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  1. It scarcely needs to be said, but the Ukraine situation is being used to create gargantuan amounts of horrible energy. People are watching images on the news which are creating fear, sadness, depression, anguish, anger. And all of that is food for the PTB. PLEASE people, don't fall into their disgraceful trap.


    I am setting hard boundaries with people and refusing to allow them to drag me into the media manipulation. Even if the situation is as we are being told, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Do people think that looking at images on a screen in any way changes the situation? Or helps it? My God, people have literally learned nothing from the last two years.


    It is happening again; I am literally surrounded everywhere I go by people who can't see when they're being manipulated, and I'm falling down into that pit of perceptual isolation again. People just aren't learning. This is honestly just so, so upsetting. I don't know how many more years I can tolerate watching people allowing themselves to be manipulated in so many ways. It's just maddening.

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    2. Fluke


      And the energy of people at the moment is beyond toxic to put it mildly. I'm quite proud at least I can say to myself I didn't get whipped up emotionally regarding this. Although I must admit I have spent a lot of time listening about the situation should probably detach from it for a while. On the whole I'm stoic about years gone by I would have got emotionally angry although sometimes this is good. I went through up and downs in the lockdown like everyone regarding being angry by how the population were acting. 


      I'm quite disturbed and let down that my dad was visibly angry. I thought he was more wise. He is quite well read and to me it seems like the population are possessed. 

    3. Ethel


      @Mitochondrial Eve


      I think I kind of understand where you are coming from with this. Observing large numbers of people all focusing on the Ukraine situation in a similar way triggers a reactionary part of me that wants to do the opposite and also triggers extreme loneliness.


      The problem is, I am still convinced that focusing negatively on the Ukraine situation isn't helping anyone. 


      I guess what I take away from your comment is that I need to introspect on why people being manipulated by the mainstream media is such a huge trigger for me...

    4. Ethel


      @Fluke Yes, the "I wish they'd leave me alone part" is what I relate to. People try and suck you into their fear and scaremongering and then actually misrepresent what they are doing as 'empathy' for the Ukrainian people. I am not sure how people in the West passively watching images on a television screen improves the lives of the Ukrainian people? And that's always supposing I believe every last bit of the official 'story', which I'm not sure I do.

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