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  1. Discussion about Michelle Obama coming in is nonsense and tittle tattle I reckon - she said she was very relieved to get out of it when Obama left the White House, and had no interest in returning to the political fray, whatsoever. Even if she wanted to, she hasnt got the political credentials. Hillary, on the other hand..... Kamala may bring her in as VP. Maybe this is their final sneaky chess move, on this biblical end game chessboard.
  2. Is Biden being punished by the Luciferian cabal for failing to carry out the Trump assassination? Did they stop his Adrenochrome supply?
  3. As Ive said before in this thread, what was it with him asking for his shoes? I heard the Security took his shoes off in the moments after the shooting. Why? Wouldnt it be easier to get someone out of danger if they had shoes on? Loads of false flags like the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, and lets not forget Tom Hanks's social media where he was endlessly posting pictures of isolated shoes...of children. Seems to be some emotional and weird trigger validation in the media if a shoe is pictured after an MKUltra traumatising false flag event. Part of the Satanic cult no doubt, blood red carpet, red shoes, Hampstead, etc
  4. I wonder if the price of political success is a massive blood sacrifice to harvest the energy and genuine human emotions, like Churchill and WW2, then Blair with Diana and Iraq and Afghanistan. A huge sacrifice played out in the media and public eye, where they get their Satanic medals and financial and worldly rewards, and pledge allegiance to the Devil? Maybe this was Starmer's offering, the planned killing of Trump, which he helped to conspire with, for his position on the world stage. But it didnt succeed. They have the mass depopulation plan lined up, but the death of Trump was integral to make it happen, to take it to the next stage. Interesting to see what these demons do next. Oh.... President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID while campaigning and trying to fight back against widespread calls for him to drop out of the 2024 race due to his age. The 81-year-old president was forced to cancel a speech in Las Vegas after taking a test when he started getting a runny nose and coughing. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13645251/joe-biden-covid-tests-positive-age-president.html
  5. Fair enough. They still didnt know for sure how many snipers there were at that point though, and usual protocol would be to cover him completely and get him away from the location. Also, I wonder why he kept repeating "let me get my shoes" There seems to be a thing with shoes and false flags (if that's what this is) - covered widely on these boards. The media love using photos of abandoned shoes for dramatic effect. Why would his shoes come off, just by ducking down behind the lectern?
  6. Ive heard this too. Something of deep Satanic influence in this state - similar name to Transylvania after all, home of Vlad the Impaler, Dracula and Chaz the Impaler, our current Luciferian Overlord. The home of the Liberty Bell, but if you invert it...as they always do...Princess Diana's face on the Statue of Liberty...sacrificed by the royals But if this was a real assassination attempt, perfect location to kill Trump, to cast a seal on the Demon-o-cratic side of its history.
  7. Numpties really need to get over this 'conspiracy' thing. Its gone way beyond that now, you have to be totally asleep to not realise something is going on by now.
  8. Spot on. There's no way security would allow him to stick his head out like that if there was still a sniper about. If a photographer can get a shot of him, so could a sniper. Classically constructed shot too, no accident, as you say. Very staged, and nothing new.
  9. Total set up /hoax. This bloke has been at Trump rallies for years and was rumoured to be JFK Jr. Notice he's not moving much, whilst under fire, just in the right place. The others are actors too.
  10. This really hits it home, seeing the names, ages, blood type of the children being trafficked, and the military bases where they were disposed of. Guantanamo Bay seems to be a popular one. So horrific. Happening here in the UK too. Links to government and royalty. These people should be rounded up, with immediate effect. https://rumble.com/v3qazfv-adrenochrome-production-by-cym.-corporation-exposed.html
  11. Well said Anti. All these people are self serving criminals and frauds...not least these three who set up the Peadophile Information Exchange, Hodge, Hewitt and Harman. I see theyre dragging them out from the swamp tonight. The Satanic cabal have hypnotised and tricked the masses into thinking this lot are for the people.
  12. The problem is the Greens (and JSO and XR) arent telling us how they would provide the nation with power. They seem to think taking over farms and filling them with solar panels is a good idea, in a country with almost Net Zero sunshine (in the last year or so), thanks to their geo-engineering. Even without that, we cannot rely on sunshine for our energy needs, like maybe Spain or Portugal could. They literally have no ideas whatsoever which exposes them as a lot of hot air on this issue, and this should be the most important Green issue. They have been hijacked by globalist interests. Plus the giant solar farms on the ecologically sensitive and uniquely balanced and evolved British countryside are going to be an environmental disaster. Used to be against nuclear power stations, but France has 56 of them and seems to fare well. An intelligent energy policy would probably be made up of some fossil, some nuclear, some hydroelectic and some renewable, for a sensible, sustainable way forward. With the development of Nikola Tesla's free energy technology which would be the answer to all the problems, if it wasnt for corporate greed and political power. Theyre all so hijacked by insanity and hysterical theatrics, plus globalist billionaires writing their manifestos, with the media backing them up, that they've failed to offer any workable solutions.
  13. Not sure if this has been posted here His last interview. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/sqeLvbmKAi71eUxe/
  14. Oh yes, London Bridge and My Fair Lady. Brilliant spot Danny. And the flying Satanic nanny, who really looks after the royal children. Shows they've been at this sorcery for years. These images are interesting - first, a sort of combo of Isis and Osiris genitalia view from above, from the weekend (not many people there, despite the media hype). And the pic of the ghouls on the balcony, with Lady Gabriella. Why is it that Michael Mosley gets weeks and weeks of attention and thousands of column inches and speculation about his death, a TV presenter, but a major royal, Thomas Kingston, doesnt get a single mention in the press?
  15. Strange for a health expert, he got himself into that situation. You'd think he'd know the dangers. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun Anyway, another seems to have disappeared US tourist missing for days on Greek island https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c2vvde80jlpo
  16. Looks very similar to Satanist Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena But then theyre all related. I think Taylor will be used as a weapon for the US election, casting spells, big psy op going on there. Just when you thought people had latched on to Bono and his game, to help get genocidal warmongering psychopaths into office, here we go again. No doubt it will be her generation of fans that get sent off to die in the trenches of Ukraine, in a Satanic death cull, aided and abetted by this pied piper.
  17. One to watch. The words "TV Doctor" and "island" may well take on Madeleine McCann, Lucy Letby, Nicola Bulley type significance. Likewise the covid, 5G and current fraud exposures. All connected.
  18. Gary might have been a bit naive in the past (the Jacinda Aderne tweet was in 2020 before many woke up to what was happening, probably him included. Her heinous crimes unfolded later and became apparent to more people, along with the exposure of the covid scam) Using plastic AI CGI Robotoids to attack Charlie Ward is not convincing. Neither are the lack of responses from all those Gary is calling out in the "truth" movement. I think this is all more massive than we imagined, in terms of deception and well known people, though the actual perpetrators are quite a small connected group, in the scale of things. People need to come together to stop these monsters.
  19. Are the medals Maltese Crosses? Freemasons? Illuminati? Reward for serving the cabal? Switzerland - Cern?
  20. Maybe this needs putting in the royal thread too All up for some high hearted pop music, and this band does it better than most. But what's in the basket, and why take it into a royal ceremony? Looks like frozen body parts to me. Or fish. Very weird, anyway. And those who get gongs from the royals are usually immersed in the entire Luceferian system https://www.theguardian.com/music/article/2024/may/31/thank-you-for-the-music-abba-members-get-swedish-knighthoods
  21. The Blockheads' Mick Gallagher & Melanie Williams on the New World Order (Melanie mentions David Icke)
  22. They are desperate to get this war started, by whatever means. They need the distraction, and all the things that come with war that benefit the cabal, and to cover up the truth and the growing awakening about their crimes. The Robert Fico shooting - he is clearly exposing the criminal activities of the Nazi leader of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen. This Iranian leader, it might not be true, just a story to ignite a response so the war can kick off. Id be very wary of all news stories, which are all very predictable - problem, reaction, solution scenarios to get the war underway.
  23. Rose Hanbury with Camilla at Badminton Horse Trials with Charlotte Tilbury, former reality star of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CHESHIRE Another Chester connection Queen Camilla Goes Vibrant in Blue Midi Dress With Charlotte Tilbury and Rose Hanbury for Badminton Horse Trials https://uk.news.yahoo.com/queen-camilla-goes-vibrant-blue-160351774.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvLnVrLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIL82sSlOYYPv2WKypgQqGg1sUBzMgxd6BNu_n4sGxxkIXBMYiu_sDZe1cbBIeFf9v9wjvd1ws5AASTVElNhFEiFsfFNyRTNCppYaglc1IFXUGSzsr5c4OMIykKuXkqwaWrYjrWUoOZdFYSvJ5kigFQmAJSMbcX6AQd0VAAolTX5
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