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  1. I'd pay money to see Alex Jones interview David Icke without interrupting him once.
  2. I can definitely relate to this. I've often wondered if I am an ET. The social system and it's falsehoods have accentuated a feeling of loneliness; and fatigue. I am TIRED of human society. It is not what it could be and that's putting it nicely
  3. I agree with you on principle and am trying very hard to embrace the philosophy you describe. However... Essentially, those of us who see the scam are going to have to be more 'egoless' than those who do not see the scam. I have tried only a couple of times to discuss the events of the past year with people who believe all of the media's garbage and the arrogance with which they dismissed me was sickening. My own ego then reacts to this and I start imagining future scenarios in which I smugly give them an angry "I told you so" speech, usually before demanding an apology from them f
  4. Yeah, I quite like that David Icke bloke.
  5. I'm overwhelmed with grief over the death of a 99 year old Nazi supporter who befriended hardcore paedophiles and necrophiles and also probably jumped to the top of healthcare waiting lists literally dozens of times at the expense of others. Console me; my grief is palpable.
  6. The foundation of his research for the past 30 years, and the foundation for all conspiracy 'theory' is that the powers that be in this world don't have the best interests of humanity at heart, and in fact, have their absolute worst interests at heart. All of the other stuff is just offshoots of that foundational theory. If someone has not figured out and accepted that particular truth by this point I pray for their soul.
  7. It would be completely possible to create an alcohol free hand sanitizer. One shop I went into had a natural one with natural ingredients, vegan friendly and all that stuff. It's ironic; none of that shite they put in hand sanitizer is actually necessary to kill germs. You could make your own version easy - glycerin, a small bit of lemon juice, a few drops of apple cider vinegar, some natural witch hazel (alcohol free) and maybe an essential oil with antibacterial properties to make the whole thing smell good: eucalyptus/tea tree/lavender/cedarwood/peppermint - take your pick.
  8. What the FUCK is this tosser talking about?
  9. Regarding the video which is going viral right now, of the Polish man living in Canada who stood up to the police.


    This was one of the best things I have seen for over thirteen months. So hopeful, so inspiring. It's his conviction which inspires me; the ferocity of his "GET OUT!" Not to mentions his righteous anger. Truly, truly great to see.



  10. It occurred to me that the idea of him stopping making videos because of Twitter trolls could be an April fool. The video was posted on April 1st. However, if it is his last, I find that very, very sad.
  11. Yeah, well it is just water from a natural source I'm filtering. It's spring water I'm filtering. It appears from that article that this 'Perfect Water' and Black Berkey are in competition with each other. I'm not really sure what to believe; further research may be required.
  12. I went on to the Metropolitan police website and contacted them via that.
  13. Took Icke's advice and reported the assault he mentioned in one of his recent videos. There was a video of it on youtube; you could clearly see one of the coppers kicking a guy. I made a complaint, provided them the details. Of course it's going nowhere - I knew they'd find a copout (pun intended) but wanted to try anyway. Here's the response: Thank you for your complaint in relation to the video you have seen on YouTube. We are sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction and of any frustration that this may have caused you. Unfortunatel
  14. The berkey removes 99.9% of pharmaceuticals, including estrogen. You might need to search around for a bit to find that info. I found it on an offical black berkey q and a. I'm assuming they're telling the truth, since it would be easy for someone with a background in chemistry to find out if they were lying.
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