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  1. In actual fact if you want the vulnerable truth I was just trying to make conversation. I am attempting to be more sociable towards my fellow human beings. Connect in a way... whatever, I dunno.
  2. Cool, yeah I was just wondering how @TheConsultant knew. Whether it was a guess or otherwise
  3. Yes, this is a very serious issue and has been since the second half of 2020. I go on a lot of walks; canals, beaches, woodland etc and the number of discarded masks I see is considerable. It gives you quite a clear insight into the level of consciousness which many in the world still possess and... it ain't pretty.
  4. How do you know this? Did you guess or have you experienced it?
  5. Jerry Sadowitz' recent show at the Edinburgh festival has been cancelled because the show apparently contained "offensive material", which is rather like cancelling water for being wet. https://www.theweek.co.uk/arts-life/957656/should-edinburgh-fringe-have-cancelled-jerry-sadowitz
  6. I just received my gas bill from May - August. For the privilege of using hot water once a day to wash my dishes I will now have to shell out £34. I am tired of these thieving wankers. I have a dream. My dream is to see every man, woman and child dedicate their life to finding ways to outsmart the fucking cunts who run the energy companies. Here is my plan: 1.) Wash my dishes in cold water. 2.) Continue to shower every morning in cold water, possibly right up to the winter 3.) Refrain from using my central heating right up until around the middle of December 4.) Continue to switch my fridge off at night for around eight hours 5.) Only use one lamp in my living room at night, as opposed to the four I used to use 6.) Only use my washing machine once a week 7.) Make more meals which require little to no cooking 8.) Work towards having a fast day once or possibly even two days out of the week 9.) Continue switching off several switches in the mains electricity box as often as possible 10.) Keep kettle use to a minimum 11.) Spend my time in my only carpeted room in winter, and only use the radiator in that room 12.) Continue to make sure all switches are off at the mains, as often as possible. 13.) Minimize hoovering We need to send these motherfuckers a clear message. If enough people cut right the fuck back, these companies will experience a drop in profits.
  7. Have you met him then? I haven't. Lets say your right. Consider this: just because Satan is androgynous doesn't mean androgyny is Satanic. There are two very clear lines of thought in this thread and in society in general which I feel I must highlight, because there is a lot of contradiction in it. On the one hand there is a line of thinking that it is sad that a "normal, healthy child" would be allowed to go under the scalpel, and have private parts altered, that it would be a travesty and is mutilation. For what it's worth, I agree. The thought of little children having these creepy surgeries and puberty blockers is unimaginably heartbreaking to me. However, juxtaposed to this there is another narrative; the one you have just highlighted; That naturally-occurring androgyny is evil, satanic, problematic and something which must be fixed at all costs. And this, I cannot agree with. I would encourage all who read this thread to contemplate this subject more deeply. I do not agree that Intersex people/Hermaphrodites are evil, satanic, or the result of environmental pollution. Your proposition is untenable when you consider that hermaphrodites have been around since at least 6000 BC. They are mentioned in the Nag Hammadi texts, for goodness sake. What possible environmental factors or birth defect that exists today could have been around that many thousands of years ago? They are simply people who, in evolutionary terms, are as yet undifferentiated. That is my theory, anyway. Calling that Satanic is like calling a toddler Satanic because they can't participate in the London marathon. As I have said, I have lots of perspectives on this subject I can offer people on this forum, but I am not sure I am the best person to do it because I tend to get quite passionate about my beliefs and then my emotions become totally dysregulated and I end up with sleepless nights aplenty. However, I will, as a final contribution to this thread, leave you with something interesting to consider. I recently read a magazine article about the Transgender actress/model April Ashley, who was considered to be the UK's first transgender woman. In the article, this person said something particularly interesting about how, as a teenager, despite being a male, he failed to develop any muscle mass or facial hair, and had a generally feminine look. To me, this sounded like a difference in sexual development (DSD), so I decided to do further research. I could not acquire a copy of April Ashley's biography anywhere on the Internet, because it was either out of stock or priced ridiculously highly. Finally, I tracked down a copy to the National Library of Scotland and sure enough. April Ashley was not a "normal" male to begin with, April Ashley was an Intersex person/hermaphrodite, with Klinefelter's syndrome. The same was also true of Lili Elbe (the subject of the film 'The Danish Girl') and a whole host of others whom I researched. In short, what I am essentially saying to you is that I have a theory that probably a significant percentage of adults who were/are considered transgender are actually Intersex. These are two entirely separate things. These people are being offered an appealing quick fix for the angst they feel and it is instead a fast track to self-mutilation and suppression of the self. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that there are now lots of children going down this path. That's a process known as 'enculturation' and it is a sadly unavoidable process - children always attune to zeitgeists before anyone else because they are in the theta brainwave state for the first ten or so years of their life, so effortlessly "attune" to the prevalent culture into which they are born. Also, to address an earlier point in this thread which a couple of people picked up on, most people are unaware of their neuroses regarding being masculine or feminine enough. These neuroses form a part of both the individual and collective unconscious. They are a result of the socialization process and need not necessarily relate to body. Many women, for example, are unable to express anger properly or at all because our socialization process frowns upon anger in women far more than in men. Men who have short penises, lower than average height, muscle mass or body hair also have huge neuroses. I could go on forever listing these neuroses, quite frankly, but I won't. Transgenderism isn't just a psy-op, it's also an expression of our collective unconscious.
  8. Apart from the doctors who force surgeries upon them to normalize them , the parents who request those surgeries , the people in ancient Sumeria, Greece and Rome who used to drown them, and the millions of people all of the world who know that the medical profession forces surgeries upon those people and silently support it, nobody. I'm guessing the majority of people in this thread are opposed to Transgender surgeries but would, if pressed, support surgeries carried out on Intersex people/hermaphrodites. Just my opinion, but that doesn't sit well with me.
  9. Nothing. I was being flippant out of frustration because I have a lot of perspectives on this subject that I feel unable to share here. Never mind.
  10. I agree with a lot of what you've said , particularly the last part, regarding reproduction, but on the rare occasions that I hear someone talking about hermaphroditism, and I listen to the vernacular used, it becomes very clear to me that the average person is completely unconscious, relative to that subject. The terms; "deformed", "defective", "disordered" are bandied about liberally, despite the fact that there are numerous differences in sexual development in which the persons bodily functioning isn't even affected by their sexual difference. In short, the fixation for the average person is on the person's differences pertaining to masculinity and femininity. When I consider that I have never in my life met one single person who didn't have at least some insecurities relating to whether they are masculine or feminine enough, it becomes crystal clear to me that the way the average person views "hermaphrodites" is riddled with psychological projection, i.e. when someone views the bodies of hermaphrodites as a problem which needs to be fixed, they are unconsciously judging incongruences in their own masculinity or femininity.
  11. The irony of this post is that there are men who have testicular cancer facing shortages of synthetic testosterone.., because all of the supplies are being given to trangender people. There are people with actual medical conditions requiring either synthetic estrogen or testosterone who are now unable to get easy access to these meds because the supplies are being plundered by these people. But y'know, lets focus on the important stuff. Like what someone looks like.
  12. I realized today there is absolutely nothing that human beings say or do any more which surprises me. And this is included. A mass murderer has an "honour" bestowed upon him by a reptilian overlord? Meh Someone whose orders led to the murder, mutilation and death of thousands of innocent civilians is to be made a knight of the realm in a "civilized" country? Ho-hum. Just another day in this insane hell-hole. Part of Blair's legacy:
  13. I added a "laugh" reaction to your post, not because it's funny, but because it's now the first post I've ever seen on this forum which now has every reaction.
  14. There are a few threads here on reincarnation being a trap, maybe a mod could merge them?
  15. Okay... here are some questions to test this theory. 1.) Where and how did the Beatles find this Doppelganger on a planet of, at that time 3.5 billion people? 2.) Why not just announce Paul's death? 3.) Where are the testimonials from people whom met both "Pauls"? 4.) Was Linda McCartney (then Eastman) in on the switch? 5.) Were the original McCartney's family in on it? 6.) Are the replacement McCartney's family "in on it"? 7.) And doctors, dentists etc? 8.) What are the odds, roughly, of finding a doppelganger for someone whom also sounds identical to them on record, and also happens to be a musician? Give me mathematical odds, please!
  16. This simply isn't true of McCartney or Harrison. Paul McCartney's basslines on the White Album, Abbey Road and Let it Be were among some of his best. The bassline on "I want you (she's so heavy) is absolutely incredible. McCartney could also play drums, guitar, piano and ukulele. George Harrison was also an above average lead guitarist in the Beatles latter years. John Lennon I admit was better known for his lyrics and persona than his musicianship. Ringo... Um, okay.
  17. Long term Beatles fan here. I like the Faul theory but I don't buy a word of it. Allusions have made to Paul's face becoming thinner sometime around the late sixties. The Beatles were already millionaires many times over by this point, so I would posit that Macca got dentures around this time; it is a well-established fact that getting dentures slims the face right down. Many famous people get dentures, mainly because they look better than the real thing, in many cases.
  18. I had that too! I was like five or something, and the instructions were more like something for a ten year old.
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