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  1. Happy Birthday David! Thanks for all you do for the world xxx
  2. Fair play. But thats what they want. Only by us not ignoring it and not moving on will they be taken to task for it. Otherwise its them giving us the finger, as usual. and getting away with it.
  3. Far from smoke and mirrors. This IS the real shit they want to keep from the public. This is historic in that they have been found out. The war and other stories are there to distract from the fact that none of the government or their advisers were following Covid rules, because they all knew the whole thing was bullshit. Its trivialising this story as "just a party, move on" that is the smoke and mirrors. This story should be kept at the front at all times until these people are held accountable for their crimes and treachery against their country and humanity.
  4. Flights going in and out of Shanghai International airport yesterday Why would they let flights in if there was a crisis and a lockdown - shows the whole thing is suspect
  5. Not coronavirus as such, but an excellent video about how the cabal are feeding off our energies through fear, trying to keep us in their lower frequencies
  6. Excellent point! One that's done my head in too, and pivotal to this whole issue. Ive had flu once in my life and was feverish and knocked out solid for three days, barely knowing those days had passed. It was totally different to the common cold or a very heavy cold, which as you say people often refer to as flu. Every few years a really bad case of cold goes round, some attack the throat, some the chest, some the sinuses, but it's not flu. "Covid" is more likely a type of flu - the word is much over-used.
  7. Good point Not sure why I wrote that - got distracted with the folk hero stuff Like I said, a tiny group of people, and the Maxwells have a part in every element - computers, eugenics, publishing, trafficking, politics and more - and managed to keep covert in it all too. As David Icke says, the people controlling the world can fit around one table.
  8. Still goes in line with David Icke's view that this is all moving evermore into the control of a very few people. Musk might appear like a maverick and anti-establishment figure, anti AI, anti Woke, champion of the people, but at the end of the day he will be in a tiny elite of people controlling and monopolising the entire globe, and space as well.
  9. Interesting the action in this film takes place in Bogota, an epicentre of child trafficking. Wasnt that where the drummer of a famous band recently died, a band that recently made a film about Satanism?
  10. Why do all these people clench their teeth? Is it Satanic signalling?
  11. Agree GR They knew what he was doing. The people who were in positions to blow the whistle through all this - John Smith MP, Robin Cook MP, presenter Jill Dando and journalist Liz MacKean, who was investigating Savile, all died prematurely. Johnny Rotten spoke out at the time, and was meant to be on the Lockerbie flight but missed it. Morrissey wrote a song "Panic" which seems, with hindsight, to be about Savile's reign of terror. "On the Leeds side-streets that you slip down Provincial towns you jog 'round Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ" Both of these artists were so vilified by the media they moved to America.
  12. BBC covering up the story as they have done for decades. Focusing on one girl who couldnt tell the worst of it because what went on was too terrifying. Nothing about Epstein being the centre of a huge child trafficking and organ harvesting business on an industrial scale. Plus a blackmailing scheme that held politicians and media moguls under their control, effecting political laws and decision making. Nothing about the names in high places who benefitted from Maxwell and Epsteins sex industry involving children. No mention of the black book, no exposure of those who were in there and visited Epsteins island and his other properties. Nothing about SRA, Satanic rituals and sacrifices of which these two ghouls were at the very centre of control for decades. They make the Moors Murderers look like Bill and Ben. The BBC still futhering peadophilia.
  13. New documentary about Epstein on BBC2 on Monday 4 April at 9pm https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10672663/Epstein-victim-reveals-island-like-factory-raped-three-times-day.html 'Epstein fed off the terror of a girl being scared': Victim reveals she was raped three times a day on private island where paedophile ran a 'factory of abuse' and kept a bizarre painting of a girl being violated by a walrus Juliette Bryant was a 20-year-old aspiring model when she met Jeffrey Epstein Billionaire paedophile said she was visiting New York to launch modelling career Instead Juliette was flown to his infamous island where she was routinely raped Trapped on island saw at least 60 girls coming and going in less than two years She speaks out for the first time on BBC2 documentary series House of Maxwell
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10677921/Ghislaine-Maxwell-denied-retrial.html Ghislaine Maxwell is DENIED a retrial after juror failed to disclose he was sexually abused: Sentencing is scheduled for June 28 Judge Alison Nathan on Friday denied the British heiress a retrial following her conviction in December on sex trafficking charges Lawyers for Maxwell, 60, sought a retrial when it emerged that one of the jurors in her case had been sexually abused, but failed to disclose it 'Juror 50', who gave his name as Scotty David, admitted after the trial that he used his own experiences to sway other jurors He told Judge Nathan in court on March 8 that he had not noticed the box on the form which asked whether the jurors had been sexually abused David has now spoken to the producers of a new documentary, and on Friday Maxwell's lawyers asked Nathan to delay her decision as they had not yet seen it Nathan refused, and set a sentencing date for June 28: she faces up to 65 years in prison
  15. Here's Boris trying to stutter his way out of the fact he was living it up without a care in the world while British citizens were isolated, died, couldnt visit their loved ones, couldnt go to funerals or even go out more than once a day (for those who fell for the scam)
  16. And services to Britain and the British people, having a great time while he locked them down. Undisputed National Traitor
  17. True. I'm none the wiser about any of the films that were mentioned at the Oscars, or who won. Its as if they don't matter cos no-one's going to see them anyway. Its all just this Pfizer commercial all over the news. Most things in entertainment these days are sponsored by Pfizer. And when a film actually is popular with the public it never gets a look in at the Oscars. They dont like Joe Public deciding what's what. They've made it impossible for any good films to come out of Hollywood because its all controlled by the political correctness/woke lobby. It crushes creativity and humour. Reality TV and surreal politics have taken the place of films, probably why theyre flagging this up.
  18. Going to see loads of this I reckon. Clever old Pfizer, there, ready and waiting with the cure! $$$
  19. Maybe theyre doing some predictive programming. Loads of cases of alopecia over the last two years, mainly caused by stress, and with more to come, cases are bound to rise. Problem (stress) Reaction (Oscars drama) Solution (Pfizer to the rescue) Remember that Oscars a few years ago when nurses and doctors ran out into the audience and tried to vaccinate people. People were asking what it all meant. Theres always some sinister message behind the dramas.
  20. All staged. It was a film slap, well rehearsed. And this photo, of celebs reactions, all perfectly positioned in the composition for the camera at the exact moment.
  21. Surprising when, as a surfer, he was a really physically fit man. You'd think he would have a healthy heart, just like the sports stars who are keeling over. Rumours that there were several glasses in his room, indicating other people were there, so shades of Michael Hutchence, maybe a satanic ritual sacrifice. They love this time of year for it, Kurt Cobain died on April 4th/5th. Also suspicious that after he died, Grohl considered giving up music, but within 5 months he had 15 songs and a lucrative new contract that launched him into mainstream fame and fortune. Strange he wasnt more of a co-writer at the time. And Courtney's Live Through This, which was never bettered, commercially, after Kurt died. I wonder where all those songs came from. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_recorded_by_Nirvana Doubt we will ever know, the papers never tell the truth, all hidden behind the occult veil of what it takes to gain further riches and success. Foo Fighters Satanic Hollywood movie coming out. Wouldnt be surprised if he wasnt even dead, just another load of celeb bullshit to raise the Satanic frequency.
  22. Interesting developments today....there are rumours of underground bunkers for deep state criminal activities/child trafficking below Chernobyl, and that Putin is in the process of clearing them out, this being one of the reasons for the invasion. Now the worker town has been seized and the mayor captured. Why are staff there if the nuclear facility is no longer in use? Take everything I read in the media about this war with a pinch of salt, given the lies they tell, but this caught my attention. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/03/26/ukraine-news-live-russia-war-latest-putin-weapons-zelensky/ Russian forces have seized the town housing Chernobyl nuclear plant workers and kidnapped the mayor, according to Ukrainian officials. The military administration of Kyiv region said on Saturday morning: "Russian occupiers have invaded Slavutych and occupied the municipal hospital...According to the latest information, the town's mayor, Yuri Fomichev, has been captured." Some 25,000 people live in Slavutych, 99 miles north of the capital, which was built after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The staff still maintaining the defunct plant live in the town. Residents have taken to the streets, waving a large blue and yellow Ukrainian flag, chanting "Glory to Ukraine" and heading towards the hospital, the administration said. It added Russian forces fired into the air and threw stun grenades into the crowd. The International Atomic Energy Agency expressed "concern" Thursday over shelling of the town putting the radioactive site in danger and affecting staff rotas. The Chernobyl plant itself was taken by the Russian army on February 24.
  23. Often wondered if there was some significance to Kurt Cobain wearing a flipper T shirt Certainly seems to be one he liked to wear a lot Was it a message/sign about the world he was in that he didnt want to be a part of? Dave Grohl with one eye covered in the pic at the end, in time honoured Illuminati style, shortly before Kurt died. A sign Grohl had accepted it, and therefore went on to huge success, with Kurt as the sacrifice?
  24. Brilliant. Its conforming to the cabal's rules that is keeping all disease, oppression and war in place. Once it stops, all those things end.
  25. True. Dont know, she just doesnt look like someone who's been detained anywhere against her will. If you compare her with Assange who had also been kept in relative comfort, and not in a foreign country either. Strange behaviour here too...
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