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  1. You could try manuka honey. As the person above said, smear it on the abscess, then cover with a dressing which protects the area. Watertight dressings are best. You could get "duoderm dressings" from the doctor in the unlikely event you find one intelligent enough to support you in using treatments like Manuka honey or clay. Failing that you can buy duoderm dressings on the Internet. They aren't cheap but I can confirm they are excellent quality. Iodine dressings are another potential option. Also, abscesses generally tend to indicate weakened immune system. Acquire vitamin D and C, then consume large amounts. It is impossible to overdose on Vitamin C and very difficult to overdose on Vitamin D, especially if you get most of your vitamin D from the sun. Hope this helps.
  2. This is an understandable response. The way you are feeling is perfectly valid. Many people who learn this information will have periods of depression. I am experiencing one right now. The best response to depression is to set aside time for yourself to rest and take care of yourself.
  3. Outstanding post, and insight. This is the kind of insight this forum, and the truth movement in general desperately needs. I have an Internet dependency, and I haven't got the slightest clue what to do about it. How does one end an addiction to something they have absolutely no choice but to use? I gave up a long-term addiction to cigarettes and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I knew that it was actually within the realms of possibility that I could go the rest of my life without ever having to buy cigarettes and light one up ever again. No such guarantee exists where the Internet is concerned. How many people on this forum can honestly say, hand on heart, that they have the option of never using the Internet ever again? I can only thank God I don't have the same problem with my mobile phone. I only ever use Internet on a laptop and never fully caught the bug of using Internet on a smart phone. Plus I insist on buying cheap, low quality phones because I refuse to be sucked into that particular cult. But, try as I might, the Internet keeps calling me back. The worst behaviors are when I sit compulsively refreshing the youtube logo at the top left of it's website, to bring up a new set of recommended videos. The sad part is youtube is fucking shit now. It's been years since I saw a good documentary on it. I'm literally looking for something which isn't there. I wish I knew what the fuck to do, but thanks for highlighting the issue anyway.
  4. Slenderman by Kathleen Hale: A Commentary This book, which was published this year, provides an insight into the 2014 “Slenderman” stabbing; a crime in which two twelve-year-old girls attacked and then stabbed one of their own friends after apparently developing an unhealthy obsession with the Internet creepypasta character “Slenderman”, going on to claim that the influence of this character was pivotal in their decision to commit the crime. I have read a few sad and depressing books in my time, but there are few as sad as this, and there are almost none which are a more damning indictment of how America treats people with mental illnesses. Firstly: the basic facts of the story: In 2014, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, two twelve-year-old girls from Wisconsin USA went on a walk one day with one of their classmates, Peyton Leutner. After some deliberation, Anissa held Peyton on the ground whilst Morgan stabbed her friend 19 times. After multiple surgeries and a lengthy recovery, Payton Leutner made a full physical recovery but still lives with the trauma of what she lived through Some time later, after having been committed to a mental institution, Morgan Geyser was diagnosed with acute Schizophrenia. It was later established she had probably been born this way, something which is exceptionally rare Morgan’s parents did not know she was Schizophrenic Morgan’s Father was also diagnosed Schizophrenic At the time, Anissa Weier was diagnosed as experiencing “shared psychosis” or “folie a deux”. She was released in 2021 after seven years in a mental health facility Morgan Geyser was sentenced to 40 years to life of involuntary treatment in a mental health facility, including three years in locked confinement. She remains in Wisconsin’s Winnebago Mental Health Institute My Commentary By the time I had finished reading this book it was very clear to me that there are a lot of people in Western society who hate people with schizophrenia. This perception gradually built and built throughout the book, until eventually the book reached it’s inevitable conclusion, and I viewed both the American “justice” system and the American Mental Health system as utterly ineffectual. Although Anissa Weier was diagnosed with shared psychosis and although I probably could pass some comment on her psychopathology in this piece of writing, I have chosen instead to place the emphasis on Morgan Geyser since she was the one who carried out the actual stabbing, whilst Anissa Weier was an accomplice. More of the focus overall has been placed on Morgan Geyser. The book contains a very vivid and detailed description of the crime itself. It obviously isn’t easy reading to picture a child being stabbed 19 times. I felt physically ill and tearful. However, this simply isn’t the end of the story. The author does well to create sufficient background in which she more than adequately described how Morgan, all of 12 at the time she committed her horrific crime, spent the first 12 years of her life with seemingly permanent hallucinations. At school, Morgan was generally unpopular and was intermittently bullied, her only real friend for years being Payton Leutner, the same friend she went on to stab 19 times. To begin with, Morgan was interviewed by a police officer whose bias could not even be hidden. From the off, his interviews with Morgan were littered with prejudices, biases, misunderstandings and misconceptions, making it nigh on impossible for him to be anywhere close to impartial or rational. He later claimed that he didn’t believe Morgan to be schizophrenic at the time of being interviewed, despite her saying she didn’t really know where she was. Interview footage clearly showed Morgan looking at various things only she could see, something which the investigating officer, who repeatedly lied, was aware of. Media bias and outright dishonesty added to the general atmosphere of hatred directed towards Morgan; newspapers and TV news outlets purposefully sought, at different times, to cover up both Morgan’s age (a child) and the fact that she had lived the first 12 years of her life with an undiagnosed mental condition. Help for her schizophrenia was withheld for months after Morgan’s arrest. In the aftermath of her arrest, whilst going through her room, her parents found a University level psychology textbook. It was, needless to say, not part of her school curriculum and it became obvious to Morgan’s parents that she had been attempting to find out what was “wrong with her”, in the absence of any diagnosis or help of any kind. When eventually told by staff at the Winnebago Mental Institute that she would be receiving medication which would make the hallucinations go away, she began to cry, stating that the various characters she hallucinated, including various characters from ‘Harry Potter’ were her friends. As regards to the “hallucinations”, the character of Slenderman was one of these. I place “hallucinations” in inverted commas because I believe that the visions that schizophrenic people see belong to the Astral Realm. David Icke recently espoused this theory in “The Trap”, but he is not the first to do so. I have encountered this theory at least once before, although cannot remember where, and have believed this for many years myself. It becomes clearer and clearer as the book progresses that the American mental healthcare system is grossly out of it’s depth, especially where serious conditions like Schizophrenia are concerned. For example, the book states that Morgan, both a child and a schizophrenic, was placed in isolation for several periods whilst in the hospital. This is wrong on two separate levels; 1) she is a child and 2) she is schizophrenic, a condition which is almost certainly exacerbated by isolation and more difficult to cope with if you are isolated. No child should ever be isolated. The author places satisfactory emphasis on the fact that children’s brains are still growing at age 12 and in fact, the pre frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for impulse control, is not fully formed until a person is in their 20’s. Despite the fact that it has been conclusively proven that a person’s brain is not fully formed until their 20’s, Morgan was eventually placed on a cocktail of anti-depressants and one of the most dangerous medications there are, anti-psychotics. As the book progresses it becomes obvious that all involved consider that the objective of medical “care” for schizophrenic people should be to sedate and stall them, rather than help them have quality of life or genuine understanding of their condition. Also, Morgan’s “Intelligence” is repeatedly portrayed as dangerous, whilst some “professionals” actually gloated and seemed pleased when Morgan reported that the Anti-psychotics began to affect her cognitive functioning and intelligence negatively. Consistent lack of sympathy/empathy was shown by the American general public towards the fact that Morgan was schizophrenic, and had spent the first 12 years of her life coping with this by herself, with no help from any direction. It would make absolutely no difference whether the person we are talking about here had committed a crime or not. The American general public have little to no empathy for mental health conditions in anyone, let alone in children, and when it comes to lack of empathy for the individuals themselves I would say that schizophrenia and Autism share the top spot. I have literally never heard one single “normal” person in the Western world empathize with any person on either the Autistic or Schizophrenic spectrums, let alone any other condition. The author satisfactorily contrasts this with the massive outpouring of care towards Payton Leutner. I asked myself why it was I felt more inclined to empathize with a schizophrenic who had stabbed her own friend 19 times than I did to empathize with the actual victim of the stabbing and it was very clear to me: she needed it more. The victim of the crime had literally millions of people sending her cards and well wishes, whilst the other child, a 12 year old who had lived her entire childhood with an undiagnosed case of probably the most acute and life-changing mental health condition there is was being sent literal hatred by the American general public. I would like to ask you to imagine how you would cope under those circumstances. Imagine how you would have fared living your entire childhood hallucinating every single day of your life, sometimes in a frightening way, whilst not even having a close enough relationship with your own parents for them to know you are schizophrenic. At school, you are bullied by your peers and ostracised. I know what it is like to live with literally nobody on my side, I know how it feels. There but for the grace of God I might, on a different path, have been compelled towards committing a crime myself. I know how it feels to feel completely alone in the world with nobody fighting my corner, not even my own parents, with undiagnosed conditions. Despite what one of the prosecuting lawyers in the case said, there was not only one victim involved in this case. There were at least two. Furthermore, if it were obvious and clear that there was only one it wouldn’t need to be said. It is a testament only to the abject lack of empathy people in the Western world have towards people with neurological conditions that someone who has to live their entire childhood with a severe undiagnosed condition is considered “not a victim”. This callousness continued in the courtroom when the judge repeatedly asked Morgan, still only 12, to repeatedly recount details of the stabbing even whilst she was visibly sobbing and in a state of severe emotional distress, something which is tantamount to child abuse and further evidence of how broken Western society truly is. One witness for the prosecution after another spilled out dialogues which were clearly imbued with their own personal feelings and conjectures - something which is tolerated easily enough by society and the “justice” system if the person happens to be a medical professional. Several of these people expressed the view that people with schizophrenia should be institutionalized forever. The icing on the cake, and the most damning indictment of the attitude of America, and a large part of the Western World’s attitude towards mental health and schizophrenia in general is summed up in the following quote from the mentor of the judge who sentenced Morgan to 40 years in a mental institution, Alvin Eisenberg: “He gave her 40 years, did he? Well my God, I think that’s wonderful… We don’t need mentally ill people in society.” Conclusion Even though the story itself, and the content of the book is relentlessly depressing, the author has done an outstanding job of representing all possible angles to this case. There is no clear bias here. The damage done to Peyton Leutner and the trauma she will have to live with, probably for the rest of her life, is well documented here, as is Morgan Geyser’s history of Schizophrenia and the abject lack of advocacy and support in her life as regards her condition. The content above represents only a fraction of the content which damns the American justice system and the American mental health system. I refuse to even call what is offered to people like Morgan Geyser care. The crux of this entire issue, should you actually want that particular red pill is as follows: The western world, especially America, is still, in the 21st century, failing people with mental health conditions. It is failing children with mental health conditions especially, and it is absolutely failing people with schizophrenia. Morgan’s Father actually commented upon how in Western society, when a child is diagnosed with a physical illness like cancer, people in general are overwrought with sympathy and compassion, but when a child is diagnosed with something like schizophrenia or Autism, people are absolute stony and unfeeling. This is the heart of the matter. But for Western society’s abysmal ignorance in the face of mental health conditions, this crime would never have happened. Truth be told, there are millions of people responsible for this crime.
  5. I reckon Musk himself is AI. He and this robot probably have sexual intercourse.
  6. Never. The illuminati have been running the show since Atlantis and Lemuria. Every human being on the planet has the capacity to be their own leader. When the mass consciousness shifts from "who will save us?" to "how can we save ourselves?", then we will be living in the utopia we deserve.
  7. You're absolutely right. I was actually trying to learn Welsh for a while so that I could converse with various family members in Welsh but it was fiendishly difficult. They quite often have about five or six separate words/phrases for the same thing. It made German, (which I can speak a little of) seem easy by comparison. That said, after my recent discoveries I might go back to it at some point.
  8. I must correct this - it was the British Israelite movement who believed that modern day Britons are the descendants of the lost 10 tribes of Israel, and "God's chosen people". It wasn't David Icke.
  9. One can only speculate. I was reading "Children Of The Matrix" by David Icke just today and he, at least in 2001, was a believer in this theory, I believe he more or less said something along the lines of the British being "God's chosen people", but I'd have to double-check the exact words. Myself, I don't necessarily 'believe' it as such, but it's an interesting theory and it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. So much has been hidden from us, we have been lied to about so much, and there is a clear agenda nowadays to derail people's research into ancient history through the strategic use of ridicule and name-calling so... who knows?
  10. 100% correct, the has been remarked upon by many historians. Also, having heard both languages spoken, I can say that there is definitely a similarity.
  11. This confirms it to me. The very idea of anything in the spirit realm promoting vaccination, or even just the basic concept of vaccination, is utterly ludicrous beyond all imagination. And this is some supposedly enlightened being? A supposedly enlightened being which wants us to have absolutely no faith in our own body's ability to regulate itself and be free from illness? Sweet Jesus. I guarantee it's one of these Reptilian fucks, yanking the chain of two colossally naive people.
  12. I have been convinced for years that Abraham is a Reptilian. The Hicks, like you said, promoted toxic positivity. IMO there is a link between toxic positivity and disease. I am not suggesting it is an exact overlap, but I detect some correlation. The Hicks and others like them to me represent a specific group of individuals who I am convinced have been given a specific 'deal' before coming into this world. I am seeing more and more of this. I actually had a conversation with Jurgen Ziewe recently. I bought his book 'Multidimensional Man' years ago when I was in a thirst for knowledge about Astral Projection. Ziewe is a gifted and prolific Astral Projector. Then, approx 3 weeks ago in the days after the Queen's death I happened to see a post Ziewe had made on one of his social media accounts in which he was enthusiastically talking about how the last photo of the Queen exuded heavenly and divine vibes, that she was "bathed in heavenly light" and all of that crap. I was about to comment and disagree, more or less to state, in a humorous way, that I believe her to be a Reptilian Hybrid, then noticed that Ziewe had posted a comment stating that he had deleted a whole bunch of comments alluding to the Reptilian theory and disagreeing with his glowing assessment of Lizzie as some kind of angelic being. He then blocked people. I responded in an uncharacteristically restrained way conveying that I thought he was behaving in a controlling way and was harming freedom of speech. A short while later he responded back with a strange metaphor in which he compared leaving negative comments about the Queen on social media in the aftermath of her death to crashing someone's wedding. My point is this - not everyone who gains certain spiritual gifts, i.e. advanced Astral Projection, psychic ability, channeling etc is necessarily a straight shooter in normal, real world, third dimensional terms. In fact, I think many of these people have absolutely no clue how the world works or that there is a global conspiracy to suppress humanity's consciousness. I think that people like Hicks, Ziewe, Eckhart Tolle, the Dalai Lama are offered a deal when they are "picking" the next life they are going to reincarnate into. That deal is that they will get certain gifts, and may even get access to some of the higher emotional states like joy. They may even get glimpses of enlightenment, but they will have one blind spot: and that will be their relationship with "authority", i.e. they will never awaken to the true nature of authority in this physical reality. They will never in this lifetime understand the myriad ways that "authority", for the most part, are either actively conspiring to keep humanity down, or allowing humanity to keep themselves down. Either way, "Abraham Hicks" is probably a Reptilian, Grey, or Nordic. The number of channelers I encounter who are conveying messages which have little bits of coded, veiled threats and passive aggression in them towards humanity are considerable.
  13. I'm genuinely shocked by this. There's very, very little in this world that shocks me any more, but this did, as did the ridiculous photo of him ostensibly receiving the "vaccine" whilst wearing a stupid face nappy. There are two possibilities here: 1.) He is a paid illuminati shill who is in on the scam in the same way that the Queen would have been in on it, and is up to his neck in the lies and deceit or 2.) Unfortunately for him he is the victim of his own naivete. This is a thing amongst many who are considered highly spiritual. I have seen people who are alleged to have "high levels of consciousness" or otherwise have spiritual gifts who know absolutely jack about the world they are living in and in fact know fuck all about how the powers that be work, let alone the fact that there is a global conspiracy. He might fall into that camp. Eckhart Tolle ostensibly believes Covid exists. There are other alleged "spiritual teachers" who are the same. It seems to be some kind of trade off, almost. Get some kind of high level spirituality, access to feelings of bliss/enlightenment but... you must remain ignorant and in the dark about the world you're living in and it's corridors of power. I really, really hope it's the second one, for his sake. If he's acting out the role of a highly conscious being whilst simultaneously sucking illuminati dick, boy is that motherfucker gonna pay, somehow, somewhere down the line.
  14. This has been suggested in some of the reading material I have encountered on the subject. It has also been suggested that the primary language of the entirety of Britain at one time was an old version of what nowadays would be called the Welsh language. Welsh was the first of the Celtic languages. Just learning this blew my mind, since it's such a low-key country. I have travelled all over Wales and it's beauty continues to impress me. The area my family originate from has won awards for "outstanding area of natural beauty". It is somewhat like wandering around some obscure Italian village with a tiny population. Minus the weather, of course. I generally prefer North Wales, but the South has some lovely spots too. Me too. I will probably research this.
  15. Next up is an article from the website "Historic UK". This actually seems like quite a mainstream website in terms of it's presentation, but it features an interesting article called "Britain's Trojan History", by a guy called Bernard Jones. The article begins by acknowledging the same problem I highlighted earlier in this thread, namely the attempt of the establishment to gaslight people into believing that British history begins with the Romans and that prior to them, there is no history save a few scattered fossils about which mainstream historians provide vague theories. Jones says: "It is as if there is a big black hole in the historical record before this time and then, suddenly, we have people on the Island", before going on to say: "There is, however, a genuine history of Britain prior to these times. It is a neglected history and one that was expurgated from the school curriculum throughout the land in our so-called ‘modern age’. This history was written by the ancient Britons and it goes back to such early times that many historians cannot believe it to be true; some ridicule it because they cannot prove it to be false, and some ignore it completely. This history takes us back 1,500 years before the Saxons arrived in the island, and more than 1,000 years before the Roman occupation. Incredibly, it has its origins in the Trojan War." Jones also goes into the Brutus of Troy "myth", describing Brutus' arrival in Britain and even going on to explain that this is how Britain got it's name, saying: "The Greeks supplied Brutus with a large number of ships and the Trojans departed, landing eventually in Totnes, in Devon. Later, Brutus founded ‘New Troy’ on the banks of the River Thames. ‘New Troy’ would become the great city known today as London. It was Brutus who gave his name to the island and caused it to be called Britain. He decreed that the people would henceforth be called Britons and the language British." This guy, Bernard Jones, has written a book about the Trojan wars which apparently confirms the location of the Trojan wars. The book is called: "The Discovery Of Troy and It's Lost History", and is based on 30 years of research.
  16. Now I will provide some of the background that David Icke gives readers in his 2001 book, "Children Of The Matrix". David Icke also acknowledges the strong Welsh/Druid influence in ancient history, saying: "The carriers of the Atlantean/Lemurian knowledge in Britain and other parts of Europe were called Naddred or Adders, a Welsh name for serpent", a theory David sourced from the book "The Return Of The Ancient Serpents Of Wisdom" by Mark A Pinkham. Icke then acknowledges the Druid/Welsh connection, saying: "They are better known as the Druids, a Gaelic word in Ireland meaning a wise man, a sorcerer, or serpent, and they were called the "Snake Priests". An Irish manuscript claims that the adepts of the Druidic arts descended from the Tuatha de Danaan - "The People of the Serpent Goddess Dana". Apparently the Tuatha de Danaan were also called the Sumaire. These were the former Atlantean peoples who settled in Asia Minor (Turkey) and then expanded out into Europe. It was they who called Britain "Albion" after Albina, the eldest daughter of Danaus, an ancient Danaan priest. Danaan is also close to Canaan, and these "two" peoples came from the same part of the world. I think Canaan and Danaan are two terms for the same people. It was one of their number, called Brutus, who led migrating Danaans/Trojans to the British Isles and established the city of Caer Troia or "New Troy" - today's London." Icke then theorizes that the Danaans were giants. Many years ago I watched an outstanding documentary on youtube about giant skeletons. It's content was compelling and backed up by literally dozens of photographs. Apparently all traces of this documentary, and seemingly the photos of giant skeletons, have been removed from both Google and youtube. But there's no conspiracy to delete history, of course. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
  17. One of the first interesting results I come to in my research on Caer Troia/New Troy is a website called Sovereign Wales, and the article outlines a conspiracy to delete ancient British history, which I guess isn't news to many of you on this forum. The particular emphasis here is on Welsh history, which was interesting for me personally given that I am half Welsh. The link is https://sovereignwales.com/tag/caer-troia/. There are a variety of articles of the website on topics ranging from "replacement migration" to Cultural Marxism and microchipping. The standard of writing is reasonable. I am aware of many different theories regarding the history of the ethnicity of the Welsh. For example, I am aware that the Romany gypsies have a shared history with Wales, and in fact there is an (almost) dead language which is a Welsh-Romany hybrid. I am also aware, through reading "The Origins Of The British" by Stephen Oppenheimer, that there has long been a suggestion that the high preponderance of slightly darker complexion and dark hair in Wales goes back to Portugal, when immigrants from Portugal settled in Wales in pre-Roman history. However, the article I reference above on "Sovereign Wales", a website which ultimately wants to see Wales declared an independent nation, takes an entirely different angle and asks: "Are the Welsh The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?" The article outlines mass migrations from 1500 - 500 BC, mainly an influx from Mesopotamia, but also (it is claimed) encompassing the 10 lost tribes of Israel and others from Western Turkey. The "Tysilio Chronicles" state that Brutus of Troy and his army landed in Britain in around 1170BC and became the first British king. The article states: "The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (which later included 2 other assimilated tribes from Judea) were known to the Assyrian emperors as "The Khumry" - a name too close to our modern day Cymru (pronounced the same) to be a fleeting coincidence." These lost 10 tribes were said to have been exiled from Israel after it's conquest by the Neo-Assyrian empire in roughly 722BC. It is suggested that these tribes inhabited many areas and are popularly known as The Celts and that "the language connecting all of these tribes is the indigenous British language of Cymraeg/Welsh". This was the original language of the UK, in other words. It is also suggested that this was widely spoken and that a variation of it was inscribed on the Eshmunazar II sarcophagus (The Phoenician King Of Sidon). This ancient alphabet is also found on runes scattered across many ancient migration trails all over the world. Furthermore, the article also claims that the Greek alphabet originates from Khumric Welsh, along with two of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It then states : "All of the pre 330BC hieroglyphic inscriptions in Egypt can be read using Khumric Welsh dating back to 2150BC." The article states that there is a conspiracy to cover up much of history; again, this is no great revelation to anyone on this forum. But this apparent rabbit hole goes even deeper, revealing that there are Welsh runes, (Coelbren stones) which have been found in North America, giving strength to the hypothesis that ancient Welsh were in America long before Columbus - something denied by wokists, who see this as an attempt to promote English imperialism - despite the fact that Wales and England are two separate countries. The article also mentions the Druid-Welsh connection and even claims that the Druids had a significant influence on the building of the Egyptian pyramids, and possibly even the South American civilizations. To conclude, I am not immediately believing everything I have read in this article, but definitely find the Khumry/Cymru connection absolutely compelling. Whether some of Wales' modern day citizens are descendants of the lost 10 tribes of Israel is not something I am highly invested in one way or the other, but I am definitely of the belief that mainstream Historians actively work to suppress knowledge of as much of ancient history as they possibly can, so who can possibly guess how much of this article is true?
  18. It is a program you install on your computer which dims the brightness of your screen and softens the glow to make it more warm glow than blue glow. It reduces the harmful effect of the laptop screen on your eyes. Another alternative is sunglasses with red lenses. The blue glow is associated with overall eye strain and a general degradation of your optic nerves over a period of years.
  19. Good. I love books, tbh I probably have too many, but I prefer a hard copy to a pdf any day due to the effect of the screen on your eyes. That's why I use flux to soften the glow.
  20. In his seminal book "Children Of The Matrix" David Icke mentions the place name "Caer Troia" (New Troy) and explains that there is great difficulty in accessing any history of London before Roman times. I can confirm this is correct. I have an interest in ancient history in general, both the known, mainstream stuff and the more obscure information, but can confirm it is really fucking difficult to get information on London prior to Roman history because most people have the belief that it didn't exist before the ancient Romans created settlements there and named it 'Londinium'. This isn't true, of course, since there is apparently substantial evidence to suggest that there were settlers in that area long before the Romans settled there. This would make sense, given that the Thames far predates Ancient Rome, and anywhere there's a body of water, there tends to be settlers. I decided, not expecting much, to do a google search on New Troy, and given the relative obscurity of the search term, actually found some moderately interesting results. I shall post some of those results here as I digest them. Anyone else interested in this subject who wishes to share information in this thread please feel free to do so.
  21. Tbh, even though you can get it as a pdf, it's still nice to have a physical copy, because then you can pass it on to your descendants. The way things are going with the Internet, the kind of info in this book may well become priceless. That book could go out of print and eventually disappear from the Internet, so it may turn out to be money well spent!
  22. I like your thinking, but they've probably had the designs planned and waiting in the wings for long enough. They do this in the media. The newspapers already have an archive of people's obituaries - before they die. There's a name for it, but I can't remember what it is... I would imagine that the royal mint have probably had a prototype coin waiting in the wings since the Queen's health troubles, in recent years. Either way none of it will be around for long anyway if the PTB have fuck all to do with it.
  23. Interesting. The cost has gone up. A few year back it was about £30. When books go up to those kind of prices it's usually an indication that someone, somewhere doesn't want you reading them.
  24. Not surprising. I've heard it's worse in America. I have read books about it. Absolute hell on earth. They treat schizophrenics the worst of all.
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