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  1. Same for me and I was only walking backwards for a meter to grab something I'd forgotten and got yelled at by a jobsworth even though there was nobody else around. When I argued it he said "it's to keep everybody safe". To keep who safe? The air? The cheese I'd forgotten to grab? It made me so angry I didn't go back to Tesco until they scrapped that ridiculous system.
  2. Hi Ethel, what's your opinion on mandatory face masks?
  3. Other interviews which go against the global agenda, yes. David Icke is probably the most infamous at this point due to his growing following. We are on the website but can't get the video yet.
  4. What can we do? There must be a proxy, surely. Is it on ickonic?
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to livestream the interview and the website isn't working. I'm worried it's shut down. Is anyone else watching it? Is there an alternative link?
  6. Yes probably because they'd get more people joining if it was public knowledge! Better to keep it hidden so the sheep believe most people are complying with the agenda and it's only a few "selfish idiots" that choose to question the bullshit. There's a lot more of us than is shown in the mainstream...
  7. Do you know how I can get involved in these protest groups? I never knew this was happening; I would have liked to join.
  8. This troll also sent me a message calling me a smug bitch. Please ignore them. He/she is not worth our time.
  9. All of these children will grow up to be germ and people phobic with attachment issues and high anxiety. More worryingly is that the frequent hand washing, sanitising and masking will prevent them from getting sick with usual illnesses such as chicken pox, stomach bugs, colds etc will weaken their immune system!
  10. I wonder if this is why the masks are mandatory. More people will choose to shop online filling more of Amazon's pockets leaving small businesses without a website to suffer...
  11. I've worked in that school for a year but I have been working in primary education since 2017. I have never heard of that organisation but it may be because I am fairly junior.
  12. I'm a British primary school teacher and I worry about how much this scandemic is affecting children all over the world. We have been open throughout, and rightly so, to ensure vulnerable children have been kept in a place of safety and normality. We had no outbreaks of the so-called Covid-19 despite living in an area which was supposedly badly affected. The pupils' hands were raw and flaky as they were constantly being forced (by myself, their teacher, who was forced to by their boss, their headteacher, who was forced to by the government, who pay all our bills) to wash them and u
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