. Caring about animals and wanting to end needless slaughter contributes towards a more awakened world; but this exists in stages, i.e. Carnivore, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan. Understanding of global power structure also exists in stages; i.e. at first you see the PTB as evil masterminds, then opportunists who are capitalizing on the fact that most of humanity prefer to exist in a state of sleep whilst abdicating their personal responsibility. I am not sure how a person cannot understand how awakening is not either/or. Consciousness is continually expanding. You will know more five years from now than you will today. You will understand more five years from now than you do today. You will have more insight, hopefully. There are different levels of consciousness, and unconsciousness. This explanation is not necessarily exhaustive.
  19. It isn't an either/or thing. Our world isn't divided into 'awakened' and 'unawakened'. It exists in stages.
  20. I didn't necessarily suggest that people stop paying taxes altogether; I was merely pointing out that one foot in anarchist ideas and one foot in democracy doesn't improve the overall experience of human beings in our society. Also, as David Icke has pointed out a great many times, the civilians of the world vastly outnumber so-called authority, so the idea that we have to accept any of their 'great reset' ideas doesn't actually add up. That being said, the ultimate problem is that humanity in the 21st century are operating from a huge spectrum of different levels of awareness. We are quite far from everyone being on the same page.
  21. The airport experience just prior to travelling gives you a clear reminder of where your place is and what your role is on planet earth, as far as the PTB are concerned. The reason this is particularly the case in an airport is because International travel is the closest most human beings can get to true and absolute freedom in this physical world. Upon entering airport security, you are literally 'herded' down several hundred feet of cordons, like sheep being herded by a sheepdog before coming out the other end, Lazarus like, into a glitzy, hyperreal consumerist 'heaven'; which gives you a final decisive assessment of your role as a human being on 21st century earth: a consumer.

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    2. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      You know there is a whole industry dedicated to scheming and extorting money (over pricey merchandise trap) put under the noses of foolhardy or else desperate travellers to purchase (whilst no time to go to a normal shop at last minute) as airport consumers go shopping and get caught by this daylight robbery.

      Just as Grumpy Owl says, much of that 2 or 3 hour pre-wait for being there ahead of time is surely to be placed in attendance in that gambit based on this scheming & luring you to buy led by boredom, capitalizing on taking advantage of you whilst you are lulled into a sullen//gullible AND TIIIIIRED & frustrated mood= accompanied quite possibly by kaotic/confused or even fearful mood where you have temporarily lost leave of your senses in the airport setting, setting you in a spin and susceptible to silly purchases. (Some people anyway)


      Those responsible are too rich and too 'snooty snoddy' to give a hootie cutie what their sell pundits charge you, and have even appeared on at least one Consumer Champion show I remember from being on TV, where it was SORT OF investigated just wtf these high brow sellers game is all about (with mixed results, the main one being you are being shafted, LOOOOL).
      The biz owners love to use phrases like "soft sell, but hard push" I don't doubt. In other words subliminal molly coddling affecting how you normally would behave in your right mind, by boring you to death and making you feel you must spend in order to make your wait less boring, and less tedious, but of course that's why people should all check they have all covered by their individual needs before being tempted in the departure lounge, which btw, isn't really a lounge is it, lol.... I don't know, I never was a big flyer. Let alone a big HIGH flyer like these surgeon like technocratic businesses.

    3. Screamingeagle


      @Grumpy Owli remeber documentary about Dubai airport 1/3 of the profit is from flights,2/3 are from shoping 


    4. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      *oldish British Comedy series* called "Outnumbered" =>

      2x short excerpts...


      Stuck at the airport with (misbehaving) children....



      Pete gets detained at the airport... 



  22. One thing I have noticed is that more and more people appear to be embracing the principles of anarchy by creating small community ventures, startups, community groups which endeavour to take over things which are being neglected by the local councils. In the place where I live there are groups which have taken over the running of facilities and amenities which the council has said they will no longer be funding. One guy, who is quite well known in the community suggested that if everyone pays £10 a month to a community group then that group will have a large budget for projects which help the community. Although the idea in itself is a nice one, and is actually borrowed from anarchism, this guy, and others like him have one foot in anarchist ideas and the other foot in the quasi-democracy we live in. This does not work. These kind of people are well-intentioned but still want us all to hand over money to local councils even though those councils are doing less and less for the money we give them. Furthermore, they probably don't even know that the ideas they are espousing are anarchist ones. If people want to change the world we are living in they will inevitably have to let go of their attachment to the idea that we 'need' leaders and governments of any kind. These institutions are the problem, not the solution. People have to make up their mind one way or another.
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