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  1. Yeah, you could add it as an option. I'm pretty sure he is. He's one of these 'smooth operator' types who tends to get on quite well in Western Society. He talks a big game but appears, unfortunately, to be mainly full of hot air.
  2. Now that I think about it, it's almost as though he was using David Icke, although that may be an unpopular opinion. Think about it: he gets millions of hits to his website off the back of "I defend free speech", whilst simultaneously remaining on okay terms with the establishment by claiming that he "doesn't agree with all of David's views". It's rather cunning actually. He has interviewed a variety of guests so wide as to appeal to many different demographics, not just the conspiracy researchers. I rather think he is a game player, which I can't really be bothered wi
  3. Okay, let me just point out firstly that I have not, nor do I intend to, dispute that vaccines are harmful. I have looked at the list of ingredients. Mercury, which is only one example, is one of the most toxic substances on planet earth, aluminium is also harmful to humans. It is a testament to just what a true miracle of nature the human body is that there are plenty of human beings who go on living for seventy or eighty years after being vaccinated. Who knows what age human beings might live to without the barrage of abuse human health is exposed to? However, correlation does
  4. Autism is a spectrum. There are many different types of people on that spectrum. It is entirely possible that Autism has more than one cause, or that it has a cause which is non-environmental. Those in the truth community who say that all Autism, everywhere, is caused by vaccines are reading from the 'truther script'. You simply can't put someone like Daniel Tammet in the same category as someone who is entirely non verbal, which is why the idea of multiple causes is plausible.
  5. Reality


    1. Ethel


      Are you retarded? If you believe in the concepts of 'state', 'government' or 'authority', you very well might be.

  6. I was already in despair, seeing those photos of the babies wearing masks has made me realise that rock bottom has a basement.
  7. I concur with all of what you've said. To be honest, I was so depressed and angry yesterday I could have died, and buffering on bit chute videos gave me a convenient outlet for my rage and despair today. That was assholish of me. They are doing their best.
  8. This seems oddly off topic, but I appreciate the sentiment, however sarcastic it appears to be.
  9. Agreed. I don't watch pewdie pie. I access youtube for music and light hearted entertainment, for example a video of a monkey cuddling a cat. I would rather have a huge audio library of truth which doesn't have steam-powered buffering rates.
  10. Bit of a rant here, if you don't want a rant, best avoid this post. I am sick to the back teeth of websites like Bitchute and 'Brand New Tube'. If these are the only free speech promoting platforms competing with the tyranny of youtube then the world is in a very sorry state. I try to tune into both David Icke and Max Igan on bit chute and am constantly being faced with buffering issues and, worse still Proxy server errors or being signed out of the website against my fucking will. I gave up bothering with Brand New Tube after they irresponsibly failed their users by co
  11. I know what you mean about the not feeling normal. When coming off them I felt weird, disconnected, and would also get these little tremor things. But I made my mind up I was never going back, ever. I would rather experience the extreme depression I have often experienced than go back on those things again.
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