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  1. I also heard somewhere that over half the country is employed as civil servants in Governmental bureaucratic departments, and similar organisations, so perhaps its an easy country to target with a fairly compliant population, reliant on governmental authorities for their incomes, more likely to conform and obey the rules. They know the rebellion will be a minority. Fairly potential Orwellian stomping ground from the get go. Once its set up there, what with AUSUK now being in place, they no doubt think it will be easier to set it up here and in the US under the same laws. So crafty and evil is their plan. All three countries are co-incidentally preparing detention centres/prisons for the dissenters. Im sure theyre in other countries too, but these are the ones Ive seen evidence of so far. No wonder they wouldnt let David Icke into Australia!
  2. Interesting interview with David Mahoney, reporting on his own recent interview with 5G exposer Mark Steele. Well worth a listen. Also covers covid, the awakening and the volcanic eruption in La Palma. https://digitalwarriors.uk/nick-mahoney-catch-up-5g-volcanos-in-the-canary-island-and-the-future
  3. Very well put Skitzorat. Typical Tavistock/MK Ultra techniques, perfected by the Nazis, playing out daily. Answer is to process and understand their methods and rise above them. Its still horrendous, but at least you know what the game and intention is, which lessens the effect. They want us in these low, depressed frequencies, its the only way they can control us.
  4. Know what you mean about the commercialisation, but to me its the best time of the year. Its like a portal whereby, whenever Jesus was born, his spirit and intention cant be ignored. This is when the majority of people actually behave in a Christian manner and understand something of what the original magic, camaraderie, kindness, generosity, unconditional love, was intended by the words of Jesus. Therein lies freedom. Thats why they want to shut it down. And they might shut the shops down but the spirit will prevail. Thats what they fear most. The Holy Spirit in man.
  5. Yep, also being hailed as a prevention/cure now.
  6. I wonder if the mainstream media will address the amount of ridicule and censorship they meted out to Trump when this prevention was being recommended by him last year. I wonder how many lives could have been saved if they'd listened, instead of mocked.
  7. Excellent article on the DI News page today - showing how long this has been planned, and what the Rothschild's, royals etc want for the final outcome of humanity. Really clarifies a lot of what is going on with covid, the Great Reset etc. https://humansarefree.com/2021/09/rothschild-dynasty-is-seeking-to-fulfill-kalergi-depopulation-agenda.html direct link to the article https://humansarefree.com/2021/09/rothschild-dynasty-is-seeking-to-fulfill-kalergi-depopulation-agenda.html
  8. Why does nothing ever come back to the Mother? The richest most powerful woman on earth, yet two of her sons are hanging out with some of the most dangerous predatory murderous pedos in history. Shouldnt she take some responsibility for her lack of parenting?
  9. Was just thinking today. Everyone I admire (not many in fairness) is anti- vaxx. Yet every despicable and annoying person on TV and in the media or politics is pushing it. Doesnt that tell you something?
  10. Watched the Richard D Hall thing ages ago and there's definitely a lot of things that don't add up. I was always struck with the thought that it was a Satanic ritual sacrifice of children, but not by a bomb. By other means, perhaps elsewhere in the hidden parts of the building. But how would you get them there? It is indeed a co-incidence so many met the star beforehand, perhaps singled out by a competition. They could be separated and taken away, and then the bomb narrative could be played out.Not very well judging by the results of evidence at the site, with no real structural damage having taken place. What they will do to meet their evil agenda, and deceive the public, is beyond belief.
  11. Whatever people think of Trump, he and Putin conquered the Taliban and Isis and kept them at bay for four years. Knew it would all kick off again as soon as puppet Biden got in, the Military Industrial Complex out to make money from war. Disgrace to left wing politics, and probably an excuse to get loads of children into the Satanic abuse system for their sick energy harvesting vampire cult. Trump seems to know how to handle difficult countries - trade with them. More peaceful that way. As the chess game starts to reach its end, the alternative seems to be the enemy painting itself into a corner. On another note, amazing press conference with Biden the other day, saying he could only talk to journalists "who they said I could talk to". In other words, he's not in charge, just doing what he's told. Quite a low moment in American politics, the admission of being a puppet to dark forces.
  12. Amazed no experts have analysed the reflection in this infamous photo I tried to highlight it, adding Epstein - looks like his hairline
  13. Im a massive fan GR, think the man is one of the greatest artists of our times. I was in touch with him for a while via email. The views I refer to were holocaust denial* and he was explaining to me what he meant. I dont believe that myself but was interested to hear his opinions on it. But as you know people dont want to hear any questioning views and I think he was trying to get over an anti-Zionist view, predominantly, much in the same way David Icke is. Same way the artist Mear One does. Why their works are often mis-interpreted. They are against a banking/globalist cabal and the system is set up to demonise anyone who questions it. The anti-semite attacks are very useful to the agenda, the Labour Party have even ousted lifelong socialist Ken Loach on the same grounds. Probably just anyone who isnt brainwashed PC/woke, I suspect. *his views were that the holocaust numbers were exaggerated in order to bring about the Zionist control system into the 21st century, and make any questioning of Zionist bankers a hate crime in thename of anti-Semitism. Mear One
  14. Not agreeing with some of his views, but on some he was right on the money.
  15. Looks like David Dees was right. What a prophet.
  16. Its totally illogical for a country which has had around 900 deaths throughout this whole thing, in a population of about 26million. Why cant they just test people coming in from abroad and have done with it? Why these huge facilities? Only one reason for it - a planned holocaust.
  17. Could it be more obvious what these "quarantine camps" are going to lead to? Everybody gets a lovely balcony, unless youre in here ofcourse. And ofcourse theyre needed due to all the rescued people from Afghanistan. All going according to plan. Australia 2021 Auschwitz 1940s
  18. Lol. Theyre all on holiday abroad, not wearing masks or socially distancing, and probably unvaxxed too.
  19. Ah right, I hadnt heard any of it.
  20. Strange there wasnt a single mention of blood clots from Covid till the vaccinnes started rolling out....
  21. The 9th Circle is with us today, its running the entire system. A pedophile system with procurers like Savile working for the Vatican, the royals. Dante knew what was coming.
  22. I really think this is what theyre aiming to destroy be it localised politics (the only type that ever seems to have the potential to do any good) or food production. I think they have been systematically ruining the vegetable and fruit produce this year, plus megalomaniac psychos like Bill Gates owning food production on a massive scale. They dont want small scale farming, autonomy or self sufficiency, or anything on a human scale that benefits us. It goes completely against their narrative of having everyone rely on them, under their control. The coming food shortages are all deliberate too, no matter what they blame it on.
  23. Mega! Bravo Canadians! The powers that be think they are so invincible on their thrones, that it's only the people who will suffer as a result of their insane policies and they can walk away unscathed and unaccountable. Good to see the people are starting to show them it's not safe for them to walk down the street. It's aiming at the head of the snake wherein the answer lies.
  24. How is this mass murdering bastard not in prison? New NY gov adds 12K COVID deaths to Cuomo admin's total
  25. A lot of the females are males too. Some of them very surprising! Agree about them being remembered too, in a hall of shame.
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