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  1. Most of humanity are not of a high enough level of consciousness to be able to use technologies without developing, in many cases, hardcore addictions to them. The smartphone addicts are the worst. I actually believe it takes a terrible toll on a person to live amongst people like that, in the same way it takes a terrible toll on someone when they work in a lunatic asylum where people are smearing their shit on the walls. I feel it every day. Every. Fucking. Day. I also hear people saying that people like myself are luddites and that technology is "just a tool". For sure it's just a tool. I'm sitting using it right now. But a chainsaw is a tool too - it doesn't mean I'd hand one to a Toddler, does it? In order to use certain tools, people need training, co-ordination, caution, intelligence and awareness. Sorry, but the average person has almost none of those. These technologies have been implanted into our society deliberately so that people would enslave themselves with them. And it's working. Look around. I see actual couples out on dates sitting in restaurants literally ignoring each other, friends out with friends, sitting for up to half an hour at a time without speaking a word to each other, and worst of all, people out for walks with their children/dogs and are resolutely ignoring the poor little blighters, which in both instances will cause serious damage. Technology addiction is the one of the top three issues facing humanity in the 21st century, and I say that, without the slightest hint of irony, whilst sitting in front of my laptop.
  2. I love the South too, I travelled around the Devon area which is right next to Cornwall and I did some absolutely stunning coastal walks.
  3. Nature wise it's a great country, I have visited much of it and it's wildernesses are a real work of beauty.
  4. He's on my "to read" list, which to be fair, is a pretty long list.
  5. The views from up there are certainly amazing; it's one of my favorite walks, being an Edinburgh lass, born and bred.
  6. Not that I am a follower of his work or anything, but since when do people get fined large sums of money for expressing an opinion, or hurting other people's feelings? Is this about showing respect to the families concerned or is it about setting a precedent; and sending out a stark warning to anyone saying anything that contradicts mainstream everything? A message which is, simply: "don't you dare voice an opinion which contradicts mainstream everything or there will be severe repercussions".
  7. Here is an interesting article I just discovered: https://morningmeadow.com/2014/03/article-the-effects-of-tv-on-the-brain/ Article: The Effects of TV on the Brain The Effects of TV on the Brain Watching TV is something which virtually everyone does, but did you know that TV can actually be harmful for you? Television viewing can, for example, decrease your ability to concentrate, physically impair the growing child brain and increase your risk of developing neurodegenerative brain disorders. Like many people, I was shocked to find that something which I had previously considered to be a harmless activity could actually pose a real threat to your physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, I discovered that television can also be used as a very effective mind control technology that can have a big influence on how you feel about yourself, what you think is possible for yourself and how you perceive the world you live in. This article presents a brief summary, with additional commentary on points of interest. There is so much more that could be discussed, so please – consider this summary as a starting point for your own future research. (To that end, a list of online references have been included at the end.) Some of you may find the following information shocking, so be aware that when confronted with such information it is a natural human tendency to deny, reject, or repress that information. These natural psychological defense mechanisms can be useful in some cases, but most often will result in much more serious long-term consequences. Before you begin reading about the effects that watching television can have on your brain, have a look at the following clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m71m-LBqFQ The video that you have just seen uses a clever technique found in the fields of marketing, advertising and persuasion. It makes fun of a series of factual statements so that they are entertaining, but are unlikely to be taken seriously, or seen as facts, by the viewer.(The inclusion of aliens further helps to discredit the factual information provided.) Here are seven ways that television can affect your brain: (1) Hypnotic State The brain slips into a hypnotic state within seconds of watching TV. Watching TV puts the viewer into a highly suggestible sleep-like hypnotic state. This provides easy access to the subconscious and is one reason why it is easy to fall asleep whilst watching television. The hypnotic effect is largely caused by screen flicker which lowers your brainwaves into an alpha state, a state of mind that you would normally associate with meditation or deep relaxation. In most people, this occurs within 30 seconds or 3 minutes for very light and infrequent viewers. In a hypnotic state, the information which you are exposed to will be downloaded directly to your subconscious mind where it can alter existing beliefs and form new beliefs without you even being aware of it. This has obvious implications for marketers who wish to sell their products to viewers. (2) Lack of Critical Analysis Television can reduce your ability to think critically. When you watch TV, brain activity switches from the left side of your brain (responsible for logical thought and critical analysis) to the right side. This is significant because the right side of the brain tends not to critically analyze incoming information. Instead, it uses an emotional response which results in little or no analysis of the information. In other words, it’s as if someone is telling you something and you believe what they say without doing any research of your own. For this reason, people who watch a lot of TV tend to have a very inaccurate and unrealistic view of reality. (3) Addiction TV can create both a physical and psychological addiction. Watching TV causes the body to release chemicals which make it feel good. These are endorphins, a natural sedative with properties similar to opiates like morphine and heroin. It is therefore not only possible, but probable, to become physically addicted to television watching. This ensures constant daily exposure, a critical factor needed to program the mind. A person who is unable to view their favorite television program is likely to display withdrawal symptoms similar to those of a drug addict. They may become angry, anxious and go to great lengths to see their program. The expression “I got my daily fix of (insert your favorite show)” holds more truth than most people realize. (4) Reduction in Higher Brain Functions TV viewing reduces higher brain activity, promoting activity in lower brain regions. In other words, it makes you behave less intelligently and more like an animal. Advertisers target a region of the brain known as the reptilian brain. This is an ancient part of the brain which is responsible for primitive and primal urges such as sex, feeding and power. These themes are commonly used in advertising campaigns to make you think that you need a particular product. The most common way this is done is by making you think that your life will somehow be better with the advertised product, and that without the product, you or your life will be inadequate. (5) Television Lets Your Brain Get Flabby Your brain is more active when you are sleeping than when you are watching television. Since the health of your brain is largely determined by how much you actively use it, watching too much television can therefore have a detrimental effect on the health of your brain. One of the reasons why brain activity is so low when watching television is because you don’t really have to do any thinking. When you read for example, you have to mentally create images of what you are reading. This requires significant brain power to do. So when you are reading, you are effectively exercising your brain. Note that reading may help to offset/protect against some of the harmful effects television has on the brain. The saying “TV rots your brain”, has more truth to it than you might imagine. Excessive television viewing has also been linked to degenerative brain disorders later in life such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (6) Short Attention Span Excessive television viewing can cause a person to develop a short attention span and increase the risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adults. This is thought to be due to the frequent scene changes that occur with modern-day video edits. If you compare an old film, such as from the 1940s or 1950s with films of today for example, you will notice that older movies had much longer scene changes. Frequent scene changes/cuts are used because it activates what is known as an orienting response. This is a natural biological response which automatically draws your attention to things which change in your environment. The purpose of this is for survival, so that you are quickly alerted to possible dangers in your environment. The more scene changes there are, the more this response is activated and the more your attention will be held. However, cuts which occur too frequently can make a video difficult to follow and may even may you feel sick. (7) Impaired Brain Development in Children Watching television appears to be especially harmful for children, as their brain has not yet fully developed. Increased television viewing in children tends to impair frontal lobe development. This region of the brain is responsible for impulse control and one’s ability to concentrate. Thus, damage to or retardation of the frontal lobe, can result in a child who acts socially inappropriately (i.e. exhibits anti-social behavior), and finds it difficult to concentrate and learn at school. A Perfect Tool to Program the Mind You don’t always see what’s on the screen. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Here is another very interesting video about how TV influences your mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NseyKyAv3S0 TV is an excellent tool to program the mind. It provides easy access to the subconscious, reduces your ability to analyze incoming information and ensures constant daily exposure via a physical addiction. The main concern with watching TV is that you have no control over what is coming into your mind. Some things may be good, while others may be bad. This relates to what you consciously see, but there are greater concerns regarding the things you don’t see. Television may have more control over your life than you realize. Are subliminal messages/suggestions being hidden in advertisements? Are words and phrases being used in specifically crafted ways to influence your thoughts? (terror alert, fair and balanced, etc) Is TV creating a sense of fear within the subconscious affecting growth and healing of the body?* (i.e. the constant exposure to death and murder on the daily news) Does TV make the general population feel powerless and inadequate by surrounding them with beautiful, slim and rich celebrities who people then compare themselves against? Research suggests that fear induced in pregnant women affects brain development of the fetus which is likely to result in a child with reduced levels of intelligence. Constant exposure to fear has also been linked to weakened immune function, premature aging and learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is when you think that everything is so bad that there is nothing you can do, and so you just put up with anything. You may think that TV does no harm because you know it’s not real, but did you know that your subconscious believes it to be real? This is why your heart beats faster while watching horror films, or how you can be kept on the edge of your seat when watching an exciting movie. Television and Agression After the 2nd World War, the US Army recognized the need to create a soldier that was more willing to kill. This came after reports that many soldiers would purposely miss or aim low when shooting the enemy. Soldiers did not want to kill, and when they did kill, they would feel great remorse. To remedy this, one method that was used (among others) was to watch violent images on-screen, especially before going into battle. The effect was to desensitize the soldier to violence, thereby making them more willing to kill. Skip forward 50 years to the Iraq war and what do you see? High fives and cheers after shooting or bombing the enemy. That’s programming for you! Some now feel that the negative effects of TV violence are being passed on to young children who often imitate what they see on-screen. Albert Bandura, a psychologist, did a famous experiment which demonstrated this very well. Children who watch aggressive acts are likely to repeat the acts they see. This is part of Bandura’s social learning theory. How to Reverse TV Brain Damage On average, people watch about 4-5 hours of TV a day, with young children tending to watch more. This results in a high level of mental programming, degeneration of the brain and wasted time that could have otherwise been devoted to more constructive and beneficial activities. Watching TV is addictive and can result in brain damage. The more you watch, the worse the effects will be. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the brain, TV technology and marketing techniques cannot seriously dispute this. Does this mean that you should stop watching TV entirely? No. I still watch movies because I find them enjoyable. You can learn from television and be inspired by it, but if you are watching TV every day for hours on end, then not only are you wasting your time but you can also seriously damage your health. There’s nothing wrong with watching TV as long as you do it in moderation. The good news is that there are things which you can do to limit or reverse the damage that TV does to the brain. One of the best things that you can do is to read for at least 30-60 minutes every day. Reading is exercise for the brain, just like how running is exercise for the body. Meditation can also be very beneficial, and when combined with reading, can help to improve the functioning of the frontal lobe thereby making you better able to concentrate by improving your attentional abilities. Learning a foreign language is also extremely beneficial for the brain, as is exercise in general. Four things which you can do to boost your brain functioning are: reading, meditating, learning another language and exercising. All of these activities are known to be very beneficial for the brain, especially the frontal lobe which tends to be most affected by watching television. Read, it’s good for your brain. Finally, limit the amount of TV that you watch to one or two days a week, and spend the rest of your time engaging in activities which will provide long-term benefit to your life, such as working on the achievement of your personal goals. If you have children, especially those under the age of 6, do not let them watch TV. By doing so you are essentially handicapping their brain and reducing their long-term future prospects.
  8. Watching a television or any moving footage on a screen, puts a person into a hypnotic state. It does this in a particular way. Firstly, the person's 'orienting' response is stimulated by the perception of movement. Whenever a person sees movement anywhere in their line of vision, it stimulates the orienting response and the person becomes more alert. However, after repeated exposure to moving stimuli in the field of vision, this actually has the opposite effect and the person begins to sink more and more slowly into brainwave states associated with relaxation or hypnosis, the Theta/Alpha brainwave states. These are the brainwave states of enhanced suggestibility. If you ever wondered why so many music videos nowadays have so much movement in them, and why the cameramen appear to have a bad case of Parkinson's, it's because these videos are deliberately engineered towards stimulating the orienting response, thereby channeling the increasing levels of vulgarity and lewdness of today's music videos right into the wide open minds of today's youth.
  9. Dude, it's not my theory. I created this thread for people to post either theories or information about ancient Britain. I have no attachment to the idea we're Jews. There probably is some of that in our ancestry. There's probably some black and Asian too. Maybe there's some Reptilian also, it might explain why I can go so long without blinking. Either way, ain't my theory. It was some Welsh dude. You can look upon a forum as a marketplace of ideas. We've had that conversation before and it didn't go well. I'll reiterate if you like. I haven't had the Convid vaccine, I never will. I am opposed to vaccines on the grounds that they are an insult to the human body and it's capacity to heal itself. However, I don't consider myself an anti-vaxxer and will not actively dissuade people from taking it. My stance to the people in my life stupid enough to consider taking it, including family, was "it might harm you, it might not." Why? Because I cannot rule out the possibility that if I help someone create a negative belief about it then I might contribute towards potential consequences of those negative beliefs, i.e. illness. Please don't go off on one, because I don't want to debate this again.
  10. Some more of the background on New Troy/Britannia/Albion taken from "Children Of The Matrix" from David Icke: Page 174: "The British Israelite movement claims that the "lost tribes of Israel" especially the tribe of Dan, moved out of the middle East and settled in the British Isles and Europe. This, they claim, led to the names Danube and Danmark and therefore makes the British, and their genetic kin, God's "Chosen People". Page 198: "England, one of the headquarters of the Illuminati, is known as the "Mother Country" and it's parliament the "Mother Of Parliaments". It's all Goddess symbolism, as was Britannia, an earlier name from Britain derived from the Phoenician goddess, Barati or "Barat-Anna". Page 203: "It was under the name Elaine or Ellen that Helen of Troy became the symbolic queen of Britain in Pagan times. It was a relative of Helen, a Trojan called Brutus, who sailed West to Britain after the fall of Troy and founded a city called Caer Troia or New Troy - today's London."
  11. Well they claimed to be but I have my doubts. CBT is definitely not useful for serious trauma. I have recently been doing Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy with myself and have actually had some quite useful results. Yes, it affects the brain. I received no help as a child. Family caused a lot of the trauma and at school most teachers were pointing the finger at my behavioural problems. And yes, I have live with the characteristics of complex trauma my whole life. I have helped myself way more than any therapist has helped me, tbh. Thanks, I have only ever been passively suicidal though. I actually have a ridiculously high survival instinct, but I am very intimate with despair. I think I can help myself. I am a very strong person, which is good. Thank you for your concern.
  12. There was a researcher a few years ago who did a few lectures on Google Hangouts/Talks At Google and I have forgotten his name. These Google hangouts lectures were on youtube and now I cannot find them. I cannot remember the guys name, but his subject matter was alternative history, roughly. His most distinctive mannerism was an odd vocal tic in which he made a weird noise with his nose and it sounded like someone passing wind. If you read this and know who the fuck I'm talking about, please reply to this post with his name. Many thanks.

    1. Ethel


      FOUND IT! It was Michael Cremo. Dude believe humans have existed for millions of years. Here is one of his videos, it was pretty interesting from what I recall



  13. I am sort of on the fence about Euthanasia. In principle I am opposed to it because it contradicts some of my spiritual beliefs. But there is a part of me which has often felt quite attracted to suicide. We have created a culture in the Western world of stoicism, suppression and denial. I can tell you all with no hesitation that mental health services in the Western world are failing and are out of their fucking depth to a degree which terrifies me. I have seen a handful of psychologists in my life and several of them more or less told me that they considered my insights better than theirs. In fact, it became pretty obvious that they had almost nothing to offer, "nice" as they were. They simply aren't equipped to deal with really severe trauma, like incest, for example. Or ritual abuse. They're out of their depth. So if a person can't get adequate help from the professionals, and don't have the answer themselves, and can't function very well because of what they have been through, what should they do? I'm not saying I agree with people being allowed access to euthanasia, I'd just be genuinely curious to know what people think folks who have had really specific and highly unusual severe traumas in early life should do with themselves if they aren't able to function properly in life and suffer to a degree that their life is characterized by suffering. I would love it if people talked about this stuff, but we don't really talk about this stuff in society and I kind of think that's part of the problem.
  14. David Icke did a video exclusively about Elon Musk recently. It was quite revealing. Musk has openly said in interviews that he considers that AI is the single biggest threat to humanity there is. He is probably correct. He even considers it a bigger threat that Nuclear Missiles. Again, agreed. But then he works to develop many of the very technologies which, in other interviews he demonizes. So, he's literally saying one thing and doing another. What is up with that? Hypocrisy? Lack of integrity? Or something far more sinister? And that's when it hit me: it's a "parts" issue. He literally has two conflicting personalities when it comes to the AI he's developing/demonizing. It's easily enough done. Anyone who's read "Trance-formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien should have at least some understanding of how this works. The Powers That Be in this world traumatize their own, we know this. Cathy O'Brien hinted that George W Bush' retardation was more or less the result of the deliberate traumatization he was subjected to at the hands of his own Father. I posit that most of the "Illuminati" are in the severe end of the multiple personality disorder spectrum. Elon Musk is probably among their number. I have listened to his strange voice and studied his strange body language and think there is a very strong chance that Musk has multiple personalities and that's why he's saying one thing whilst doing another where artificial intelligence is concerned. It isn't necessarily the case that he would be exempt from this because he's the richest man on earth, especially if the MK ultra programming were carried out decades ago in preparation for his current role as richest man on earth. EDIT: It explains other things too. In an interview, Joe Rogan remarked that he literally couldn't figure out how Elon Musk had enough time to manage three companies and do everything he does. It's fairly well known that many MK ultra slaves end up with exceptional abilities as the result of their programming. Savant like abilities, one might say.
  15. If your teacher taught you all that, she might be a David Icke fan. I am currently reading "Children Of The Matrix" and I'm sure I read the same info in that
  16. That rarest of things: a cover version which tops the original:
  17. I had a lucid dream with Joe Biden in it the other night. It wasn't a sex dream, I'm pleased to say.
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