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  1. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I find it striking and incredibly coincidental that only seconds after an attempt was made to blow this man's head off they just 'happen to' manage to construct an iconic and highly memorable photo. How fortuitous for the photographer and everyone in the photo!
  2. If you are interested in predictive programming literally the best source of it I've ever seen is 'Red Dwarf'. Just sayin'.

  3. Not really; it's difficult to condense an experience which would encompass ten pages of writing into "one example". I will create a thread at some point in the future and you can read that.
  4. It's kind of a huge rabbit hole. I'd probably need to make an entire thread about it sometime which I may very well do.
  5. Yes, and it isn't pretty.
  6. This is a wonderful idea. I can think of some absolutely incredible places for you to visit in Scotland but one place I can highly recommend is Aberfoyle. It's beautiful. There is a place for camper vans to park up for the night joined on to Queen Elizabeth forest park, it cost something like maybe a fiver, but the Aberfoyle area has load of incredible walks. Well worth a visit!
  7. He never posts here. He believes reincarnation is not and should not be necessary because we are "infinite consciousness having an experience". He wrote a book which mentions reincarnation quite heavily called "The Trap" Last I heard, he didn't believe Jesus existed although he has plenty of Christian followers, including on this forum. Hope this helps.
  8. It was spoken about by Icke in several of his book's that the Israeli army had used civilians as human shields. They have also committed atrocities against children, again these have been detailed in several of Icke's books. I have forgotten the worst of it, thankfully. Both 'sides' have committed atrocities, both are as lost as it's possible to be. Both 'sides' demonstrate fantastically how military and militia are violent and out of control. Even the soldiers of the UK and USA are not above abusing and violating their fellow human beings when it suits them.
  9. I don't see it exactly the same as you because I am aware that those kind of atrocities have also been committed by the Israeli army. And as I see it the only 'sides' are the ones in both countries committing acts of violence. The civilians in both countries are, for the overwhelming majority, innocent civilians. That being said it takes some serious balls to create a thread like this on this forum, given how the land lies on that subject.
  10. And these are the people we are supposed to turn to when we are in trouble? Welcome to modern Britain, folks.
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