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  1. I'm sure it's a kind of aristocratic mockery of the people, rubbing their faces in it. She'll have a team of people looking after her children while pretending to be juggling with it like ordinary mothers. Always at schools too, like this recent creepy visit to a nursery in Luton modelling rabbit masks with brown children. I wonder if there was some dark signalling going on, given what the white rabbit stands for in those circles. Children's mental health is at an all time low, all the satanic sexualisation doesn't help. I wonder what her views are on that? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11649037/Kate-Middleton-shares-adorable-moment-little-girl-dressed-Snow-White.html
  2. Seems fishy to me. Would he really be using public transport? Given his recent rants about conspiracy theories it seems quite a co-incidence that a few days later a "conspiracy theorist" gets arrested for harrassing him, all conveniently caught on video, furthering his cause. Making him look like an innocent vulnerable victim to gain some public sympathy, and send a message out to anyone questioning the government line.
  3. Most high profile campaigners in that position, with the worlds cameras on them, would take it as an opportunity to unleash their message, or at least a pithy soundbite. Take the genuine and oft arrested Piers Corbyn as an example, or Julian Assange when he was being strongarmed by police out of the Embassy. But nothing, just laughs and giggles. Was it because she didnt have a script from the cabal and her handlers, and only rehearsed the photo op?
  4. Interesting she uses the phrase "I'm human." Is she signalling that the next stage of the process demands inhuman decisions - even more so than the ones she's already carried out? So they have to bring in someone new who is prepared to carry out these inhuman operations, as shown in the post above.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-64261533 Jennie Gow: BBC F1 broadcaster suffers serious stroke The BBC sports broadcaster Jennie Gow has said she is recovering from a serious stroke. The 45-year-old, who covers Formula 1 for Radio 5 Live, wrote on social media that she had been treated at hospitals in London and Surrey, and her recovery "might take some time". Ms Gow said the stroke two weeks ago had affected her speech.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11629129/Lisa-Marie-Presley-suffers-cardiac-arrest-rushed-hospital-given-CPR-home.html Lisa Marie, 54, DIES after suffering cardiac arrest Jeff Beck, model Tatjana Patiz, all in the last two days. If this is the celebrity world, what must be the rate in the regular populace? No wonder theyre trying to shut Andrew Bridgen up.
  7. Mark Devlin on Covid, at Unifiied Artists For Freedom Launch, July 2022
  8. I dont watch them either but Ive heard a few of the soaps are now normalising heart attacks in young people too, and various other WEF/NWO pet subjects. Its the perfect vehicle for them to brainwash the masses, slipping the propaganda into storylines.
  9. Apparently Eastenders is rife with pedos, with cast members going to notorious pedo clubs, etc, according to E17 singer Brian Harvey. So no surprise they're pushing it.
  10. The Guardian is complicit in the whole thing, pushing the agenda, the jabs, the daily death counter to terrify everyone. Funded by Gates.
  11. Looks like DI Headlines backing this story up Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 December 2022 Official Documents prove the Biden Administration & other ‘Elected’ Governments are under the control of a Shadow Government that has built a sinister Global Vaccine Regime As we examine the landscape of vaccine development and distribution today, it becomes clear that the players involved are not operating in a vacuum. Far from it – a web of influential organizations, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, the CDC, GAVI, USAID, and the World Bank, have been quietly shaping the global vaccine regime for decades. Together, these organizations form a complex and interconnected network, wielding significant power and influence within the confines of a shadow government. A shadowy network of wealthy investors sits at the helm of the global vaccine regime, manipulating the flow of funds through their various foundations and funding activities. These investors wield significant influence, not only through their financial support of politicians and international organizations, but also by actively shaping the agendas of these organizations to serve their own interests. As we delve deeper into this complex and interconnected network, we begin to uncover the true power dynamics at play within the shadow government. https://davidicke.com/2022/12/18/official-documents-prove-the-biden-administration-other-elected-governments-are-under-the-control-of-a-shadow-government-that-has-built-a-sinister-global-vaccine-regime/ https://expose-news.com/2022/12/17/biden-administration-under-control-of-shadow-government/
  12. This French billionaire reckons he has data banks with info on the wicked Shadow Government that runs the world, including plans for Covid years ago Also says the info he has could eradicate the Shadow Government once and for all.
  13. Why now? It was 22 May, 22 died, and its now the year 22 Nothing seems to be random with these things
  14. Just had this advert flash up, and was struck by the somewhat Satanic imagery. It's a drink with no alcohol but apparently has the same effects as weed. Made me wonder whats in it? The colours are very adrenochome related. Made from purely botanical materials created naturally in the body according to info on their website. Seemes very expensive for something purely herbal. As seen here by Johnny Depp sampling it in Fear and Loathing even a similar shaped bottle and the Queen's favourite drink was Dubonnet and gin, but also similar in colour https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/food/1620161/queen-elizabeth-favourite-drink-dubonnet-gin-cocktail-platinum-jubilee-royal-recipe
  15. How the fashion world is slowly reacting. How exactly is this a conspiracy? Its right out there and obvious, in yer face, just as they intended. And why are they blaming "the right" for the debacle? Bits in bold are mine. Outrage was also fuelled by the right-wing petroleum that is Fox News, further pushing the conspiracy that a group of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring is trying to control our politics and media. It’s very Pizzagate but make it fashion. But the idea that a cabal of pedophiles is trying to manipulate mainstream media and normalize the sexualization of kids via a Balenciaga campaign feels—dare I say it—a little far-fetched? It’s the kind of theory you’d immediately dismiss in person, and yet online it’s being given a legitimacy rarely lent to such outrageous claims. It all feels ridiculous because it is ridiculous. It is extreme and inflated beyond critical thinking. It does not feel proportional I’ve got to say, though, without a doubt, the leap to “pedophile cabal pushing their ideology into the mainstream” is a reach. ----------------------------------- GQ's take on it, blaming conspiracy theorists, the right and moral "panic". Nothing to do with a bunch of perverts and sick weirdos trying to normalise (and profit from) their criminal activity. https://www.gq.com/story/balenciaga-gucci-menswear-upheaval Demna and Balenciaga, which in recent years has grown into a seemingly unstoppable cultural and commercial force, found themselves caught in a satanic panic—stoked by bad faith actors on the right and validated by the house’s biggest star, Kim Kardashian—related to two photo shoots that featured at best questionable props. And then, in a chain of events that was sadly predictable, Ye all but solidified his exile from the fashion establishment by aligning with a uniquely virulent white supremacist....... At the helm of Balenciaga, Demna is no stranger to courting controversy. Until last week, though, most of the controversy was related to his postmodern habit of flipping emblems of unconscious consumerism—trash bags, Crocs—into expensive luxury items. (Casual observers might not pick up that Demna is fundamentally a humanist, which he cloaks under dark layers of internet-pilled irony.) Thanks to Demna’s keen ability to re-order status quos, practically everything Balenciaga does becomes a huge story, every product a viral hit, every stunt a moment of creative clarity. Until Balenciaga released two photoshoots that intersected with an infectious strain of American moral panic. One featured children and an assortment of holiday gift products, including teddy bears adorned in leather bondage gear, pulled from the brand’s most recent runway show. Another featured a still life of a Balenciaga x Adidas bag on top of office supplies and documents, one of which was a copy of U.S. v. Williams, a 2008 Supreme Court decision related to child pornography laws. Weird? Sure. Indicative of a dark conspiracy in the elite levels of high fashion? Not exactly. In the face of mounting criticism, Balenciaga issued a series of press releases, the third of which apologized for “a series of grievous errors for which Balenciaga takes responsibility,” stating that the bears should never have been included in a shoot with children, and that the papers—pulled from a prop house—had likely been originally produced for a television drama. But the damage had already been done. On November 22, Tucker Carlson devoted a segment of his primetime Fox News show to accuse Balenciaga of promoting the exploitation of children. By then, the conspiracy theory had already been subsumed by right wing provocateurs and their followers, and soon even well-meaning moms were chiming in—including Kardashian, who vowed to re-evaluate her relationship with the storied French house. There was a time when you could imagine Demna responding to such a controversy by putting out a T-shirt with a “Faux News” graphic splashed on the front. Instead, Balenciaga sued the production designer responsible for the office shoot for $25 million.
  16. I dont watch these US mainstream shows usually, or trust them much, but this British author really lays out the dangers of porn and where its all leading, following the sexual revolution of the 60s. And how destructive it is to men, women and children. Round about 26 minutes in. The model before that is interesting too, about Balenciaga
  17. These robots are crap. I read about one the Chinese had invested billions in, it took six months for it to emulate 4 minutes of a human's reactions. God made us, natural organic miracles, trillionfold computers in comparison, something more miraculous than any of these Schwab loons can ever achieve. All they have is PR, mind control, propaganda and marketing to sell the idea of soulless entities versus humans. Most of the entities you see on TV and pop videos and films arent human any more. Theyre controlled by demonic forces. They have made a deal to live forever via synthetic means. Please try and beseach any children you know who are following these demons, to follow the Most High instead, for eternal bliss, instead of eternity in the hell they sell. Still time to save their precious souls. If you care about them, it's now or never.
  18. Read that Trump cant post on Twitter because a clause of his Truth Social contract says he has to post there and nowhere else. Who knows, as its his platform, but that would sorta make sense as posting on Twitter would compromise the vast amounts of money invested in TS. Now his Twitter account is back with 87.7million followers, a dilemma, will be interesting to see what happens next. If it got up to 100million that would be a third of the US population, and thats the man who was denied a voice online in the USA. Shows the freedom of speech is in the hands of a corporate few.
  19. Donald Trump apparently back on Twitter after Elon Musk poll votes to lift his ban https://news.sky.com/story/musk-will-reinstate-trump-on-twitter-after-vote-but-ex-president-says-he-doesnt-want-to-return-12751326 Donald Trump appears to be back on Twitter after an online poll voted for his return. The platform's new owner Elon Musk had announced on Saturday evening that following the vote, the former president would be reinstated, almost two years after he was removed following the 6 January US Capitol riots. On hearing the news, the former US president had originally said he had no interest in re-joining but later on Saturday a blue-tick verified account calling itself "@RealDonald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America" appeared and the words "He's Back" was trending in the US. The Twitter poll, accompanied by the words "Vox Populi, Vox Dei" - a Latin phrase meaning "the voice of the people is the voice of God" - had asked users to vote on whether Mr Trump should be allowed to return, and the result was that he should. More than 15 million votes were cast, but the former president had told a rally on Saturday evening: "I don't see any reason for it (returning)." He said he would stick with his new social media platform, Truth Social. Worth remembering this too, from Jan 6 2021
  20. Not sure if this has been posted...hadnt seen it until now - Nancy Pelosi escorted out of her garage, looks like hands behind her back if link doesnt work try xxxhttps://www.tiktok.com/@fedup_guy72/video/7162421326957808938xxx and take x's off
  21. And Fauci, Gates, big Pharma, the doctors etc?
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