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  1. I noticed like a weird behaviour in young people like a micro stroke they all had. difficult to describe.
  2. https://odysee.com/@WelcomeToTheDelusion:d/Climate-The-Movie-(The-Cold-Truth):2?r=GT1kijL3uyvxbUiGZRb33Dpq5Nurhj2Q Has all the top experts in it. So far seems good.
  3. Take the poison they asked, no, I said, I am going to take the planet instead.
  4. Today I came to the realisation that the covid vaccines may not have only damaged existing people but also damaged every subsequent generation of the vaccinated.
  5. The amount of people who are sick or found to have cancer or other serious issues in the past years is ridiculous. My neighbour is sick, several people at work, my cousins husband almost died heart attack, guy at works father in law died a painful death 30 years too early. It is beyond shocking.
  6. Two new docs about covid jabs, not watched them yet, they are American made. https://www.epidemicoffraud.com https://wethepatriotsusa.org/shot-dead-movie/
  7. Canada now has a 2% carbon tax on every restaurant bill... https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/carbon-tax-groceries-food-prices
  8. Pretty sure it was Tony Blair that repealed the treason legislation, what did he know was coming?
  9. Conclusive Evidence that the Covid Vaccines Damage the Heart of Everyone who takes them. Chris Shoemaker MD presents conclusive evidence that the covid shots damage the heart. Using fluorinated glucose markers and PET scans of over a thousand people, a team in Tokyo has demonstrated that the hearts of people who got the vax are working on average 46% harder with every beat. https://www.bitchute.com/video/OfRB4MyExF9l/
  10. https://x.com/Walkabout24/status/1764269645366755714?s=20 I can tell you who is not lining up for a heart check... the unvaccinated
  11. Why bother, I can tell them all right now, your heart is f**cked.
  12. Haha yea, I was walking along with 20 tons of aluminum sulphate when I slipped and it fell in to the water supply... "Twenty tonnes of aluminium sulphate was inadvertently added to the water supply"
  13. Did Rishi realy stand up on TV and say that extremist groups are spreading "poison" haha. You got to laugh at that one, they certainly have a sense of humour.
  14. old age, we seeing side effect deaths, the true reason for the vaccines is the genetic sterilisation, which will take generations to show up. that is why they had to get the children, because otherwise what was the point, the whole thing would be undone by the current children's generation.
  15. Asia had very high up take and if we are right about these vaccines being genetic sterilisation, within the next 3 generations there is going to be billions less people on the planet but all of us will die before we see the true damage of these vaccines.
  16. Climate related health issues. Seems on topic? https://files.catbox.moe/2lp077.mp4
  17. The list for excuses in the media for sudden death and heart problems has been growing more and did I miss any? covid/long covid goes without saying. Causes for sudden death or heart attack: Any physical activity sudden death, plowing snow, taking paracetamol, moving clocks forward an hour, skipping breakfast, weather, being a football fan, pandemic stress poor diet, cannabis use, referee whistles, fizzy drinks cause stroke, Flu, rising bills, climate change changing babies more chance of heart problems, ukraine invasion, being sarcastic, napping, artificial light during sleep, extra serving of red meat linked to big rise in heart disease risk, over thinking poisons the brain, extreme weather rise in heart disease, video games, tennis practice, tiny particles in the air causes heart attack, breathing too many times per day, stress from christmas holidays and change in schedule, compound found in eggs linked to an enhanced risk of blood clotting, soil, air pollution leads to irregular heart beat, gardening (as activity), hot weather causes breathing problems, taking a shower, common cold causes blood clot, being too happy cause heart attack,
  18. it is fucking dumb How we put up with this for so long you know it is not all bad there is still a lot people that are aware of this ridiculous shit
  19. Either way I doubt our government is even aware of a fart in a barn
  20. The athletes are edge cases in the grand scheme of things. The first to show up as potentially problematic.
  21. Let us face the reality they poisoned the blood of billions of people.
  22. You have to take the heart poison in order to be eligible for the heart transplant
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