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  1. It is my belief that this perspective going around that the non vaccinated should stay away from those who have been vaccinated is a viewpoint designed to further divide society. It is my opinion that if you trace it back to it's origins, you will find that the person who originated it wants to divide society. It is obvious. 


    Our society is divided enough. Apartheid is a terrible idea.


    I am saying nothing more about this. 

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    2. Ouroboros


      I agree with you, I honestly believe if there is something happening to the vaccinated there is equally an option for a solution and healing. There are benevolent applications of healing, both in traditional and alternative medicine and I think we all should begin there in undoing the damage that has been done to these people.

    3. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I agree, and I have said as much myself elsewhere here.


      We need to be wary and cautious of disinformation being sown amongst us 'alternative thinkers', for the very purpose of further dividing us.

    4. elongated1


      It is already divided anyway. I think is obsurd to think we can all be united. Normies who have no clue cannot catch up with others. Just like when you tell them that 911 was a psy-op or govt is trying to control you.... they cannot comprehend.

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