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  1. This is just psychobabble with no genuine depth. Nobody with any real spiritual depth or understanding would fall for this showbiz-style gabble. He just knows how to manipulate this language to stay one or two steps ahead of a brainwashed, non-spiritually aware public. His YouTubes are often revelatory and enlightening regarding geopolitics, but this faux new age lingo is misleading. He's like a modern day serpent in the Garden of Eden, dazzling, charming and seducing people, encouraging them to indulge in self-centred Eastern mystical 'ascension' while revelling in the trickery. The prophesied anti-christ energy is said to manifest as someone hugely popular and Messianic, who people will fall for if they're easily tricked, having taken their eyes off the real goal. It's just a game to him, and he kind of fits that role in that persona.
  2. Yep, we have to remember theyre making a lot of money from this made up inflated media scandal, so six videos a day makes sense. Worth mentioning too this is very far removed from sex crimes in the real world, where women are often unheard and powerless with little chance of justice, compared to women in the circles Russell moved in, probably looking for parties, sex, money and a good time, and he was their Casanova. They knew what he was like, and entered his showbiz/ sexbiz orbit willingly. TV, Film, music, it's a brothel, a sex industry. Why pretend otherwise. At least Russell was honest about it. Anyway the next stage is surely a criminal investigation, so we'll see if these women come forward and take it to that stage. Could it be a crime, when the BBC and Channel 4 were in full knowledge of his shenanigans for decades, and even facilitating them? Surely they will be criminally implicated too? As will the mother who drove her child, one of the accusers, to a known sexual predator.
  3. Has to be said, Russell is very very late to the conspiracy party. But he spotted an opportunity and caught up, and is very popular because of it, which is why theyre onto making this a trophy case. They only take notice when these things become popular, as with MLK, John Lennon, Avicii etc etc. Maybe he does genuinely care about these issues and wouldnt stick his neck out otherwise. Agree Fluke - do these women accusers even exist, or are they a media creation? If this is going to be a serious case there will have to be some proof or its he said, she said. In other words, a nothing burger. Its also interesting the cases are ten years old or so, so the Demonic Cabal might make anything we've said online in the last ten years a hate crime. I expect that's what this is all about and Brand is being used as a catalyst.
  4. At the end of the day, Russell is in the "club", otherwise his fame in the UK and US would not have been facilitated, where everyone knew what he was doing. Just like they all knew what Savile, Schofield and Edwards were doing for years. We probably dont know even a fraction of it. Even if anything gets to court, it will be a Johnny Depp style televised trial where he makes people laugh and comes out vindicated and quids in. And no matter how radical people think Russell is, he is really just saying what David Icke said thirty years ago. Meanwhile the government have been removing every freedom and human right we have, via health, energy, privacy, internet, travel and communicaton Bills, which are all going through right now, while we all looked the other way at some (probably) pre-planned celebrity drama. And where is the so called "King" while all our rights are being stolen from under us? Fighting behind the scenes on our behalf, pacing the corridors with concern, making speeches in our defence? Oh no, look, after a three month holiday he's larging it up serving the globalists in Versailles. Where else.
  5. Not sure if its been mentioned, but interesting that his publishing company is called Tavistock Wood. Im sure this is one giant psy op, started many moons ago, Russell was probably chosen in the womb to play the part he's playing now, ie pure Tavistock. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tavistock_Institute
  6. The numbers on his Youtube have gone up now, but on the day of the broadcast the numbers hit 6.6million followers, with 2.4k videos - therefore 666. Co-incidence? Obviously we know the words 'programme' and 'broadcast' are telling us an evil spell is being cast, and people's minds programmed.
  7. But I think we have to remember the BBC is a club and a Satanic cult. Wouldnt be surprised if Sachs was in on it, after all, what kind of grandfather would let his grandaughter go into the sex industry? So he definitely had an idea about that and was hardly an innocent Grandad. Brand was just revealing the whole thing. Theyre all in on it. They think its all hilarious - till they get caught. Same for the royals. I cant believe anyone is innocent at the BBC, to whats going on. Its a cess pit. Brand made no secret of what he was doing, all in plain sight, and everyone lapped it up for decades. Why has nobody has spoken out till now? Ofcourse Fawlty Towers is close to all our hearts, beloved, and absolutely brilliant. But again I think we have to brace ourselves for a tsunami of exposures and revelations in the world of entertainment, and soon, music as well.
  8. There is an aspect to Russell that attests to his huge success, along with his looks, in that he is very charming and gracious to everyone he meets, and bowls people over, and gets whatever he wants. Its a gift most of us dont have, so have to give him credit. Im sure he does a lot of good in the world too. This, however, was a step too far. This Harari entity (I dont even think he's human) is a head of the snake character who could effectively bring an end to humanity itself. He seems to think its a foregone conclusion and spends his time selling the inevitable takeover of AI, whilst protected by the Jewish thing, which has no bearing on the issue whatsoever. But he really has to be exposed as the monster he is by people with a profile like Russell, not cuddled up to. This was the last straw for me - people have to know how dangerous this Harari character is. Literally promoting the end of humanity. Yuval, means descendant of Cain, a flood of Evil in the time of Noah, and what we are witnessing now too. The sex accusations are but a drop in the ocean compared to fraternising with this creature. Hence the distraction.
  9. What about the mother who allowed her 16 year old to dress up alluringly and then drove her to the home of Brand, a known womaniser? And then left her there even when she found his behaviour offensive. Great parenting. Most of these women must have known what was involved if they went out with him or to his house, most of the country did. Again, where were all the complaints through the years at the BBC and other stations if his behaviour was so bad? Has to be accountability from them. So the timing is interesting. Generally though, seems like the usual Assange style warning to others not to question the cabal or MSM - must rile them that he gets more viewing figures than they do. Though its interesting his YouTube hasnt been taken down and he never gets censored, as many do - maybe they want the Pied Pipering to continue, as EnigmaticWorld says.
  10. I wonder how many people will refuse, given how much it will cost them. I reckon at least 70% of the country if not more, which will be tens of millions of people, and there arent enough prisons. They cant cope with the crime figures as it is. And what if people refuse to pay the fines, as they did with ULEZ? This could be the turning point, like the poll tax. The trigger for the People's Uprising.
  11. Disagree. Thats defeatist talk, and exactly what they want. Technology and computers are great, but relying on them solely without any back up is folly, as they can break down, get hacked or be manipulated by those in control. The latter being exactly what the plan is. Same goes for centralised banking and "smart" this and that. People need to stand up now to prevent it from happening, while we still have the chance. The alternative is a dystopia beyond all nightmares.
  12. There is quite a lot of info circulating about it. Really important that its stopped. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/save-our-landlines-help-us-maintain-full-access https://www.change.org/p/save-our-landlines-save-lives More info about electrosmog https://cellphonetaskforce.org/electrosmog-policy-brief/
  13. Maybe there's a little old lady in Chichester who still thinks Diana was lovely, and Charles is slaving away at his desk for the good of his subjects, and the young royals arent on taxpayer funded holidays the whole year round. When are the British public going to wake up to how theyre being shafted by this evil cabal?
  14. How convenient this has been arranged to happen on the anniverary of Diana's death, to keep the tedious mainstream media narrative going, about these greedy, narcissistic adreno consuming attention seeking pedos https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12471661/Mohamed-Al-Fayed-dies-age-94-Former-Harrods-Fulham-FC-owner-passes-away-26-years-day-son-perished-car-crash-Princess-Diana.html
  15. Ive heard similar stories, especially about hierarchies and appalling levels of bullying in midwifery, forcing good midwives to leave the profession Maybe the lesson learners should listen to this
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