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  1. The ley lines around there are among the most powerful in the world, home of Arthurian legend and the ideals of Camelot. And on the other side of the coin, we have so many stone circles and a history of satanism, often dressed up as paganism, demonic vampiric beings sacrificing purity and innocence going back eons, strange ritual-obsessed bloodlines, royalty and increasingly coming to the fore the growing trend of satanism, sin and evil in popular culture. So perhaps we're well placed for the clash between heaven and hell/good and evil!
  2. It's exactly what they want - our resignation, fear and despair. Low energy frequencies they can feed off. And judging by news today in the media, Britain has the most severe lockdown in the whole world, so bear in mind there's something particularly appetising to them about this island's low frequencies. It definitely feels like its being targetted by particularly evil energies. But you are right - the media here is complicit in keeping people uninformed, but there are huge manoeuvres from good forces going on behind the scenes, more powerful than the entities and "news" being presented to us
  3. Thought Aussies were rugged individualists, not a bunch of pussies. Wake up Australia!
  4. And as we know, kids get all sorts of infections, constantly, its part of growing up, playing outside, in the sunshine, in nature, which includes dirt, mixing with other kids, pets, being exposed to all sorts of germs. Through this, they build up an immunity, its entirely natural, both the germs and the immunity. Now, through isolation and wearing masks, that natural defence system, due to over-protectiveness, is not going to be built up and strong, so the first exposure to anything after wearing masks and isolation from other children could be more dangerous. Another calamity waiting down the
  5. Or natural remedies and information to boost our immunity, in fact they are trying desperately to demonise and destroy any natural health practioners, anything outside the control of big pharma.
  6. I reckon Hancock likes dressing in a babies nappy. In fact I'd probably put money on it
  7. I reckon if you broke it all down it would be a different picture on the stats. Elon Musk said in his twitter he had 4 tests from the same nurse on the same day, 2 positive and 2 negative. As the worlds richest man I think we can assume he has good health care if not the very best! And that "best" is clearly flawed. So if from the official stats for the rest of humanity we remove all those who falsely or incorrectly tested positive, all those who tested positive with no symptoms but still counted as cases, all those who were pronounced dead "with" covid as opposed to "from" covid, ie covid di
  8. Interesting similarities in imagery from Skitzorat's post earlier and man from the Capitol building, all lined up as if rehearsed/in a ritual
  9. Edinburgh power cut: THOUSANDS plunged into darkness following electricity outage THOUSANDS of residents in Edinburgh have been plunged into darkness tonight as Storm darcy sweeps the nation. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1394760/Edinburgh-power-cut-storm-darcy-weather-latest-power-outage-newington
  10. Central Banks Deep State Agent Arrested https://t.me/RGiuliani/748
  11. Interesting... Jeff Bezos to Step Down as Amazon CEO The founder of the e-commerce giant will transition into the role of executive chair as Andy Jassy takes over as CEO. After serving as the CEO of Amazon for 25 years, Jeff Bezos is stepping down from the role. The founder of the world's largest e-commerce site announced the move Feb. 2, telling investors that he would transition into the role of executive chairman at the end of September. Andy Jassy, who has served as CEO of Amazon Web Services, will take over as CEO. "In the Exec Chair role, I intend to focus m
  12. Once a noble organ of free speech and support for the working person and free minded libertarian (especially the Manchester Guardian) it has been hijacked, like so many others, its readers dazzled and brainwashed by satanic wokism. According to them, conspiracy theories and QAnon are far right Klu Klux Klan racists. Protects the pedo agenda I suppose, which they never bother looking into. I wonder why. Here's some of the fact checking the hijacked fake left love so much. https://infotagion.com/factcheck-does-bill-gates-make-the-guardian-promote-vaccines/
  13. Interesting interview Shaun Attwood did with John Wedger (policeman involved in investigating child abuse over the years) this week, talking about Savile and many other things. Saying he was a fixer for the elites, procuring children for them, the pun being "Jim'll Fix It". When asked about the Queen, if she'd been involved, he said it was her lack of involvement that was more telling. If you think about it, her kids are all involved with high end pedos, and cover ups have involved the police, judiciary, Church of England, the Government, Royal Courts, prison system who are all ope
  14. Know some are sus of Charlie Ward, but this is interesting - the Standard Hotel has long been known as being child trafficking centres of the operation, so its interesting they are being closed down, another sign something is happening perhaps. Look into Adam Schiff and the helicopter crash of the owner of the LA Standard hotel. https://deadline.com/2021/01/the-standard-hotel-closing-its-sunset-strip-location-on-friday-1234678117/ Info on the helicopter crash
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