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  1. https://howbad.info just released a new section on causation
  2. No i mean on the street in public
  3. Keep seeing people with foot problems and eye problems, anyone else?
  4. New video on the topic https://thehighwire.com/ark-videos/fluoride-lawsuit-captures-shocking-admissions-on-the-record/
  5. The legacy media is so alarmist about everything, even the weather. Everything is an emergency and a crisis and a big panic to them, it is very ridiculous.
  6. Protect your baby. make sure to take these nano particle injections for your health.
  7. How can such a small amount 10ml per booster cause so many different side effects. Surely the only way is if it was designed to do so. It can't just be a negative side effect when the list is that long. What do you think?
  8. Here is a whole thread on twitter with people blaming covid not the injectables for memory loss issues.
  9. I have been back on twitter last few weeks since my account was unbanned. I can't believe how many people on there are still going on about masks and those same people keep talking about how someone they know is sick and then they blame masks. There is this one account the guy's son has a brain tumour and he is on there pushing vaccines. I am convinced many of these accounts are pharmaceutical paid accounts. Sure some are just people that have lost it completely. Looking at some of them they focus solely on masks and vaccines and covid fear pushing only. Who does that?
  10. https://nypost.com/2023/09/22/nyc-mans-fatal-brain-disease-linked-to-covid-19-highly-likely/ They now admit that prions is caused by... you guessed COVID... not the vaccine hahaha
  11. I don't think the guy had any hope left. Probably thought suggestion of supplements was dumb. When I talked about blood coagulation and rotting from within he agreed completely, brought up depopulation on his own. I agreed of course. I told him about the side effects list and my own family members memory issues and side effects and he agreed.
  12. Top 10 product recalls The death, which was recently confirmed, brings the number of people killed by the air bags to 33 worldwide, including up to 24 in the U.S. https://apnews.com/article/business-takata-corp-government-and-politics-53787c88a25cac65fe678c3b06db8c5c#:~:text=The death%2C which was recently,to 24 in the U.S.
  13. yea I am going to send him a list of supplements
  14. So I am having a flat roof replaced and the roofer said he had two jabs and tells me about all his health issues since. Poor guy has rash/blood saws on his face and arms and neck and says he has issues with pain in stomach and gal stones and constipation, the guy doesn't even drink alcohol. Said his health has been down hill since the jabs and his friend is the same.
  15. year total pop deaths total pop/deaths*1000 2013 64,302,297 473552 135787.1934 2014 64,773,504 468875 138146.6361 2015 65,224,364 495309 131684.1891 2016 65,655,203 490791 133774.2603 2017 66,064,804 498882 132425.7119 2018 66,432,993 505859 131327.0951 2019 66,778,659 496370 134534.0351 2020 67,059,474 569700 117710.1527 2021 67,281,039 549349 122474.1266 2022 67,508,936 540333 124939.5021
  16. Raw total deaths England only 2013-2022
  17. https://makismd.substack.com/p/pfizer-mrna-vaccine-is-contaminated Pfizer mRNA vaccine is contaminated with plasmid DNA "it could be causing some of the serious side effects" "very real theoretical future risk of cancer" - 200 billion pieces of DNA in each vax dose
  18. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
  19. 3 out of 5 positive and you are good to go
  20. https://philipmcmillan.substack.com/p/full-congress-can-be-viewed-here DAY 1 - Full Congress can be viewed here! Post Vax/Long Covid Congress
  21. Just keep testing until you get the result you want.
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