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  1. They stand to make billions from the coming health crisis, vax casualties, heart problems, delayed cancer and other treatments, mental health problems, depression etc. It's benefitting them to stay closed.
  2. Good point Mr Chinnery. Much crisis acting everywhere.... From Snopes: A 14-year-old Gabby Petito appeared in a music video in 2013 that was a tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. While someone who looks like Gabby Petito does appear to be in the music video, we have not seen an official confirmation from the Petito family or their friends. We will change this rating if we receive more information. As Gabby Petito became a hashtag during the fall of 2021 after she disappeared on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend and was later found dead, a singer claimed that Petito was part of a music video filmed to commemorate another tragedy that occurred years before. The music video for the song “Irreplaceable” was sung by Deb Henson and filmed over two days in 2013. It commemorated a December 2012 school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, which resulted in the killing of 20 schoolchildren and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. The video shows children holding signs that call on others to “be kind” and say “I deserve a future.” At around 3:27, we see a young girl drawing, and then holding, a sign saying, “Irreplaceable.” According to Henson, that girl was Petito.
  3. I reckon they had to make an example of him because the case undermines trust in the police in general, at a time when it must be at an all time low. The judge had no option. Tip of the iceberg though when you read stories of what people in high positions in the church etc get away with. But the police at least have to be seen to be protecting people, not abducting and murdering them. Also as you say there are many grisly murder cases but there seems to be something about this which as usual seems to have all the hallmarks of illuminati symbolism which they love to single out and make into huge stories that will get a lot of media coverage. I think thats part of their fun, the thrill they get of seeing all the mawkish headlines and column inches, and conspiracies, misleading the public and playing on their sympathies while laughing behind the scenes, knowing theyve got away with another satanic sacrifice on a public stage. I very much doubt he acted alone, just as Sutcliffe and Huntley of the Soham murders didnt either - they were procurers for rituals. Thanks Golden Retriever for providing the link! Its incredible Cressida Dick is still hanging on, it wasnt as if the warning signs about him werent there, he should never have been allowed in the police.
  4. Most serial killers dont work for the police though. Different league altogether. Also highly likely he's done it before. His family may well not have anything to do with it, but curious that he has Eastern European/Ukraine links, where so many women are trafficked from, plus working as a VIP/Royal guard. Bit of an obvious link if we look at other procurers like Savile and Epstein. Plus the fact he was prepared and organised for it. Could he have been involved in trafficking Eastern European girls to the elite, and got away with it because they were poor - but tripped up this time because it was a middle class British girl whose family would sound the alarm immediately? The fact his other sexual offences and nickname "the rapist" were overlooked shows maybe he was of use to those in high places, with his status as a police officer giving him access to both the seedy worlds of prostitution and trafficking, and VIP circles. Again, shades of Savile and the Yorkshire Ripper, where one man has to take the fall for an entire operation. More to this story than theyre telling us.
  5. And the next step from Greta, 6lah 6lah 6lah
  6. The shofar. Been hearing it a lot during protests, supposed to herald the jubillee and make those in authority tremble in fear!
  7. There are going to be LOADS of cancer casualties, from the back up in hospitals due to the fake covid numbers, and from the effects of poisonous GM pharma jabs. All deliberate. People should inform themselves about herbs, natural remedies, terrain theory, natural fruit and vegetables to protect themselves from whats coming.
  8. Ha! Seeing as Florida is resisting the covid fraud, they should do a big Truth Conference Festival thing there, get David Icke and other brilliant truthers from online there, could be amazing.
  9. Nice one. And give the Q horse time Its been around longer than you think.
  10. Interesting what he has to say about musicians like Tom Petty not actually dying. Some powerful revelations. Speaking of which...keeping it on topic! Florida fans sing the Tom Petty classic "Won't back down" in the 2021 Alabama game.
  11. Might seem off topic but this is really at the root of everything the cabal are trying to infiltrate, pervert and twist, including the music business. And covid is all a part of it as a demonic force in the world. The world can be saved if we follow this ancient wisdom. Also discusses how so many musicians have shown their true colours during covid.
  12. Said before on here, he's many steps ahead of the sheeple, many steps behind the truly awakened, and out of necessity he's like a pied piper controlling those who are on the cusp of realising whats going on. Definitely controlled. He could have been sent into the 33 illuminati MKUltra Hollywood world by the white hats for gathering evidence. Lets face it he didnt hang around there did he? He must have loads of inside info of what goes on there at the very top eschelons. In a war, spies who can infiltrate enemy quarters are everything. He is giving quite a lot of stuff away about Gates, Fauci and the media to the normies which is quite revelationary and breaking the MSM barriers. It really is like he's playing for both sides. Wouldnt trust him one iota, or anyone in showbiz realy, but will be interesting to see which side he's really on. He's never persecuted, so I think we can guess. If he'd said all the things he's saying now a few years ago it could have made a real difference. Shows he's always on safe ground and never breaking any truth barriers.
  13. Probably more intermediary shill cult controlled manouevres, but interesting they are now exposing this story in the intermediary mainstream
  14. Maybe thats what the original Garden of Eden was like, a place of purity, harmony with nature and sustainable co-existence, favouring the nuclear family within a supporting community. No desire for the temptations of the outside world. No greed and no hunger and no disease. Funny how the authorities tried to go in after the tsunami to see if they were ok, when theyve survived 55,000 years! Im sure we could learn a lot. I honestly think it will be these people who will survive the current world crisis.
  15. It does feel like a test. A lot of people dont seem to have learnt anything. As arrogant and slavishly obedient to the system as ever, a system that will end up crushing them.
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