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  1. The airport experience just prior to travelling gives you a clear reminder of where your place is and what your role is on planet earth, as far as the PTB are concerned. The reason this is particularly the case in an airport is because International travel is the closest most human beings can get to true and absolute freedom in this physical world. Upon entering airport security, you are literally 'herded' down several hundred feet of cordons, like sheep being herded by a sheepdog before coming out the other end, Lazarus like, into a glitzy, hyperreal consumerist 'heaven'; which gives you a final decisive assessment of your role as a human being on 21st century earth: a consumer.

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    2. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      You know there is a whole industry dedicated to scheming and extorting money (over pricey merchandise trap) put under the noses of foolhardy or else desperate travellers to purchase (whilst no time to go to a normal shop at last minute) as airport consumers go shopping and get caught by this daylight robbery.

      Just as Grumpy Owl says, much of that 2 or 3 hour pre-wait for being there ahead of time is surely to be placed in attendance in that gambit based on this scheming & luring you to buy led by boredom, capitalizing on taking advantage of you whilst you are lulled into a sullen//gullible AND TIIIIIRED & frustrated mood= accompanied quite possibly by kaotic/confused or even fearful mood where you have temporarily lost leave of your senses in the airport setting, setting you in a spin and susceptible to silly purchases. (Some people anyway)


      Those responsible are too rich and too 'snooty snoddy' to give a hootie cutie what their sell pundits charge you, and have even appeared on at least one Consumer Champion show I remember from being on TV, where it was SORT OF investigated just wtf these high brow sellers game is all about (with mixed results, the main one being you are being shafted, LOOOOL).
      The biz owners love to use phrases like "soft sell, but hard push" I don't doubt. In other words subliminal molly coddling affecting how you normally would behave in your right mind, by boring you to death and making you feel you must spend in order to make your wait less boring, and less tedious, but of course that's why people should all check they have all covered by their individual needs before being tempted in the departure lounge, which btw, isn't really a lounge is it, lol.... I don't know, I never was a big flyer. Let alone a big HIGH flyer like these surgeon like technocratic businesses.

    3. Screamingeagle


      @Grumpy Owli remeber documentary about Dubai airport 1/3 of the profit is from flights,2/3 are from shoping 


    4. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      *oldish British Comedy series* called "Outnumbered" =>

      2x short excerpts...


      Stuck at the airport with (misbehaving) children....



      Pete gets detained at the airport... 



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