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  1. I bet the jelly blooders are struggling in this heat...
  2. Canadian doctor Paul Hannam Chief of Emergency Medicine and Program Medical Director at some hospital died while out on a run. Apparently he was a vaccine pusher but I see limited evidence of that on his twitter. https://www.nygh.on.ca/about-us/clinical-chiefs/paul-hannam-ba-md-ccfpem-fcfp
  3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/MFDffOEGlIqE/ A second NHS doctor speaks out against the harmful jabs and ridiculous mask mandates
  4. https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/82938/uk-using-behavioural-science-techniques-to-nudge-to-net.html Nudge unit being deployed to manipulate people in to accepting infantile zero carbon agenda
  5. https://archive.ph/8kiPW NY Health Commissioner says she blew hospitalizations out of proportion to push COVID shot for kids I think I missed this one
  6. Media strategy is to ignore the protests
  7. https://jennifermargulis.substack.com/p/we-should-be-doing-autopsies-on-every “We Should be Doing Autopsies on Every Single One” A neurologist weighs in on the spate of sudden adult deaths wow a doctor speaks out about the obvious
  8. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xpKUV7BqxAxX/ This guy has his study redacted from the journal website, he claims they even removed his license because of it but it didn't stop him for making this lecture. Is this the same study https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/22/8674/htm Not sure, they have a different name.
  9. https://electrek.co/2022/07/12/tesla-tries-help-texas-grid-amid-heat-wave-with-cars-until-powerwalls/ No charging during the day recommended...
  10. Good question, why are all the injection staff east asian, they all look chinese. Even if you ignore the possibility that they are under some chinese conspiracy to murder people, that would still be unusual for an injection service building would be predominating staffed by chinese people. Maybe it was near china town or maybe it just shows how many east asians are in health care in new york. I don't know but it doesn't look good for the chinese, especially with the child friendly area at the back and how they all tried to hide their faces like they knew they were harming people.
  11. https://www.journal-of-hepatology.eu/article/S0168-8278(22)00121-0/fulltext Liver damage #notapoison
  12. UK Gov wants to reduce farming output, likely to starve the population and create an artificial food crisis so they can bring in even more totalitarian communism by the backdoor policies to enslave us. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-commits-to-support-farmers-who-wish-to-leave-the-industry
  13. https://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/20263918.alarms-conspiracy-theory-newspaper-posted-homes-barrow/?ref=wa PEOPLE have been urged to ignore a controversial newspaper posted through letterboxes in Barrow. The Light newspaper has previously been accused of sharing conspiracies around the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine.
  14. Credit should go to vaccine victims, covid BC and mrna death toll on Telegram.
  15. https://gab.com/udnshot/posts/108640992686641632 Global mass genocide... brought to you by Pfizer
  16. People dropping dead all over the place. I can't even post them all, young and old, all around the world, dropping dead at work, playing sports, singing songs, riding their even standing still. It is bad very bad
  17. https://gab.com/udnshot/posts/108635680515037086 "Brazil: Demonstration for the detection of undeclared grafenoxide in the "vaccine" of Pfizer Biontech."
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