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  1. Up until the last fortnight or so, I was convinced another lockdown was coming, if not by the end of this year, then early next year. I was sure this would be blamed on those who haven't has the Convid 'jab'.


    Maybe this is silly, but I am now starting to wonder whether another lockdown will happen. Just a feeling...

    1. Fluke


      Hopefully Ethel.  I've seen videos of them taking propaganda down like billboards and adverts on bus shelters etc. So maybe they've been given the go ahead. I'm convinced something dark they'll attempt to unleash while all distractions are going on. 

    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I have the feeling we have all been lulled into a false sense of security. I maintain the hope and belief that there won't be any need for further 'lockdowns' but I wouldn't rule anything out at this point. Come October/November if another lockdown ends up being implemented, I wouldn't be surprised at all.


    3. Ethel


      The only thing I can really put my finger on in this entire scenario is that something isn't 'right', obviously. But my brain is fried trying to figure out the next move. The only thing I am really sure about is that those of us not taking the fake vaccine are going to be 'punished' in myriad ways , I know this because it is already happening. The shaming tactics; it's deplorable

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