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  1. I would look the Queen directly in the eye and tell her that I don't give a shit about her opinion on what people do or don't inject into their body, or the opinions of her family. Lets focus instead on the fact that they are descended from Germans and have notorious, well-known ties to the Nazis. Lets also focus on Prince Andrew's involvement with renowned paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and lets all cast our minds back to the entire royal family's sickening ties to King Paedophile Jimmy Saville. This person, and her entire family, are not credible in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, they are a sickening reminder of just what an insane, damaged world our species has created. Go to hell, your majesty.

    1. DarianF


      I would suggest, don't even call her 'The Queen'. Just by saying that you're legitimising the whole load of royalty bullshit. I would just call her Elizabeth, and talk to her just like I would any other person. Fuck this royalty bullshit. Where's that Richard Feynman clip? Oh yeah. This one. - 

      - all this bowing and scraping shit. It makes me sick. I would never lower myself to this.

  2. I don't know if there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. There will be for some people, I think. There are people of a very high level of consciousness who will manage to retain at least some quality of life even as the current situation worsens.


    But for myself, I don't know how I can get through what is to come. My life was already hard, in a certain way. But now, I am in an almost constant state of discomfort. 


    Some people are lucky enough to go about their lives and see other people like them. Non mask wearers, the non compliant. This will reassure them, and make them feel less alone.


    I have one person in my entire life who I see regularly who is non compliant. One.


    The rest are all system slaves of the worst kind. They have been distancing themselves, which suits me in a way, because it is a strain to be around them. The only way it is managed is by avoiding the subject of 'it' altogether.


    Day after day, week after week, I walk around looking at these masked idiots, feeling more and more and more alone, and I really just want it all to be over.


    Day after day I cry bitter tears of total grief, for the sense of belonging and connection I wanted to have in this life and that I am reminded I don't have and never have had, every single day.


    I just long for my constant mental suffering to be over. It is like living with a constant internal itch which never goes away. I can no longer remember the last time I felt happiness but I'm sure it was years ago. I resent being alive now.


    I deliberately formed a belief that I would never reincarnate and that if the archontic soul trap is real, I will say no to it. I couldn't stand any more.


    I know there must surely be even more tough times ahead and I don't know for the life of me how I'm going to get through them. 



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    2. Steph


      Every cloud has a silver lining. Laughing at the absurdity of it all is one line of pleasure they cant cut off.

    3. Fluke


      I can relate to a lot of that Ethel. I do feel a lot of despair to what could come and that is without all the coronavirus but it really is agitating. I take solace from the cool people on here. And a few other sections on the internet that have staved off being censored in these trying times. 


      I have always liked my own company but the feeling of having the general beliefs and propaganda constantly imposed on me/us it is bound to take its toll on us.


      It is important if we can not to get too quantum entangled although its hard not to get angry and we have a right to!


      I see you are a fellow Morrissey fan :) his music always makes me feel better. Have you tried writing at all? It would be good to be able to write prose as beautifully as Moz. I wrote a few paragraphs out today not because i wanted to but to keep my sanity. 



    4. Ethel


      Yes, writing definitely helps, it is something I should probably do more of. I used to like my own company too but that gradually changed over the years, I am working on it though.


      There are lots of singers and bands that have fallen in and out of favour with me over the years, but Morrissey/Smiths has never went down in my estimation.


      I Still love them as much as I always did.

  3. I feel disgust when I look at people wearing these masks on their face. The masks are dirty and I am convinced most people are not mindful of this. They are undoubtedly rife with stinking bacteria. I feel barely any affinity with these people. I wonder if I am a separate species - I certainly feel like it.


    There are some people who combine the mask with a hat which is low on the brow bone, so that you can barely see their piggy eyes glaring out at you. I look at them with contempt, my feelings of misanthropy swirling inside. I pray to discover the qualities necessary to deal with what's ahead.


    1. Fluke


      I feel that disgust. Seeing an elderly relative of mine wear his face mask and I see fear in the eyes. I see their body language. They don't realise they are supporting tyranny. It's stomach churningly angering to me. You are not alone. But other than that it's been a stomach inducing year for me with a mixture of cowards, conformists and stupidity. There really are not many words I can muster. 

  4. I am sure the connection has probably been made before on this forum, but it just occurred to me that the word 'Corona' refers to a crown, and crowns are worn by 'Sovereigns'.

    We are sovereign beings being told that we potentially carry a fake virus named after a crown.


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    2. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      I know right. I just cant understand why people are not taking action.

      Its common knowledge that they injecting us with tissue from aborted babies. Beam me up Scotty.

    3. Aye joe nada

      Aye joe nada

      People have be lead into an artificially induced state of consciousness who do not question authority or think for themselves the dumbing down of society over the years is clear to see the brotherhood of the snake have done a real good job but some of us are awake we  gotta keep nudging the sheep walkers try get them thinking with simple questions each day pull them from the perception deception .

    4. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      Agreed! Let the battle continue.

  5. The issue of just how many people are failing to see through the Covid deception continues to baffle and sadden me.


    Whilst I concur that more people are seeing through the mainstream narrative than before, the reality of this does not always filter through to every facet of day to day life, so realistically, large amounts of time can be spent feeling totally and utterly alone. Whilst I am not a stranger to that particular feeling, I am growing wearier as it intensifies.


    Sometimes there are people I would expect to "get it" who don't, to an alarming degree. The spiritual community, for example, seems split to a degree which surprises me. I already knew that there were lots of spiritual bypassers, and people who approach their spiritual practice with a large helping of denial, but I was astonished today upon witnessing an Internet community crawling with Covidiots defending the use of face masks and using 0.0% critical thinking in the forming of their perspective on face masks.


    They seemed unaware of the slave connotations, far less the Oxygen deprivation issue. The idea of wearing a filthy, disgusting, bacteria infested rag over their faces did not seem to perturb them, presumably because their fears regarding this issue were masked (pun intended) by the enjoyment associated with virtue-signaling and lying about "saving lives".


    I learned today that certain airlines have already decided to prohibit travel for the unvaccinated. This didn't surprise me, but fit it into the bigger picture: there are dozens of vaccinations, before age 21, and at no point in history has there ever been social consequences for not vaccinating, other than being subjected to disapproval from system slaves and science worshippers. But now, we are being told by a major airline that people who haven't been vaccinated against a 'virus' with a 99% survival rate cannot travel on their planes? Wow. The levels of Totalitarian aggression are getting really intense now, and we're still only at the beginning.


    I become more convinced with every day that passes that the idea of 'society' is absolutely unworkable. To throw millions of people, of millions of different levels of consciousness together, have them living and working on top of each other, and then cobble together some arbitrary set of rules and guidelines for all of those people to follow is beyond insane. And it is now all coming home to roost. Because ownership of land is tied in with 'state' (tyranny), it is impossible to get around any of this. If I find somewhere to set up shelter, and forage around for food, the cretins from this system come along, poke their nose in and start throwing their weight around. Do you think you're getting away from masks, hand sanitizer and antisocial distancing? No of course you're not, because you live in a society, and non-participation in this society is not an option, so you will comply, or die. essentially. On some level, compliance is forced, whether through the use of fiat currency, your strawman, your false self, or some other Satanic creation, they have you cornered, and the only way you're gonna avoid the sterile whiff of ethanol whilst looking at masked slaves is either through ascension, non-compliance, changing the paradigm, or all three.


  6. Reality


    1. Ethel


      Are you retarded? If you believe in the concepts of 'state', 'government' or 'authority', you very well might be.

  7. "It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."



  8. I am Ethel. I can be Ethel on the checkouts AND infinite consciousness, simultaneously.

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