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  1. I was looking through some of my old posts, and looked at one from 2020. I have an exceptional memory. On a spectrum, mine is somewhere between "excellent" and "eidetic", and I am certain that this specific post was "liked" by a particular forum user, who, at some point or another, withdrew that like. 


    Perhaps it is "ego" that I am mentioning this, but it is DEFINITELY ego for someone to do that. This is profoundly pathetic.


    I see you. You are either a very obvious game player or you have a very weak sense of self. Either way I feel sorry for you.

    1. TetraG


      Don't know anything about that incident you have noticed in your own posts and interactions thereof, but doesn't it depend how many times someone is withdrawing a LIKE, say in a scheming mischievous or devilment way, etc??


      LIKE as in HEART in WHITE surrounded by BLUE, the most common post endorsement or AKA empathy attributement (such as I think the LIKE is mostly about)...


      Losing any LIKE is regrettable and is natural it may happen sometimes (we have to expect that occasionally), but if them be a fraud because of noticeable patterns of being stupid or disingenuous, yes it would be hurtful I suppose potentially even if for random times at perhaps odd intervals, especially when you have such great memory which seems to catch them out....More fool them though if they do it repeatedly over time, when they would be acting to annoy greatly in an obvious manner, so don't let them annoy you! (especially if it wasn't a trend of repeated jerk behaviour)... Plenty more fish in the sea that we can rely on better to be genuine.....👍

    2. sickofallthebollocks


      Why do you care who has removed a like?

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