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  1. Somebody find a way to download this quick, before it "disappears" from the Internet. She definitely says "the death is irreversible".
  2. I have a copy of 'Tribal Bigfoot', it cost me around £30. I watched a David Paulides lecture on youtube a few years back in which he speaks about Missing 411, I found his lecture and subject matter highly compelling. However, I take enormous exception to the fact that in order to buy one of his books and have it shipped to the UK, you have to pay around £60 in British money in postage. For a book costing £25. That's close to ninety quite for one book. I have seen one of his books, it's a normal size (I knew someone years ago who had a copy), so I am unsure why it cost so much in postage to deliver it to the UK.
  3. There are several reasons why there have been no efforts to suppress knowledge regarding the law of attraction, as follows 1.) What you read and hear about the so-called law of attraction is vastly oversimplified. The Secret is basically Law Of Attraction for toddlers. It promotes the view that "all you need to do is focus on what you want, and you'll get it", but this is a crude oversimplification since the vast majority of people are actually creating their reality via their subconscious beliefs. Most of humanity are more unconscious than conscious, and most of humanity have some really not very nice core beliefs, so the PTB know that the average person isn't going to do very much with it. They can manage the small stuff, but the average person isn't going to manage to win the lottery or acquire huge wealth because this simply isn't a match to the contents of their subconscious. I can consciously manifest very small stuff, i.e. books, clothes, unusual or distinctive phenomena like "pink car" or stuff like that, but I couldn't use it for stuff like lottery wins because what would be required for that would take profound spiritual transformation. Ditto for over 90% of the population. You can only attract what you are a match to. Here are some common unconscious beliefs which a significant percentage of the population have operating in their unconscious, like a virus operating in the background on a computer: I am bad There is something wrong with me It's not okay to feel this way God is punishing me I am unlovable I'm not good enough I am powerless This is just a selection. These are created via the socialization process and are mostly unavoidable in most of the population purely because of human design. I'll expand further. Children have no capacity for reasoning. If a child is told by their Mother that something they have done is "bad", the child doesn't differentiate between "I have done something bad" and "I am bad". Because they can't. If these kind of experiences happen often enough, the child eventually forms a core belief based upon their rudimentary interpretation of experiences. In an ideal world, parents would be able to guide their children through the socialization process without doing too much damage, but most people are too damaged themselves to manage this, so effectively, we have a population of people who mostly see themselves as varying degrees of bad, powerless and unworthy, or as being at the mercy of a vengeful and uncaring God etc. A large part of the suffering in this world is caused by core beliefs, in fact most of it is. You will most likely not become a millionaire with the law of attraction because there is no point of reference for doing so. Most people will most likely not find their "soul mate" with the LOA because they have unconscious beliefs of not being good enough or lovable enough, to varying degrees. Most people will most likely not find the house or job of their dreams because sadly, deep down in their subconscious, most have beliefs which block these things from manifesting. The powers that be know this, they are masters of occult knowledge so I'm not sure why you think they would need to censor LOA. They have socially engineered a society in which the average person is more interested in molding their child into a "good", obedient slave, than teaching their child to love, respect and value themselves as the infinite consciousness they truly are - which is why most of us will never climb the pyramid, never break the glass ceiling, never get out of the rat race. Some folks, like myself, didn't even get into the rat race, we were so badly damaged by life. Sorry if all of this is depressing to you. However... there is a small glimmer of hope, and that lies in us as individuals working to change our unconscious core beliefs. I will not tell you this is easy, it's actually pretty difficult because beliefs exist in networks and are often interwoven with each other. You may find, after realizing that you have several core beliefs working against you, to begin working on one, only to find it is being held up by another one, and so on, and so on. It's kind of like a bowl of spaghetti. However, theoretically, if you use one of the many, many methods for changing core beliefs, and manage to change all of your negative core beliefs, then create more empowering ones, then you can begin to manifest things which are a match to your new beliefs. This is a lengthy process. It could take years, in some cases, and is dependent upon several other factors, such as your own emotional availability and what method of changing core beliefs you are using. Interestingly, your thoughts are also generated by your subconscious beliefs, but your thoughts also manifest your reality, whilst your reality reinforces your subconscious beliefs. It is clear this reality wasn't designed to be "easy" to navigate. To put it all in perspective, here it is in simple terms. Your reality is probably 95% or more generated by your subconscious, and the other 5% (I'm being generous) by your conscious thoughts. The real reason "The Secret", and most of the other bunk out there on the subject of LOA isn't censored is because it's mostly not applicable to the average person. People with "little me" outlooks, even unconsciously, don't get wealth, fame, soulmates, or all of the material stuff they want. Think smaller - or the stuff you don't want. 2.) The other reason IMO that things like "The Secret" aren't censored is because they are most likely illuminati creations in the first place. The powers that be will enjoy immensely making the average person think they have a chance of creating the life of their dreams easily even when, for the majority of us, it simply isn't the case. People's disappointment is great 'loosh'. I first learned about LOA in 2015 and thought I was going to become a millionaire with the partner of my dreams and everything I ever wanted. I didn't. It took me about a further 4 years to realize that was because of my subconscious beliefs. Imagine the disappointment of millions of people who all find out the same as me. That's a lot of loosh.
  4. I won't be watching the false idol's funeral tomorrow. I realized only a couple of days after her death was announced that this entire thing is being used as a way of harnessing huge amounts of negative energy from the human race. The funeral itself, like all 'royal' events, will be awash with Satanic symbolism, right down to clothing, positioning of people, words spoken, location, journey of hearse etc. The biggest part of the story however, is you. Or rather, us. The people. In the couple of days after the false idol died I admit I was paying attention to this story as much as the next person. I even bought a few newspapers, which is something I never do. One afternoon I sat and ploughed my way through the Daily Mail and read some of the shittiest journalism I have ever encountered. Page after page of cloying idol worship, idealization and projection. Pure, undiluted retardation. I became more and more tired. By the time I had finished reading the paper I was so tired I could barely stand. I lay down on the sofa for a nap and woke up a couple of hours later groggy and with a tension headache. Interpretation: I gave my energy away to their false idol and their Satanic energy grab. Your energy is being siphoned and harnessed the more attention you pay to their antics. The hidden powers are lurking in the background getting massively high right now on the amount of terrible energy being generated. Tomorrow I will make a conscious choice not to place any of my focus on their Satanic rituals. I will be doing something else instead, something nice and energizing. Probably I will go for a walk, weather permitting. And yes, it will be somewhere quiet and dry.
  5. This clip is fucking timeless, and classic. Altogether now: DIG THAT CRAZY RHYTHM!
  6. So for telling the truth he gets manhandled out of there? Notice how the fucking retards around him started trying to shout him down. Anyone who highlights the insanity of this whole shitshow is just being openly abused by this point. Retarded mob rule.
  7. Hasn't it been about a week already? I've lost track. That corpse must be rancid by now... I wonder if it's in it's Reptilian form yet?
  8. Wow. That is seriously fucked up.
  9. I have another suggestion for all forum users. I am in the process of reading "Children Of The Matrix" by David Icke (great book, buy it). There is some really great and valuable information there, especially stuff about the cataclysms, which you don't generally hear people talking about on a regular basis. Other topics include: Christ, the Reptilians, Atlantis, Lemuria, various ancient civilizations, Satanic ritual abuse, Multiple Personality Disorder, Mars, mind control, serpent worship, Illuminati bloodlines and various others. I predict it will eventually become difficult to nigh on impossible to search for stuff like this on the Internet so my suggestion to anyone reading this is to acquire a comprehensive David Icke bibliography and then try to purchase as many books as possible from that list. Books are as important as they ever were.
  10. Fuck Google. This was happening even years ago. I remember doing web searches with search terms like "classified" , "secret" , and different combos of words like this back in 2017 or thereabouts, and even then I was struggling to get past page 20 - 50 of the search results. They just cut you dead. They are manipulative beyond imagination and there is a special place in hell for their censorship of what should have been the greatest wealth of information on everything relating to people and this world that there ever was. Like I said, fuck Google.
  11. The only ethical society is an anarchist one. But then, you know this already since, as I recall, you are a Mark Passio supporter and deep down know he is right when he points to anarchy as the only ethical way to create societies.
  12. No dot connector videocast from David on the subject as yet. I'm kinda disappointed. He has uploaded a video from 2018 on the subject of the royals and it was one of my favourites that he ever did. It's hilarious - he's surrounded by union jack flags and sarcastically talks about Harry and Megan's wedding as a great "national celebration". I was thinking about the ostentatious outpouring of grief from people today. I went into my local supermarket and saw all of the newspapers with their overblown, cloying tributes and actually, I shit you not, felt a tear coming into my eye. I swear to God. And then it hit me - it's social contagion. Social contagion is: "the spread of an entity or influence in a society via interactions between agents. Examples are the spreading of fads, rumors or riots". Or grief. If this force can even affect someone who is a staunch anarchist, completely opposed to the idea of royalty and who believes that the royals are half-human, half-reptilian hybrids who are in all likelihood Satanists and cannibals, imagine what this force of social contagion does to the average person. Either way, all jokes and memes aside, and boy there were some funny ones, I am an anarchist spirit and I will die an anarchist. Watching people unconsciously giving their power (and their money) away to this woman and her family is beyond sickening. The over the top outpouring of so-called grief is actually a projection; it is a metaphor for the grief people feel for their own sovereignty - which they chose to bury in their unconscious somewhere in early childhood. The royals have only one thing in their favour in my eyes - they view themselves as sovereign beings. They see themselves as having divine sovereignty. The only problem is, the rest of humanity don't, which is why we can have a scenario in which billions of human beings are happy to give their power and money away to a woman and her family who literally wouldn't spit on any of her subjects if they were on fire. My capacity for reading the minutiae of human body language is second to none and I have never seen the Queen crack a genuine smile. She has nothing but the most profound contempt for her "subjects" which makes perfect sense and is almost a perfect mirror since, in stating that they need to be "ruled over", those people clearly have nothing but profound contempt for themselves. She is not, and never was my sovereign, and neither will her jug-eared son be. I am my sovereign. I suggest the royalists on here have a long, hard think about reclaiming their sovereignty.
  13. That's the tip of the iceberg, tbh. The list of accolades of her and her entire creepy family would fill several volumes.
  14. You're right, I spent the whole evening laughing
  15. Looks like this entire thread is out of commission then, lol
  16. Me too. I bet you any sum of money he mentions shapeshifting and point out that she's returned to her true form
  17. I'm complaining to ITV for interrupting the chase to announce this pish!
  18. When someone told me this in a text literally the first thing I thought was: "she isn't dead she's just shapeshifted". PMSL! I'm literally dying of laughter
  19. This is lies. The ruse is actually fairly simple; they are creating the scenario through the power of suggestion and then trying to make it seem like it is happening organically. This person says that since the scamdemic, cash use is down 40% and is still falling - how do we know this though? He is lying. I see people using cash regularly, I see people queuing at cash machines regularly. Supermarkets are in on the plan, they are gradually reducing the number of self service tills using cash and with that being the case, many people will then use a card for convenience. It's like cutting someone's hands off and then pointing out that they can't play piano. Fucking crazy-making assholes. The PTB are trying to make it sounds like hardly anyone is using cash any more and that hardly anyone wants to and it simply isn't true. It's being done through the power of suggestion, i.e. "if everyone else is using contactless I suppose I'd better do it too". The banks are orchestrating this whole thing because they want to end cash use altogether and have us all working from contactless or whatever other electronic payment method they have lined up after that; probably microchipped population. Over my fucking dead body I'll have a microchip or tattoo. It's the arrogance of them - like they can just decide to make a society cashless and nobody should be given the choice any more! These people have no idea what freedom is, and even if they did, they'd despise it.
  20. Whenever I see the end of a British PM's premiership, no matter who it is, I always feel a tiny pang of sadness for them because they have been used up and thrown away like a discarded condom. It's not that I care about politics, or politicians for that matter, it's just that I see with crystal clear 20/20 vision how arbitrary and puppet-like they are, and it saddens me. You either see this or you don't. Even though I believe Boris Johnson knew he was intended to be a political scapegoat, It can't be nice knowing that you've thrown three years of your life down the drain only to walk away with people despising you. The levels of hatred towards him from many quarters have been downright ridiculous. But this demonstrates their actual true purpose: like Trump was for many Americans, Johnson was designed to be a divisive figure; brought in to give the masses a convenient vessel upon which people can project their suppressed rage and hatred. (Think two minutes hate from 1984). It is a ridiculous pantomime for dumb fucks, and the real reason the masses are given these 'hate' figures is because as long as people have an outlet to project their hate onto, they won't be likely to identify the real villains; your Rothschild's, Rockefellers, Kissingers, Soros' etc. Crooked as a barrel of snakes and so malignant they make BJ look like a five year old cub scout.
  21. What is enculturation and why does it matter? An article in the Scottish Daily Mail today has revealed that there are children as young as eight being treated at a controversial “Gender Identity Clinic” in Glasgow. Figures apparently show that in the space of only one year there have been more that 300 self-referrals and also hundreds of GP referrals. There are concerns about this in the aftermath of children attending England’s Tavistock Clinic being “rushed into” taking puberty-blocking drugs. I have no idea for a fact whether children are definitely being given these drugs, or whether children are being allowed access to body-altering surgeries, but there would seem to be substantial enough evidence to suggest that, at the very least, the mainstream media and the education system both are placing enough of a spotlight on the issue of transgenderism for children in our society to be well and truly au fait with the subject by this point in time. Our education system is now actively seeking to fill children’s heads with information about these concepts, even at ages when they will simply lack the intellect or insight necessary to understand the topic properly. Which brings me to an aspect of this which nobody is talking about, and which very few people, even those whom oppose the cultural brainwashing of children, understand or have an insight into. I am talking about “enculturation”. Enculturation is a sociology term defined as “the gradual acquisition of the characteristics and norms of a culture or group by a person, another culture etc”. I have a understanding of how the phenomena of so-called “Trans kids” was happening for years before I finally stumbled across this term, quite by accident. I will now briefly explain how this process works relative to “Trans” children, in order to enhance understanding of the overall bigger picture, which, I am sorry to say, is so much more horrifying than people realize. Children are savants of enculturation for one very simple reason, and this is that they are in the “Theta” brainwave state for the entirety of their childhood. The Theta brainwave state is, as I understand it, a largely unconscious brainwave state which facilitates rapid learning. It is why children’s capacity to learn new things, even complex things like languages, is vastly superior in children than in adults. Many children become effortlessly bilingual as a result of the Theta brainwave state, so in many respects it is a gift of nature, but it can be a double-edged sword, as I will now explain. The “learning” of a culture also occurs via the Theta brainwave state when, between birth and adolescence, the child is learning more or less all day, and then integrates that learning during the sleep state. Children “learn” a culture, both through the modelling of adult behaviours, through observing cultural and familial norms, through the influence of mass media, and through the teaching methods of the education system which are more analogous to brainwashing. Children also learn a culture through the socialization process, in which their parents use positive and negative reinforcement to reward some behaviours whilst discouraging or punishing others. The fact that most parents will condition their political beliefs into their children goes without saying. How this relates to a rise in the number of so-called Transgender children is that a growing number of children are basically attuning to this particular aspect of Western “culture” which has, over the last decade, been forcibly implanted into the Zeitgeist via the education system and cultural conditioning. Children are paradoxical. They can be geniuses in some respects and, I’m sorry to say, very unsophisticated in certain other respects. When a child perceives themselves as “Trans” what has occurred is that they have subconsciously attuned to the Zeitgeist. They have attuned to the group known as “Trans” people are are now unconsciously adopting the beliefs and values of this group. The tragedy of this is that the child will not perceive any of this process and will believe that they genuinely are “trapped in the wrong body” and will also respond with rage or despair when someone like myself tries to speak out against surgeries or puberty-blockers. They will perceive they are being abused. Those whom have orchestrated this terrible psy-op, this so-called elite who truly run the world, are experts in human psychology and are always about ten steps ahead of the rest of us. They will know that the longer they keep Transgenderism in the Zeitgeist the more children will attune to this mostly socially constructed perception of “gender dysphoria”. They know this will continue to happen, it is a part of their plan and that is why they wish to keep this issue in the mainstream media, and why they also want to use both the education and medical systems to promote the ideology of so-called gender dysphoria, which, for the vast majority of cases is either a fiction, or could be compassionately addressed via psychology services - something nobody is even allowed to suggest any more. Enculturation is a sophisticated but also potentially very destructive process and has multiple expressions in our society. It is actually a process which is designed to enhance survival through facilitating connection and the creation of an in-group, which on the surface make it a really valuable process. A person adopts the characteristics of, and attunes to, not just the wider culture but also their own immediate family. This is great if a person grows up in both a positive, balanced, sensible, pragmatic, compassionate and highly-evolved culture and family, but if neither is the case, the person will find themselves attuning instead to toxicity, destructive behaviour and values, dishonesty, suppression, manipulation, denial, abuse and harm. This is the case where so-called “Trans kids” are concerned. They attune firstly to a toxic society which tells people that surgeries are a quick fix solution to deep-seated self-esteem or identity issues, both real and imaginary, but are then failed by idiot parents whom enable their children to seek surgeries they are going to end up bitterly regretting somewhere further down the line. In the case of these children, their in-built tendency to adopt the characteristics of the wider culture into which they are born is going to work against them and in fact, is going to create a wave of suffering so extreme it is going to create powerful shock-waves throughout humanity for generations to come if we don’t manage to stamp out this fire. I predict that within the next twenty to thirty years, maybe slightly longer, the current generation of “Trans kids” will experience severe mental health problems, probably to the point of suicidality when they have to live with the inevitable fallout of their self-rejection and the gravity of what they have done to their bodies, and what society/their idiot parents have allowed them to do to their bodies. They are going to want to kill themselves, in some cases. They are already people whom have had these surgeries who are speaking out against allowing children anywhere near any of this. As far as the issue of allowing children access to surgeries or puberty blockers are concerned, it is the moral responsibility of anyone who can see this to speak out against this happening. I don’t believe it is super common so far, but it definitely appears as though we are headed in that direction, so I intend to speak out against this wherever and whenever it is appropriate to do so, and always with the utmost of compassion towards the children themselves who are pawns in a game they don’t even know they are a part of. As far as the adults whom attune to this culture are concerned, I will spend far less time trying to educate them because they are, for the most part, zombies. That may sound unkind, but nobody else can raise their awareness - only they can do that.
  22. Ah, you've had that too? I've tried telling a few people about how this engineered 'recession' is a prelude to UBI and I too get the nonplussed, silly little laugh and the "but how could that possibly work" speech. It's so exasperating. All the clues are there. I'll make a bet right here, right now, with everyone - they will have suggested UBI, or something similar within the next five years.
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