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  1. It scarcely needs to be said, but the Ukraine situation is being used to create gargantuan amounts of horrible energy. People are watching images on the news which are creating fear, sadness, depression, anguish, anger. And all of that is food for the PTB. PLEASE people, don't fall into their disgraceful trap.


    I am setting hard boundaries with people and refusing to allow them to drag me into the media manipulation. Even if the situation is as we are being told, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Do people think that looking at images on a screen in any way changes the situation? Or helps it? My God, people have literally learned nothing from the last two years.


    It is happening again; I am literally surrounded everywhere I go by people who can't see when they're being manipulated, and I'm falling down into that pit of perceptual isolation again. People just aren't learning. This is honestly just so, so upsetting. I don't know how many more years I can tolerate watching people allowing themselves to be manipulated in so many ways. It's just maddening.

    1. sock muppet

      sock muppet

      I hear you and feel you Ethel, sadly though for the masses that don't see it and even if they did they will not do their own due diligence and research a second opinion, which makes me think that those that do see it are afraid to confront it and I think they are the majority, the net abounds with statements like the great awakening which in my opinion makes the situation worse, I mean who wants to be told something along the lines that you're a zombie, no this has always been about the confrontation of the reality we are in, but do not despair, you say there is nothing that can be done, I say nonsense there is much that can be done and one way is not to give in to what you describe as gargantuan amounts of horrible energy, which is true but that's all they have, FEAR, negativity, once you get over it then POOF no more fear, and we have to be the other side of that coin who are without fear and full of LOVE and project that LOVE back into this space, peace be with you.

    2. Mitochondrial Eve

      Mitochondrial Eve

      It seems to be a sad reality that the human condition, when not awakened, needs an adversary which typically manifests as an external other to point the finger at and a need to take sides. Duality seems to be woven into the very fabric of our reality - the self and the other, darkness and light, good and evil ad infinitum.


      Most people eschew looking in the mirror. Rather than focus on their internal reality, self reflection and knowing the self, attention is given to the external. I agree that the conflict in Ukraine is the latest instalment of fear-based manipulation, but despairing at how other people are reacting is perhaps part of this too?


      I wish I could offer some consolation, but there are no external saviours. I think the answers lie within.

    3. Fluke


      I feel the same way Ethel. I feel like people just force their opinions at me as if it is fact. The same protocols were used for COVID. It's tedious. I don't know if I can tolerate either. I've accepted people won't change on the whole, but I wished they'd at least leave me alone. 



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