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  1. Lol! This guy's music fucking cracks me up.
  2. I have been reading David's most recent book, 'The Trap', and he expands upon his theme that he believes that the Transgender agenda is intended to steer humans towards a place of androgyny. I am not sure I agree with him I recently met a transgender person at a art class I go to and they began talking to me about a few things. This person was "female to male"; the less common kind. I will say "she" because that was the 'vibe' I got. She has said quite a few things about her transition which were quite telling. I could not help but notice that she had very large feet for a woman, size 10.5. I happened to comment that I like to wear walking boots a lot because of how comfortable they are and it became clear that she had experienced genuine discomfort in the face of being a female with large feet and declared that it was "impossible" to find women's shoes in such a large size. She was a little taller than average and had average sized breasts, and a fairly androgynous face. It was clear from what she was saying that the way she felt about her body had in large part motivated her decision to "transition". If you look at the actual logic here it is quite interesting. It goes: I am not conventionally feminine looking, therefore... I should take dangerous synthetic testosterone, have my breasts cut off and probably be sterilized too. This is literally the logic. She spoke about highly stereotyped male behaviours like growing facial hair, behaving in macho ways etc. She was clearly someone whom had culturally absorbed many of the culturally prescribed ideas about gender from the habitus into which she was born. But isn't this something that a lot of transgender people actually have in common with the rest of the population? Many of the adults doing this see themselves as somehow inadequate or flawed as the gender they are and this is what motivates them to try and be the opposite. My point is, maybe if we had a society which loosened up it's very rigid beliefs about masculinity and femininity we wouldn't have scenarios in which an otherwise healthy woman seeks out mutilating surgeries because she happens to have large feet. I am not suggesting that having large feet was her only motivation but she did generally seem to be of the general view that not looking like Nefertiti must somehow be overwhelming evidence that she was "meant" to be a man. I wonder what percentage of Transgender adults this dynamic applies to?
  3. In certain bars in certain cities I have heard it said that you can pay a fiver or more per pint now. Makes me glad I don't frequent pubs much any more!
  4. Easily one of my favourite bands ever. I saw them live in 2017, they were a dream come true.
  5. I haven't been wasted since my Sister's wedding in 2016. One drink and I'd probably be horizontal
  6. I used to overdo it, and have been teetotal for about five years. I suppressed it, unfortunately. I can almost feel myself slipping into the "fight response" when I'm around drunk people
  7. You must be psychic, I was thinking about this just today. It says a lot about humanity at this point in time that people would grieve the loss of places where people pay money to drink poison. Also, I find it genuinely traumatic to be around drunk people nowadays. There seems to be a trait in many drinkers that they wish to drag everyone else down to their level, or else insult and shout at those of us who wish to remain tee-total. Yeah, what a miserable stick in the mud!
  8. Tell her she has impeccable taste in music.
  9. Wow, Fluke. Have you been raiding my music collection?
  10. Yeah, astonished is the right word. I had somehow got the idea in my head that only a tiny number of people engage in those behaviors so I was pretty surprised over the past two years to see just how common it is.
  11. Like you, my political views could be said to span a large part of the political spectrum. I even have some Anarchist views. I figured out recently that it isn't possible to put all of your eggs in one basket, politics wise, and actually maintain any kind of logic, because both the liberal and conservative ideologies are designed to contain contradictions within them. So, "Liberals" like to talk of the value of life and defend the human rights of various "oppressed" groups but completely dehumanize pre-birth human babies with almost psychopathic ruthlessness. They generally tend towards Veganism, but promote abortion. They generally would tend to oppose the death penalty, but promote abortion, and so on. "Conservatives" will oppose abortion in one breath, but promote the death penalty or try to justify certain wars in the next breath. They will enjoy promoting the human rights of unborn babies but promote the idea that reducing the slaughter of trillions of animals worldwide on an annual basis is some kind of leftist fad, or worse still, a plan to destroy the livelihoods of farmers. I am descended from farmers, I've witnessed how casually they betray their own animals. Let them switch to crop farming. My views are reasonably consistent. This is where having difficulty "fitting in" to society can actually benefit you because you don't fully attune to any particular group, therefore you are able to see the vast web of logical fallacies holding their ideologies together. "Fitting in" can actually damage a person's integrity because they develop enormous blind spots relative to their in-group's set of values.
  12. You need to see this from "their" mindset. When us little folks protest, "they" laugh. The find it funny, it's like entertainment to them.
  13. "We" did, because "we" are still of a mindset that we "need" a government who repeatedly assfuck us. When people evolve to the point that they stop disowning their personal power we'll no longer be subjected to be being treated like pond scum any more. They can and they will, and all of this is simply a prelude to Universal Basic Income and the social credit system, which will bring with them a whole new set of problems. We should have been doing this decades ago, given that energy companies charge us for a natural resource. Gas and electricity are natural resources. They belong to everyone. It's like me walking up to someone, placing duct tape over their nose and mouth, then demanding that they pay me 20 quid to remove the tape so that they can breathe oxygen. Can someone please explain to me why I have to pay a £30 standing charge to a gas company when I use literally no fucking gas? Introduce Universal Basic Income, of course. Or some other "solution" which has horrible consequences for humanity. That's what happens when you keep giving your power away, folks. None of this should even be an issue. Nikola Tesla came up with a plan for free energy back in 1931 through harnessing the earth's electromagnetic energy. And here we are, nearly a hundred years later, paying money for two natural resources which belong to everyone so that billionaires can continue being billionaires and the rest of us little people can keep enabling them. It's pathetic really.
  14. Interesting perspective. I knew that Google could make it difficult to find certain websites but I didn't know they could make it impossible. Also, as regards the Turkish barber thing, I've wondered about that phenomenon myself. In my hometown, which is very small, there are two Turkish barbers. Also on one street, there is a Turkish bakery, a Barbers, and a flower shop all run by Turkish people, all side by side.
  15. Agreed. the differences are numerous. And the difference between doing research back in the early 2000's and research now is like night and day. I can remember I used to occasionally find some really interesting and esoteric stuff. I miss those days. Now if you're researching particular subjects you get crap like wikipedia or Web MD - as if they'll tell you hard truths.
  16. Come to think of it, I've seen it happen myself, I just can't remember where
  17. Icke hasn't been wrong about much. We appear to be well on track for the Universal basic income. The average person now perceives a "cost of living crisis", there are multiple strikes, we're 5 years away from U.B.I. at best. The masses will do their trademark "something must be done" routine. There were ways around it, of course, but not if you're constantly connected to the lies of the MSM 24/7. Cashless society is behind schedule IMO. I see more people using cash. I see lots of people using contactless or even smartphones, but I see enough people still using cashlines that we could be quite a few years away yet from a cashless society. 'They' won't starve us to death purely because as the old saying goes "we're only ever three meals from anarchy". Besides, any schmuck knows if you're really hungry you can eat tree bark. Or worms. Technology addiction is here to stay. I am now seeing people bordering on causing accidents because of their smartphone addictions. Expect an eventual rise in car crashes for the same reason. Censorship will be tied in with the social credit system, although we're at the point now where, even if you had free speech, most people are too numb and addicted to even hear you or give a fuck anyway. Honestly, as far as how our society is going to change, the skies the limit. Many people even in the truth community won't look at topics like SRA, even though the "upper echelons" of our society are rife with it. I'm in a particularly nihilistic and depressed mood just now. The beacon of hope is that there are still people alive and breathing who can see that the society we live in doesn't serve the best interests of humanity. I suppose that's 'good'.
  18. A while back, I had some problems with Windows 10, on one of my old laptops, and sought help via the Microsoft website, speaking to one of their tech supports. As part of the process, this guy was talking me through how to do a particular thing on my laptop, and when the problem wasn't resolved, the guy casually dropped into the conversation that he could try and fix the problem by accessing my laptop remotely. This conversation actually happened.
  19. Yep, and notice also how many of the web searches you do in Google have multi billion dollar companies as the first search result, and then the top result at the start of each new page of results. *scratches head* It's almost like there's some link between doing a google search and them promoting huge businesses...
  20. In actual fact if you want the vulnerable truth I was just trying to make conversation. I am attempting to be more sociable towards my fellow human beings. Connect in a way... whatever, I dunno.
  21. Cool, yeah I was just wondering how @TheConsultant knew. Whether it was a guess or otherwise
  22. Yes, this is a very serious issue and has been since the second half of 2020. I go on a lot of walks; canals, beaches, woodland etc and the number of discarded masks I see is considerable. It gives you quite a clear insight into the level of consciousness which many in the world still possess and... it ain't pretty.
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