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  1. This is sad. Poor child - his biggest crime is being incarnated into a family of cold-blooded Reptilian overlords and you're writing the poor little mite off as the fucking Devil. WTAF
  2. Last night, I was contemplating the topic of removing obstacles to further awakening, i.e. attachments, coping mechanisms etc. I am struggling to remove certain attachments from my life.


    When I went to sleep I had a dream about Hindu God Ganesha Chathurthi (Ganesh). 


    Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.


    If you think this is a coincidence, I have some fantastic seafront property in Switzerland you may be interested in.

    1. DaleP


      That is a good omen.

    2. Ethel


      I know right?


  3. If I had to guess, I'd say it's either about personal identity (ego), or reincarnation, since both have been described as traps before. I personally really hope it's the latter. A book discussing the theory that we are being sent here to provide loosh to malevolent ETs is long overdue.
  4. I couldn't agree more, I have gained access to certain insights I never would have acquired if I had been in with the in crowd. Whatever that mean.
  5. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I have never felt a sense of "belonging" anywhere, even in my own family. I have occasionally observed similar phenomena in others; people I knew in the past, one particular "spiritual teacher" I follow on youtube who claims to not belong anywhere, but for the most part, people fit into groups by suppressing aspects of themselves which would be considered unacceptable to the group. There really isn't much more to it than that. It's why cognitive dissonance and a scaled down version of multiple personality disorder is so common in people; they have to be inauthentic in order to retain a comfortable level of social approval. True integrity and true individuality come at a huge price and it isn't a price that most people are interested in paying.
  6. He told us; he is in touch with the "Oversoul". That'll stop us arguing with him!
  7. Great stuff. Possibly the most vague statement ever in the history of our species, followed by: Okay then. I'll just take your word for it, even though I am 99.9999% convinced that virtually everything is the result of nurture, rather than nature. But that's okay, because, y'know, you won't be responding to this, so it won't matter if I disagree with you. Thanks for the insight.
  8. It's always unfortunate when people lump paedophilia in with things like homosexuality; given that one involves sex between two consenting adults and the other involves non-consensual sexual contact towards a child. There isn't just a distinction; there's a gargantuan great chasm between the two things.
  9. They haven't gone, they've mostly just become unconscious. The PTB go through various different groups of people in society, temporarily placing that group in a media spotlight and telling everyone else that they "must" respect, if not revere, that group, and because of enculturation, most people will fall in line with it because most human beings dislike the emotion of shame. Our society, demands fake enlightenment because it's a fake society and because real enlightenment takes hard work. The acceptance is not genuine, it is fake, like a child dressing up in Mummy and Daddy's clothing. True acceptance of others requires hard, gritty, shadow work and facing things about yourself that may sometimes leave you feeling like less of a person. Most people haven't got the guts for it. We are all prejudiced. So to address your question again: misogyny and homophobia are still alive and well. They didn't disappear; people just relegated them to an already considerable collective unconscious.
  10. Unless it is someone you know, who keeps some animals on their land, and you've personally observed the animals, and how they are treated, it pretty much is that way. If you can find a local egg supplier in your area supplying supposedly organic and "ethical" eggs, ask them what they do with the male baby chicks. I have been trying to find a local supplier in my area so I could ask them myself but haven't managed to track any down. If you manage it, post the answer here please. As for the industry itself, they throw live baby chicks into a meat grinder. Do you want to see some videos? And the meat industry is worse. If you have some image in your mind of animals being given a humane death, lovingly rocked to sleep by some benign Samaritan, think on. The animal agriculture industry provides jobs for, best case scenario, people with no morals, and worse case scenario, psychopaths. Well, if you're going to try and play the "humane slaughter" card, don't. There's no such thing, it's an oxymoron, like "dry rain" or "cold fire". A simple truth, and I don't need to belabor it. There aren't any animals bred for slaughter dying peaceful deaths. Even if it's just someone in their garden, there's still death. Hens apparently get attached to their eggs. I have no idea what you're talking about. I read someone in this forum someone claiming that Vegans struggle to get vitamin b12 in their diet. There are several sources of b12; off the top of my head, various fortified milks, various fortified cereals, Marmite and Brewers yeast. Failing that, a person can go to their doctor and have it injected into them. There are other sources too. Can I also add: when people are in a state of denial, they purposefully make non-arguments to try and enrage/confound/gaslight their opponent in a debate. It's an unconscious manipulation tactic. I'm not falling for it, I've seen it before and it's sly. Nobody in this forum is a total moron so I cannot defend people making moronic arguments. I'm assuming you're unaware that male baby chicks are thrown into a meat grinder, (again, videos available on request) or that bees have their wings ripped off in honey production. Either way, they're both theft. Honey is useful. In a doomsday scenario, I'd eat it, but we're not in a doomsday scenario - yet. The Vegetarian and Vegan agendas, in terms of recognisable popularity, are less than a century old. Meat eating, (de facto satanism) goes back thousands of years and came from the same manipulators which go all the way back to Annunaki. Bugs are alive, they are creatures, so no Vegan or Vegetarian would be interested in that. That particular agenda, if it does in fact come to fruition, is about degradation and cost effectiveness more than anything else. In truth, there's probably quite a high protein and fiber content in a lot of insects, but again, no Vegan or Veggie would touch them. You could defend the killing of animals but baulk at killing insects?! It depends on the person. I'm of the opinion that if someone had the "right" psychology they probably could eat carcass and not suffer too much as a result of it. However, for the majority of us, putting the energy of death into our body is not going to benefit us spiritually. If you wonder what I mean, consider the experiments of Masaru Emoto. They are spoken about a lot on this forum. Everything has an energy. When an animal is murdered, it's flesh retains that energy, and a human who eats it's flesh then puts that exact energy into his or her body. The energy of suffering, despair, being forsaken. Your dark overlords are laughing at who they can manipulate and into what. I acknowledge that Veganism is being pushed into the Zeitgeist. All those fake meats are probably iffy. This has nothing to do with true Veganism; healthy fruit, Vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains etc. I'm not responding to this thread again. I won't have long drawn out debates. After the defender of baby killers in the abortion thread misrepresented my character and accused me of being a big meanie who just refuses to get along with people for the sake of it, I decided I'm not having long debates any more. They were partly right; I do see what is unconscious in most people. I see it very quickly. It is an unfortunate side effect of being an outsider all my life and incapable of becoming part of group identities. If you have a group identity, you have blind spots. This group is full of Conservative types who hold themselves back from investigating things like Anarchy or Veganism because they consider those things too "lefty". Their loss.
  11. What I'm hearing in this thread is "I enjoy X, therefore X is harmless". This is not logic. When I first became a tinfoil hat, I assumed other tinfoil hats would be able to spot denial to the same extent I can. This was an incorrect assumption. The widespread promotion of Veganism may indicate that the PTB have something to gain from large numbers of people going Vegan, but this doesn't mean that forcing animals to lie in their own mess, kicking them repeatedly, hitting them with crowbars and then violently slitting their throats isn't a holocaust. Are you happy to fund this? Do you want to be one of the retards who denies it's happening?
  12. I experienced SP as a child on several occasions. Something from the Astral was pursuing me. I "woke up" in my bedroom and could sense a presence which wasn't very nice. I could not move, and when I tried to scream my vocal chords were frozen. As someone else in the thread said, SP can normally correlate to trauma. The 5th dimension (Astral Realm) is crawling with demonic entities. In general they behave malevolently towards humans. Detach from the belief they can harm you, and increase the practice of questioning thoughts because these entities can implant thoughts. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=31006268184&cm_sp=Searchmod-_-NullResults-_-BDP
  13. You basically have to run through various different types of food and eliminate them from your diet one by one, individually, in order to ascertain which it is which is causing the skin condition. If the removal of any of them does not cause the skin condition to recede, there's another cause. Stress, probably. edit: just realized this thread is a year old
  14. I developed psoriasis of the scalp over the past two years. I use coal tar shampoo and it keeps it at bay but only treats it superficially as it keeps returning. As people move through the awakening process, a variety of skin conditions and/or intolerances to various foods can result. It is frustrating and can even be debilitating. Sorry for your experience. It could be something in your diet, perhaps try a bunch of food intolerance tests?
  15. Interesting. Alan Carr was the guy who wrote one of the best selling books on stopping smoking, and you have a gif of someone smoking a cigarette. What's the message?
  16. People get illnesses because they don't look after themselves properly. I literally have to be in the depths of the most extreme despair or powerlessness before I get even so much as a sniffle. This says a lot to me about how unconscious the masses are that they regularly get things like flu and other garbage illnesses. People talk about illness like it's just a normal part of life, with no causes. Change your terrible beliefs about human health. Eat organic, healthy food. Stop identifying with garbage beliefs the MSM drum into your brain; this shit isn't rocket science.
  17. White flour stores the longest. There is something in wholemeal flour, or wholemeal anything, that makes it rot quicker. I'm not sure if you know or not, but the white flour's shelf life is improved by storing it firstly in an airtight glass jar, but also by placing a silica gel packet in the jar with it. This absorbs moisture, so reduced the growth of bacteria.
  18. How does a man being disappointed at not getting sex justify killing babies? This still doesn't make sense. Lets suppose the man doesn't find out in this lifetime that he has created a child, which is the likely scenario, since he is a rapist. There IS NO REWARD. Are you suggesting that he would feel rewarded from a spiritual perspective? Because if you are, I think you're a bit off the mark there. I think his main focus as a soul will be the fact that he's a rapist, not that he's created a child he should not and will in all likelihood never see. You're still ignoring the fact that in all likelihood, he will never know, from his human perspective. You appear to be alluding to the fact that the average person appears preoccupied with "immortality" through reproduction. I acknowledge that is a reality. I don't acknowledge that someone can be rewarded by something they in all likelihood will know nothing about. You cannot win a debate by arguing something as silly as this. I don't have a "narrow definition" of rape - don't straw man me. It's you that has a ridiculously broad definition of rape which you appear to have extended so widely that you are now including scenarios in which a woman puts out because the man in her life will be disappointed if she doesn't. What next? The idea that a woman will be unable to look at the child without being reminded of the rape is provably untrue; there are real life examples which disprove it. Also, the child is not just a product of rape, it's so much more than that. Also, I can't even fathom the cretin-like mentality which would cause someone to find it difficult to love a child because they are the product of rape. If anything they are in desperate need of love because of what they are - instead you prefer the route of them ending up mutilated and dead in a dumpster. Nice. I acknowledge that some emotional responses are conditioned. This isn't one of them. There are mountains of evolutionary psychology to support the notion that we have evolved to protect children, including babies. These are babies, not "fetuses" or "embryos"; they are babies. It is our instinct to protect babies. Take a look at the difference between how you view an unborn baby which is wanted and one which is unwanted. The irony is, you've pointed out that people's emotions can be affected by social and cultural conditions but have spectacularly failed to spot that even entertaining the notion that baby killing is acceptable in any circumstance is a socially and culturally created perception. "Society says" it is acceptable, so you and others defend it. I wonder how liberal you would be if I started defending school shooters, on the ground that they're just "letting off steam"? You wouldn't defend that particular behaviour because "society says" that is completely unacceptable under any circumstances. Your morality isn't innate; you have it tube fed to you via the mainstream media. For the most part, no they wouldn't and secondly in many cases, yes they do. Also, I've personally known two people who had them. One was led to that decision by her Mother - who made her do it. The other was irresponsible. I turned against neither because of what they did. In wider society it's people like myself who are witch-hunted for their views so this argument has no weight. It's considered far more fashionable nowadays to defend baby killing than it is to condemn it. In other words, you didn't watch it. This isn't what often leads to it. The woman getting pregnant as a result of rape is an uncommon scenario. The more common scenario is that the woman forgot to take a pill or didn't ask the man to wear a condom, and decides (selfishly) that a crying baby doesn't fit in with her lifestyle. The main one of which is irresponsibility/entitlement. It isn't for you because you haven't watched it. Prove me wrong and describe the exact contents of it. Then we can further explore your somatic reactions to what you have seen. Of all the dishonest things you have said, this is the worst. In no way, shape or form is "intelligence" a part of defending the decision to kill a baby. It's pure moral relativism and nothing else. If you listen to some of Mark Passio's podcasts in which he mentions moral relativism, and then meditate on it a bit, you will begin to understand that the average person doesn't form their so-called morality autonomously or organically. It is prescribed to them, via mainstream media, peer groups, or Hollywood movies. That isn't true morality. Someone like myself who had an abortion would suffer for years afterwards, if not forever. Abortion isn't a necessity because of domineering men, because there are other options. The financial assistance aspect is fixable, and our society could fix such an issue relatively easily but chooses not to because killing babies is a multi billion pound industry globally. I don't see how a judgmental public make abortion necessary? Explain please. With all of that being said, you have dishonestly portrayed the circumstances which lead to abortion occurring. You argue very dishonestly. You paint some sad picture in which wearied, downtrodden women who are otherwise responsible citizens are impregnated against their will by men or are destitute and unable to access options, like some scullery maid living in Tudor times. Bunk. The primary reality is that we live in a society centered around convenience, and we have created a population so utterly jaded and disconnected from their true self that they would rather pay another human being to kill their child than find other options.
  19. They're the purest honeys and syrups I could get, mostly. Those two last pretty much forever so it's all good. Tinned goods: mackerel, various types of bean, a few tinned veg, a few tinned fruit. Spam; even though I don't eat meat, it last 15 years or more in the tin so if the world falls to pieces I'd eat it.
  20. My preparation is not just geared towards a generalized food shortage scenario, but any 'SHTF' scenario. I have a large amount of long-lasting tinned goods, coconut oil, honey, maple syrup, rice, flour, bottled water (in glass bottles), Himalayan salt, soy sauce, ghee, dried milk, beans, oats. I also have a good supply of non food items which will be useful, such as candles, matches, lantern fluid, soap, toilet rolls. I am working on some barter items, probably booze. Also, I fast regularly, so that helps.
  21. From a spiritual perspective it is incontrovertible; adding being aborted on top of being the product of rape will massively slow that soul's spiritual evolution. I can personally confirm that experiencing multiple traumas within a short time frame whilst unable to process traumas efficiently absolutely causes lasting damage. If you were to ask me to financially support a charity which was set up to support women who experience unwanted pregnancy, particularly women who have been raped, I would do so. I would volunteer for such a charity. IMO our government should prioritize this and make the organization publicly funded, but instead they would rather allow people to kill and/or butcher children on the NHS with the horrors of abortion and circumcision. The money is clearly there, so why not just channel it in a different direction? I shall tell you why, I will tell you all why: Because it's just another part of the Satanic agenda which is controlling our planet. Abortion, circumcision, War... it's the creation and harnessing of terrible energy by the vampires who run this world. So very sad. I can empathize with women who were raped. I don't want to keep harping on this, but I have survived abuse. They need and deserve help, but at the end of the day, when it comes to bringing a life into the world, a woman is actually just a conduit. I don't mean that disrespectfully. Childbirth is an amazing miracle. But two human beings have God aspects they aren't the whole creation. There is a separate individuated soul within their baby, and the parents have a moral and spiritual responsibility to try and safeguard that soul's journey into the world - no matter what. Let us create a society which is more compassionate towards helping these women in every way we can.
  22. Funnily enough this exact scenario applied to one of the only two women I've personally know who had them. And for that, a baby dies. 60 million babies in America alone since Roe vs Wade. This is a literal holocaust. Because people "forget" to be responsible adults.
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