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  1. My insight into the last two years is now provable. I said way back, roughly halfway through 2020 that the widespread wearing of facemasks would have a detrimental impact on the behaviour, psychology, learning and development of children and now, here we are, in April of 2022 and it is now being confirmed by Ofsted that many children are now basically retarded as a result of the face mask situation and several other facets of the Scamdemic. I called it. I should stop doubting myself. Somewhere on this forum there will be a post where I said this. I think even David Icke didn't touch upon this aspect of the Scamdemic much, if at all.






    1. metak88


      I have to disagree with you that DI didn't touch upon this, because he did. At least IMO. He kept repeating how all these 'restrictions' are child abuse in many of his interviews, video-casts, website, etc. Psychological aspect and also biological when he said how the masks reduce the oxygen flow to the developing brain and consequences of that (lower IQ), the bacteria on masks and infections...


      btw just the other day here in Slovenia the National Institute of Public Health published a study where they say that remote learning had a negative impact on kids after returning back to school.

    2. Ethel


      I was referring specifically to the part about not seeing facial expressions and lip movements and the subsequent effect of both of those. However, if you say he highlighted it, then he did. I respect him greatly.


      The crux was mainly my anger regarding the fact that I doubt myself and question myself continuously and this was quite a major thing to be right about. Self doubt is difficult to live with.

    3. metak88


      I've watched many of his videos etc. and he definitely talked about it quite a bit. Even had a few appearances with Cathy O'Brian where he said that she contacted him when this madness with masks started and said how it's the same thing she experienced in MKUltra with her daughter.


      It's crazy I know, I question my own sanity and memory on a daily basis. 🤣

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