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  1. I made the decision today that I will no longer be carrying the sunflower lanyard on me when I am out and about. I will not explain, justify our defend my right to breath properly. Any place which asks me to provide evidence of anything will be reported and/ or dealt with through official channels or being named and shamed.


    I am not your bitch.

    I am not your slave.

    I am not your house negro.

    I am not your Jew, living in Nazi Germany.

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    2. Anti Facts Sir

      Anti Facts Sir

      I salute you.


      Last month I lost my exemption card (it must have slipped out of the lanyard thing when I was awkwardly getting in or out of the car - I am disabled), and for a few days I thought about just not wearing anything at all. It had been over a year, everyone knows the score, even the "official guidance" no longer requires it by law. Yet the majority of people still wear their masks, and the shops are still banging on about it, only now it's a "personal choice" (subtext: you're an evil bastard if you don't wear it). So I just keep the sunflower ribbon part visible and ignore any looks I may get (if people are twisted enough to confront a geezer in a wheelchair, then that's their problem). But I am getting to the stage where I may just toss it...especially if someone ever dared to question me or demand "proof".


    3. Ethel


      It made me feel small. 

    4. plutes


      I never wore one, in any store if they asked would you like a mask sir I simple said exempt, it was always enough for me too avoid any arguments. 


      I also choose to shop in ldle as they had a no requirement to even wear one, I was probably one of the few that still never wore one but gained much respect for lidl 

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