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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have known about this phenomena for years and could not for the life of me remember what the name was. I noticed this deceitful practice years ago on Amazon when they have a particular interface when you're buying something which is designed to manipulate you into taking out an Amazon Prime subscription. Hence why I use various other online retailers if I can avoid using Amazon. It's the kind of sly, devious manipulation you would expect from multi-billion dollar companies.
  2. Great film. The "you are receiving this broadcast as a dream" scene is genuinely unsettling. As supernatural horrors go, this one got under my skin more than most I can think of.
  3. Technically there's close to 8 billion of them, but 99.9% of those refuse to own that part of themselves so...
  5. All of this, and yet you're the one who cannot formulate a response without launching various personal ad hominem attacks against my character. I am not oblivious to anything. Besides, even if all of your judgments of me were correct, I'm still in the right to admonish baby killing. Because I actually have a moral compass.
  6. I'm not "deciding" for anyone. I'm expressing an opinion. I haven't forcibly tried to prevent women from entering into abortion clinics, nor have I stood outside of one with a placard, shouting abuse. I've never tried to stop anyone. It's a thread, people debate. This forum is full of debates. Everyone debates hoping they will be able to change each others minds, otherwise why would they bother debating? I am not interested in playing devil's advocate for killing babies, why would I? As for the video, the reason you have an issue with that is because you know it makes every pro-choicer look terrible. It displays carnage, and you know that makes the pro-abortion camp look like ruthless barbarians. The video stays. I'll post some more, if you like. Also, I am not the one who needs to "weigh up multiple viewpoints" because my viewpoint is harm-free, violence-free, peaceful, respects the value of life, and is pacifistic. Yours sees the greatest and most magnificent species which ever existed binned in a dumpster. Those are facts, deal with it.
  7. I'll argue selectively and only address certain points you've made, whilst ignoring others entirely, because that's the strategy you've adopted. This ^^ is a misrepresentation of your stance on this matter. You're trying to make it seem as though you're playing devils advocate for women who seek abortions out of compassion, rather than out of some kind of personal agenda, or because you're projecting your own stuff onto that group. At least I was honest enough to be upfront about my infertility. At least I put all of my cards on the table. You should try it. This is genuinely interesting. I have a pretty strong case of complex PTSD and vacillate back and forth between complete numbness and extreme emotional dysregulation. You are, as far as I can tell, not in that position, and talk as though you are closer to "normality" yet when I look at images of aborted fetuses, I feel unimaginably sick, upset, sad, horrified, depressed. You look at it and reach the conclusion that this carnage is necessary. Have you considered analyzing that? Let me save you the bother: it's enculturation. "Society" says it's acceptable, therefore you attune to what "society" says. Only those in the Theta brainwave state can be active participants in enculturation. Theta brainwave = unconscious. Fuck you. You don't know me. It is true that I see people's "shadow". That's just an inevitable side-effect of being an outsider my entire life. Would you like a little snapshot of my childhood? I couldn't count the number of adults who had seen me naked by the age of ten. I had things done to me your brain couldn't begin to imagine, so watch your fucking mouth. I'm well aware I come across as edgy and argumentative - so would anyone who had walked the road I've walked. I'm not sorry in the slightest so if you think accusing me of being a big meanie is going to silence me, think again. It was worth waiting the ten weeks to post this reply.
  8. I've been down at 22 before but have experienced 6. I'd have to go back a few years to remember anything above 6.
  9. Vaccines are one of these topics designed to divide harshly, and paint a target on the backs of those whom oppose them. It's mind control par excellence; anyone who doesn't have one is a "selfish, bad person" who is a danger to those around them, hence why so-called Christians, Jews, Jehovah's witnesses and even some so-called Vegans abandon their principles by having this Convid vaccine - because even being a hypocrite is better than being thought of as "bad". Human beings have an in-built need to see themselves as "good". There's dark and light in all of us.
  10. Most aspects of our culture are pantomime. It wouldn't surprise me if he knew that his premiership was going to end this way before he even became prime minister. Politics is just a pantomime being played out to prevent the masses from seeing who is really running the world.
  11. This can pretty much be reversed. Yep, you've kind of answered your own question. But really, think tanks are a fascinating subject. Just like armoured military vehicles, they are capable of driving straight over the top of people. I was thinking about some of this today. Places like the Tavistock Institute literally create paradigms. I don't think most people even realize how much of our so-called reality is psy-op. Virtually everything which is ubiquitous is a psyop. It was shaped by social engineers. War, television, technology addiction. Nobody knows how deep the rabbit hole goes.
  12. Good debate. I have nothing to add as I think both sides of the argument have validity.
  13. I'm pretty sure that would catch on in this day and age TBH.
  14. You are 100% correct. The armpits produce pheromones which assist the process of attracting a partner. My research tells me that it also assists in finding the correct partner, as in, someone who is well matched to you. Of course, for pheromones to work, the person has to be nude, too. So clothes plus deodorant obscure a natural part of human bonding. Also, most deodorants are toxic. They contain aluminum and other chemicals, and these chemicals go into one of the most porous areas of the body. That being said, if you don't care about finding a partner, Pitrok is a reasonable alternative.
  15. There were some positives. As a result of fewer cars on the road and less people around, wildlife in certain areas adjusted in the first six months. Near where I live, otter populations began wandering freely in certain urban areas. I would be happy if cars were uninvented and we went back to horse and cart, personally.
  16. Ethel


    No worries. When the time is right, you'll find time.
  17. Ethel


    Since this section is for personal solutions, I thought this would be the appropriate place to signpost a form of art therapy known as 'Neurographica'. I had this recommended to me recently and it was very useful to me, as well as being an enjoyable and creative way to spend time. It requires no artistic talent whatsoever, in fact if you are a person, like myself, who feels quite creatively blocked, it is ideal. Anyone can do it. This is a form of art therapy which can help people with a wide variety of problems ranging from depression to anxiety, PTSD and others. It's efficacy relates to it being a mindfulness, meditative and intentional process. Here are a couple of videos on the subject which will explain in greater depth how to get started. I hope some people on this forum will be helped by this. Have fun.
  18. My favorite film ever. Really captures the imagination.
  19. This is sad. Poor child - his biggest crime is being incarnated into a family of cold-blooded Reptilian overlords and you're writing the poor little mite off as the fucking Devil. WTAF
  20. Last night, I was contemplating the topic of removing obstacles to further awakening, i.e. attachments, coping mechanisms etc. I am struggling to remove certain attachments from my life.


    When I went to sleep I had a dream about Hindu God Ganesha Chathurthi (Ganesh). 


    Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.


    If you think this is a coincidence, I have some fantastic seafront property in Switzerland you may be interested in.

    1. DaleP


      That is a good omen.

    2. Ethel


      I know right?


  21. If I had to guess, I'd say it's either about personal identity (ego), or reincarnation, since both have been described as traps before. I personally really hope it's the latter. A book discussing the theory that we are being sent here to provide loosh to malevolent ETs is long overdue.
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