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  1. The majority of people have chosen to sink beneath the level of animals. How far down the food chain do you have to go to find species which have no visible nose or mouth? Pretty fucking far. With their poison injections, ethanol, treating people like diseased bags of bacteria, and dirty, stained face coverings, they have sunk below the level of beasts. These people are creating an anti-society. But you are mistaken if you think the likes of me will go along with all of this. I will never be injected. I will not be worn down. They could torture me severely and I'd still reject thei
  2. Sweet Jesus. I'm assuming this one was targeted at the black community because of poor vaccine uptake in the black community?
  3. Serious question: what level does a person have to be operating on to take adverts like that seriously?
  4. I've literally just realized that you're repeating yourself over and over again in this thread. Way back at the beginning of it, you were saying the exact same things you're saying now, despite having had multiple eloquent insights from various forum member, including myself. I wonder, are you deliberately trying to drain people's energy by having them go round and round in circles? Either way, I am going to avoid this thread, because I am literally giving my energy away trying to convince people who either can't be convinced, won't be, or are only interested in wasting
  5. Nobody mentioned karma, so it's interesting you have. You act as though you have no control over whether you get ill or not. You do understand you have control over that, right? You have an immune system. You can choose to put good, healthy, organic food in your body, or disgusting, chemical-laden, processed shite. There is a choice, you possess free will. I've heard it said that even being vaccinated with the MMR vaccine blows the door open wide to invite in a plethora of disgusting childhood illnesses. If you and your child are becoming ill, perfect your diet to the greatest deg
  6. Ah yes, Mr. everyman. Good choice for the cabal in terms of manipulating the masses to get their jab. One of these relatable 'everyman' types who tries to be everyone's friend but has a gaping black hole where a soul, a mind and a heart should be. A thick cunt, who spends his whole adult life blowing his Satanic masters. Motherfucking motherfucker.
  7. That's what the gen pop are telling each other to avoid facing the fact that they are obsequious slaves. They consciously believe that blindly following orders makes them "good people" but unconsciously they are just spineless cowards who are not spiritually or morally evolved enough to stand up for what is right. Unfortunately the consequences of the cowardice will affect more than just themselves. Their children and grandchildren, for example, will be living in a world so dysfunctional it can scarcely be described, whilst the rest of us are headed for a scapegoating of epic proportions.
  8. Although I do agree the two sides are being played off against each other.
  9. Yes, it's crystal clear. However, this is a David Icke forum, and David Icke's official position is that there's no virus. I too don't agree with everything David says. Let me emphasize; I am not a flunky. Controversially, there are several important theories of his which I think have a few holes in them. I'd estimate that I agree with around 90% of his theories, but his explanation of how there is no virus is perfectly understandable, and the fundamental tenets of his explanation are that a) The so-called tests are not tests, and are absolutely fraudulent in every respect in bein
  10. Not strictly true. The original contains Phenylalanine, which is apparently more or less the same as Aspartame, i.e. horrendously harmful.
  11. Dude, you have no idea how hard I laughed at this opening line.
  12. I got one of those 'Video Restricted' (incitement to hatred) messages on shit chute today. My first experience of doing so. It was a video about abortion, from a most likely pro-life stance. It's official folks: shit chute are on their knees and are now enthusiastically deep-throating ofcom whilst noisily mumbling "more, more".
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