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  1. I made the decision today that I will no longer be carrying the sunflower lanyard on me when I am out and about. I will not explain, justify our defend my right to breath properly. Any place which asks me to provide evidence of anything will be reported and/ or dealt with through official channels or being named and shamed.


    I am not your bitch.

    I am not your slave.

    I am not your house negro.

    I am not your Jew, living in Nazi Germany.

    1. Fluke


      Good for you Ethel I'm with you 💯

    2. Ethel


      What prompted it was an experience in a comic book store recently when the staff member began harassing me for 'proof' of exemption. When I went into my bag to show her the lanyard I felt small and ashamed. I was degrading myself, when you fit it into the bigger picture. I cannot keep doing it.

    3. Fluke


      Well you've learned from it I'd just walk out now. Sometimes we don't expect this level of stupidity and their rudeness catches us of guard. Sod them enough is enough. 

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