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  1. If you are interested in predictive programming literally the best source of it I've ever seen is 'Red Dwarf'. Just sayin'.

  2. The airport experience just prior to travelling gives you a clear reminder of where your place is and what your role is on planet earth, as far as the PTB are concerned. The reason this is particularly the case in an airport is because International travel is the closest most human beings can get to true and absolute freedom in this physical world. Upon entering airport security, you are literally 'herded' down several hundred feet of cordons, like sheep being herded by a sheepdog before coming out the other end, Lazarus like, into a glitzy, hyperreal consumerist 'heaven'; which gives you a final decisive assessment of your role as a human being on 21st century earth: a consumer.

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    2. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      You know there is a whole industry dedicated to scheming and extorting money (over pricey merchandise trap) put under the noses of foolhardy or else desperate travellers to purchase (whilst no time to go to a normal shop at last minute) as airport consumers go shopping and get caught by this daylight robbery.

      Just as Grumpy Owl says, much of that 2 or 3 hour pre-wait for being there ahead of time is surely to be placed in attendance in that gambit based on this scheming & luring you to buy led by boredom, capitalizing on taking advantage of you whilst you are lulled into a sullen//gullible AND TIIIIIRED & frustrated mood= accompanied quite possibly by kaotic/confused or even fearful mood where you have temporarily lost leave of your senses in the airport setting, setting you in a spin and susceptible to silly purchases. (Some people anyway)


      Those responsible are too rich and too 'snooty snoddy' to give a hootie cutie what their sell pundits charge you, and have even appeared on at least one Consumer Champion show I remember from being on TV, where it was SORT OF investigated just wtf these high brow sellers game is all about (with mixed results, the main one being you are being shafted, LOOOOL).
      The biz owners love to use phrases like "soft sell, but hard push" I don't doubt. In other words subliminal molly coddling affecting how you normally would behave in your right mind, by boring you to death and making you feel you must spend in order to make your wait less boring, and less tedious, but of course that's why people should all check they have all covered by their individual needs before being tempted in the departure lounge, which btw, isn't really a lounge is it, lol.... I don't know, I never was a big flyer. Let alone a big HIGH flyer like these surgeon like technocratic businesses.

    3. Screamingeagle


      @Grumpy Owli remeber documentary about Dubai airport 1/3 of the profit is from flights,2/3 are from shoping 


    4. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      *oldish British Comedy series* called "Outnumbered" =>

      2x short excerpts...


      Stuck at the airport with (misbehaving) children....



      Pete gets detained at the airport... 



  3. When the supermarkets ask you if you want a receipt, they aren't striking a blow for the environment or the reversal of "climate change". Paper is one of the easiest things to recycle, is highly biodegradable and does minimal damage to the environment.
    Plastic, on the other hand, takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and the supermarkets have not reduced the use of it for packaging to any significant extent. Something about this does not add up. Thirty years ago glass and paper packaging were far more prevalent, both are far easier to recycle, whilst the use of plastic continues to proliferate and the supermarkets continue to lecture consumers on their choices. Multi billion pound companies should not be lecturing individuals on their choices whilst resolutely continuing to prioritize profit over everything else. In short, the multi billion pound companies of the world, and the governments who enable them, do not care about the environment. They care about virtue signaling, patronizing their customers and above all, profits.
    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      Spot on Ethel, short and to the point, thank you!👍

  4. Listening to 'Dead Can Dance' is a cleansing journey for the soul.

  5. I was looking through some of my old posts, and looked at one from 2020. I have an exceptional memory. On a spectrum, mine is somewhere between "excellent" and "eidetic", and I am certain that this specific post was "liked" by a particular forum user, who, at some point or another, withdrew that like. 


    Perhaps it is "ego" that I am mentioning this, but it is DEFINITELY ego for someone to do that. This is profoundly pathetic.


    I see you. You are either a very obvious game player or you have a very weak sense of self. Either way I feel sorry for you.

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    2. Ethel




      My issue isn't WHO, my issue is why. I am certain the person's opinion has not changed. 


      I feel like removing a like because you dislike the person or because you want to compete for likes conveys, at the very least, pettiness. 


      That being said, why do you care why I care?

    3. sickofallthebollocks



      I don't care - you mistake me asking 'why do you care who has removed a like' comment - with me caring?
      Which is not the case. No caring here, I couldn't give a fucking hoot.
      I asked because I was a confused as to why someone would go and put something like this on a status update on the front page of the site?
      Your issue looks like you are concerned with who and why?
      Maybe it was someone you thought you were in good stance with?
      And you are now upset and need to lash out?  Maybe just contact them by PM to ask why instead of lashing out.
      Anyway - like I said - now, by trying to help, it looks like I care.  When I don't.

    4. Ethel


      You definitely care. There's no way what you have just typed indicated nonchalance.

  6. There was a researcher a few years ago who did a few lectures on Google Hangouts/Talks At Google and I have forgotten his name. These Google hangouts lectures were on youtube and now I cannot find them. I cannot remember the guys name, but his subject matter was alternative history, roughly. His most distinctive mannerism was an odd vocal tic in which he made a weird noise with his nose and it sounded like someone passing wind. If you read this and know who the fuck I'm talking about, please reply to this post with his name. Many thanks.

    1. Ethel


      FOUND IT! It was Michael Cremo. Dude believe humans have existed for millions of years. Here is one of his videos, it was pretty interesting from what I recall



  7. " You are not to blame for bittersweet distractors"

  8. Last night, I was contemplating the topic of removing obstacles to further awakening, i.e. attachments, coping mechanisms etc. I am struggling to remove certain attachments from my life.


    When I went to sleep I had a dream about Hindu God Ganesha Chathurthi (Ganesh). 


    Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.


    If you think this is a coincidence, I have some fantastic seafront property in Switzerland you may be interested in.

    1. DaleP


      That is a good omen.

    2. Ethel


      I know right?


  9. My insight into the last two years is now provable. I said way back, roughly halfway through 2020 that the widespread wearing of facemasks would have a detrimental impact on the behaviour, psychology, learning and development of children and now, here we are, in April of 2022 and it is now being confirmed by Ofsted that many children are now basically retarded as a result of the face mask situation and several other facets of the Scamdemic. I called it. I should stop doubting myself. Somewhere on this forum there will be a post where I said this. I think even David Icke didn't touch upon this aspect of the Scamdemic much, if at all.






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    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      It's not documented here in this forum, but just prior to the start of the first lockdown in 2020, I did comment to someone who was visiting us at work something along the lines of "it won't be just two weeks though, the longer this goes on, then the more people will be psychologically damaged by this"

      I too like to think that I called this out at the start, and though I've kept mostly quiet about this amongst my closest family and friends, I do believe now - two years later - that I was sadly correct.

    3. Gremmels


      David absolutely said this multiple times.

    4. Anti Facts Sir

      Anti Facts Sir

      Our gut instinct on this was correct, and everything published and that's happened since has confirmed it. Sadly.

  10. There is a stand piled sky high with Convid tests as you walk into my local supermarket. I can't get the image out of my mind of me, dowsing it in lighter fluid and throwing a lit match at it. Oh well. It's not like I'm actually going to do it...


    *laughs maniacally*

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    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I hear people now have to buy these silly tests, rather than getting them for free?


      And now apparently 'cases' are on the rise again. Talk about 'manufactured demand'.


      And sadly people will now actually part with good money for these things, just so they can 'keep safe'.


      HINT: If you don't get tested, you can't get 'Covid' 😉

    3. Ethel


      It's been on the cards for a while that people have to pay, but I didn't know they'd actually done it. Truly extraordinary; people are actually still buying them! Also, where I live, (which has a ridiculously high compliance rate) it appears like mask compliance has actually gone up. I had several people eyeballing me today for not wearing a mask. It had to be that; I was literally the only one out of hundreds not wearing one.


      Imagine that for a second. It's exactly two years and they still haven't 'got it'. How utterly depressing is that?


    4. DaleP


      It seems that many vax manufacturers experienced fire so it's not surprising that Covid test also goes up in flame. Not that I'm going to do anything either but stranger things have happened in the world for sure. Just like schizo would blame...satan told me to do it....we can only hope that spirits would do it. Spontaneous combustion.

  11. It is said that the light in this physical reality is much harsher than the light in what comes after this. After reading about NDE's and information from various channelers, it seems that the light of the other realms is much more comfortable. On days like today, I find the sunlight absolutely extreme. My eyes feel like they are being scorched. I am wearing sunglasses and it is still too bright.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I have certainly noticed for some time that the light from the sun seems far more brighter, and it was more noticeable during the winter when the sun was much lower in the sky.

      There was a full moon the other evening, and with the sky being crystal clear, even the moon was hard to look at (reflected sunlight).

      Either my eyes aren't what they used to be, or the sun is far more active of late.

    2. kj35


      A friend of mine suffered a catastrophic cardiac arrest, was clinically dead. They resuscitated him and he spent 12 months in a coma. He said the book 'proof of heaven' by Dr Alexander Eben most closely described what he experienced.

    3. Ethel


      @kj35 Thanks, I'll check that out

  12. It scarcely needs to be said, but the Ukraine situation is being used to create gargantuan amounts of horrible energy. People are watching images on the news which are creating fear, sadness, depression, anguish, anger. And all of that is food for the PTB. PLEASE people, don't fall into their disgraceful trap.


    I am setting hard boundaries with people and refusing to allow them to drag me into the media manipulation. Even if the situation is as we are being told, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Do people think that looking at images on a screen in any way changes the situation? Or helps it? My God, people have literally learned nothing from the last two years.


    It is happening again; I am literally surrounded everywhere I go by people who can't see when they're being manipulated, and I'm falling down into that pit of perceptual isolation again. People just aren't learning. This is honestly just so, so upsetting. I don't know how many more years I can tolerate watching people allowing themselves to be manipulated in so many ways. It's just maddening.

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    2. Ethel


      Also, another point which occurred to me was that, as we speak, there are literally dozens of ongoing civil wars occurring on planet earth in which there will almost certainly be people dying - yet the media doesn't place regular focus on this. Why? What is the agenda behind ignoring tragic and preventable deaths in some instances, whilst focusing a gigantic spotlight on others?

    3. Mitochondrial Eve

      Mitochondrial Eve

      It is not just the general masses in a state of fear - I have witnessed it too within those awakening to the madness and diving into rabbit holes.


      At least two ladies I know inferred that they were thinking about ending their lives after they found out that their children, old enough to make their own decisions, had decided to take the injection. They felt desperately hopeless and I now question whether all the projections about how harmful the vaccines could be are entirely helpful. I wonder if this is a narrative being equally exaggerated (via the alt media) in order to manipulate those who are awakening into states of fear.


      Both ladies have now turned to what I consider to be sources of hopeium.

    4. sock muppet

      sock muppet

      I would like to echo Mitochondrial Eve's sentiment and place a link to the War of The Worlds radio broadcast and subsequent outbreak of hysteria surrounding it, how much of that hysteria is true I guess we will never know, but still a warning from the past no less, some people are going to need a lot of support and I think about what it was really like to be a part of that Drama and how a coping mechanism was developed for those that needed it.

  13. I would like to share some insights I had today. These insights apply to many people, including myself. Our society has been designed more and more since the turn of the century to encourage addiction and promote addictive, hedonistic behaviours. I have been no stranger to this in my lifetime, having has addictions to a variety of things, including cigarettes, painkillers, cannabis, Internet, etc. Last year I successfully ended my addiction to cigarettes and it has now been over six months. What has become clearer and clearer to me, however, is how this scenario has been engineered by our 'Masters' i.e. this so-called Illuminati who created our society and are steering all of us until we become conscious enough to change the path we are on.


    And this is what I intend to do. Over the past few months I became more and more aware of compulsive behaviours within myself; constantly refreshing the home page of youtube to get a different selection of videos, periodically going onto facebook looking for interesting notifications and stimulating posts in the news feed, the emotional dependence on certain TV shows, especially ones which show characters achieving a degree of connection which I lack in my own life. Video games give me a level of control and a sense of freedom I struggle to find in real life. 


    All of this was planned by the mass manipulators who control human society as we know it and literally shape paradigms. Mass addiction is one of their greatest success stories. And I am sick and tired to the back teeth of being one of their statistics. 


    So my plan is a dopamine detox. During this ninety day period I will endeavour to abstain from: all unnecessary Internet usage, listening to music, watching films or TV shows, eating junk or 'pleasure' foods, playing video games, engaging in compulsive spending or otherwise distracting myself.


    I mention this here because I know it is something which affects everyone, and also because there are presumably people on this forum who understand that the PTB in this world want us all sick and addicted to things. Maybe this post will inspire you. I know I can do it and I hope it reveals something to me. I will be sure to let you know how it goes, take care.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I honestly wish you the best of luck. I don't know what you plan to do with all this time that you free up, but my best advice is to just get outdoors and go for long walks somewhere. I'm lucky where I live as I have a number of parks and green spaces near to my home that I can walk to and go explore, just to get out into nature and experience it is a great way to pass some time, and it gets me out of the house and away from my computer.

  14. It occurred to me after a recent visit to a dentist that what is occurring in society right now is a corrosion of individuality in order to replace that with the collective. A corrosion of individual preferences, perspective and values so that groupthink, the hive mind and tribalism can take their place.


    The problem with this is that the collective are not capable of choosing a set of values which are beneficial to all of us, or even a set of values at all. Rather, they are primarily geared towards a fear-based perspective, and a person like myself, who wants to actually receive dental treatment and look after the teeth I have, instead has to stand by and watch a couple of fully-grown adults behaving like stupid children pretending to be in some sort of danger. The two "dentists" generally behaved insanely, even at one point stating that they would have to wait five minutes to bring my prescription (for an anti-inflammatory I won't be using) out to the reception because they "have to wait five minutes before opening the drawer". This actually happened.


    Individuality is being attacked in the world right now, so that the horde can usher in the psychopathic values of their masters: fear, suspicion, cruelty, callousness. Someone requiring a filling in their tooth is secondary to the imagined, and entirely bogus threat of the ever present "Covid". It lurks in every corner, waiting to pounce at any given moment, so that it can cruelly and vindictively strike down healthy adults with immune systems. 


    I could tell that the woman who examined my teeth thought she was doing me some kind of massive favour, and she more or less told me so. I showed remarkable restraint, but watching their deranged antics has actually left me feeling unwell. I left there actually feeling faint and tearful, then had to come home and cry, because for some odd reason, watching people behave like fucking insane lunatics is quite upsetting to me.

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    2. TetraG


      I sympathize your experience Ethel, its like what we see is the apparently irrecoverably 'kooky-like'  behaviour by those being hard pressed (to conform,  but actually do so willingly) wrapped up in precocious mind dressings (of fertive or stealth psychopathic indoctrination by rules from above plus add their own fears all in one)...  and what we get is the turned inside out portentous priety of pseudo professionalism where at the heart of that subhuman catalyst is simply a deluded disciple of the beast above and the beast from within of relating to sub-human portents or distortion of rationale etc... (or whatever way to say that in conjecture in pinning this down, to then arrive at maybe explaining that better)  but basicly of a problem as features both by control of human convoluted energy, by pre-determined bizarre posturing designed to have you feel uncomfortable and also as you know too with empty virtue signaling disguised by repetitively sublime  officialdom based around insidious rituals to encourage us to obey,  and therefore to inviegle us social entanglement and confusion...  ..Very much behaviour I liken to a clique where we see a sheepesque delegation of preprogrammed automatons bowing to illogical rules or orders, and then that strive to govern behaviour refined to appear halfway normal but is clearly anything but natural and intuitive behaviour. Exhibited by them following a weird pattern of what was showed to you in absurd pretentious ways. 


      Here's something from a search result I just found to pique what we are perhaps piqued about in worldly ways or whatever:-


      I kinda searched "portent" to help me know my words better, and got results for "potential' instead as the search got given instead, ah well. 


      Note however the website is under "reconstruction" when you actually go to visit the site.

      Enyway hope this offers you some psychological assurance of a kind,  at what some people like myself, do sense, about the cost of ludicrous weirding of human nature subverting  not a in a good way... (even if that is not what this site is specificly about, but it could be worth bookmarking if it comes back to life after said maintenance... But just to warn I have not known of it before today though..) 


      ¶¶ globalhousepotentialism.org

      Potentialism shows that all human beings have an enormous latent power—a potential—that is constrained by forces we don't recognize or understand. Moreover, the constraining forces are structural and systemic. They are part of the world we have inadvertently created. But, there is a way to overcome these powerful negative influence in our lives. It is a new concept; a vision for life on ...



      I will be the first to refute it if this website turns out to be a purely globalist signposting as could be obvious. Excuse me if so,  but one cannot tell to comment atm, with site in lieu. In any case in the words systemic and structural comes the cataclysm of control which of course takes many insidious & obnoxious forms... Hatched within the system in order to implement tools of various manipulatory chic, and of course a large part of their psy-op weaponary is by using neural programming, to set about their task in under-mining our confidence and self respect etc... with all their dastardly authoritarian artifices and subtle devices ready to be used on us to herd our mentality in the hopes we become one of THEM. As they fulwell wish was the case

    3. TetraG
    4. TetraG




      Depending on the subject matter, I somewhat question

      the tribalism angle more widely, but in your usage probably Ethel, I can agree you were using it well enough in the overall context of what you are saying below, but lets remember too not all tribes are conceived bad, such as native american or any indigenous tribes, derived not of the modern world...🙂


      But you know as soon as anyone relates 'tribalism' in context **with the modern world** we not surprisingly start to feel threatened by tribalism you know..

      And even just talking about that sometimes can be a challenge, as if it what we're touching upon with this word "tribalism" is of some an attribution where gang culture could easily be infered and inculcated,  and okay I accept that is an "extreme example on a theme" but whatever we mean by 'tribalism', its good &  healthy also to make seperate distinctions sometimes too, where canny to do so, as I just have.) 


      Don't get me wrong though, you certainly have point below, of course...  


      A corrosion of individual preferences, perspective and values so that groupthink, the hive mind and tribalism can take their place.


      The problem with this is that the collective are not capable of choosing a set of values which are beneficial to all of us, or even a set of values at all. Rather, they are primarily geared towards a fear-based perspective, 

  15. It's probably nothing, but what are the odds that one person is contacted by both Ipsos Mori and the NHS after being selected at 'random' to answer questions which both directly or indirectly relate to a certain fake virus?


    Maybe it's just another of these striking 'coincidences' which are so common nowadays.


    Either way, I'm still not having their shitty little injection.


    Nor am I answering their questions.


  16. I was thinking today about people I had relationships with in the past and thought of them getting this injection and I felt incredibly sad. Even though some of those relationships did not end particularly nicely, and even though there are others I haven't seen for years, I felt helpless and also saddened by the thought of those people going down this particular road. I know it isn't anyone's job to 'save' another person but it's still sad to think of people you once cared about going down the kind of road they might very well be going down. 

    1. JJ73


      I agree. I was involved with someone who lives in a country which has turned into a vaxxed hellhole. She was not in great health then and had various underlying conditions, so I dread to think what could happen to her. She was as left politically as one could be and very much into going along to get along, so that doesn't bode well at all. 

  17. Maybe "warning" people about the dangers of the Convid 'vaccines' is not such a great idea. What if they're placebos? Imagine you tell someone the vaccine will harm or even kill them, and they believe you, but are then foolish enough to go and have it, then, through the power of their own negative beliefs (the nocebo effect), the vaccine ends up killing them. It's entirely possible this is what's happening. Imagine that. Imagine if the 'anti-vaxxers' were indirectly responsible for the deaths of people who have been vaccinated. 


    I won't be having this jab - ever. But at the end of the day, every adult in the Western world knows there are risks to any medical procedure. Nobody has to point this out. They are responsible for their own lives - why run the risk of them believing you, then having the jab and dying as a result of it because of beliefs which you instilled in them? Think about it.


    BTW - I am not trying to 'persuade' anyone. I could be entirely wrong. They could legitimately be full of stuff which is killing people. I am just bouncing ideas around; that's what people who think critically do.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      There is also the opposite to this - warning people about how dangerous the vaccines are, then when these people go ahead and have their jabs anyway, and then are fine afterwards with no ill-effects, it is YOU that ends up looking 'silly'.

      I'm with you, I won't be having any jab. It should be the choice of the individual, and their decision should be respected, whether that is to have the jab or to not have it.


    Hi folks. If any of you have any useful info you could give me on 'Monoatomic Gold' it would be greatly appreciated. Personal experiences and/or general (well-researched) and articulate information about it is also desirable. I used to ingest it years ago, but I don't really have that much of a view on it one way or another. I remain unsure whether it's a legitimate thing or an 'illuminati' ruse.

  19. Up until the last fortnight or so, I was convinced another lockdown was coming, if not by the end of this year, then early next year. I was sure this would be blamed on those who haven't has the Convid 'jab'.


    Maybe this is silly, but I am now starting to wonder whether another lockdown will happen. Just a feeling...

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    2. Ethel


      Also, it wasn't intentional that this was posted at 11:11. 


      I only just noticed.

    3. Fluke


      That's what they all say Ethel 😉. On a serious note I'm having lots of synchronistic  stuff happening lately. 

    4. Ethel


      That's usually a sign that you're in tune with the universe. Synchronicity is a fascinating subject. If you have never read it, I highly recommend the book:


      "Synchronicity: The Marriage Of Matter And Psyche" by F. David Peat

  20. I made the decision today that I will no longer be carrying the sunflower lanyard on me when I am out and about. I will not explain, justify our defend my right to breath properly. Any place which asks me to provide evidence of anything will be reported and/ or dealt with through official channels or being named and shamed.


    I am not your bitch.

    I am not your slave.

    I am not your house negro.

    I am not your Jew, living in Nazi Germany.

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    2. Anti Facts Sir

      Anti Facts Sir

      I salute you.


      Last month I lost my exemption card (it must have slipped out of the lanyard thing when I was awkwardly getting in or out of the car - I am disabled), and for a few days I thought about just not wearing anything at all. It had been over a year, everyone knows the score, even the "official guidance" no longer requires it by law. Yet the majority of people still wear their masks, and the shops are still banging on about it, only now it's a "personal choice" (subtext: you're an evil bastard if you don't wear it). So I just keep the sunflower ribbon part visible and ignore any looks I may get (if people are twisted enough to confront a geezer in a wheelchair, then that's their problem). But I am getting to the stage where I may just toss it...especially if someone ever dared to question me or demand "proof".


    3. Ethel


      It made me feel small. 

    4. plutes


      I never wore one, in any store if they asked would you like a mask sir I simple said exempt, it was always enough for me too avoid any arguments. 


      I also choose to shop in ldle as they had a no requirement to even wear one, I was probably one of the few that still never wore one but gained much respect for lidl 

  21. It is my belief that this perspective going around that the non vaccinated should stay away from those who have been vaccinated is a viewpoint designed to further divide society. It is my opinion that if you trace it back to it's origins, you will find that the person who originated it wants to divide society. It is obvious. 


    Our society is divided enough. Apartheid is a terrible idea.


    I am saying nothing more about this. 

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    2. Ouroboros


      I agree with you, I honestly believe if there is something happening to the vaccinated there is equally an option for a solution and healing. There are benevolent applications of healing, both in traditional and alternative medicine and I think we all should begin there in undoing the damage that has been done to these people.

    3. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I agree, and I have said as much myself elsewhere here.


      We need to be wary and cautious of disinformation being sown amongst us 'alternative thinkers', for the very purpose of further dividing us.

    4. elongated1


      It is already divided anyway. I think is obsurd to think we can all be united. Normies who have no clue cannot catch up with others. Just like when you tell them that 911 was a psy-op or govt is trying to control you.... they cannot comprehend.

  22. Regarding the video which is going viral right now, of the Polish man living in Canada who stood up to the police.


    This was one of the best things I have seen for over thirteen months. So hopeful, so inspiring. It's his conviction which inspires me; the ferocity of his "GET OUT!" Not to mentions his righteous anger. Truly, truly great to see.



  23. I would look the Queen directly in the eye and tell her that I don't give a shit about her opinion on what people do or don't inject into their body, or the opinions of her family. Lets focus instead on the fact that they are descended from Germans and have notorious, well-known ties to the Nazis. Lets also focus on Prince Andrew's involvement with renowned paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and lets all cast our minds back to the entire royal family's sickening ties to King Paedophile Jimmy Saville. This person, and her entire family, are not credible in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, they are a sickening reminder of just what an insane, damaged world our species has created. Go to hell, your majesty.

    1. DarianF


      I would suggest, don't even call her 'The Queen'. Just by saying that you're legitimising the whole load of royalty bullshit. I would just call her Elizabeth, and talk to her just like I would any other person. Fuck this royalty bullshit. Where's that Richard Feynman clip? Oh yeah. This one. - 

      - all this bowing and scraping shit. It makes me sick. I would never lower myself to this.

  24. I don't know if there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. There will be for some people, I think. There are people of a very high level of consciousness who will manage to retain at least some quality of life even as the current situation worsens.


    But for myself, I don't know how I can get through what is to come. My life was already hard, in a certain way. But now, I am in an almost constant state of discomfort. 


    Some people are lucky enough to go about their lives and see other people like them. Non mask wearers, the non compliant. This will reassure them, and make them feel less alone.


    I have one person in my entire life who I see regularly who is non compliant. One.


    The rest are all system slaves of the worst kind. They have been distancing themselves, which suits me in a way, because it is a strain to be around them. The only way it is managed is by avoiding the subject of 'it' altogether.


    Day after day, week after week, I walk around looking at these masked idiots, feeling more and more and more alone, and I really just want it all to be over.


    Day after day I cry bitter tears of total grief, for the sense of belonging and connection I wanted to have in this life and that I am reminded I don't have and never have had, every single day.


    I just long for my constant mental suffering to be over. It is like living with a constant internal itch which never goes away. I can no longer remember the last time I felt happiness but I'm sure it was years ago. I resent being alive now.


    I deliberately formed a belief that I would never reincarnate and that if the archontic soul trap is real, I will say no to it. I couldn't stand any more.


    I know there must surely be even more tough times ahead and I don't know for the life of me how I'm going to get through them. 



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    2. Steph


      Every cloud has a silver lining. Laughing at the absurdity of it all is one line of pleasure they cant cut off.

    3. Fluke


      I can relate to a lot of that Ethel. I do feel a lot of despair to what could come and that is without all the coronavirus but it really is agitating. I take solace from the cool people on here. And a few other sections on the internet that have staved off being censored in these trying times. 


      I have always liked my own company but the feeling of having the general beliefs and propaganda constantly imposed on me/us it is bound to take its toll on us.


      It is important if we can not to get too quantum entangled although its hard not to get angry and we have a right to!


      I see you are a fellow Morrissey fan :) his music always makes me feel better. Have you tried writing at all? It would be good to be able to write prose as beautifully as Moz. I wrote a few paragraphs out today not because i wanted to but to keep my sanity. 



    4. Ethel


      Yes, writing definitely helps, it is something I should probably do more of. I used to like my own company too but that gradually changed over the years, I am working on it though.


      There are lots of singers and bands that have fallen in and out of favour with me over the years, but Morrissey/Smiths has never went down in my estimation.


      I Still love them as much as I always did.

  25. I feel disgust when I look at people wearing these masks on their face. The masks are dirty and I am convinced most people are not mindful of this. They are undoubtedly rife with stinking bacteria. I feel barely any affinity with these people. I wonder if I am a separate species - I certainly feel like it.


    There are some people who combine the mask with a hat which is low on the brow bone, so that you can barely see their piggy eyes glaring out at you. I look at them with contempt, my feelings of misanthropy swirling inside. I pray to discover the qualities necessary to deal with what's ahead.


    1. Fluke


      I feel that disgust. Seeing an elderly relative of mine wear his face mask and I see fear in the eyes. I see their body language. They don't realise they are supporting tyranny. It's stomach churningly angering to me. You are not alone. But other than that it's been a stomach inducing year for me with a mixture of cowards, conformists and stupidity. There really are not many words I can muster. 

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