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  1. If something has merit it shouldn't require any advertising to boost it's sales.
  2. " You are not to blame for bittersweet distractors"

  3. They are weak people pretending to be powerful, whereas the rest of humanity are powerful people pretending to be weak.
  4. I am seeing further evidence of how this scam is working, particularly in the bigger cities. There's slightly more leeway in the smaller towns, but in big cities, most of the big supermarkets are purposefully removing checkouts where you can pay with cash and are creating these shitty new self-service checkouts at which you can only pay with card. This is how the whole thing is being rolled out though. They're engineering a situation through blatant manipulation and are then claiming it is happening organically, and most of the general public are not aware enough to see it. It's the same with cashlines. The banks keep reducing and reducing and reducing the number of cashlines, then, when more people start using their contactless payments as a result of that, the banks say "but more people are using contactless payments instead of cash". It's like forcibly sterilizing people and then claiming: "levels of reproduction have decreased". This just makes me feel so angry. Their behaviour is so deceitful and manipulative and to think that there are millions of people who aren't seeing it makes me even angrier. People are sleepwalking into a cashless society and people like myself who value choice and freedom are getting dragged into their fucking retarded dystopian nightmare. How is that fair?
  5. This is highly significant. I have spoken elsewhere on this forum about how the two weeks following the false idol's death were a gigantic energy grab for the "royal" family and the powers that be in general. I experienced a massive energy drop one day just reading about their antics in 'The Daily Mail'. As far as being in Edinburgh whilst the royals were doing their Satanic march is concerned, I would imagine that any actual normal human beings in the vicinity probably felt half dead in the aftermath because the whole thing was undoubtedly one huge energy grab designed to siphon as much energy off the gen pop as possible. Which they willingly gave away like the dumb fucks they are, of course. I was born and raised in Edinburgh but now live not far from it in another place. I chose not to be there on the day of their Satanic rituals in the centre of Edinburgh. I stayed away and spent some time out walking in nature instead.
  6. How come I'm still alive? I set up a den with blankets and prepper supplies at the back of my sofa, trying to protect myself from the asteroid, but I guess it wasn't necessary.
  7. His right arm is out in front of him like he's holding a steering wheel. My guess would be that he used some kind of editing software to flip the video around; to disguise his dangerous behavior. Either that or he is driving a foreign vehicle. Plenty of folks in Uk have cars with steering wheels on left side. EDIT - He isn't wearing a seatbelt either!
  8. Great choices also. Two of my favorites, especially Watching The Wheels. I've been sitting listening to some of his music this evening and it has been very pleasant. :-)
  9. The more pressing issue is why this individual thinks it is in any way acceptable to be using a mobile phone whilst driving. The vehicle is moving and he isn't fully concentrating if he's fucking around on Tik Tok. Why do people think this kind of behaviour is acceptable? He should be arrested and fined. He is endangering both his life and other people's. £5000 should do it.
  10. I never suggested otherwise. I have made an appraisal of what passes for authority in this world based upon a lifetime's observation and consider it unworthy of my obedience. I don't require an authority figure to tell me the way things are, unlike most people. I'd like to clarify this point further. The point I'm essentially making about authority is that I don't believe there is anyone alive on the planet today highly evolved enough to represent everyone's best interests. A Christ like figure would be the obvious solution for humanity, but in case you hadn't noticed our current world is kind of short on those, besides which Christ actually taught people to find their own inner power. There was a bible quote to back this up, but I've forgotten it.
  11. I didn't suggest happiness, I suggested an absence of fear, the use of the words "happily going about my life" was a figure of speech; I thought people would pick up on that. I am advocating a lack of fear, or as small an amount of it as possible. And yes, if a person manages to find 100% genuine happiness in a world like this, I would consider them empowered, if intellectually challenged.
  12. You're misunderstanding the reasons I wouldn't respond to a government alert on my smartphone. You're assuming the reason would be fear or suspicion, when in actual fact it would be because I just don't like "authority" and get immense enjoyment out of not obeying their so-called orders. Fear and suspicion don't even come a distant third or fourth. They intend to capitalize upon a great window of opportunity, because they are opportunists first and foremost. Whilst most of humanity slumbers, the PTB grab more and more "power" for themselves. The onus is not on them to stop being mean people, the onus is on humanity to wake the fuck up and stop giving their power away to these in-bred cretins. Part of that involves not buying into fear any more. Look closely at the last two years. We see a sequence of news stories which have been purposefully blown up to generate maximum amounts of fear and consternation. Sadly, a certain amount of that has been created by the truth community itself. This needs to stop. See the bigger picture. We can't ever die. The seismic events which are coming and which have already happened are ongoing opportunities for humanity to say "enough is enough" and permanently sack all false idols, "governments" etc. Then kill them with kindness, I guess. We hold the balance of power, not them. I am powerful, they are weak; that's why they have to mentally enslave billions of people in order to feel powerful. It is not empowering to generate fear and anxiety. Brainstorming is useful; clickbait style thread titles and suggestions of imminent natural disasters aren't. Leave that to the BBC. Rejecting the intended direction of society is fine, but there may still come a time when the PTB get what they want. Then what? I'm not sure what you mean by this. I was literally born out of sync with society and have remained so my whole life. Everything I say is coming from the wisdom acquired through being on the outside looking in for an entire lifespan. If I see threads on here which have a scaremongering tone to them, I may or may not choose to highlight that, with no hard feelings to the forum member who posted them.
  13. So what's the prevalent theme of the thread then? "Be afraid"? Wow, that's so empowering. Today I will go about my business as happily as I can, trying to help myself as much as I can, whilst giving as little of my energy away to fear, and trying to figure out every single thing that will happen in the future, as I possibly can. Tomorrow, I will go about my business as happily as I can, trying to help myself as much as I can, whilst giving as little of my energy away to fear, and trying to figure out every single thing that will happen in the future, as I possibly can. The day after that, I will... You get the general idea. What are you going to do? Build a shelter which withstands an asteroid blast, or an ark which allows you to survive a flood? Hmm, thought not.
  14. It's a Hollywood film, I hardly think it'll be accurate. Yawn. Got some paint to watch drying.
  15. Hmm, yeah, I don't mind his comments personally but I get where you're coming from. Whenever David Icke and Alex Jones do a talk together Alex Jones never shuts the fuck up and it's infuriating.
  16. Here is another fantastic video from the 'Forever Conscious Research Channel'. This time the focus is on William Buhlman from the Monroe Institute. Absolutely vital information.
  17. Good topic. Everything has a frequency and it is very much the case that even something as seemingly innocuous as the music you listen to can impact your physiology. For me, the music which has the best impact upon me is classical; I favour piano-based music.
  18. As a follow up to my last post in this thread, here is the first of three videos on the subject of the Law Of Attraction by a guy called Mark Passio. He goes into the subject in great depth; beyond the usual banal superficial level of exploration.
  19. Is that the episode where they go to the opera? How does he get nasty? There was two episodes of that, I've seen both, but can't remember him getting nasty
  20. I have been formulating the idea for years that at least one of the root causes of these disappearances that Paulides has been researching for years is Satanic kidnappings. Based on all of what I know about both subjects, I am confident it probably accounts for at least a percentage of cases. However, I encountered this video in which Mark Passio talks about meeting Paulides and conveying this idea to him; the idea that Satanists are behind these disappearances, and apparently he straight up dismisses it, which is pretty reactionary. I mean, I have to respect the huge amount of research Paulides has done but I somehow knew, deep down, that if Paulides were ever asked if he thought Satanists had kidnapped any of these missing people, he would dismiss the idea... and I was right. I think Mark is right; "he doth protest too much". Here is the video, it starts at 1 hr 56 seconds.
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