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  1. The answer isnt demonstrating in the streets, its going to the houses of the people implementing these laws. Knock on their doors. There have been quite a few in the USA, going to the houses of mayors, governors, all the hypocrites, those trying to lock people down,while living in luxury and not sticking to the rules. This is what might bring about real change - they dont give a fuck about street protests but dont like it in THEIR street. Maybe we should do it here too. Where does Boris live? Only when its on their doorstep will change occur.
  2. Trump tells Biden to 'get well soon' after he fractured his foot while playing 'tug-of-war' with German Shepherd Major and his doctor revealed he will need a walking boot for several weeks walking boot, what, like John McCain? Arf https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8999323/President-elect-Joe-Biden-arrives-orthopedist-slipping-playing-dog.html
  3. Dont lower your morale or spirit. They want us at their low frequency, so lowering morale and causing depression is part of their game. I know its hard, but this is the real battle we face against them right now - a spiritual one. Everything in their plan has been to drag us down, for their final kill. Breathe easy, connect with nature and have faith in your soul and brilliant sovereign self. Because you are a miracle, and thats what they dont want you to know. Once you get this, then theres nothing they can do.
  4. And let us not forget this. Whatever you think of Trump, this fact is rarely mentioned in the MSM. Who knows if his record will remain like this. If it does, then an historic achievement. And no matter how much they go on about Covid, which wasnt Trump's fault, how many deaths do they have on their hands, deliberately caused, for their own financial gain, with the complicity of the mainstream media?
  5. It's constant media manipulation and increased peer group pressure via a manipulated social media. TPTB have made the people the sheepdogs, doing their work for them, mainly under the guise of fake left wing politics. People need to shake themselves out of it, and soon!
  6. The tragedy of all this isnt the Powers That Be, this has been their plan all along. Its people we love who are falling for it, even though its them who are suffering, and taking us all over the cliff with them. Still time though, keep the faith.
  7. And Hilllary moving in for the Defense Secretary post, so thats a cert.
  8. Whatever happens, 73million people is a movement, so it seems from the rallies during the campaign trail, and following the election, and maybe this will form a necessary opposition and wind-break to any globalist policy in-sweep if Biden gets in. Thats because they essentially want to silence people and bring in cancel culture on steroids, and the only thing stopping their fascist reset is people power. So its more important then ever, not less. I watched a vid of an Antifa activist who left the ranks and he revealed the movement has more contempt for Biden than they do for Trum
  9. And, not being a conspiracy theorist or anything *cough*, but I wouldnt put it past them to have TWO vaccines. One to give to the old and the poor and anyone not signed up to their politically correct globalist agenda, and one to give to those they want to keep alive.
  10. And what if there is a spike in cancers or other side effects as a reaction to the vaccine in a year or two's time - the likes of Pfiser and AstroZeneca will be totally unaccountable. We'll just have to put up with it.
  11. Department of Health climbdown when confronted with the real facts about Covid by hundreds of scientists and academics. A glimmer of hope they are being exposed? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8976195/Department-Health-climbdown-online-swipe-analysis-Covid-19-facts-figures.html
  12. Really subtle evil all seeing eye logo at the bottom of that page!
  13. I reckon many people have been mind-controlled so very effectively into thinking they or someone they care for is going to die from this virus, thanks to such an effective fear campaign in the media, especially supposedly intelligent papers like the Guardian which many seem to see as some kind of bible of truth. Its been a constant barrage of terror on there for nine months - psychological terrorism really. So in their mind, its a stark choice between taking a vaccine and losing all their freedoms - or death. I agree with you though, there is something creepy and cult-like about the smugness o
  14. Sort of wanted to mention that too. I think the earth has the capability of providing for all, but only if its managed well, without greed, something the world's governments dont seem to be able to manage. They seem to encourage us all to be rapacious consumers, never happy with enough. Its kind of a spiritual revolution of gratitude and contentment that needs to take place. People like the Royals telling us not to fly or consume so much dont help, while they are up there as symbols of unattainable, obscene wealth, encouraging aspiration, blasting out of the media every day, for things most pe
  15. As with my post above, once you realise a Maxwell was crucially involved with the creation of the internet, and see the demonic schemes dating back two centuries, and where we are now, you cant help thinking a truly evil cabal had it all planned out. This isnt something which is happening quickly - it has to be done, as David Icke says, by totalitarian tiptoe. I keep saying, George Orwell didnt call his book 1984 for nothing - he was an insider who knew thats when they wanted to bring in the New World Order. Only resistance and awareness from comparatively small groups of people, like us here,
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