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  1. I feel disgust when I look at people wearing these masks on their face. The masks are dirty and I am convinced most people are not mindful of this. They are undoubtedly rife with stinking bacteria. I feel barely any affinity with these people. I wonder if I am a separate species - I certainly feel like it.


    There are some people who combine the mask with a hat which is low on the brow bone, so that you can barely see their piggy eyes glaring out at you. I look at them with contempt, my feelings of misanthropy swirling inside. I pray to discover the qualities necessary to deal with what's ahead.


    1. Fluke


      I feel that disgust. Seeing an elderly relative of mine wear his face mask and I see fear in the eyes. I see their body language. They don't realise they are supporting tyranny. It's stomach churningly angering to me. You are not alone. But other than that it's been a stomach inducing year for me with a mixture of cowards, conformists and stupidity. There really are not many words I can muster. 

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