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  1. Dont know too much about this woman other than tabloid headlines but its people like her who should be running things. So many of them, wise, intelligent talented people with compassion and common sense who cant be bought or sold by the beast system. This is the seismic change and uprising that needs to happen - get the clueless greedy Oxbridge types who know fuck all about real peoples' lives away from power, once and for all!
  2. Interesting points. I think I just saw it as a bit of joyous rebellion against the system. A lot of these marches are getting a lot of criticism, but to me they are spreading the word that the Woke who control the media/social media and therefore the narrative are not the majority. I think its a great thing, people getting out and having their voices heard. For every protester represents 100 people or more, and we know we are not alone in our opinions, which is exactly what the Government have orchestrated, for us to feel we are an isolated minority. This whole Covid thing has been about people not communicating with each other, be it in real life, or via censorship on the internet. And PS - what would you suggest?
  3. Agree - both seem to be moving towards the same ends - a centralised system with an elite controlling everything at the centre of the spiders web. Which they will do through finance and technology/transhumanism under the guise of climate change/covid. Its been long planned, a very dark Satanic agenda of total control. Its not about going back to the stone age but people need to form a massive breakaway movement if they want to survive, and I think it would be a happier, more community minded world, in touch with nature and our spirit. The alternative is too nightmarish to contemplate.
  4. Agree - but its more that the DM is Piers's natural stomping ground and he is seen as a spokesman for "the voice of Middle England" or whatever, which you might expect to be more pro-vaxx/group-think/sheeple. So quite an interesting psychology going on in the comments. Havent looked, but Im sure the Grauniad readers would be right behind him on this which makes it all the more curious! Makes me more convinced this isnt a battle of the left vs right, but freedom versus control.
  5. What I have been saying. Internet and technology are great but to rely on them is folly. If they go down there is literally nothing real to sustain us, materially, physically, financially - and thats the way they want it, us entirely dependent on this synthetic fabrication of reality which they control. Cant help thinking it will be the small pockets of societies all around the world with certain skills and know-how: indigenous, aboriginal, off grid, self-sufficient, preppers - the ones who have been mocked for their backwardness - that will survive whats coming.
  6. Look at all the comments below though - nobody is falling for his bullshit. I'd say about 90% of the comments are disagreeing with him, so hardly just a bunch of nutters in the US.
  7. Im not surprised. Imagine being under that much pressure to follow government orders when you know its wrong and cant speak out. This might be a real window in human history where they can break out and do the job they signed up to do - the Resistance is there to facilitiate it for them! Imagine if everyone came together as a force against the oppressors! They seem to be doing that in France - we need a worldwide uprising.
  8. out of likes Pivotal time for people in these postions to act - as you say they can be easily replaced if they faulter. Or can they? Can they replace large numbers in the police and the miltary? Got a feeling there is a growing awakening and resistance and its hugely encouraging if the leaders are involved.
  9. This to my mind is the key to it all. Like the video posted earlier of the Australian police chief saying they had the military on their side and were going to proceed in a legal manner against the criminal government. If its true, and people in these positions are waking up to what's going on, it will be a game changer for the future of humanity. Maybe its sinking in its their children who will be part of the culling. Its the police and military's jobs by law to protect the people, not the government. Doubt it could ever happen in Britain but amazing news if this really is the case in Australia and France.
  10. The problem is they can force you. Maybe not at the moment, but when the enforcements come in preventing unvaxxed people from accessing the vital necessities it will become impossible to function. And to build up animosity among the vaxxed into thinking eveything is the fault of the unvaxxed, isolating and demonising them further. That's the plan.
  11. I see the BBC are covering the protests in Australia. Astonishing fact at the end of the article, 916 deaths in the country overall, and 13 million locked down. Just unbelievable. Big up the Aussies anyway, for rising up! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-57952516
  12. True, the royal family for instance. But the British people weren't, the ones who won the war against fascism. If only they'd wake up now and realise the threat is exactly the same. Only this time the fascists are in our own government. We do need some noble ArthurIan leadership. The spirit of Albion, Knights of the People. The current shower in charge are part of the problem.
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