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  1. I was thinking today about people I had relationships with in the past and thought of them getting this injection and I felt incredibly sad. Even though some of those relationships did not end particularly nicely, and even though there are others I haven't seen for years, I felt helpless and also saddened by the thought of those people going down this particular road. I know it isn't anyone's job to 'save' another person but it's still sad to think of people you once cared about going down the kind of road they might very well be going down. 

    1. JJ73


      I agree. I was involved with someone who lives in a country which has turned into a vaxxed hellhole. She was not in great health then and had various underlying conditions, so I dread to think what could happen to her. She was as left politically as one could be and very much into going along to get along, so that doesn't bode well at all. 

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