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  1. I was looking through some of my old posts, and looked at one from 2020. I have an exceptional memory. On a spectrum, mine is somewhere between "excellent" and "eidetic", and I am certain that this specific post was "liked" by a particular forum user, who, at some point or another, withdrew that like. 


    Perhaps it is "ego" that I am mentioning this, but it is DEFINITELY ego for someone to do that. This is profoundly pathetic.


    I see you. You are either a very obvious game player or you have a very weak sense of self. Either way I feel sorry for you.

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    2. Ethel




      My issue isn't WHO, my issue is why. I am certain the person's opinion has not changed. 


      I feel like removing a like because you dislike the person or because you want to compete for likes conveys, at the very least, pettiness. 


      That being said, why do you care why I care?

    3. sickofallthebollocks



      I don't care - you mistake me asking 'why do you care who has removed a like' comment - with me caring?
      Which is not the case. No caring here, I couldn't give a fucking hoot.
      I asked because I was a confused as to why someone would go and put something like this on a status update on the front page of the site?
      Your issue looks like you are concerned with who and why?
      Maybe it was someone you thought you were in good stance with?
      And you are now upset and need to lash out?  Maybe just contact them by PM to ask why instead of lashing out.
      Anyway - like I said - now, by trying to help, it looks like I care.  When I don't.

    4. Ethel


      You definitely care. There's no way what you have just typed indicated nonchalance.

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