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  1. It was beautiful. I used to vape it in a little pipe which was a coiled spring. The THC crystals would render me unable to move or form sentences. Such sweet, sweet memories
  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! My kinda person! I once took such a strong hit of THC crystal I felt that everything which had ever existed condensed down into that moment, and was a singularity. It was nothingness. THC is the best thing ever.
  3. It was a tough call between Thin Lizzy and Busy Lizzy, but this behemoth of a guitar anthem sealed it:
  4. Awakening is just an expansion of awareness. It is like a veil lifting. People have to become unconscious in the first place to become conscious and aware. A life is basically just one giant awakening, or a slow one, in some cases. Awakening is an iterative process and never ends.
  5. Great post, but I'd make one tiny adjustment; the unobserved ego is antichrist. The observed ego is benign. It is a person's lack of awareness of ego which gives it any dangerous quality. We all have ego and we cannot get rid of entirely whilst in earth realm. What we can do are practice various forms of mindfulness which increase our awareness of it.
  6. Looks like someone has devoured the "Encyclopedia of Illuminati symbol tattoos".
  7. There's a similarity yes. The pacing is the same, it has a similar tone as well. Their voices also have a similar quality although Ofra is a better vocalist than Shakira.
  8. Good ideas, the only slight problem is that they'll get wise to it pretty quickly, especially where the cafes are concerned.
  9. Many of whom are the ones leading us into this mess. What pisses me off about the whole thing is the manipulation aspect of it. If this were just happening naturally it would still annoy me, but I'd be able to accept it for more easily. It's the fact that it's occurring via grade A Machiavellianism which angers me. You can clearly see how they have done it. They have gradually, and simultaneously, reduced the number of cashlines in existence, reduced the number of tills in shops which accept cash, and reduced the number of public places willing to accept cash, like the sports center I mentioned in my post above. That plan targets both availability to acquire cash and opportunity to spend it. Meanwhile, the very ones facilitating this keep using the excuse that they are doing this "because less people are using cash", when it's clear even to a single-celled amoeba that they have that statement the wrong way around! Less people are using cash because they are making it less and less easy for people to do so. Meanwhile our beloved British general public keep walking straight into this like lemmings falling off a cliff.
  10. No vindication is required. If you're referring to the years that he was a laughingstock, he's referred to it as his greatest gift because it freed him from the prison of caring what people think. That hardly requires vindication.
  11. What if his answer is something which people don't want to know or aren't ready to hear? I've tried telling people on here that they need to own their personal power and stop clinging to retarded shit like government and nobody listens. Lots of people think they want the truth and then fight against it when they get it.
  12. There was a yoga class I was going to earlier this year, I used to pay for it online. That class was cancelled and I have just got around to arranging a new one, with the same woman, but a different venue. I turned up today at the sports complex it was meant to take place at and was told that payments were cashless only. I didn't go. I told them, "this isn't a great decision" and left. I will either find another class, or do it at home. I do anyway. The point is, this move was sanctioned by the council. I feel very angry. These people are manipulative. They are trying to get people like myself to either abandon our principles or be phased out of society.
  13. It couldn't possibly be worse than "Blasphemous Rumors". I've read that and it's nightmare fuel. I assume most of us on this forum know that the illuminati deliberately traumatize children. I'm also assuming there are others on here with knowledge of SRA, like I have. Plus I'm not a stranger to considerable trauma. PM me if you like.
  14. Okay start with "The Deadly Deception" by Jim Shaw. Plus the vast majority of David Icke's books go into freemasonic history in reasonable depth.
  15. Only what I've read. Then again, we all know we shouldn't trust everything we read.
  16. My grandfather was in the masons but he died before I was born. As I understand it most of the lower level masons are little more than overgrown boy scouts who do each other favors and protect each other even up to a person having committed murder or treason. Anywhere up to 33rd degree they're about as "illuminated" as a fucking cave. It's the secret levels above that you need to be worried about.
  17. Exactly. Its heartbreaking. Imagine this generation of children when they get to their 20's and beyond. Then imagine the strain on the mental health service. My God where are we headed?
  18. Or a more traditional version perhaps?
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