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  1. They are desperate to get this war started, by whatever means. They need the distraction, and all the things that come with war that benefit the cabal, and to cover up the truth and the growing awakening about their crimes. The Robert Fico shooting - he is clearly exposing the criminal activities of the Nazi leader of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen. This Iranian leader, it might not be true, just a story to ignite a response so the war can kick off. Id be very wary of all news stories, which are all very predictable - problem, reaction, solution scenarios to get the war underway.
  2. Rose Hanbury with Camilla at Badminton Horse Trials with Charlotte Tilbury, former reality star of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CHESHIRE Another Chester connection Queen Camilla Goes Vibrant in Blue Midi Dress With Charlotte Tilbury and Rose Hanbury for Badminton Horse Trials https://uk.news.yahoo.com/queen-camilla-goes-vibrant-blue-160351774.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvLnVrLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIL82sSlOYYPv2WKypgQqGg1sUBzMgxd6BNu_n4sGxxkIXBMYiu_sDZe1cbBIeFf9v9wjvd1ws5AASTVElNhFEiFsfFNyRTNCppYaglc1IFXUGSzsr5c4OMIykKuXkqwaWrYjrWUoOZdFYSvJ5kigFQmAJSMbcX6AQd0VAAolTX5
  3. Who is the Countess of Chester Hospital named after? On 30 May 1984, West Cheshire Hospital was officially renamed the Countess of Chester Hospital by Charles and Diana, then the Prince and Princess of Wales and also Earl and Countess of Chester. -------------- I wonder if Diana knew something - there seems to be a spate of baby deaths in that whole region. No knowing how many have been covered up. Could we get a comment from the current Earl of Chester, perhaps? Otherwise whats the point of these titles? https://news.sky.com/story/at-least-201-babies-and-nine-mothers-died-as-a-result-of-maternity-failings-at-shrewsbury-and-telford-nhs-trust-12578103 More scandals in the news today about the appalling state of maternity wards. Seems like a Satanic cult taking over. Those thinking the current "witchcraft" trend is just a bit of fun - this is the reality. The harrowing reality of giving birth in NHS hospitals revealed: Mothers left in blood covered sheets and told to 'stop stressing' over their dead babies, finds damning report into scandal that traumatised Louise Thompson and hundreds of other women https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-13411259/Mothers-left-blood-covered-sheets-told-stop-stressing-dead-babies-dismissed-anxious-harrowing-reality-giving-birth-NHS-hospitals-revealed-damning-report-shows-huge-postcode-lottery-care.html
  4. Also, wouldnt you expect an announcement from The Countess of Chester about the tragedy that took place at a hospital which bears her name? A visit to the hospital, perhaps. Or just a short video of her regret that so many babies died there, showing sympathy for the parents? Surely its the least she could do. But it seems there was no gesture of this kind, just silence.
  5. As magical as the lights were, we can't underestimate the evil of royalty and Musk etc to play games in order to manipulate human consciousness to project their artifical power and control over the world. But I think their veil is fading and they are being exposed, as the real ascension moves in, and is far beyond the games they are playing with the weather.
  6. More links to Nicola, who may yet prove to be a linchpin in the worldwide fraud scam Also some brilliant insights into what the elitists are doing in our schools, the demonic world they are trying to bring about. I urge everyone to watch this and pass it on, far and wide. The sooner the whole country wakes up to the scam that is going on, how we are all victims of corporate fraud, and how it ties in with child trafficking, the sooner it will come to an end.
  7. Thanks! But it was Gary W who appeared to reveal this in his research. I didnt follow the case much, but for the masses of coverage it got, the media didnt seem to flag up this fact - maybe theyre in league with keeping the truth under wraps as to what really went on. Definitely something being covered up.
  8. Interesting point that Kate Middleton is the Countess of Chester, and it is the Countess of Chester Hospital where Lucy Letby allegedy killed babies. Could there be some sort of cover up going on, where Lucy is innocent, but it goes much higher up, so no-one can speak out? Jimmy Savile had unlimited access to hospitals too, with royal approval.
  9. More links to government fraud, BAE, health service, linking in to Nicola Bulley
  10. Well spotted. That species of clematis wouldnt be out so early, especially as they are saying the photo was taken last week. With the cold and rainy weather, these kind of plants are opening later this year, due to lack of sun. So being in full bloom last week is extremely unlikely. As you say, mid to late May and June is when this plant blooms, even with a sunny April to spur it on. It highlights the fact that neither Kate, Charlotte or Louis have been publically seen in person, anywhere, since Christmas Day.
  11. DIF seemed to play a massive part in exposing the Hampstead case. It seems like it was one of many, but attracted attention due to the wealthiness of the area. On here it was all about just getting to the truth of what made these kids speak out - and whether it was true they had been abused or not. The doctor in this document says they were, without doubt (see notes 119 to 131 - the doctor provided proof then was obviously leant on to backtrack - plus the ridiculous cover up in the conclusion) https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/gareeva-dearman-2015.pdf This case is probably best left alone now for the sake of the now teenage children living abroad, but it was never solved, and is still continuing in many places, to this day. The Finchley Road address mentioned by the children in their testimonies is also at the heart of much fraud and scandal being exposed by ex-Policeman Gary Waterman currently. https://www.youtube.com/@Garytruthsetsusfree/videos
  12. I think the truth will out on all these cases, Madeleine McCann, Nicola Bulley, Diana - they are all connected. All leading to Epstein and a cabal running drugs, weapons and child trafficking. Dando could have been involved in order to gain her fame, but a fake friendly face to present to the public (like Huw Edwards - curious he is at the top of the Daily Mirror front page, resigning from the BBC - they love to put info in plain sight). Maybe she had decided to speak out about it. If the story is to be believed, the only person who knew Jill's whereabouts and plans the day she died was her fiance, whose house she left that morning. He would know where she would be and what time she would arrive home in order for a hit man to attack without having to hang around too long and be suspicious. Farthing went on to become the Queen's personal doctor, so obviously royal connections and rewards. This info below shows he oversaw the births of all of Kate Middleton's children too, so not hard to believe he is involved in her current medical issues, which could be gynaecological. Was she pregnant with someone else's child perhaps? Was Thomas Kingston involved? Did William become furious - as the royals did when Diana was supposedly having a child outside the firm? So they bring in Alan Farthing who can be trusted to keep all their secrets? In 2008, he was appointed to assist Marcus Setchell who was retiring as the Queen’s surgeon-gynaecologist and in 2013 he took over the role. And he was part of the medical team which oversaw the delivery of the Princess of Wales’ three children; Prince George in 2013, Princess Charlotte in 2015 and Prince Louis in 2018. He was appointed Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in the 2023 Birthday Honours list for services to the Royal Household. The 60-year-old is currently head of department at the Gynaecological Cancer at Imperial College Hospitals NHS Trust and has a private practice at Harley Street. He is renowned as one of the country’s most experienced laparoscopic (keyhole) surgeons. What happened to Jill Dando's fiancé and royal gynaecologist Alan Farthing Rather a strong similarity to the Serbian Serbian photo superimposed on Farthing
  13. Interesting how the same jumper as the announcement video is being worn for Louis' fifth birthday photos last year. In the same setting (blossom and daffodils) with similar hair. This photo looks photoshopped too. I wonder what they will put out this year. https://www.geo.tv/latest/540369-kate-middleton-likely-to-make-tough-decision-for-prince-louis
  14. What did this Satanic ritual symbolise? They are lining up the High Priestess, now that they have done away with the other one, the brood mare, to take some political power Penny means British coin Mord means murder Social murder (German: sozialer Mord) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_murder * Started off as a Magician's assistant, which means training in trickery, sleight of hand and deception She is dressed in Satanic regalia with Roman emblems, at the coronation, same as UN, WHO (note the different colourings of her fancy dress costume reflect both logos) Now chosen to usher in social murder via fake health crises, climate change and the rest No accident Tony and Cherie Blair are in the photo on the right, in top right corner, also High Priest and Priestess of the dark forces Also there to bring in new laws restricting human freedoms, trapping us in the web, within Roman/Nazi/Illuminati systems, completely controlled and socially restricted, and in the gunshot target if we dont obey. * Author and journalist Chris Hedges writes that the global ruling classes are the "architects of social murder" by accelerating ecological collapse and climate change: What is taking place is not neglect. It is not ineptitude. It is not policy failure. It is murder. It is murder because it is premeditated. It is murder because a conscious choice was made by the global ruling classes to extinguish life rather than protect it. It is murder because profit, despite the hard statistics, the growing climate disruptions and the scientific modeling, is deemed more important than human life and human survival.[9]
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