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  1. This would be in my top ten favorite songs/videos of all time:
  2. Ethel


    Beautiful drawings, there's a great depth to them. Not sure what medium you're using but you use it well.
  3. Although I believe Karma exists, I also suspect it is being used to tether us to the earth realm, through the manipulation of guilt and regret. Human beings in their pure essence are light beings and in their spirit form are quite innocent and easily manipulated. That's why there is a ridiculously high reincarnation rate; because people are being shown their "mistakes" in a life review and are then choosing to reincarnate into harder and harder circumstances because of guilt and regret. None of this is necessary because it isn't possible to live a karma free life. Nobody will leave this realm having caused zero damage, it is impossible, and I believe it is designed to be impossible. There are Astral entities who have a vested interest in keeping us here for the emotional farming which goes on here, or "Loosh" as Robert Monroe called it. There is a thread on this topic here: I don't necessarily agree with this, actually. In fact, it puts me in mind of the Khrishnamurti quote: "It is no measure of success to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society". I don't necessarily agree with suicide, per se, and I definitely know it causes suffering because I miss my friend terribly. But me and various others in his life had blind spots. We were not attuned to his suffering, he was suffering in silence and his pain was not exposed to the light of consciousness. I was insensitive and sometimes mentioned things which I see now were terrible triggers for him. I should have been more attuned, I could have tried harder to stop him from isolating himself but he hurt me and my ego got in the way, etc. People who kill themselves may cause grief and suffering, but often, the people left behind have to look at themselves and realize that they were guilty of a serious lack of awareness. Other than that, I agree with most of what you have said.
  4. Fact One: The Covid "Vaccine" is still technically in it's trial period Fact Two: All "Vaccine" trials contain placebos Fact Three: Neither patients, doctors or researchers know who gets the placebo Fact Four: The pharmaceutical industry has not declared how many placebos of this "vaccine" are in circulation Fact Five: A person's beliefs about the injection impact how a placebo will affect them; this is basic cause and effect No matter what anyone tells you, what you believe about this absolutely does have an impact. If someone denies the existence of the placebo and nocebo effects they are being dishonest.
  5. You're correct, I don't think people should be culled. I would actually feel quite sorry for a lot of people, given how badly they've been duped - if it weren't for the sheer viciousness with which those people sneered at and vilified us so-called "conspiracy therorists". And it's still happening; we're spoken about in mainstream culture like we're an alien species. I kind of feel like I might be, to be fair. This isn't the function of MP's or police. The function of government is in the name; government, from Latin, literally meaning "mind control". They are there to keep us under "control" through the mass control of collective thought patterns. The police are essentially the attack dogs of the PTB. That's not me saying that either; it's no secret that many illuminati refer to the police as their "dogs". This info is out there. Again, the function is control. I think we may be on different pages. I am an anarchist, whereas I think you may be a statist, to some degree anyway. We differ slightly here too. I see people as having cheated themselves, lied to themselves and robbed themselves, whilst lining up to have themselves injected with something no sensible person believes they need. I am not a misanthrope, I just dislike groupthink, it's manufactured. The PTB find many ways to communicate their plans to us both through symbolism and predictive programming. They have been telling the masses for a long time, but people remain retarded, which is actually quite sad. I am using that word in it's literal meaning, btw. Awareness is a spectrum. An infinite spectrum. The harm will start to be undone when people stop deflecting their personal power onto something outside of them.
  6. A hard, gritty, wall of sound. Fucking EPIC
  7. This is based on the erroneous assumption that all human beings have friends and family. Some human beings have neither. If someone like that commits suicide, it's on them, and they shouldn't feel obliged to stay. It's their business, nobody else's. This society and it's ever decreasing lack of community stinks of fucking shit. Sorry, but I get really angry when people misunderstand this topic. Walk a mile in the shoes of someone who feels completely alone. Life can be beautiful, that is true. However, no suicidal person ever wants to hear this. I will let you in on a little secret, and if you understand what I am about to tell you it might potentially save a life at some point in the future. I have both been suicidal and personally knew someone who did it. They were a friend and I failed to see the level of pain they were in. I have to live with that knowledge. No suicidal person ever wants to hear how beautiful life is. It doesn't matter whether it's subjectively true or not, a person cannot go from fear and despair to happiness in one fell swoop. If you want to help a suicidal person, either validate their reality by mirroring that you can understand why they see the world how they see it, or find some other way to raise their feelings state, i.e. by making them angry, since anger is actually above despair in levels of consciousness. The last thing you should tell a suicidal person is that life is beautiful. I want everyone in this thread, and if necessary, the entire forum, to hear this. It will not help them. If you're very lucky, they may temporarily suppress their despair in order to raise their emotion but it will be a false start and their despair will return at a later date. Please take my word for this. If you cannot bring yourself to validate how they are feeling because you are afraid to confront those feelings within yourself, then get up and walk away. I'm not even kidding. That would do less damage to someone who is suicidal than trying to force them to look on the bright side. I am tired of the emotional abuse that goes on in our society, it is largely responsible for the growing epidemic of depression and it is very much responsible for the suicide rate. Sorry for the rant; I know it isn't just you who sees it this way, but you did highlight this issue so I chose to respond to it. Lastly: our society tells people who are depressed/suicidal that if they need help, they should reach out, and when they do, well-intentioned but woefully misguided people start trashing their perspective and telling them that they are wrong to see things how they see them, and they never are. Every single person's point of awareness is unique to them and a perfect reflection of their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and experiences. There has never been a wrong feeling ever. When our society finally gets this, nobody will ever need to commit suicide ever again.
  8. You misunderstood. I'm not advocating for guilt, only responsibility. People aren't helpless victims. Even people who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences can find ways to empower themselves, with practice. Humanity choose to give their power away and have been doing so for millennia. I advocate for people to stop clinging to the retarded notion that we need people to "lead us" We don't. No guilt is required. Only someone who is fast asleep can be manipulated. These manipulators are opportunists, and for the past two years, the human race gave them the best opportunity they've ever had to increase their so-called power.
  9. That would be the masses, i.e. 99% of humanity. It's "us" who have created the reality we're now living in, not the PTB. That's the biggest red pill there is.
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