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  1. Yeah when Al Gore said the earth only had 8 years left.
  2. This is interesting and very alarming. Chinese documents disclosing the use of bioweapons. Mentions how bright sunlight prevents the spread of coronavirus being deliberately spread as a bioweapon...Bill Gates trying to use technology to dim the sun?
  3. Ha! Nah the 80s were the worst for that!
  4. A lot of people, including health and science experts, think its not as bad as is being made out. Therefore a media construct to a certain extent. Only real if we comply, thereby creating an inescapable scenario.
  5. That's brilliant Shadowmoon. We cant change this system (voting for useless politicians has proved this). We have to create new systems. They will never stop trying to rule us by fear, its all they've got.
  6. If you think about it, in the 50s and 60s it was the Cold War, and again in 70s the threat of nuclear war. Then in the 80s it was the threat of AIDS. The 90s were relatively fear free, then after 2001 it has been the threat of terrorism. And now covid. Nuclear bombs, AIDS, terrorism and covid may exist as threats, but the chances of dying of any of them is relatively small for most people. All have been driven (if not even created) mainly by mainstream media fear mongering totally out of proportion to the size of the threat. Maybe its time we just stopped listening to them, they are
  7. When I went to Africa I had a vaccination and I had full confidence I wouldnt get the things I'd been vaccinated against, ie malaria, cholera etc. I wouldnt have bothered but it was mandatory to have this vaccination before I could travel. The definition of a vaccination is treatment with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease; inoculation. So if people are immune, what is the problem? Theyre not going to catch anything from the unvaccinated. This seems to be the thing that nobody is addressing. That the vaccines are essentially useless in terms of
  8. Good point - which makes it all the more telling. I imagine he's (ie they) have been doing everything in their power to stop this coming out, and even with all their money, havent been able to. As pointed out, she must have known about it since 2011, and I suspect, given the size of Epstein's operation, profitted from it herself. Makes you wonder if there are good folk at the FBI in charge and are playing this like a chess game, expertly timed. Sends a signal out too, to others involved who arent as rich. What chance do they stand if Gates is being targetted? With Gates in charge of the healt
  9. Very interesting development. I wonder if she has knowledge of some scandalous revelations she wants to distance herself from. Another link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9559759/Melinda-Gates-consulting-divorce-lawyers-Oct-2019.html
  10. I think this covid thing is proving a leveller in many ways, showing that people we thought were intelligent aren't actually so. Maybe the best educated, but therefore the most programmed through the Matrix repeater education system. If its not in academia, or an "expert" on the BBC or the science community, they dont want to hear it. People who use their natural common sense and intuition can see far better what's going on, and are more able to question the official narrative and see it for what it is. They are starting to look like the intelligent ones.
  11. This strange picture doing the rounds, of the Bidens looking like giants, with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter
  12. Is the black eye a signal to the elite "black eye" club, a message of some sort? It could be her only way of communicating what's going on behind the scenes regarding her protecting them.
  13. Can they not spend the money doing the country up instead? I wouldnt care but it looks like he's not going to be there that long. And who gets to see it, apart from a few dignitaries? What a waste.
  14. Happy Birthday David! Thanks for all you've done, are doing, and yet to do for the Great Awakening!
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