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  1. It is my belief that this perspective going around that the non vaccinated should stay away from those who have been vaccinated is a viewpoint designed to further divide society. It is my opinion that if you trace it back to it's origins, you will find that the person who originated it wants to divide society. It is obvious. 


    Our society is divided enough. Apartheid is a terrible idea.


    I am saying nothing more about this. 

    1. Fluke


      I think you could be right Ethel. As much as i don't want it to be true I must admit i have been going through my own cognitive dissonance in that regard. (Not saying you are so please don't take that the wrong way) i honestly haven't read enough about shedding, to my shame. 


       I have been around the vaccinated a lot and i am not really in a position to stop. 


      I do avoid certain people if they are banging the covid drum but thats my way of dealing with things and i appreciate a lot of people don't agree.


      You can see the division on all fronts and all its doing its sowing seeds of self doubt in the conciousness of people, along with distrust, and hatred on all "sides". 



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