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  1. Maybe "warning" people about the dangers of the Convid 'vaccines' is not such a great idea. What if they're placebos? Imagine you tell someone the vaccine will harm or even kill them, and they believe you, but are then foolish enough to go and have it, then, through the power of their own negative beliefs (the nocebo effect), the vaccine ends up killing them. It's entirely possible this is what's happening. Imagine that. Imagine if the 'anti-vaxxers' were indirectly responsible for the deaths of people who have been vaccinated. 


    I won't be having this jab - ever. But at the end of the day, every adult in the Western world knows there are risks to any medical procedure. Nobody has to point this out. They are responsible for their own lives - why run the risk of them believing you, then having the jab and dying as a result of it because of beliefs which you instilled in them? Think about it.


    BTW - I am not trying to 'persuade' anyone. I could be entirely wrong. They could legitimately be full of stuff which is killing people. I am just bouncing ideas around; that's what people who think critically do.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      There is also the opposite to this - warning people about how dangerous the vaccines are, then when these people go ahead and have their jabs anyway, and then are fine afterwards with no ill-effects, it is YOU that ends up looking 'silly'.

      I'm with you, I won't be having any jab. It should be the choice of the individual, and their decision should be respected, whether that is to have the jab or to not have it.

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