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  1. They have more in common with workout steroids than they do vaccines. Boosters for your immune system or ant-bodies or spike protein or blood poison? The point is technically from a definition perspective can these qualify as a vaccine, even if we accept they do what they say. They have more in common with workout steroids than they do vaccines. Boosters for your immune system or super booster anti-bodies going to save the day, kind of ridiculous but does it qualify it as a vaccine? I can't see how technically any injection or oral medicine that requires boosters can be considered a vaccine.
  2. If vaccines last forever and need to be given to babies then why does modern covid vaccines need boosters and if vaccines need boosters then why did we give vaccines to children when they have better immune systems. Boosters and vaccines makes no senses, the only conclusion is that these recent vaccines are not vaccines at all.
  3. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-oral-blood-thinning-medication-children Make you sick so they can sell you the cure
  4. https://vidmax.com/video/213678-still-think-electric-cars-are-the-way-forward-just-take-a-look-at-the-line-to-charge-your-tesla-in-commiefornia Electric car charging queue in California
  5. https://rumble.com/v1akw18-mark-sexton-letter.-3062011.html Mark Sexton letter. 30/6/2022
  6. The protests against this complete abomination of a response to a fake pandemic was absolutely necessary. It was in fact the largest global protest of all time in my opinion and it is not over yet. We tried to sway the public opinion with all our effort and it was not enough, the damage is already done now. They have achieved what they wanted to some extent. I suspect they will wait a while and then bring in the vaccine passport nonsense again, maybe like 2030-35. These people that have made that manifested this will continue again doing more nonsense.
  7. I already hated the NHS before covid. So it has only made me extremely concerned about visiting a hospital than I was before. Going under the anaesthetic now could be like a Hollywood film, you end up hanging up side down with your organs being donated. If they haven't finished you off with sedatives to sell vaccines before that.
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